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    Section 121 of the Indian Penal Code: Waging, or attempting to wage war, or abetting waging of war, against the Government of India -Sashwat Gupta- Posted: 2021/12/30

    Institutional v/s Adhoc Arbitration: Unequivocal Distinction: Great progress was made when arbitration treaties were concluded in which the contracting powers pledge -Harsh Shrivastav- Posted: 2021/12/30

    Indian Laws Matter: Rising Arbitrary Arrests And Extra-Judicial Killings: Seventy-four years of Independence and still the Raub of Khaki Vardi hasn't sunk an inch. Lack of legal education -Harsh Tuteja- Posted: 2021/12/30

    Analysis Of Cyber Law With Focus On Data Protection: The internet has now embellished as an integral part of everyone's daily routine.-Bhavika Abrol- Posted: 2021/12/30

    Coparcenary Rights of Daughters: Critical Analysis of Vineeta Sharma Vs. Rakesh Sharma: For centuries, the male lineage has determined who owns the land and who have authority over the family's assets -Bhavika Abrol- Posted: 2021/12/30

    Critically Analysing Section 14-A Of Income Tax Act, 1961: South Indian Bank Limited v/s Commissioner Of Income Tax was recently resolved by a Supreme Court of India -Ayush Mittal- Posted: 2021/12/29

    Euthanasia: Human Rights Perspective: Euthanasia comes from the Greek words, EU meaning good and 'THANATOS' meaning death. -Monica Chauhan- Posted: 2021/12/29

    Analysis Of A Hindu Woman's Right To Enter Family Settlements In Light Of Khushi Ram v/s Nawal Singh: Given the patriarchal structure of Indian society, the property rights of women have always been a contentious -Swastik Shukla- Posted: 2021/12/29

    The What And How Of Convertible Notes: The Indian economy started with a miniscule size of just 2.7 lakh back in 1947. -Aishwarya Tripathi- Posted: 2021/12/29

    Overview of the WTO Agreements, Functions And Future Prospects: The World Trade Organization (WTO) was established on January 1, 1995, under an agreement -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2021/12/28

    Are Girls Legally Competent To Enter Into A Marriage?: Earlier in1955 it has been stated that the valid age for girls to getting married is 18. -Rahul Sadana- Posted: 2021/12/28

    AI For Smart Policing: Unfortunately, crime is everywhere around us. Every city has a police department tasked with apprehending -Aditi Chauhan- Posted: 2021/12/28

    Murder And Culpable Homicide, Difference Between Murder And Culpable Homicide: The word Murder comes from the Germanic word morth, which literally means hidden slaying. -Dhairya Mamtora- Posted: 2021/12/28

    Anuradha Basin v/s Union Of India: An Analysis based on Natural Law: Natural law is often depicted as an abstract structure suspended in the heavens, of which positive law -Lavanaya Anee- Posted: 2021/12/27

    Apex Court Not To Interfere Under Article 136 With The Findings Of The High Court If Two Plausible Views Are Possible: normally in exercise of its discretionary jurisdiction under Article 136 of the Constitution does not interfere with the findings of the High Court. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/12/27

    Demand Fo Right To Health: Health justice is integral to any society. Our health care system is in private hand so it is very important -Vishwajeet Kumar- Posted: 2021/12/27

    The Requirement And Relevance Of Comparative Research For Better Outcomes: process of finding the law that governs an activity and materials that explain or analyze that law. -Ishita- Posted: 2021/12/27

    An Overview Of Protection The Life Forms And Plant Varieties Under Intellectual Property Laws; A Comparative Study Between India And Afghanistan: This work describes and analyses the various international legal regimes governing intellectual property rights -Sayed Arsalan Sadat Nasseri- Posted: 2021/12/26

    An Analysis Of Patent On The Life Forms: This study describes and analyses the various legal regimes governing intellectual property rights in the protection -Ms.Rukhsar Atayee- Posted: 2021/12/26

    Impact Of World Trade Organization On Indian Trade: India has been a member of the WTO since its inception in 1995. WTO is sometimes referred to as the 'free trade' -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2021/12/26

    Section 10 Res Sub Judice Or Stay On Suit: Res sub judice is Latin word which res means matter and sub judice means pending but in legal language -Shubham- Posted: 2021/12/26

    Overview Of Afghanistan Legal System: prior to the Taliban Regime: Afghanistan is a landlocked, war-torn and aid-dependent economy. 652864 square kilometres -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2021/12/26

    Powers And Priviledges Of Members Of Parliament:A cornerstone of democratic ideals in any representative democracy is parliament, which serves as a forum -Manyata Dave- Posted: 2021/12/26

    Preamble: The Shepherd of the Constitution: The Preamble of the Constitution, which was primarily focused on the Objective Resolution by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru -Yagya Mehru- Posted: 2021/12/25

    Short Case Analysis: Balfour v/s Balfour: In this case the plaintiff, Mrs. Balfour, sued the defendant, Mr.Balfour, her husband for money due under -Tushar Patidar- Posted: 2021/12/25

    A Comparative Analysis: Islamic Law and Human Rights: Muslim countries are the bete noire of the Human Rights Movement.-Kartikey Singh- Posted: 2021/12/25

    Nullity of Marriage under Muslim Personal Law And Muslim Marriage Act,1939: A pleasant family life necessitates a successful marriage between the husband and wife -Kartikey Singh- Posted: 2021/12/25

    Is Sex On The False Promise Of The Marriage, Rape?: According to a poll conducted by The Hindu group on rape cases in 2014, the share of instances -Anushree Srivastava- Posted: 2021/12/24

    Objectification of Women : It is a notion central to feminist theory. It is defined as seeing or treating a person, usually a woman,as an object. -Ashish Kumar Pandey- Posted: 2021/12/24

    Doctrine Of Res Sub Judice In Civil Procedure Code 1908: Res sub judice is Latin word which res means matter and sub judice means pending but in legal language res sub judice -Shubham Jaiswal- Posted: 2021/12/23

    Human Rights And Its Evolution With Time: Human rights are basic rights that we are entitled to have just because we are human being -Nidhi Kumari Singh- Posted: 2021/12/22

    Analysis On Drug Control And Regulation Policies: The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, or NDPS Act, was enacted to control addictive drugs -Sonasrisripathi- Posted: 2021/12/22

    Issues and Challenges of Corporate Governance in India: Corporate Governance is basically all about how corporations are directed, managed, controlled -Amit Singh- Posted: 2021/12/22

    Guide To Res Judicata: Meaning, Nature, Scope And Legal Doctrine: Res Judicata is a legal maxim of Latin origin which means the thing has been judged. -Mehak Ghaloth- Posted: 2021/12/22

    VIP Movement Menace: Violative of Constitutional Rights: It is common knowledge that there is VIP movement in almost all major cities, especially in capital cities. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/12/22

    IPAB: Issues And Challenges: Quality of Justice has been the fundamental quarry of the Indian Legal system, and tribunalisation has been a key -Jeetika Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/12/22

    3P's: Polluter Pay Principle: The World Commission on Environment and Degradation on its report, Our Common Future -Ashish Kumar Pandey- Posted: 2021/12/22

    The Six Clauses In Article 19: As before the making of the constitution our country was being ruled by foreigners for around 200 years -Maadhav Goyal- Posted: 2021/12/22

    Procedure For Film Certification And Guidelines For Certification: A film is defined as a story or event captured in moving pictures and displayed on television or in a theatre. -Maadhav Goyal- Posted: 2021/12/22

    India's Reservation Policies: Identify the issues and provide some possible solutions for India's reservation policy. -Karthik- Posted: 2021/12/21

    Withdrawal of Mutual Divorce Proceedings: When both parties agree on the dissolution of marriage in a friendly manner, rather than battling -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/12/21

    Role of Copyright in Fashion Law: Fashion is an enormous industry from design to production to retail and everything in between.-Tithi Tiwari- Posted: 2021/12/21

    Rights And Legal Authority Of Karta Of HUF To Deal With HUF Property: It is common knowledge that the Karta of an HUF often executes agreement/sale deed of an immovable property -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/12/21

    Right to Self-Defence in Cyber Warfare: With the sudden proliferation of cyber-attacks at global level, the absence of particular legal structure -Aviral Chandraa- Posted: 2021/12/20

    How To Get Away From A Cop?: Every citizen should know their rights, the power of authorities, and how to protect their rights against the authorities -Hrithik vyas- Posted: 2021/12/20

    Equity Regards That As Done Which Ought To Have Been Done: The maxim of equity regards as done what should have been done refers to the situation where the individuals are by an agreement -Shanuja Thakur- Posted: 2021/12/19

    Private Trust: The Indian trusts Act of 1882 defines a Trust as an obligation annexed to the ownership of the property -Shanuja Thakur - Posted: 2021/12/19

    Corporate Governance in India: Shareholder value get lost when things are done illegally, when principles of corporate governance are not adhered to, when cohesive action is not taken -Priyanshi Pandey- Posted: 2021/12/19

    The Term Justice Is A Noun And The Duty Of The Court Is To Transform It Into A Verb: Science is a journey from impertinent questions to pertinent answers. Likewise, the court is a site of a journey -Kallol Basu- Posted: 2021/12/18

    Legal Age For Marriage In India: Okay! As the increase in legal age of girls for marriage is hot topic lets look at the history of it and also know the modifications it went through since ages. -Kriti Gupta- Posted: 2021/12/18

    Find A Property Lawyer At Your Convenience: A best property lawyer in Delhi may be useful if you're buying or selling land.-Advocate Tushar Srivastava- Posted: 2021/12/18

    What Is The Function Of A Criminal Defence Lawyer In Criminal Cases?: The corpus of law dealing with crime and punishment is known as criminal law or penal law. -Advocate Tushar Srivastava- Posted: 2021/12/18

    Doctrine of Separability in Arbitration Agreement: An Overview: The doctrine of separability treats an agreement to arbitrate contained within a contract as an independent agreement -Tishya Pandey- Posted: 2021/12/18

    Crime Against Women: In today's digital world, technology has made us feel that the world is in our hands yet certain things in society against women -Surekha- Posted: 2021/12/18

    Policing During The Time Of Corona: The Indian Context: As per the Oxford COVID-19 Government Reaction Tracking system, India has the most rigorous lockdown -Surekha- Posted: 2021/12/18

    Mutual Consent Divorce: The provisions for divorce by way of mutual consent are contained under Section 13 B of the Hindu Marriage Act -The Law Codes- Posted: 2021/12/18

    Appellate Court Reversing Judgment Of A Trial Court To Have Due Application Of Mind On The Findings Supported By Reasons: It cannot be disputed that the Appellate Court has jurisdiction/power to reverse, affirm or modify the findings -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/12/17

    Organized Illegality In Republic Of India: It is organized crime align through national frontier, including groups or markets of a specific person operating -Dalima Poojari- Posted: 2021/12/17

    A Human Rights Perspective On Custodial Violence And How The Lives Of SC/ST Do Not Matter: Custodial Violence primarily refers to the violence against the individuals in custody. -Surekha- Posted: 2021/12/17

    IPAB: Issues And Challenges Quality of Justice has been the fundamental quarry of the Indian Legal system, and tribunalisation -Jeetika Aggarwal - Posted: 2021/12/17

    Criminalisation of conversion therapy in India: Since British India, homosexuality has been a crime in our country which was followed till 2018 in India. -Bhavya Pandey- Posted: 2021/12/16

    Consent Or Character? Consent In Rape Cases Overridden By The Victims Character: An Inherent Approach By The India Courts Through An Evidence Law Perspective: Psychologists have claimed that the perception of attributing one's character on the basis of a unitary action carried out by them leads to a fundamental attribution error -Stevewaugh Stephan- Posted: 2021/12/16

    How Will Judgment, Decree And Order Be Distinguishable?: There are several differences that exist between a Judgement, a Decree, and an Order. Orders or decrees -Prakirti Jena- Posted: 2021/12/16

    Role Of Judiciary For The Protection Of Victims Right: A Study With Special Reference To Acid Attack: Crime affects a large number of victims who suffers physical, social, financial or emotional injury or harm -Anmol Kumar Shaw- Posted: 2021/12/16

    Social And Legal Aspects Of NRI Marriages:In today's time people are fascinated by the idea of settling outside India. -Bhavya Pandey- Posted: 2021/12/16

    Prenuptial Agreements For Society At Large: With the evolving nature of the world community and increasing westernization, coupled with a sense of individualism -Mehak Ghaloth- Posted: 2021/12/15

    Utility Patents: If you've come up with a creative approach to accomplishing anything or the latest innovative desirable -B.U. Rajavelan- Posted: 2021/12/15

    One Person Company Compliance: Avoid Costly Penalties: According to Section 2 (62) of the Companies Act, 2013, a company with only one person as its member -Shahnawaz Shaikh- Posted: 2021/12/15

    Rights Of Arrested Person: The right to silence has been gotten from custom-based law standards.-Jasdeep Kaur- Posted: 2021/12/15

    Personal Data Protection (Draft) Bill: Includes a representation of information, facts, concepts, opinions or instructions -Gokul Suresh Nair- Posted: 2021/12/15

    Central Vigilance Commission Amendment Bill, 2021: The Central Vigilance Commission was set up in the year 1964 upon the recommendation of the report -Gokul Suresh Nair- Posted: 2021/12/15

    Role of Artificial Intelligence in Law Firms: Artificial Intelligence is a tangled issue that is found to be affecting almost every other sphere in today's era. -Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2021/12/15

    Contract Law in Indonesia: The Civil Code was promulgated in 1848. The general laws of contracts and obligations are laid down under Book III of the Civil Code -Madhavi Lakhotia- Posted: 2021/12/14

    Interaction Between Self-Determination And Territorial Integrity: The doctrines of self-determination and territorial integrity provide autonomy to two different entities -Tanu Kankariya- Posted: 2021/12/14

    To Quota or Not to Quota: Are Gender Diversity Quotas Merely Symbolic?: Even though the roots of corporate governance can be traced back to Adolf Berle and Gardiner Means in the 1930s, the area finally emerged in the 1970s. -Saiesha - Posted: 2021/12/14

    Features Of Hindu Marriage That Are Changing And Evolving: Hindu marriage is a significant institution centred on religion, religious rites, and religious pursuits. -Manas Dwivedi- Posted: 2021/12/13

    Who Can Pledge: The bailment of goods as security for payment of a debt or performance of a promise is called pledge -Mitali Yogeshkumar Patel- Posted: 2021/12/13

    Introduction To Juvenile Justice: A Latin maxim that suits best for the Juvenile Justice system in India is 'Nil Novi Spectrum' which implies -Tanya khan- Posted: 2021/12/12

    Colonial Veil Over the Indian Penal Code: Time for Reform?: the role of British colonisers was to give good government to those to whom they could not give free government -Tanisha Saini- Posted: 2021/12/12

    Legal Compliance For Enforcement Of An International Contract: Involving in a contract is often fundamental for a business to function effectively. -Anushreya Chakraborty- Posted: 2021/12/11

    Contract of Indemnity And Insurance: principle of indemnity in relation to insurance is critical because insurance is a kind of social security -Dhairya Mamtora- Posted: 2021/12/11

    A Brief Evaluation Of The Information Technology Act, 2000: The Information Technology Act has served to be an important piece of legislation. -Rameen Khan- Posted: 2021/12/10

    A Brief Essay On Inductive And Deductive Legal Research: What we think is what we become is a well-known aphorism -Rameen Khan- Posted: 2021/12/10

    Alternative Dispute Resolution Through Section 89 Code Of Civil Procedure 1908: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is not just about Arbitration it engulfs in itself various modes which -Sahejpal Singh Kapoor- Posted: 2021/12/9

    Bail In Non Bailable Offences In India: Bail may The concept and philosophy of bail was discussed by supreme Court in Vaman Narain Ghiya v. State of Rajasthan -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2021/12/9

    Non-Performing Asset Recovery: Why The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code Triumphs Over The Sarfaesi Act: Recovery of Non-performing Assets (Hereinafter referred to as NPA) is one of the most critical components -Ishani Mukherjee- Posted: 2021/12/9

    Biodiversity: Diversity Of Life On Earth: Biodiversity also known as biological diversity is the variables that exist among several species living -Anmol Kumar Shaw- Posted: 2021/12/9

    Trade Mark Infringement In Cyberspace: what trademarks are, the various classes of trademarks, types of trademark infringement as well as trademark violation in the cyberspace.-Sanchit Mishra- Posted: 2021/12/9

    The Muddle Of Taxation In Regulating Cryptocurrency In India: In the Indian context, a market far from ripe for cryptocurrencies, is just as unpredictable as its legal framework -Krisha Shah- Posted: 2021/12/9

    Prehistoric Indian Literature And International Law: A Brief Analysis: India is one of the countries in the world which has a very long history and the existence of the country -Hrishikesh Jaiswal- Posted: 2021/12/9

    Difficulties in Making Smart Cities in India: India India is the tenth, greatest economy on earth, despite the fact that we are on the second position -Hrishikesh Jaiswal- Posted: 2021/12/9

    Human Rights Of Workers And Marginalized Communities In The Times Of COVID-19: A Global View: The spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the breathing sickness from the most recent known variation -Hrishikesh Jaiswal- Posted: 2021/12/9

    Delay In Filing Of First Information Report And Its Impact On The Trial: Analysis Of Judicial Decisions: Rapid lodging of information of commission of cognizable offence at the foremost available opportunity -Hrishikesh Jaiswal- Posted: 2021/12/9

    Contemporary Issue In Insolvency And Bankruptcy Law: So, if this question is bothering you, then take a look at this article to solve all of your doubts related to insolvency and bankruptcy. -Pranali Ganachari- Posted: 2021/12/8

    Violence Against Doctors: Where Are We Heading?: Last few years, reports of violence against doctors, generally resulting in grievous murder or hurt -Pranali Ganachari- Posted: 2021/12/8

    Maritime Piracy and Armed Robbery: Pirates are the ones who commit robberies at sea, while not being appointed to do so by any specific nation.-Pranali Ganachari- Posted: 2021/12/8

    Why There Is A Need Of Gender Neutral Laws In India?: The Constitution of India,1950 provides every person equality before the law and gives every individual the right -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/12/8

    Acquisition of Territorial Sovereignty: International Law is based on the concept of the State. No State can exist without territory. International disputes -Satwinder Singh- Posted: 2021/12/8

    Marital Rape: A Legalised Crime: India and Indian law and its recognition towards the rights of a women have evolved over a period -Sharfa I khan- Posted: 2021/12/8

    Role of Forensic Psychologists: The word forensic comes from the Latin term forensis, which means forum -Sohini Basu- Posted: 2021/12/7

    Child's Mental Health: A child's mental health during his/her childhood is the foundation of how his/her future personality is going to be. -Abhinav Sharma- Posted: 2021/12/7

    Probation System In India: A Socio Legal Study: Mahatma Gandhi, a famous political sage and our father of the Nation, is widely credited with this piece of wisdom. -Shambhavi Shailendra- Posted: 2021/12/7

    Comment on the Finance Act, 2021: Finance Act, 2021 focusing on the effect of the various tax schemes on the corporate sector. -Rhea Tewary- Posted: 2021/12/7

    Capital Punishment: A Contentious Issue: The death penalty, often known as capital punishment, is the execution of a person condemned to death -Tanushree Kaushik- Posted: 2021/12/7

    A Comparative Analysis Of The Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 With GDPR: Technology is now a part of us. Neither in professional nor in personal life we can function without technology. -Prerna- Posted: 2021/12/6

    Criminal Justice System Through Years: Emile Durkheim in his treaties 'crime as a normal phenomenon' says a society composed -Sonia Kakran- Posted: 2021/12/5

    Criminalizing The Accused; Rising Trend In India: India, the nation of truth, peace, and mercy, has always adhered to the judicial philosophy -Sumanth.S- Posted: 2021/12/5

    Impossibility Of Performance And Frustration Of Contract: Impossibility of performance and frustration of Contract. Section 56 -Sahil Tokas- Posted: 2021/12/4

    An Overview Of Doctrine Of Colourable Legislation: Federalism is one of the fundamental elements of Indian constitution. -Amisha Sah- Posted: 2021/12/4

    Unnatural Sex With A Female Has Been Classified As Rape Under Section 377 IPC: Unnatural Offence is an act or behaviour to commit a crime that is contrary to what is considered a natural offence. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/12/4

    Marital Rape: An Overview: Violence against women is not new to our society, a place where a woman is expected to remain silent -Mohini Ghose- Posted: 2021/12/4

    Divorce Under HMA, 1955: Divorce means the dissolution of marriage by a competent court.-Shivam Sharma- Posted: 2021/12/4

    Effect of Consent Induced by Coercion and Fraud: The Indian Contract Act, 1872 is one of the oldest laws that have been in effect for the longest and are still in use in India, the purpose of this act is to govern the contractual relationship -Shashank Shekhar- Posted: 2021/12/4

    Essential Factors of Cross-Border Merger and Acquisitions: Cross-border has always been a tangible version of the working mechanism in the structure of the global market -Sonali Supriya- Posted: 2021/12/4

    Understanding Indian Taxation on Film Industry before GST: The press and electronic media derive their rights from the freedom of speech and expression -Ganesh Santhosh Reddy Kallam- Posted: 2021/12/3

    Anticipatory Bail: A word widely used in parlance of litigation but which does not owe its origin to a statute -Shivam Sharma- Posted: 2021/12/3

    Consumer Empowerment: Protection, Rights And Obligations: Consumer is anyone who buys and consumes goods and services from the seller in exchange for the money -Dhruv Kumar- Posted: 2021/12/3

    Labor Rights And Standards For Migrant Workers: The increasing development and encouragement of technology made the workers run from one place -Dhruv Kumar- Posted: 2021/12/3

    Transfer of Patents : A patent may be a temporary Government grant of a monopoly to the artificer reciprocally for complete -Divya V hegde- Posted: 2021/12/2

    International organization as a subject of International law: International law is an arrangement of various settlements between various countries which helps in building up -Tushar Gambhir- Posted: 2021/12/2

    Concept Of Inheritance And Its Necessity: A Family Settlement Agreement (FSA) is usually used to resolve disputes about the return of family property. -Srishti Jain- Posted: 2021/12/1

    Rights of An Accused in India: In India, the justice framework is based on the concept that "innocent unless proved guilty. -Srishti Jain- Posted: 2021/12/1

    The Procedure For Arrest Of Persons: The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 establishes the procedural elements of the arrest process -Srishti Jain- Posted: 2021/12/1

    The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Economic Development: Intellectual property is defined as property created by the human mind and intellect. -Satya Sai Srija- Posted: 2021/12/1

    Rights of Under Trial prisoners in India: A society that believes within the value of the people will have the standard of its belief judged -Tushar Gambhir- Posted: 2021/12/1

    Outraging The Modesty Of Women: Chapter XVI of the Indian legal code deals with offences touching the shape below the aforementioned -Yashwi Verma- Posted: 2021/12/1

    A Comparative Study On Judicial Review In India And USA: Whenever the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary harms the constitutional values and denies the rights -Rohit Parashar- Posted: 2021/11/30

    Stand-Up Comics And Their Freedom To Speech: Munawar Faruqui And Vir Das: Democracy means a government by the people and for the people. -Khushi Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/30

    The Battle Of The Two Big-Shots: Future Uncertain For Future Group: One of the largest commercial battles in Indian history is ready to come to an end. -Sagar Agarwal- Posted: 2021/11/30

    Shareholder Derivative Action: The concept of Derivative Action or widely referred as a Class Action suit or a Representative Action by Shareholders.-Taksh Khanna- Posted: 2021/11/30

    Compliance For Amending Article Of Association Of A Company: Procedure and checklist for amending the article of association of a company, -Rishabh Tyagi- Posted: 2021/11/29

    Injuria Sine Damno: Injuria sine damno is an infringement of a legitimate right without creating any mischief, misfortune or harm -Akansha Chakraborty- Posted: 2021/11/29

    Rights And Protection Of A Witness Under The Law: British jurist Jeremy Bentham has said that witnesses are the eyes and ears of justice.-Khanduri- Posted: 2021/11/29

    Online Gambling in India: Is it Legal?: The recent growth of gambling problems in the fast-paced digital world today around the world is alarming. -Satwinder Singh- Posted: 2021/11/29

    Political Fund Under Trade Union: A registered trade union is entitled to maintain two kinds of funds. -Dr Divya Maheshwari- Posted: 2021/11/29

    Who Are Directors Under Companies Act?: Directors are the persons appointed to direct and supervise the affairs of a company. -Navneet Jain- Posted: 2021/11/29

    Law Of Crimes: Accident under section 80 under the Indian Penal Code falls under the chapter of general exceptions. -Chaurasia Mamta Ramroop- Posted: 2021/11/29

    Competition Law and Telecom Sector: The Competition law is a law that promotes or seeks to maintain market competition -Prathit Sareen- Posted: 2021/11/28

    Construction of Indian Collegium System: By Redefining the whole Process of Judiciary: Deals with the strategies of appointment of judges within the Judiciary.-Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2021/11/28

    Concept Of Meher In Islam: A Muslim matrimony is different from a Hindu one. A Hindu marriage is a sacred ceremony -Chaurasia Mamta Ramroop- Posted: 2021/11/28

    Repromulgation Of Ordinances: A Violation To The Spirit Of Constitution?: The recent decision of the central government to repromulgate the ordinance that aims to establish air quality -K Nandhini- Posted: 2021/11/27

    Female Foeticide: Female foeticide is the procedure of determining the gender of a foetus and aborting it if it is a girl.-Sanskar Singhal- Posted: 2021/11/27

    Case Ananlysis: Vishaka v/s. State Of Rajasthan: Sexual harassment is an unwelcome behavior of sexual nature. -Aiswarya Lakshmi.J.S- Posted: 2021/11/26

    Standard Form Contracts: An Overview: In layman language, a standard form of contract is a 'take it or leave it' kind of contract. -Aparna R Krishnan- Posted: 2021/11/26

    For Every Child, Every Right: A fundamental element of protection of these rights is the recognition that States have the primary responsibility of protecting the human rights -Deepak Sharma- Posted: 2021/11/26

    Copyright In A Nutshell: Protecting the expression of ideas is much crucial than ideas themselves.-Shubham Rungta- Posted: 2021/11/26

    An Analysis On Corporate Governance Laws In India: Corporate Governance is a different subject and difficult to appreciate in a minimal definition. -Kaushiki Keshari- Posted: 2021/11/26

    Vicarious Liability: A Critical Study Highlighting Cases In India: Vicarious Liability: A Critical Study Highlighting Cases In India -Pranjal Singh- Posted: 2021/11/25

    Every Senior Citizen has Right to Live with Dignity: Human life is blessed by God with numerous surprises. -Koneru Anuradha- Posted: 2021/11/25

    Emerging trends in Digital Copyright Law: The Internet's pervasiveness as an outstanding and totally modern mediator in all-encompassing human contact -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/11/25

    Case Study: S Bhaskaran v/s Sebastian: The case was an instant appeal of the order passed by the high court of Madras in the case of Sebastian v/s Ks Jeganathan Which sets aside the order of the civil city court.-Supriya Udey- Posted: 2021/11/25

    Advocate for Supreme Court of India: We have an in-house team of highly qualified, proactive and diligent Supreme Court Advocate Delhi -Narender Singh- Posted: 2021/11/24

    A Long Trip From Patriarchy To Parity: Permanent Commission For Women In Army: The military has traditionally been thought of as a male-dominated profession, but it now includes women -Prime Legal- Posted: 2021/11/24

    Changing Rhythm And Beat Of The Indian Federal System: Analysis Of Socio-Economic, Political, New Liberal Economic Policies Adopted By Modi Government: The re-appointment of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2019 with a greater predominance than what it had in 2014 -Naman- Posted: 2021/11/24

    Bonds Of Bloods: Today we are all living in the age of technology, revolutions, and scientific temper which aims and expand -Intekhab Ahmad- Posted: 2021/11/24

    Sedition Law: A Colonial Bane?: According to Government Data, there were a total of 326 sedition cases filed in India from 2014 to 2019 -Jairath Mehra- Posted: 2021/11/23

    Receiving Stolen Property: According to general receiving stolen property laws, it is a crime to accept or purchase any property -Sachin Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/23

    Wainwright v/s Home Office: A comprehensive and detailed analysis of the legal case Wainwright v. Home Office using the FIRAC Method -Aishwarya Kapoor- Posted: 2021/11/23

    Separation of Power: A comparative study: SeparatioThe article deals with the separation of powers, its historical background, origin and development -Tanushree Kaushik- Posted: 2021/11/23

    Summons To A Witness And A Person Accused Of An Offence: Procedure, Statement And Its Admissibility: An investigation by the police starts as soon as the First Information Report or F.I.R u/s 154 of Criminal Procedure Code -Khanduri- Posted: 2021/11/22

    Data Protection and Right to privacy: An insight into the data privacy issues and the need of legal framework: In June 2020, an online session of a school in Nashik was hacked and the school had to fight flood -Manishika kaushik- Posted: 2021/11/22

    Indian Legal System And Mental Health: In many countries, there are contradicting opinions and mechanisms concerning the propriety -Manasi Sridhar- Posted: 2021/11/22

    Homosexuality: A Historical And Futuristic Insight: Human Right; it is something which can be said as the right of human. -Tripti- Posted: 2021/11/22

    Dayabhaga and Mitakshara Succession laws: The word Hindu is foreign origin as it was used to identify individuals living east of the Hindu River -Satya Sai Srija - Posted: 2021/11/22

    Speaking Orders: Reasoned Decision: Nemo debet esse judex in propria causa and Audi alterem partem -Satya Sai Srija - Posted: 2021/11/22

    Social Media Tool Of Crime and Platform For Justice: In today's era internet is a part of our life that has connected us with the whole world.-Suhaib Rafi Mir- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Work in progress: Competition Law in India: competition law, which was enacted through a legislation called the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1969 -Hardi Goradia- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Marital Rape in India: The other day, I watched an internet video about how ignorant Indians are about MARITAL RAPE -Anusree Sapna Nair- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Displacement For Development In The Era Of Globalization: Each year, millions of persons are forcibly displaced by development projects, whether dams, roads -Tushar Chauhan- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Role Of Copyright In Media Industry: The intellectual property rights grant a great degree of protection under various heads such as Trademark, patent, copyright -Vedant srivastava- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Essential of Guarantee: It is a contract to perform the promise or discharge the liability of a third person -Priyanshu Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Standard from of contract: Legal or Illegal?: Generally speaking, standard contracts are imbibed with the common 'take it or leave it' clauses.-Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Analysis Of Mutual Funds And Portfolio Management In Mutual Funds: An investment trust is a trust that pools the savings of many investors who share a common financial goal.-Vrunda Parekh- Posted: 2021/11/21

    All India Judicial Service: India is a quasi-federal state having single unified judicial system with three tier structure -Ayush Sarna- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Role Of ICCR Inpre-Post-Taliban 2.0, Regime To Afghan Students: Nothing is more important for a nation than its human resources. -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2021/11/21

    Recent Trends and Developments in the case of Polygraph: With the consistent and constant advancements in science and technology -Prijwal Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/20

    Custodial Violence in India: The Supreme Court recently convicted two police officers for mercilessly beating a man leading -Rohit Parashar- Posted: 2021/11/20

    POCSO Act, Its Need And Relevance In India: Children are an important marginalized group who, frequently get suffer from various types of exploitation -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/19

    Business Negotiation:Business negotiation comes under the negotiation types -Presha Naik- Posted: 2021/11/19

    Pendency of Cases And Shortage of Judges in Courts And Tribunals: Pendency of cases, their problems and possible solutions are talked about.-Atul Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/18

    An Elaborate View Of Cyber Crimes: India, is a vast country with a population of over 138 crores it has millions of internet users. -Koushik Chittella- Posted: 2021/11/18

    Physical Abuse Of Women Behind The Bars In India: Navdeep Kaur, a 23 years old women activist was arrested on the 12th of January during the ongoing -Nidhi Srivastava- Posted: 2021/11/18

    Who Is A Proclaimed Offender: Effect Of Declaring A Person A Proclaimed Offender: When a person accused of an offence do not appear before a police officer during investigation -Khanduri- Posted: 2021/11/18

    Nuisance Under Law Of Torts: Nuisance as it is most frequently pled common law action in environmental litigation. -Pranjal Singh- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Was The Introduction Of DPSP Into India's Constitution Really Significant?: India's Constitution is the world's longest written constitution of any independent country. -Tanya srivastava- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Contract of Agency: Agency is a relationship which exists where one individual (the principal) approves another (the agent) -Vrunda Parekh- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Analysis Of The Offence Of Murder With Relevant Case Laws: There is no offense of "homicide" in that capacity. An individual can't be accused of or indicted for homicide. -Vrunda Parekh- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Legislative Procedure of Parliament: All legislative proposition is brought previously Parliament as Bills -Vrunda Parekh- Posted: 2021/11/17

    Labor Rights And Standards For Migrant Workers: The increasing development and encouragement of technology made the workers run from one place to another -Dhruv Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/17

    The National Human Right Commission An Enforcement Mechanism Of Human Right In India: Why was it is required to safeguard the basic right of human in our society? -Puru Saxena - Posted: 2021/11/16

    Same-Sex Marriage And Homosexuality In India: An Insight: Human sexuality is complicated. Accepting the distinction between desire, behaviour, and individuality affirms -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/16

    Elder Abuse, Maintenance And Welfare Of Parents And Senior Citizens Act, 2007: Abuse of the elderly by family members dates back to many centuries -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/16

    Uniform Civil Code In Foreign Countries: Its Evaluation From The Perspective Of India: The Uniform Civil Code lays down a set of laws governing the personal affairs of all citizens, irrespective of religion -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/16

    Role of Security Exception in the Unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic: The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the healthcare sectors all over the world -- Posted: 2021/11/15

    Street Food Vendors And Their Flickering Right To Livelihood In Time Of Pandemic: India, one of the worst-affected countries by COVID-19 has eased most lockdown restrictions -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/15

    Anti-Torture and Custodial Death: Our constitution has embedded fundamental rights to ensure certain fundamental freedoms rights -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/11/15

    Section 207: Inalienable Right of Accused: As the topic suggests, the present article mainly deals with the scope of Section 207 of the Criminal Procedure Code. -Satwinder Singh- Posted: 2021/11/15

    Custodial Violence and Deaths: Custodial violence is referred to as the violence, torture, rape or death of the person -Khushi Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/14

    Allied And Healthcare Professional Bill 2018: Healthy things are good for life and a healthy person makes a good country. -Shamir Mehra- Posted: 2021/11/14

    Redesigning Public Administration In The Changing Global Environment: Traditionally, one of the powers of public administration was the clear-cut hierarchal system developed -Shamir Mehra- Posted: 2021/11/14

    Juvenile Justice and the Convention on The Rights of the Child: The United Nations Convention on the rights of the child is a human rights treaty that helps to define children's political, economic, social, health and cultural rights. -Vaishnavi Ramesh- Posted: 2021/11/14

    Unethical Practices by News channels: A Light on Criminal Jurisprudence: Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. It plays an important role in keeping the citizen informed -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Understanding The Misuse Of Laws By The Weaker Sections Of Society: Prathvi Raj Chouhan v/s Union OF India: The people in India have familiarized themselves with the word discrimination. -Anish Bachchan- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Right To Die: Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, 1950 provides: No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.-Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Historical Background Of Evidence Law In India: With Special Reference To The Indian Evidence Act, 1872: The evidence, in simpler terms, is the eye and ear of a court.-- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Article 370: It is the first provision of the Constitution's Part XXI. Temporary, Transitional, and Special Provisions'-Suryansh Shukla- Posted: 2021/11/13

    Covid-19 The New Normal And How It Is Affecting Children: The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 in the world left everyone with speculation as to how to react -Devansh Rao- Posted: 2021/11/12

    The Role Model Of Journalist: Danish Siddiqui (19 May 1983 16 July 2021) was an Indian photo-journalist based in Delhi -Brij Chaurasiya- Posted: 2021/11/12

    Single Parenting: Single parenting has always been a different task in Indian society.-Kalash Jain- Posted: 2021/11/12

    Comparative Analysis Of The Traditional And Modern Definitions Of International Law: Law of Nations or International Law is the name for the body of customary and conventional rules -Tanu Mehta- Posted: 2021/11/12

    Trial Of Person With An Unsound Mind: Procedure And Provisions: The Indian Penal code shows the safeguard of insanity under Section 84 and CrPC -Erathi Anudeep- Posted: 2021/11/12

    When Rape Is Allowed By Law: Domestic violence in India is an entrenched problem, and it has only become more exacerbated in recent years. -Abha Chauhan- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Capital Punishment In India: India is one of the largest country in the world which also has so numerous crimes and culprits -Garima Bairagi- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 Act (LXI) Of 1985 At A Glance: Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances have a variety medical and scientific uses. -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Sudan Humanitarian Crisis (Darfur Genocide): First and foremost things to understand the meaning of human rights that what are human rights. -Akshay vashist- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Insanity Defence: A Loopholes For Criminals: Insanity defense is by and large utilized in crook prosecutions.-Vaidehi gupta- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Concept of Guardianship under Muslim personal Law: Guardianship (Wilayat) denotes the guardianship of a minor. -Priyanshu Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Cruelty: As A Ground For Divorce: Matrimonial matters are matters of delicate human and emotional relationship. -Archana Bamaniya- Posted: 2021/11/11

    IPR Law in India: Creation of new things is in the hand of people.-Priyanki Dasgupta- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Actionable Claim: Actionable claim is defined under section 3 of the Transfer of Property Act 1882. -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Right To Life: This means that nobody, including the Government, can try to end your life.-Sheikh Sameer- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Inclusion Of 4th Category Offences Into Serious Offence: the fourth category of offences into the serious offences to keep the Child in conflict with law with High degree & Low degree crimes -Meghna Sudheer- Posted: 2021/11/11

    Food Security In The Era Of Globalization: food security call attention to fundamental antagonism at the heart of the globalization project. -Simran Kanwar- Posted: 2021/11/10

    Humanatarian perspective: Syrian Crisis: somewhere down the line were responsible for the devastated situation in Syria -Simran sharma- Posted: 2021/11/10

    Overview Of Women's Rights In The Workplace In India: he discussion around the rights of women in the workplace and society at large has increased over the past years.-Shivam Singh Bhadoriya- Posted: 2021/11/10

    Trademark Infringement: A Case Analysis Of Tata Sons v/s Hakunamatata Tata Founders: One of the saviours of the intellectual property (IP) is Trademark.-Preesha Vaswani- Posted: 2021/11/10

    Article 15: Right to Equality: Article 15 prohibits the discrimination on the basis of faith, sex, caste, race and place of birth -Vishesh Sharma- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Cracker Ban: Reality or Hoax: Historically, Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. It brings in an eerie of joy -Richa Adwani- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Procedure Of Arrest, Search And Seizure Under The NDPS Act 1985 And Legal Rights Of A Person: The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, or in short the NDPS Act -Khanduri- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Shareholders' Rights Under Companies Act, 2013: A shareholder is any person or company that has the ownership of a minimum -Jasdeep kaur- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Victim Protection Guidelines For Sexual Assault Survivors Not Implemented Effectively: Kerala High Court: Is any form of unwelcome sexual behaviour that's offensive, humiliating or intimidating -Shraddha malviya- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Critical Analysis Of Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines And Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021: The Government of India formulated the new Information Technology Rules 2021 -Susan- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Unethical Publication Practices And Code Of Ethics To Be Followed By Publishers: An Overview: Research conducted has to be published or documented; otherwise, it is rendered undone or incomplete.-Abhinav Sharma- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Right to Bail in Money Laundering Cases: The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 being the parent and sole definite law that engages -Singh- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Negotiations: When there is a dialogue in between two or more parties that addresses the issues of all the concerned parties -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Legal Reasoning: Legal reasoning is about various factors and has various components attached to it. -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Comparative Analysis Of Irretrievable Breakdown In India And UK : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband and wife in a legal -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Analysis of the Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill, 2015: The practice of land acquisition related regulations for public purpose dates back to the British Raj -Swastik Shukla- Posted: 2021/11/9

    Drugs Addiction: Drugs addiction is the worst social evil of modern civilization. -Kalpana Neti- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Agency Contracts Explained with Reference to Ratification and Doctrine of Relation Back: Section 182 of ICA defines Agency- A contractual relationship between an Agent and a Principal -Amritanshu Pushkar- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Implementation of the principle of natural justice in quasi-judicial authority: Justice is a natural virtue. Well-functioning humans are just, as are well-ordered human societies -Ankur Singh- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Marital Rape in India: An Undefined Crime: Despite the fact that India has celebrated its 75th year of independence, women -Jitendra singh Bhadouriya- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Role of Punishment: As a Tool for Revenge or Method of Reformation: If we see from the point of view of today's society, then the purpose of punishment is to improve the criminal -Rishabh Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Why Is It Necessary To Pay Women For Household Works?: In our culture, it is been taught to our daughters that learning house chores is much important -Shreyanshi Basediya- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Custodial Rape, How Much More Real Can It Get: Rape is a form of illegal activity or unlawful act, which is often in form of sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim -Anmol Kapoor- Posted: 2021/11/8

    The Reality And Existence Of Martial Rape In India: Sexual intercourse or any sexual act by a husband with his wife cannot be rape even if it was by force or against her wish -Saif Amaan Ahmed- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Overview Of Force Majeure In India In Times Of Covid-19: The Indian Contract Act, 1872 proclaims under section 37 -Vikram Jain- Posted: 2021/11/8

    Cancer Awareness: Screening and Early Detection: Cancer is a major burden of disease Worldwide. -Srishty Bhagat- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Property Rights Of Transgender Community In India: Transgender persons are people whose identities are different from the stereotypical gender norms -Saanvi Upadhyay- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Law Of Partnership: Nature And Definition: Partnership is a form of business organization in which two or more persons come together to carry out business.-Abhijeet Ujjwal- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Murder (Section 302) Under IPC: Whoever kills any person, shall be punished with death or with imprisonment for life, as well as with fine. -Abhijeet Ujjwal- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Ancient Judicial System: India has a unique legal history stretching back to the Neolithic era (7000 BC to 3300 BC) -Utsav Mandal- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Rape Culture is a Factual Statement: Rape culture is an environment in which rape is prevalent in which sexual violence against women -- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Analysing The Scope Of Revision Under Section 125 Of Crpc: Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure is one of the most summoned and talked about arrangements -Jasdeep Kaur- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Marital Rape: Rape is defined as non-consensual intercourse with a woman in section 375 of the Indian Penal Code -Payal Bhagchandani- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Disciplinary Enquiry Before Dismissing A Work: The State Of Uttarakhand V. Sureshwati, the state of Uttarakhand challenged the judgment passed by the high court of Uttarakhand -Charishma.K.S- Posted: 2021/11/7

    Whether Sexual Intercourse Promise to Marry is Rape?: whether sexual intercourse with the women amounts to rape if the consent was obtained by a false promise of marriage -Vishal jarodia- Posted: 2021/11/6

    Role Of Judiciary In Protection Of Child Rights In India: Children are the priceless assets of mankind. They must be spruced from a young age.-Monisha Roy- Posted: 2021/11/6

    Violence Against Women: Now a days, crime rate is increasing rapidly not just murders or theft but violence against women -Yashovardhan Singh- Posted: 2021/11/5

    Contract of Bailment: The word Bailment has got its origin from a French word baillier which means - to deliver.-Saurabh Dhar Dubey- Posted: 2021/11/5

    Supreme Courts Directive For The Welfare Of Prisoners: The deplorable condition of Indian Prisons has often attracted the attention of the international community -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2021/11/5

    How Can We Make Lives Better For Senior Citizens: There was a time when Covid-19 was at its peak, several senior citizens became homeless -Rashi Choudhary- Posted: 2021/11/5

    Rights of Juvenile in Juvenile Justice system in India: Juveniles are the person who has not attained the age of majority that means who is below 18 -Anita Mishra - Posted: 2021/11/5

    Commentary On Cohabitation In India: To many India is synonymous to Bollywood. The industry with flashy dance numbers, of heroes -Sanjana Ratkal- Posted: 2021/11/4

    Case Analysis: Rajendra V Pai v/s Alex Fernandes: That in the instant case the appellant is an advocate by profession and is also a member of Bar Council of Maharashtra -Zainul Rizvi- Posted: 2021/11/4

    John Doe Order: A John Doe order is a type of pre-infringement injunction used to safeguard the creator's intellectual property rights -Divisha Srivastava- Posted: 2021/11/3

    Differences And Overlapping Of Contempt Of Court And Freedom Of Speech And Expression: Judiciary has been blessed with the attorney of delivering punishments in case of any contempt -Shrishti Singh- Posted: 2021/11/3

    Case Analysis Of Dilip Pandey v/s State of Chhattisgarh-2021: The marriage between the applicant and the complainant was solemnized back in 2017 where the applicant -Amritanshu Pushkar- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Comparison Of Trial Procedure Between Common And Civil Law Countries: Adversarial And Inquisitorial Systems: The Criminal Justice System is the process of arresting offenders, followed by stages of inquiry to find proof -Utsav Mandal- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Is Our Privacy At Risk?: The most controversial topic that we come across today is Right To Privacy Vs National Security. -Himanshi - Posted: 2021/11/2

    Marriage under Hindu Law: valid void and voidable: Unlike the Islamic law which considers marriage as a contract or agreement between the two parties under Hindu law marriage -Adeeba faheem- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Equal Remuneration Enforcement: The constitution of India was framed in the year 1946 by the constituent assembly.-Dhruv Kumar- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Basel Norms: The need for banking law conceives its roots within the subject towards the socio-monetary prices -Shambhavi Shailendra- Posted: 2021/11/2

    Inherent Powers Of Court Under Code Of Civil Procedure 1908: The inherent power of the court is that which is inherent in a court by the very fact of its being empowered -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Provisions Relating To First And Second Appeal Against Original Decrees Laid Down In The Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908: Normally, one cannot except the final decision in the case. It is natural that any error of law or procedure -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Powers Of Commissioner And Circumstances Commission Can Be Issued Under Civil Procedure Code 1908: It is well established rule of jurisprudence that all judicial proceedings must be conducted in the presence of parties -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Notice: Section 79 and 80 under Civil Procedure Code,1908: Section 79 to 82 and Order 27 of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 lay down procedure where suits -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Code Of Civil Procedure 1908, For Deciding Relating To Execution, Discharge And Satisfaction Of The Decree And Attachment Of The Property During The Execution Of The Decree: The execution of decree is very important but a very difficult task, it is not so easy as it is considered. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Concept And General Principal Of Execution Section 38 To 46: Execution is the medium by which a decree-holder compels the judgment-debtor to carry out the mandate -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    What is an injunction? what are the various kinds of it? When it can be granted?: Normally, the case lasts for a very long time and if the case is related with the property -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Pious Bloodshed: Religion is a categorized system of beliefs used to worship a god or goddess. Freedom of religion -Shubhankar Mishra- Posted: 2021/11/1

    MSME Debt Recovery Provisions: Micro, small and medium enterprises have always been one of the main growth engines of the Indian Economy. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Dowry System In India:dowry means any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given either directly or indirectly- Khushi Seth - Posted: 2021/11/1

    The Indian Forest Act, 1927 - An Overview: Forests are considered as a pivotal natural resource of our nation as they help in supplying raw materials -Abhinav Sharma- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Equality Is A Myth: We all talk about equality but we don't talk about how to implement it in society -Udit Singh Solanki- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Introduction to Venture Capital: In finance world, other than Banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, etc. -Sakshi Singh- Posted: 2021/11/1

    Cyber Crime In India:The Internet, which connects loosely held networks all over the world, has made data and information transfer -Vedang Upadhayay - Posted: 2021/10/31

    Mental Health and Suicide Laws: A Way Forward: After the inclusion of Covid-19 in the world, suicide attempts and mental health problems -Tushar Choubey- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Provisions Relating To Attachment And Arrest Before Judgment: The main objective of justice and judicial procedure is to protect preserve and enforce the rights of parties. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Costs Sec.35,35A,35B:The codes of civil procedure provides for four kinds of costs -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Doctrine Of Res-Sub Judice And Res-Judicata: Section: 10 deals with the doctrine of res sub-judice and section-11 deals with the doctrine of res:judicata. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Decree, Order Judgment and Mense Profit: Decisions given by court of law are either decree or orders or Judgments. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Disposal Of Suit On First Hearing Order XV: Where at the first hearing of a suit it appears that the parties are not at issue on any question of law -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Various Mode Of Effecting Service Of Summons On A Defendant: Summon occupies an important place in judicial administration. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Arbitration in India Decoded, All you Should Know:Arbitration is the most preferred dispute resolution method today in business contracts. -Latest Laws- Posted: 2021/10/31

    What are Leading Arbitration Institutions of the World: Arbitration is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. ADR methods enjoy significant advantages -Latest Laws- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Settlement of Issue and Determination of suit on issues of law or on issued as agreed upon: Order XIV: When one party affirms and other party denies a material proposition of fact or law -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Transfer Of Suits Or Appeal: Civil Procedure Code: Section 22 To Section 25: The defendant or plaintiff has liberty to transfer a suit or appeal from one Court to the another Court -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Rules Relating To Place Of Suiting For The Recovery Of Moveable And Immovable Property: It is established law that the suit should be filed in the proper court and in such court which is competent-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Plaint, Written Statement, Set Off And Counter Claim Under Civil Procedure Code 1908: A plaint is a legal document which contains the written statement of the plaintiff's claim. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Historical Background And Scheme Of Civil Procedure Code 1908: Before 1859, there was no uniform codified law relating to procedure of civil courts in India -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/3

    Legalization Of Cannabis: In the Indian context, cannabis/marijuana has its use linked to bordering history, spreading arms to faith -Shrishti Singh- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Critical Analysis of Sec 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code 1973: Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code of 1973 (CrPC) is a provision that accords powers to an Executive Magistrate to issue order in urgent cases of nuisance of apprehended danger. -Utsav Mandal- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Importance Of Forensic Psychological Tools In Investigation: Forensic psychology is the combination of psychology and law. It is the application of psychology in legal settings. -Sohini Basu- Posted: 2021/10/31

    Need Of Constitution: The state is an "independent political entity". It is the largest of all human associations. The state has four essential elements -Rishabh Kumar- Posted: 2021/10/30

    Right To Be Forgotten In India: The right to be forgotten gives the right to individuals to have their private information removed from the internet -Preeti Nayak- Posted: 2021/10/30

    Is It Always A Man's Mistake?: Suppression of women and their rights is something with which we all are familiar -Deepak Sharma- Posted: 2021/10/30

    Article 310 of Constitution of India: The Judiciary would appreciate, without an express authority; neither the Centre nor State can legislate -Ajaykumar Agrawal- Posted: 2021/10/30

    Public Trust Doctrine: vis-à-vis Property Law: Increasing threats to the environment caused by increasing individualistic needs has stimulated the attention -Rakshit Kapoor- Posted: 2021/10/29

    As The Freshwater Is Depleting, Can India Ignore Groundwater Regulation?: With over 18 percent of the world's population, but the country still has only four per cent of the world's freshwater -Sumit Kumar- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Whether A Person Can Be Tried Both For The Sec 138 Of Negotiable Instrument Act And Sec 420 Of IPC At The Same Time: Simply because a complaint is filed under sec 138 of the negotiable instrument act 1881 -Tushar Gambhir- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Why Indian Judicial System Should Do Away With The Medieval Era Colonial Practice Of My Lord And Your Lordship: A quote, by someone unknown, truly encapsulates the natural principle of human tendencies -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Delhi Judicial Service Association v/s State of Gujarat: Case Analysis: The strength to punish for contempt is vested within the judges not for their private safety only -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2021/10/29

    CEDAW: A Critical Analysis From Indian Perspective: The Convention on Elimination of all kinds of Discrimination Against Woman (CEDAW) is a world treaty adopted in 1979 -Aashish Saini- Posted: 2021/10/29

    The Interplay between Legality and Morality of Rights: An Analysis: The concept of rights is indeed an abstract one. While some rights are written and legally enforceable -Charvi Devprakash- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Essentials of customary law in light of modern practice and judicial interpretations in India: In practically all communities, custom plays a significant role in regulating human behaviour. -Manglam Srivastava- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Competition Law And IPR: A Critical Analysis: Competition law and Intellectual Property law are the two main areas of law that govern the market and promote -Anusha Shivaswamy- Posted: 2021/10/29

    The Utility of Indoor Management Rule: The utility of the indoor management rule is against that of the rule of constructive notice. -Aditi Gupta- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Trial By Media And Its Impact: Trial by media is a phrase popular in the late 20th century and early 21st century to describe the impact of television and newspaper coverage -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Privacy and Media: India, at present, does not have an independent statute protecting privacy; the right to privacy is a deemed right under the Constitution. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Media And Obscenity: Obscenity is a kind of mind pollution and a social problem affecting the society at large.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Defamation And Media Law: Different definition of defamation have been given by different jurists.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/29

    Case Analysis On Maneka Gandhi v/s Union Of India, 1978: The Golden Triangle: This case analysis attempts to analyse the judgement of the Supreme Court in the historical decision of Maneka Gandhi v Union of India -Himanshu Mahesh Mendhe- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Boardroom Gender Diversity: Are Mandatory Quotas Effective?: The present article examines the relationship between gender diversity in boardrooms and the mandatory quotas -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Advertising and Standard Council Act of India: In India, as in several advanced economies, there is only one body for Self-Regulation in Advertising -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Media And Press Council of India Act: Media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy, it is the eyes and ears of this society and ideally perform -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Media and Executive: Official Secrets Act And Right to Information Act 2005: The Executive in Indian Democracy is shielded by a special power to keep the information secret under the Official Secrets Act. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Media And Courts: Contempt Of Court Act: The Media freedom is curtailed when it tends to insult the state under Sedition which is a crime under I.P.C., -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Media and Legislature (Legislative privileges): Press and Electronic media has to report the proceedings of the Parliament and State Legislatures. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Various form of Media: Media simply refers to a vehicle or means of message delivery system to carry an ad message -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Media And Law: Judicial Approach Toward Freedom Of Press, Obscenity, And Right To Information: Although Article 19 does not express provision for freedom of press but the fundamental right of the freedom of press -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Media And Law: Constitutional Position Of Freedom Of Speech And Expression, Freedom Of Press, Reasonable Restrictions: The freedom of speech and expression is a very important fundamental right under the Constitution. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Privity of Contracts: This response paper critically analyses the evolution and scope of the Doctrine of Privity of Contract -Aishwarya Kapoor- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Decoding The Meaning Of Public Policy: Discussing The Roles Played By The Judiciary And Legislature In Interpretation Of The Controversial Term Public Policy: The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Act) was framed to minimize judicial interference. -Vinit Kamdar- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Law and Morality: Relationship including Critical Analysis: To understand the relationship between Law and Morality, it is first necessary to understand what the terms Law and Morality -Manglam Srivastava- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Role Of A Promoter When It Comes To Pre-Incorporation Contracts: A pre-incorporation contract refers to a contract where one party of the contract is a company that is yet to be incorporated -Ruupali Ohri- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Merger Between Two Mega-Serial Sagas: Sony And ZEE: People like us who have grown watching tv serials and films on Sony and Zee at our dinner tables -Shivalika- Posted: 2021/10/28

    Tribunalization And Its Current Trends: The tussle between the executive and the judiciary over the tribunal system has been never ending. -Aryaman Tripathi- Posted: 2021/10/27

    The Trademark Compendium: Trademark is a distinct symbol, logo, word, or multiple words that are legally registered or established -Shahrukh Nawaz- Posted: 2021/10/27

    Major differences between Culpable Homicide and Murder: All killings are chargeable crime yet not all guilty culpable homicides are murders -Tushar Gambhir- Posted: 2021/10/26

    Civil And Criminal Immunities Of Registered Trade Unions: After the flare-up of World War 1, the work associations showed up as present day worker's organizations -Tushar Gambhir- Posted: 2021/10/26

    Tactical Restructuring of Byju's: A Thought Towards Better Education: The business environment is changing rapidly in terms of technology, competition, products, people, geographic areas, markets, and customers. -Yamya Pandey- Posted: 2021/10/26

    Consolidation Scheme In Uttar Pradesh: Overview: Consolidation is the process of converting many small and fragmented holdings -Shashank H Singh- Posted: 2021/10/26

    Trail Courts Have Duty To Safe Guard Fundamental Rights: It is irrefutable fact that every democratic country is regulated by Law.-Pritty Jain- Posted: 2021/10/25

    Protection of Strays under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,1960: Whether it be the people mercilessly hurting stray animals, unethical use of animals by breeders -Siddh S Khurana- Posted: 2021/10/25

    Are Animal Rights As Important As Human Rights?: YES! Animals feel the same way humans do, the only difference is humans have the privilege to express -Siddhi Sharma- Posted: 2021/10/24

    Grave Human Rights Violations In Middle East And North Africa: When it comes to human rights, the Middle East is usually portrayed as the greatest liar, yet rights -Yash Sharma- Posted: 2021/10/24

    Case Analysis: Mt.Ghulam Kubra Bibi v/s Mohd.Shafi Mohd,Din: The institution of marriage is considered one of the most important institutions in society. -Ravi Bhaghasra- Posted: 2021/10/24

    A Case Analysis On Re Exploitation Of Children In Orphanage In Tamil Nadu V/S Union Of India: A child who is residing in a child care institution is commonly known as an orphanage. About 50 percent of the children in child care institutions have come from families -Sonasrisripathi- Posted: 2021/10/24

    Basic Features Of Indian Constitution: A set of standards guides anything we do. There are rules for games (such as soccer), sports clubs -Pravallika Gandepalli- Posted: 2021/10/23

    The Wise Constitution: Supreme Court's Interpretation of the Due Process of Law: Indian Constitution conducted a detailed study of various constitutions, existing in different countries of the world, to give India -Aishwarya Tripathi- Posted: 2021/10/23

    Cruelty: Changing Facets Of Using Mental Cruelty As A Ground For Divorce: Marriage is a sacred covenant that requires the blessing of the Almighty before it can be established. -Aishwarya Tripathi- Posted: 2021/10/23

    Case commentary: Murugan v/s State of Tamil Nadu: Criminal Intention is the best form of blameworthiness of mind or mens rea. Intention occupies -Vishwajeet Kumar- Posted: 2021/10/23

    Hindu Marriage Act In Special Reference To Filling Of An Application For Restitution Of Conjugal Rights: At the point when either the spouse or the wife has, without sensible reason, removed from the general public -Jasdeep kaur- Posted: 2021/10/22

    Early Disposal Of Pending Civil Cases: Directions From The High Court: The Civil Procedure Code, 1908, controls the civil procedure of courts in India. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/10/22

    Animal Protection Laws under IPC and Constitution: Whether it's the man who kills the neighbour's cat, the hoarder of sick and dying animals -Shyam Gaur- Posted: 2021/10/21

    Case Analysis: Unni Krishnan, J.P. v/s State of Andhra Pradesh: The constitutional question as to whether the "right to life" in Article 21 of the Constitution -Vikas Chaudhary- Posted: 2021/10/21

    An Analysis Of Article 143 Of The Constitution Of India: Country and is also considered the highest Court of appeal under Article 124 of our Constitution.- Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/21

    Legality of Guardianship Under Different Religion: A guardian is a person appointed to look after another person or his property in India -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/21

    Advance Medical Directive Under Article 21 Of The Constitution Of India: A person has the right to execute an Advance Medical Directive to know their decision regarding the manner -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/21

    Shortage of Oxygen Cylinders and Violation of Right to Health Under Article 21: On January 30, 2020, the coronavirus outbreak in India had brought the reality of our health care systems -Sufian Ahmed- Posted: 2021/10/20

    Is IT rules 2021 restrict the freedom of speech and expression?: Freedom of expression is sanctioned by article-19 of the International covenant on civil and political rights -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2021/10/20

    Cryptocurrency In India: Cryptocurrency is one of the underlying concepts of block chain technology where end to end transactions -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/10/20

    Adani Green Energy: Under Section 31(1) of the Competition Act, 2002, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/10/20

    Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: A failure for Homebuyers: In India, Real estate is one of the few industries that has grown at an exponential rate during the last two -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/10/20

    Environmental Protection With Reference To Stockholm Declaration: Environmental changes caused by the increasing scale of human life have led many observers -Samreen Tariq- Posted: 2021/10/20

    Monopolistic And Restrictive Trade Practices Act,1969: An Overview: The MRTP Act was introduced to provide that the operation of the economic system does not -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/20

    Character Merchandising and Copyright Law in India: We have been watching cartoons, movies and different programs since our childhood, and the different characters -Aman Kumar Sinha- Posted: 2021/10/19

    Certain Expenses Case [International Court Of Justice Advisory Opinion 1962 ICJ 151]: In 1950, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the uniting for peace resolution -Priya T. Waingankar- Posted: 2021/10/19

    Cyber squatting and Trade issues: Domain Dispute Resolution: Cybersquatting is a practice by which an organization, individual, or company acts malafide or in bad faith to buy a domain name -Youginder Singh- Posted: 2021/10/19

    Unfolding Development Of Right To Privacy In Indian Courts: Privacy is a fundamental human right, enshrined in numerous international human rights instruments -Parul Chauhan- Posted: 2021/10/19

    Convention On The Elimination Of All Forms Of Discrimination Against Women: The convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women was adopted by the United Nations -W.V. Sophia Stella Sargunam- Posted: 2021/10/18

    The Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women: Violence against women and girls is a major human rights issue. -W.V. Sophia Stella Sargunam- Posted: 2021/10/18

    National Action Plan On Business And Human Rights: In the United Nation Annual Forum on business and human rights or UN business and human rights -W.V. Sophia Stella Sargunam- Posted: 2021/10/18

    Marital Rape And Its Current Legal Status: Indian Constitution has enshrined the basic right to equality and the right to life respectively -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/18

    How to register Copyright Online?: Copyright is an intellectual property providing protection to the expression of ideas -Jyothsna Erugadindla- Posted: 2021/10/18

    Non-Processing Asset (NPA) and Debt Recovery Management in India: The custom of borrowing and lending money has been prevailing in the society since ages. -Chitransh- Posted: 2021/10/18

    CSR in Indian Environment: The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a new concept anymore -Yamya Pandey- Posted: 2021/10/17

    Paris Convention For Protection Of Industrial Property (1883): At Vienna International exhibition of inventions has been held in 1873. Due to Participation -Payal Mazumdar- Posted: 2021/10/17

    Guardianship and Lawful Custody of a Minor: An Inclusive Study: a child or a minor whose physical and mental capacity is at a nascent stage and needs assistance through love, care and caution. -Aniket Rai- Posted: 2021/10/17

    Same Sex Divorce: Prior to the United States Supreme Court's 2015 ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges -Shvet Sharma- Posted: 2021/10/16

    Virtual Courts And The Pandemic: India, being one of the largest democracies of the world has the world's largest constitution -Chintada Priyanka- Posted: 2021/10/16

    Legal Procedure To Revoke A Power Of Attorney: The Power of Attorney (POA) is basically a means via which a person has the ability -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/16

    Concept Of Benami Property And Benami Transaction Under The 2016 Act: The Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988 was amended by the Benami Transaction -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/16

    Constitutional Provisions For OTT Platforms On Freedom Of Speech And Expression: With the right to the internet recognized by the Judiciary as a fundamental right in the case of Faheema Shirin R.K. vs State of Kerala -Niketan Gawade- Posted: 2021/10/15

    Inquisitor's Fiction And Unsolved Crimes: India's criminal system has an acute backlog of crisis. Even after 70 years of independence and a well-defined -Vaishnavi Suresh - Posted: 2021/10/15

    Right To Freedom Of Speech And The Law Of Defamation In Bangladesh: Finding A Balance: Right to free speech is a constitutional right. Every human being can exercise this right recognized -Md Abdur Rahman Khan- Posted: 2021/10/15

    Administration of Justice: Theories of Punishment: The purpose of this article is to offer about justice, administration of justice, what are all the various -Maithraye- Posted: 2021/10/15

    Judicial Reforms: Access To Justice: Judicial reforms are the structure or wider picture of any country from a political or legal perspective.-Srija Singh- Posted: 2021/10/15

    Expert Opinion And It's Relevancy Under Indian Evidence Act,1872: Evidence plays a major role in every judicial proceeding whether it is criminal or civil case. -D.priyanka- Posted: 2021/10/14

    Easy Way Of Getting Divorce In India: It has been seen in India that the number of pendency of cases in court is increasing day by day. -Ashiwni Tagade- Posted: 2021/10/14

    The Emergence And Evolution Of High Courts In India Before The Constitution Of India Came Into Effect: The history of High Courts in India traces back to the period of British Raj. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/10/13

    History And Regulatory Landscape Of Hemp And Hemp Products: Hemp is a species of cannabis plants. We know its scientific name to be Cannabis Sativa L. -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/10/13

    Crimes Against Women: National And International Perspective: To ride a bicycle we need two wheels for maintaining balance, in same way, to run our lives and ecosystem -Nupur sharma- Posted: 2021/10/13

    Atheism And Indian Constitution: India is declared to be secular country. Every body is independent to practice his or his religious -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/10/13

    The Story Of Air India's Flight Of Full Circle: October 8, 2021 is a memorable day for the 153 year old TATA conglomerate for having -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2021/10/13

    Transfer Of The Ownership Of Property Rights In Case Of NRI (Overseas Citizens): Alienation refers to the transfer of the ownership of property rights, for instance, sales, gifts -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/13

    Legal Guardianship Of A Person With Disability Under Rights Of Persons With Disabilities Act 2016: Mental Health Act, 2017 defines a guardian as a person who is appointed to look after another person. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/13

    Refund And Cancellation Policy Under E-Commerce Platform: Online shopping in India comes with certain risks especially because you have to make a purchase -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/13

    Legal Rights Of HIV/AIDS Patients In India: HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest challenges faced by India. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/13

    India's Take On Cryptocurrency: With the ongoing advancement of the internet in all aspects of human life -Sunidhi sah- Posted: 2021/10/12

    Oceanic Acidification: Ocean covers nearly 2/3rd of the earth's surface and play a central role in earths major processes -Qazi Sami Uddin- Posted: 2021/10/12

    Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code, 2021: Apps have changed the digital platform in every working area with the aid of computers -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/10/12

    Arnab Ranjan Goswami v. Union of India 2020 14 SCC 12 - IRAC Analysis: The press is the fourth pillar of democracy after the Legislature, -Pavanaj R hariharan- Posted: 2021/10/12

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    Internet Banking in India: The Retail Habits,Internet Banking/Card Fraud And the Preventive-Remedial Measures: The Retail Habits, Internet Banking/ Card Fraud & the Preventive- Remedial Measures -Aniket Rai- Posted: 2021/10/12

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    Genetic Privacy In India And Its Present Status: Over the years, genetic tests have become more popular and affordable. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/11

    Firearm Laws In India And Its Current Scenario: In the middle 1800s with the increasing uprising of the British in India, regular episodes like poor pay -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/11

    Status Of Forex Trading In India And Its Legality Along With The Provisions In India For Trade: This market determines exchange rates for each global currency. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/11

    Legal Method For Applying Non-Availability Of Birth Certificate (NABC): When a child does not have a birth certificate, he/she may be denied access to ancillary services -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/10/11

    Legality And Implementation Of Uttar Pradesh Prohibition Of Unlawful Conversion Of Religion Ordinance 2020 At National Level: In the modern world, it is very difficult to exclude religion from today's political structure. -Ankur Singh- Posted: 2021/10/11

    AI or Artificial Intelligence: A new Challenge for the Competition System in India: The more we enter into the Era of Digitization, the uses of AI, Big Data, Internet of Things -Ankit Mondal- Posted: 2021/10/10

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    Is A Police Officer Bound To Register FIR?: There is a lot of disparity in registration of fir by police officer across the country which is sadden as it hampers the legal justice. -Supriya Udey- Posted: 2021/10/10

    Law On Consent And Confidentiality In India: Consent in classical liberal theory refers to the expression of autonomy and free will by competent -Pratee kant- Posted: 2021/10/10

    Hindu Daughters and their Property Rights: It describes why the 1956 Hindu Succession Act was passed and explains its suppression -Siddhant Nagar- Posted: 2021/10/10

    Detail Analysis Of Tax Provision In The Time Of Demerger: A demerger is a type of corporate reorganisation in which an organisation splits off a portion of its operations -Ankit Mondal- Posted: 2021/10/9

    Relevance of Gandhian philosophy in 21st century: we will be going to examine the relevance of gandhian philosophy in 21st century -Sonali chauhan- Posted: 2021/10/9

    Is the cooling off period in HMA Mandatory or directory: Analysis with the Amardeep Singh v/s Harveen Kaur: The Appellant (Amardeep Singh) married the Respondent on January 16, 2001. (Harveen Kaur) -Vanshika Gupta- Posted: 2021/10/8

    Game of Drones: New Drone Rules and How Will They Affect Us: The Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation has come up with the new drone rules streamlining the process of registering -Aarush Pande- Posted: 2021/10/8

    Judicial precedents of ADR in India: With the uprising development of nation the burden falls over the judiciary. -Archana mohanty- Posted: 2021/10/8

    Title And Possession: Pre-Requisite To Claim Interim Relief: Simpliciter Suit filed for Injunction to stay proceedings without a prior order of Title. -Kanishka Pandey- Posted: 2021/10/7

    Arbitrability Of Competition Law Disputes: The fast track process in adjudicating the dispute by the arbitration proceedings has created a craze in most -Sakshi kothari- Posted: 2021/10/7

    Reliability Of Evidence Under Evidence Act,1872: A Compendium: An Evidence under Evidence Act is the determining factor for reaching on a conclusive end in a case for either -Yashraj Bais- Posted: 2021/10/6

    Judicial Proceedings In Awarding Compensation Under Employees Compensation Act 1947: Every employee dreams of a secured job. Therefore, there is a necessity for the company or industry -D.priyanka- Posted: 2021/10/6

    Rights Of Transgender Under The Indian Legal System: Transgender persons are people whose identities are different from the stereotypical gender norms -Anmol Kumar Shaw- Posted: 2021/10/6

    Doctrine of Harmonious Construction In The Interpretation Of Statutes: Every individual living in a society understands the value of law. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/10/6

    Secularism In India Judicial And Constitutional Perspective: The principle of secularism is incorporated in the promotion of democracy by maintaining national unity -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2021/10/6

    ADR Helps In Better Access to Justice: The access to Justice is one of the essential rights of every citizen. But to what extent this is really being accessible. -Penmetsa Srihind- Posted: 2021/10/5

    Overlap Between Intellectual Property Rights: Intellectual property rights are the rights given to a person to enjoy monetary benefits and get exclusive -Ayushi shankar sharma- Posted: 2021/10/5

    Right Of HIV/AIDs Affected Person Under The Indian Legal System: Human rights are inextricably linked with the spread and impact of HIV on individuals and communities around -Anmol Kumar Shaw- Posted: 2021/10/5

    The Practice Of Cow-Slaughter In India: A Socio-Legal Perspective: Since prehistoric days, the value of the cow has indeed been widely respected in Indian culture. -Yuvraj Trivedi - Posted: 2021/10/5

    Salient Features of Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act, 1947: The Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Raj Act, 1947 is Act 26 of 1947 passed by the United Province Legislative Assembly -Mohd Akram Khan- Posted: 2021/10/4

    Offences And Rights Under The Motor Vehicle Act What Every Motor Vehicle Driver Must Know: According to Section 66 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, one can only use a vehicle for the purpose -Puneet Rathore- Posted: 2021/10/4

    Detail Analysis Of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) And Restrictions On Foreign Investors: Foreign investment has increased dramatically in India as a result of successive governments' policies -Ankit Mondal- Posted: 2021/10/3

    Women's Rights In Afghanistan; A Critical Study Of Women's Right Under Taliban Regime And United Nations Approach: The issue of women's rights in Islam has been a contentious area of discussions and intense debates in the Muslim world. -Ms.Shukria Sarwary- Afghanistan - Posted: 2021/10/3

    Legislative Analysis: The Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes (Prevention Of Atrocities) Act,1989: Caste system in India is an age old problem; the entire Indian society has been divided on the basis of their caste. -K Nandhini- Posted: 2021/10/3

    Concept Of Mesne Profits Under Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908: The underlying principle based on which the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 functions is Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/10/3

    Nullity Of Marriage: In old times, Marriage was considered to be as one of the most sacred and holy unions of two persons -Aditi Vashistha- Posted: 2021/10/3

    Maintenance and Alimony: Marriage is seen as a social compulsion in India. But today countless homes are broken and more marital knots -Maadhav Goyal- Posted: 2021/10/3

    Provisions In The ISA That Directly Or Indirectly Discriminate Against Women With Respect To The Devolution Of Their Property By Intestate Succession: The Indian Succession Act of 1925 was promulgated to adequately address the undecided position of Indian Christians as Hindus and Muslims -Mudit Saraf- Posted: 2021/10/2

    My Suggestions On Law Reforms Of Of Goa Succession Laws: India as a young democracy has a rich legal tradition, with a demonstrated history of having the world's longest -Mudit Saraf- Posted: 2021/10/2

    What Is Wagering Contract And Whether Any Online Fantasy Sports Of India Fall Under It?: Wagering Contract is one in which there are two necessary parties between which the contract has been made -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/10/2

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    Ban On Cow Slaughter In India: India is a country where beef controversies are very normal. Every second day we get news about cow slaughter -Swati Raghuwanshi- Posted: 2021/10/2

    Uniform Civil Code: We all are living in a secular country. People from different caste/class/ religion etc -Swati Raghuwanshi- Posted: 2021/10/1

    Rape Against Men By Women: No Neutral Law In India: Rape is the fourth most serious crime in India and a serious problem worldwide -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/10/1

    Ad-Hoc Judges Appointment In High Courts Under Article 224A: Article 224A of the Constitution of India authorizes the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court -Mohd Akram Khan- Posted: 2021/10/1

    Effect of suppression of Trademark's Disclaimer: The subject matter Suit was filed by the Plaintiff on the basis of proprietary right in the trademark Columbia -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/30

    What weightage is attached to Trademark user on Calendar?: In cases for the infringement of Trade Mark and in cases of passing off, user of trademark plays very important role -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/30

    General Direction issued by High Court of Delhi for obtaining certified copies from Trademarks Registry: In matters pertaining to intellectual property right, this had been routine practice to summon the officials of Trade Marks Registry -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/30

    Should Right To Recall Be Made Fundamental Right: What kind of democratic set up is prevailing in our country? Leaders and political parties comes in power -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/30

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    E-Contract: Legality, Acceptance and Jurisdiction of Courts: India is in the age of a digital revolution with the internet becoming an important aspect of its people -Abhishek Sahu- Posted: 2021/9/30

    When User Of Non Descriptive Attains Trademark Significance: Normally a descriptive term is considered as a weak trade mark. More so if a term is used as a descriptor -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/30

    Sedition Law: An Insight into the Draconian law from the Colonial Era: In the rich legal history of our country, there has been no other law that embodies the concept of imperialism -Aryan Sarckar- Posted: 2021/9/29

    Delhi High Court Order To File Complaint Against Wife And Her Two Brothers In Habeas Corpus: Mr. Sanjay Lao, learned Standing Counsel (Criminal) appearing on advance notice on behalf of Delhi Police states -Geeta Verma- Posted: 2021/9/29

    Change Of Seat Of Arbitration By Mutual Agreement: The issue about whether an Arbitration proceeding's inimitable jurisdiction could be enmeshed on the grounds of the Seat of Arbitration -Avnip Sharma- Posted: 2021/9/29

    The Poor And The Poverty: The Setting And Constitutional Provisions Protecting The Human Rights Of The Poor In India: The 18th 19th and early 20th centuries of India have witnessed severe poverty during colonial rule -Piyasha Das- Posted: 2021/9/29

    Space Law: Settlement of International Disputes: The developments in the space sector have been phenomenal in the past few decade -Jhanvi Tayal- Posted: 2021/9/29

    A Simple Introduction To Rights Of LGBTQ Person In India:India has been facing continuous changes in the pattern of society and its structure of social-economical -Tuba Firdos Khan- Posted: 2021/9/29

    Law and Cyber Crimes: The Covid-19 pandemic has been at the center of the world's priorities since 2020 -Jhanvi Tayal- Posted: 2021/9/29

    An Analysis Of Measures Taken to Resolve Human-Wildlife Conflicts in India: Homo Sapiens have been known to meddle with every natural resource; biotic or abiotic to develop -Jhanvi Tayal- Posted: 2021/9/29

    Social Media And Fake News: Social media is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological -Mehak Khan- Posted: 2021/9/29

    Nanavati's Reasonable Man's Test: It Is known as the Last Jury trial case in India which means after this, the Government had abolished -Muskan Sethi- Posted: 2021/9/28

    Case Commentary: Hikmath Ali Khan v/s Ishwar Prasad Arya: The respondent Ishwar Prasad has been a lawyer in Badaun. In this case he attacked his adversary Radhey -Juny Varghese- Posted: 2021/9/28

    Women And The Indian Political Process: Women empowerment is a government slogan. Determined women are craving their own niche -Juny Varghese- Posted: 2021/9/28

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    Article 144: Fundamental rights given in the Indian Constitution are subject to reasonable restrictions -Mudit Saraf- Posted: 2021/9/27

    Case Brief: Ishwar Devi Malik v/s.Union Of India: The present matter is an appeal that is presented under Section 110-D of the Motor Vehicles Act -Mudit Saraf- Posted: 2021/9/27

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    Popular Sovereignty And The Indian Constitution: The principle of popular sovereignty denotes that the source of governmental power or the sovereignt -Christina Laldintluangi- Posted: 2021/9/25

    Clinical Legal Education: The clinical legal education is basically for lawyers for developing new perceptions, attitudes, skills, -Presha Naik- Posted: 2021/9/24

    Covid-19: The Viral Spread Of Cashless Economy?: The pandemic has forced upon us many habits. One such habit is digital payments. -Tanvi Goyal- Posted: 2021/9/24

    Critical Analysis of Defamation Laws in India: legal jurisprudence built on issues related to defamation's constitutionality. -Ayushi Singh- Posted: 2021/9/24

    Article 352 Constitution of India: Proclamation of Emergency: An emergency acts like a valve for the Centre to uphold the sovereignty and freedom of the society -Nandini Varshney- Posted: 2021/9/24

    Doctrine Of Harmonious Construction: Law is taken into account as a tool to stay the society peaceful and problem free and to forestall conflicts -Yash Hulawale- Posted: 2021/9/24

    Time Extension In Arbitration In India: A Garden-Fresh Controversy: The UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration and the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules 1976 -Shreya Saxena- Posted: 2021/9/23

    Punishments Under IPC: Under the law, punishment is provided to cease the wrongdoer from committing the crime again -Sandra.P.Raphy- Posted: 2021/9/23

    Filing Of Complaints Against Biased Judges: Procedure: Complaint in case of a judge cannot be about a poor judgment or order. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/9/23

    Why Corporate Sector Are Granted Exemption From Right To Information Act: Right to information has proven to be strong weapon in the hand of common man. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/23

    Indian Judiciary: Burning Example Of Justice Delayed, Justice Denied: Whenever we talk of the judiciary, the idea of justice flickers across our mind. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/23

    Revisiting Legal Age of Consent: When it can be said that a female or male is capable enough to give valid consent in the eye of law for entering -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/23

    When goods seized by Local Commissioner at his premise are Genuine: It is normal practice in matters to Intellectual Property Law (i.e. matters pertaining to violation of Trademark -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/23

    Dynamic Mischief In Collective Bargaining To Be Resolved By The State: It cannot be denied that Constitution has a paramount obligation to corroborate the welfare of the workers -Ashutosh Kumar- Posted: 2021/9/23

    Growing Environmental Law In The Eyes Of Sustainable Development: With the onset of 21st century raises slowly and steadily some major contention with the development -Ashutosh Kumar- Posted: 2021/9/23

    One-stop-shop for Business Approvals: India launches National Single Window System: the Indian Government announced the launch of a National Single Window System -Link Legal- Posted: 2021/9/23

    Registration Of Lease Deeds: The Why And The How: A lease, in legal sense, is the transfer of possession of a property (immovable in nature) for a fixed tenure -Praneet Pandey- Posted: 2021/9/22

    An Insight Into The Personal Data Protection Bill: We are all familiar with the cookie/ privacy policy notification that pop-ups on our screen while we browse through a website that promises to enhance -Ayantika Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2021/9/22

    Judgement Upon Admission: A Perspective: There are a saying in Latin which goes as follows Interest Republicae Et Finis Litum -Advait ghosh- Posted: 2021/9/22

    Can An Accused In A Criminal Trial Be Exempted From Personal Appearance?: One of the essential postulates of Criminal Law is that the trial should take place in the presence of the accused person -Advait ghosh- Posted: 2021/9/22

    Aviation Sector And Indian GDP: The first commercial flight in India, from Allahabad to Naini, was operated on February 18, 1911 -Siddhant Nagar- Posted: 2021/9/22

    Evolution Of Seat In Indian Arbitration And Settling The Dispute Between Seat And Venue Of Arbitration: The Seat of arbitration is a very important facet in arbitral proceedings. It determines -Masumi Dave- Posted: 2021/9/22

    Islamic Law And International Humanitarian Law: the principles regulating the use of force under the Islamic law of war in the four Sunni schools of Islamic law. -Sayed Arsalan Sadat Nasseri- Posted: 2021/9/22

    Asylum Stops Where Extradition Begins: The word Asylum is Latin and originates from the Greek word 'Asylia' which means inviolable place -Trishla Dwivedi- Posted: 2021/9/21

    An Overview Of The New Consumer Protection Act, 2019: The consumer protection act aims at providing redressal to the consumers when the goods purchased -Sapna Sharma- Posted: 2021/9/21

    An Analysis of Anuradha Bhasin v//s UOI: Jammu & Kashmir is an Indian territory that shares its borders with Pakistan and has been exposed -Sapna Sharma- Posted: 2021/9/21

    Novelty In Design: Qualitative Test Versus Quantitative Test: Design Act 2000 of India governs the Law pertaining to infringement of Design -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/21

    Personality Right Versus Social Responsibility Of A Celebrity: Personality Right has been hot cake these days. Recently various Judgments, where famous celebrity's right -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/21

    The Basic Requisite For Shape Of A Good To Qualify As A Trademark: What are the necessary ingredients for shape of a good to qualify as trademark. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/21

    Is Review/Writ Under Article 226 Maintainable In The High Court After The Dismissal Of SLP By A Non Speaking Order?: Whenever a person is aggrieved by the order of the High Court, there is always an option to file a SLP under Article 136 of the Constitution -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/9/21

    The Transgender Persons (Protection Of Rights) Act, 2019: Transgender people in India have not only been discriminated but their basic rights also have been deprived off -Nazeefa kbk- Posted: 2021/9/21

    Doctrine of Judicial Review: The doctrine of Judicial review is basically the power of the judiciary to decide on the constitutional validity -Husna Tarin- Posted: 2021/9/21

    To Identify The Corporate Disputes In All Forms Of Business Organization And Its Resolution Through The Process Of ADR: Corporate disputes in all forms of the Business organization include disputes that are Breach of Contract -Aayushi Jain- Posted: 2021/9/20

    KT Moopil Nair v/s State Of Kerala And Indirect Discrimination: The author presents a case comment on the judgment of KT Moopil Nair v State of Kerala. -Sahil Mehta- Posted: 2021/9/20

    Charitable Institutions Be Taxed Or Not?: Charitable institution means a public or private nonprofit, tax-exempt entity organised for charitable or public welfare purpose.-Shivani Sharma- Posted: 2021/9/20

    Procurement Routes For Contract: Construction contracts, in infrastructure projects mainly refer to airports, structures, bridges, roads, dams, ports, and other civil engineering activities. -Link Legal- Posted: 2021/9/20

    Decriminalizing Sec 138 Of Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881: Boom Or Bane A Socio-Legal Study: Decriminalization of minor offences for improving Business Sentiment and Unclogging Court Processes -Abhishek Roy- Posted: 2021/9/20

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    Pegasus Spyware Threat to Data and Cyber Protection Laws in India: A spyware is any malicious software designed to enter your computer device, gather -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2021/9/20

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    Anuradha Bhasin v/s Union of India: Case Analysis: Article 19 of the Constitution, Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Telegraph Act, Section 5 as well as the suspension rules appended to this act. -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/9/19

    Dissimilarity Between Abduction And Kidnapping Under The Indian Penal Code: Section 359 of the Indian Penal Code explains the meaning of kidnapping. -Vibhanshi Srivastava- Posted: 2021/9/19

    Right to Die in Indian Context: Our Constitution has the freedom of speech simultaneously, we have the right not to speak. -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/9/19

    Filing of additional Documents in Commercial Dispute: Prior to enactment of Commercial Court Act 2015, normally Plaintiff or Defendant could file the additional -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/19

    State, Nation Or Country - Identifying The Real: There are billions of people in this world, hundreds of thousands within our state, nation and country -Muskaan Suneja- Posted: 2021/9/18

    Custodial Deaths and Role of Judiciary: A Critical Analysis: The Constitution of India guarantees various rights to a Prisoner or a person in custody under Articles 20, 21 and 22 of the Constitution of India. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/9/18

    Suggestion For Amendments In Trademarks Law: It has been said the we are having ancient law with medieval law enforcement agencies to tackle modern offences. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/9/18

    Divorce under The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955: Divorce is a method by which the marriage or marital union between two adults terminated or comes to an end -Alok Kumar- Posted: 2021/9/17

    Heinous Crimes: Why People/Mortals Do So? Crucial Study Of This Hour: This change is useless if it 'cannot even diminish' the crime itself-eight years of struggle 2012 to 2020 -Neeraj Kumar Rohilla- Posted: 2021/9/17

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    Victimization Of Women In Cyber World: In today's world internet is becoming daily need for life. Nowadays people are exploring the internet -Anjali Lodha- Posted: 2021/9/16

    Doctrine of Double Jeopardy: The Doctrine of Double Jeopardy as conceptualized and mentioned under Article 20(2) of the Constitution -Oshin- Posted: 2021/9/16

    Transferee Acquiring A Business As A Going Concern, Liable To Pay Income Tax For The Period Prior To Acquisition: Acquisition of business involves the acquisition of inherent tax exposure of the target company -Tanvi Bansal- Posted: 2021/9/16

    War Crimes in the light of Islamic Law and International Humanitarian Law with special Reference to Afghanistan: This article provides an overview of the principles of war in Islam, Introducing the topic, it briefly discusses the roots, sources and features of Islamic war law. -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2021/9/16

    Legalities In Starting A Startup: In a rapidly developing world where capitalism have stemmed its roots deep in the economic development -Harkirat Singh Jagdev- Posted: 2021/9/16

    Kidney Transplant Racket: Transplantation is the act of surgical removal of an organ from one person and placing it into another person.-Neha Joglekar- Posted: 2021/9/16

    Malice in law of Torts: Attempt was made in Brown v Hawkes where court calls malice -Harit Gandhi- Posted: 2021/9/15

    Analyzing, Acceptance To An Offer Is What A Lighted Matchstick To A Train Of Gun Powder Through The Lens Of Novation, Alteration And Recession: Sir William Anson, in his statement, Acceptance to an Offer is What a Lighted Matchstick to a Train of Gun Powder -Harit Gandhi- Posted: 2021/9/15

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    No Skin To Skin Touch, No Sexual Offence: Victim's Justice or Judicial indiscretion?: In order to deal with the subject of child sexual abuse , the Government of India instituted a special law in 2012 -Ananya kanjilal- Posted: 2021/9/15

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    Maneka Gandhi v. UOI: A Natural Law Perspective: The historic ruling in Maneka Gandhi v. UOI, which postures as a barricade of the Right of Personal Liberty -Yash Sharma- Posted: 2021/9/14

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    Doctrine of Reasonable Classification: Equality is the essence of a democratic country, including that of India and hence the constitution of India -- Posted: 2021/9/13

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    Legalisation and Regularisation of Prostitution in India: In literal meaning, the word prostitution means the practice or business of engaging in sexual activity -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/9/12

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    Case Analysis: Satbir Singh v State of Haryana: The evil of dowry is unshakeable in the society. The evil of dowry also give rise to more vicious evil of dowry death. -Sarthak Chauhan- Posted: 2021/9/11

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    Doctrine Of Laches: Why Wait?: The doctrine of latches is a legal defence that may be claimed in the civil matter -Mauli Dogra- Posted: 2021/9/11

    Doctrine of Pith and Substance: The origin of this doctrine lies in Canada through the case named Cushing Vs. Dupuy (Important judgment -Sanika Javdekar- Posted: 2021/9/10

    Difference In Succession Of Hindu Male Dying Intestate And Hindu Female Dying Intestate: The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 marked a new era in the history of social legislation in India. -Sumedh Patil- Posted: 2021/9/10

    Doctrine of Severability: The Doctrine of Severability or Doctrine of Separability was conceive by the Supreme Court to resolve the issue of validity of laws -Divita Yadav- Posted: 2021/9/10

    Theory of Forms By Plato: Plato's philosophy in his theory of forms talks about the existence of a reality beyond the physical world -Vaibhav Chaurasiya- Posted: 2021/9/9

    Doctrine Of Reasonable Classification: Sometimes Absolute Equality Itself Can Lead To Inequality: Article 14 of the Indian constitution grants every person equality before law and equal protection of laws. -Sumedh Patil- Posted: 2021/9/9

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    Doctrine of Double Jeopardy: Double jeopardy refers to a condition in which a person cannot be punished or prosecuted for the same offense or act twice. -Pratham Jain- Posted: 2021/9/9

    Doctrine Of Reasonable Classification: Doctrine of reasonable classification has been originated from Article 14 of Indian Constitution -Sakshi Kondhalkar- Posted: 2021/9/8

    Supreme Court Summarizes Principles Relating To Substantial Question Of Law And Second Appeal Jurisdiction: High Court cannot also allow a second appeal, without discussing the question of law, -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/9/8

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    Dowry Deaths: A Curse To Human Society: In India conventional relationships, the endowment framework, propagates the idea of the young lady's folks -Tejeshwar Pandey- Posted: 2021/9/7

    Doctrine of Due Process of Law: The Doctrine of Due Process of law prohibits the state from taking actions that shall deprive an individual from their rights to safety, liberty or life. -Ark Sharma- Posted: 2021/9/7

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    Right to Development vs Right to Environment in the light of the decision of Rajeev Suri v/s UOI 2021: Nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/9/3

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    Scope of section 188 of the Indian penal code: Emergencies and disasters, generally throw unique challenges to the government because of their unpredictability. -Srishti yadav- Posted: 2021/9/2

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    Mediation: In these tough times of inflation, unemployment, crime, anger, greed, impatience, almost everyone -Sapan Dhir- Posted: 2021/9/2

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    Defamation And Free Speech: Reputation is among the most treasured and powerful assets that one possesses. -Arunav- Posted: 2021/9/2

    Consideration: An Obsolete Concept In 21st Century: first commonly acknowledged definition is that which was endeavoured by Lush J in Currie v Misa -Pratistha Priyadarshi- Posted: 2021/9/2

    Mental Adolescences: mental illness of the thousands or lakhs who are said to be psycho or misbalanced or insane lunatic, split personality disorder -Trisha Chakraborty- Posted: 2021/9/1

    Tort Conspiracy: The origin of tort of conspiracy takes us to early days in Britain where writ of conspiracy was included -Pratistha Priyadarshi- Posted: 2021/9/1

    The Changed Labour Laws With Special Focus On How It Would Impact Platform Workers And The Gig Economy: Labour Laws are the laws that regulate labours in India. Labour laws fall under the category of Concurrent List -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/9/1

    Compounding of Contraventions under FEMA, 1999: Compounding is the settlement of an offense committed by the contravener by imposing a monetary penalty rather than going to litigation once the contravener admits to committing the offense.-Garvi Shah- Posted: 2021/9/1

    Digital Signature - Rule Of Thumb: With the evolve of the Cyber space in our day-to-day routine, we the human being are going deep -Ankit Mondal- Posted: 2021/8/31

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    Recent Development In The Property Rights Of A Daughter: Historically, women were deprived of property rights in their families, on account of the patriarchal system -Jyoti- Posted: 2021/8/31

    Sextortion: An Emerging Crime Into The Gray Area Of Law: Sexual exploitation is a global problem which is like cancer existing everywhere -Jyoti- Posted: 2021/8/31

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    History And Use Of Legal Maxim In Law: Legal maxims and terms are an established principles or prepositions of law or a legal policy usually stated in Latin form. -Prakhar Prabhat Srivastav- Posted: 2021/8/30

    Essence Of Morality In Tort Law: relation between the tort law as well as the morality. -Prakhar Prabhat Srivastav- Posted: 2021/8/30

    Presumption of law and fact under section 113-A and 113-B of Evidence Act 1872: The word Presume, according to grammar is verb transitive and intransitive both arid mean for granted -Kaustubh Singh- Posted: 2021/8/30

    Case Comment: M/S Popat And Kotecha Property v/s Ashim Kumar Dey: The prerequisite in this context is that it is a rented place, the landlord or owner is someone -Tuba Firdos Khan- Posted: 2021/8/30

    Human DNA Profiling and Right to Privacy: DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, the strands of identity that living beings receive from their ancestors -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2021/8/30

    Post A2Z as an analogue of social networks: Launched: Post A2Z is a modern social media platform for sharing media content, an analogue -Trilok Singh- Posted: 2021/8/30

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    Victim Compensation Scheme in India: Penal laws of ancient communities are not the law of crimes, it is the law of wrongs. -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/8/29

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    Import and Export management from a Global Perspective: unearth the perspective of International Trade, backdrop to International trade, International Trade Integration, Payment Mechanisms in Global Trade -Wasif shaikh- Posted: 2021/8/28

    An Analysis Of Concept Of Per Incuriam: The text of Mahabharata says that path is the right path which has been followed by virtuous men.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/8/28

    Mergers And Acquisition Vis-À-Vis Competition Law: Striking The Balance In The Light Of Various Amendments: India is a free economy where business entities are engaged in competitive practices which can lead to monopoly -Rashi tolani- Posted: 2021/8/28

    Rights Against Exploitation (Article 23-24) under Indian Constitution: Rights Against Exploitation and the related provisions of the Indian Constitution and also the issue of child labour -Parneesh Garg- Posted: 2021/8/27

    Misleading And False Advertisement Unfair Trade Practices: Advertising is an instrument in the hands of the people who use it. -Aditi Singh- Posted: 2021/8/27

    Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature: BEOS (Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature Profiling) is a scientific tool that evaluates changes-Reygon John D'cotha- Posted: 2021/8/27

    Relevance And Features Of Diplomacy: Diplomacy is a nationally backed or acknowledged form of governmental instrument -Prakirti Jena- Posted: 2021/8/26

    Permanent Child Custody: Legal Custody, in a family law context, is a type of Child Custody that grants a parent the right to make -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/8/26

    Anti-Anti-Suit Injunction: The Nascent Nomenclature Laid Down By The Delhi High Court: The Delhi High Court in Interdigital Technology Corporation v. Xiaomi Corporation & Ors -Aishwarya Gowda- Posted: 2021/8/26

    Defamation Law: Defamation is the loss of respect and fame. Provisions have been made in Indian law to protect persons from defamation by giving them rights -Varun pal singh- Posted: 2021/8/26

    Supreme Court Of India Recognizes Enforcement Of Emergency Arbitrator Award: Prior to 2010, if a party to an international arbitration requires to get an interim order, prior -Law Senate- Posted: 2021/8/26

    Protection Of Well-Known Trademark And Safeguard Against Registrability Of Identical Or Similar Trademark: The Indian Trademark laws provides for extensive and extraordinary protection to the trademarks -Jeet M Patel- Posted: 2021/8/26

    Surrogacy In India: Surrogacy is a procedure through which a third party mother bears and gives birth to the child of other parents -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/8/25

    Rights Of Arrested Person As Recognized Under Indian Constitution And Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973: The legal system of India has forms the base of the notion innocent until proven guilty -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/8/25

    First Information Report and impact of delay in filing First Information Report: First information report also known as the F.I.R. has not been defined specifically -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/8/25

    Res-Subjudice and Res-Judicata: No Court shall proceed with the trial of any suit in which the matter in issue is also directly and substantially -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/8/25

    Set-off and counterclaim as given under Code of Civil Procedure 1908: Set off is reciprocal acquittal of debts. The meaning of Set-off is claim set up against another. -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/8/25

    Significance of Mens Rea in Defamation: Intention, how intention especially mens rea is immaterial in the tort of defamation -Mushkan Verma- Posted: 2021/8/25

    Precedent As A Source Of Law: Meaning of Precedent, it's Nature, it's Types, it's importance -Wasif shaikh- Posted: 2021/8/25

    Anti Dumping Law And Practice: An Indian Perspective: deals with crimes in trade market and law preventing that crimes in India.-Wasif shaikh- Posted: 2021/8/25

    Registration of Trade Mark in India: This seminar paper discuss in general about what is Trade mark how it is registered in India -Wasif shaikh- Posted: 2021/8/25

    Role Of Indian Judiciary In Neutralizing Gender Equality: This seminar paper analyses how the Indian judiciary plays an important role in interpreting -Wasif shaikh- Posted: 2021/8/25

    Unfair Competition: A Wave Of Threat: With the growing digitization process, the infringements of the intellectual property -Ankit Mondal- Posted: 2021/8/24

    Constitutional Outlook Of Sustainable Development In India: Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising -Parul Chauhan- Posted: 2021/8/24

    Shall India Follow A Uniform Civil Code?: India is Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic. Diversity is at the heart of Indian culture, but diversity in the law -Priya Saw- Posted: 2021/8/24

    Mental Health And Justice System In India: Our emotional, psychological and social well-being are all part of our mental health. -Manas Dwivedi- Posted: 2021/8/24

    Validity Of An Unregistered Sale Agreement: A Sale Agreement constitutes all the terms and conditions of the sale of a property -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/8/24

    Case of Speluncean Explorers: Summary: Parties involved in the Case: The Four surviving Speluncean Explorers and The Government. -Chintan Jain- Posted: 2021/8/24

    Immunity Of State Officials From Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction: We live in a world of nuclear weapons, armed conflicts, extremist groups, and war crimes. -Yagya Bharadwaj- Posted: 2021/8/23

    Whistleblowers: Keeper's of Corporate Conscience: Harshad Mehta, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and countless officials of the government have become -Ananya Agarwal- Posted: 2021/8/23

    Scope of Judicial Review of decision taken by the President of India in Mercy Petition: A pardon is an act of mercy, forgiveness, clemency. -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/8/23

    IT Rules 2021 With Reference To Due Diligence By Intermediaries: An Overview of Rules made for social media intermediaries under Information Technology -Garima Arya- Posted: 2021/8/23

    What are The remedies available when Order of Injunction is Breached or not complied with?: The Law of Injunction in India has its origin in the Equity Jurisprudence of England -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/8/23

    Independence Of Judiciary: An Essential Feature Of A Thriving Democracy: India, considered as the world's youngest and largest democracy, -Aayush Kumar- Posted: 2021/8/22

    Rex Non-Potest Peccare: Doctrine Of Sovereign Immunity: Sovereign immunity is a concept that was developed in the common law jurisprudence. -Chintan Jain- Posted: 2021/8/22

    Will Prime Minister Modi Listen The Advice Of NHRC And Replace 127 Year Old Prison Act 1894 With New One?: A Fundamental research about the complicity century old, Prison Act 1894 usage in the Largest Democratic Country -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/8/21

    Analysis Of The Concept Of Restitution Of Conjugal Rights In Indian Laws And Judicial Precedents On The Indian Legal Setup: Family is a group of persons united by the ties of marriage, blood or adoption; -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/8/21

    Freedom of Speech and Expression and Sedition Law in India: A relative study: The freedom of speech and expression means the right to express one's thoughts -Chintan Jain- Posted: 2021/8/21

    Human Rights And Indian Constitution: Critical Analysis: A person is brought into the world with certain common rights.-Tripti singh- Posted: 2021/8/21

    The Claims Tribunal under MVA, 1988: During the British regime, Indian Motor Vehicle Act of 1914 was ratified with an objective -- Posted: 2021/8/20

    Contingent Sale Of Goods Contract: Contingent Sale of Goods Contract. It discusses the nature of this type of contract and also critically analyzes -Shambhavi Tripathi- Posted: 2021/8/20

    Short Overview Of Public Trust Doctrine, Precautionary Principle And Polluter Pays Principle: The prime objective of the Environmental laws is to protect the environment and form rules -Aishwarya Nayak- Posted: 2021/8/20

    Rights To Decent Burial During Pandemic Times: AsthiVisarjan is a very significant ritual in the Hindu religion which basically means immersion -Niyati Bhardwaj- Posted: 2021/8/20

    How to be a good Advocate: Before turning into one (a very good legal professional) -Neeraj Kumar Rohilla- Posted: 2021/8/19

    Legal Awareness In India: Need Of The Hour And Strategy To Spread Legal Awareness: The laymen in India are unfamiliar with the statutory provisions of the country. -Shweta Pathania- Posted: 2021/8/19

    Whether I Can Enter into Contract Or Not?: Capacity to contract means who can enter into contract. Section 10 give us brief description -Khushi jain- Posted: 2021/8/18

    Transgenders are part of our Society: Transgender people in India should be able to live with dignity and nondiscrimination, and have equal access to education, employment, and health services. -Vidhi Gupta- Posted: 2021/8/18

    O.VIII Rule 1 limitation V/s. O.VII Rule 11 CPC: The defendant shall, within thirty days from the date of service of summons on him, present a written statement of his defense; -Dharmendra Parikh- Posted: 2021/8/18

    Intoxication As A Defence Under IPC: Intoxication is a condition in which a person's mental and physical state is demonic due to the consumption -Shivangi desai- Posted: 2021/8/18

    The Concept of Special Economic Zones: Recently, Kakinada Special Economic Zone (KSEZ) was in the news when GMR Infrastructure -Anubhav Garg- Posted: 2021/8/17

    Compulsory Licensing in Copyright: A license is the transfer of an interest in a copyright. In a license, the rights granted are limited. -Richa Mishra- Posted: 2021/8/17

    Censorship On Online Content: The emergence of content being online, what made this world digital and available online. -Richa Mishra- Posted: 2021/8/17

    Alternate Dispute Resolution in Banking and Telecom Sectors: Banking and telecom have a very significant impact on and meaning to the daily life and welfare of consumers. -Richa Mishra- Posted: 2021/8/17

    Defences against infringement of Intellectual Property Law: Intellectual property (IP) is a kind of property that includes hypothetical and intangible creations -Richa Mishra- Posted: 2021/8/17

    Domestic Violence: Domestic violence is one of the major issue of society.-Mayank Raj- Posted: 2021/8/17

    War Against Noise Pollution: Laws To Control It: Noise is a type of atmospheric pollution. It is one of the public enemies which can neither be seen -Indranil Chakrabarty- Posted: 2021/8/17

    Right to Healthcare: Right to healthcare is not recognised expressly under the Constitution of India however Right -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/8/16

    Women Laws in India: Women around the world, and especially in Indian society, have long been subject to the discrimination -Azka Khanam- Posted: 2021/8/16

    Indian Federal System: A Critical Analysis: Federalism is the distribution of power within an organization or, it is a type of government in which -Azka Khanam- Posted: 2021/8/16

    Copyright In E-Publishing And The Development In Indian Copyright Law: From drawings on cave walls, to pages and scrolls, to palm leaves, to the first book being written on paper in China -Yagya Bharadwaj- Posted: 2021/8/16

    The President Of India's Power To Pardon Is Not An Anachronism: As per the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word Pardon means to excuse or to forgive for a fault. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/8/16

    Offences Against Public Tranquility: Rioting and Affray: Offences against public tranquility, which are commonly known as group Offences and lead to disturbance -Hitarth Dixit- Posted: 2021/8/16

    Mehul Choksi: A Renegade: Mehul Choksi, a fugitive businessman of India. He has been charged with various offences including Punjab national Bank Fraud Case -Archita yadav- Posted: 2021/8/16

    Honourable Justice R.F. Nariman: Yesterday (12 Aug.2021) Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana bid farewell to Justice R.F. Nariman -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/8/15

    Love Jihad: Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad is an Islam phobic conspiracy theory alleging that Muslim men target women -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2021/8/15

    Debt Recovery Proceedings Of Banks: Banks were never so serious in their efforts to ensure timely recovery and consequent reduction -Arshit Srivastava- Posted: 2021/8/15

    Requirement Of Medicines For A National Medical Emergency Is Not A Defence To Infringement: permanent injunction has held prima facie that 'requirement of medicines for a national medical emergency is not a defense to infringement. -Shereen Samant- Posted: 2021/8/15

    Whether Development of Green IP Will Promote Environmental Sustainability in India?: The term Green IP refers to the protection of innovations in the field of green technology. -Shereen Samant- Posted: 2021/8/15

    Protection of Trade Secrets vis-à-vis Advancement of Privacy Laws and Artificial Intelligence: The TRIPS Agreement enjoys the status of being the first international agreement -Shereen Samant- Posted: 2021/8/15

    Are Review Petitions & Curative Petitions before the Supreme Court Illusory, namesake & a mere formality?: The Apex Court is Supreme but not infallible. It is likely that some error may creep in their judgment -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/8/15

    Qui Facit Per Alium Facit Per Se: In general, an individual is responsible for his actions, but in few cases, the law holds him vicariously liable -Jinal Prajapat- Posted: 2021/8/15

    Role Of Media In Juvenile Justice: Juvenile delinquency has in recent years seen an ideological battle between the supporters -Rameen Khan- Posted: 2021/8/14

    Prison Reforms In India: Prison reforms in India are a much debated subject matter and have been the point of discourse -Rameen Khan- Posted: 2021/8/14

    B.K.Educational Services Pvt Ltd v/s Parag Gupta And Associate: Needs Reconsideration: With the enactment of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, one of the questions that often arose -Robin Jaisinghani- Posted: 2021/8/14

    Wills and Probate law in India: Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do but something many never consider -- Posted: 2021/8/14

    Law of Bail in India: Every citizen of India has a fundamental right to freedom guaranteed under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution-- Posted: 2021/8/14

    Diamond v/s Environment: how deforestation would lead to a greater impact on environment, tribes and wildlife -Samiksha khandekar- Posted: 2021/8/13

    Application of Natural Law in Judgments of Supreme Court of India: Jus naturalis, Jus gentium, and Jus civile. Jus naturalis is the natural law, Jus Gentium is the international law -Anuja Prakash- Posted: 2021/8/13

    Conceptual Analysis On Child Labour Protection Act, 1986: Children square measure perpetually thought-about next to the pious versions of the Almighty -Deepak Sbhashappa Sangekar- Posted: 2021/8/13

    Trademark And Process of Renewal of Trademark: A trademark (also written trade mark or trade-mark) could be a form of belongings consisting of a recognizable -Palak Sinha- Posted: 2021/8/13

    Custodial Death: Complaint of police excess and torture of suspects in police custody have been -Mayank Raj- Posted: 2021/8/13

    Legal Due Diligence and Legal Outsourcing: Many departments or organizations outsource legal support services from an external law firm -Ashini Palod- Posted: 2021/8/13

    Sedition Laws In India: India's Constitution provides freedom to speak and express their views under Article 19(1)(a).-Ashini Palod- Posted: 2021/8/13

    Waiver Of Patent Protection For Covid Vaccines: Need Of An Hour: The tussle between the developed and developing countries for covid 19 vaccines -Saloni Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/8/12

    Same Sex Live-In Relationship: A live-in-relationship relationship is a union between a man and a woman as husband -Saloni Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/8/12

    An Analysis Of The Procedure For Removal Of Judges: India being largest democracy in the world must essentially possess or demands two things which are considered -Varunkarthick kumaresan- Posted: 2021/8/12

    Lokpal Act: The Toothless Tiger And The Need For Amendments: The present world has become into a place where people with an enormous wealth and money -Varunkarthick kumaresan- Posted: 2021/8/12

    Comparative Constitutional Law and its Applicability in International Law: Transformation is a part of our life. Receptive mechanisms of world-wide meeting -Pratibha Kumari- Posted: 2021/8/11

    Custody And Guardianship Of A Minor-Child: The Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act of 1956[1] defines a minor as a person who has not completed the age -Yuvraj Trivedi- Posted: 2021/8/11

    Emerging Anti Competitive Issues In Aviation Sector: Big Data is reshaping the business. This is particularly in the case of the aviation industry -Rahul Barik- Posted: 2021/8/11

    Renewable energy and laws related to sustainable development in India: Environment degradation in India is causing a serious threat to overall ecological instability the major cause -Pratyush- Posted: 2021/8/11

    Iddat: A Curse or A Boon for Married Women in India: In Islamic Law, the principle of Iddat or Iddah is very important. Section 2 of the Muslim Women -Shambhavi Singh- Posted: 2021/8/11

    What will be the future of Arbitration in India?: Arbitration is experiencing a momentum of growth with an accelerated rate of development. -Sara Hamed- Posted: 2021/8/11

    Adultery In India: Adultery is a phrase that is gender-neutral, meaning that it can be committed by both men and women. -Kratika Singh- Posted: 2021/8/10

    Environmental Criminality: environment and social issues associated with them but an insight of environmental criminality in India -Shyam Sunder- Posted: 2021/8/10

    Filing Complaint Under Consumer Protection Act 2019 (Amended): The Consumer Protection Act,2019 provides for efficient and effective settlement of consumer disputes -Pankaj sarpal- Posted: 2021/8/10

    The Principle of Equity: Jeremy Bentham (father of Utilitarianism) introduced the utility principle, which was part of a series -Mudunuri Jahnavi Lahari- Posted: 2021/8/10

    Carlill v/s Carbolic Smoke Ball Company: Carlil vs carbolic smoke ball case[1] took place in the year 1983 in the court of appeal in UK -G Sai Preethika- Posted: 2021/8/10

    What Is The Covenant Of Good Faith And Fair Dealing That Was Breached In The Contract Between Scarlett Johansson And Disney?: Actress Scarlett Johansson sued Walt Disney Co., the parent company of Marvel Studios -Piyush Mishra- Posted: 2021/8/10

    Corporate Fraud: Corporate fraud includes unlawful or unethical and misleading moves dedicated both via way -Palak Sinha- Posted: 2021/8/10

    Racial And Religious Limitations In Adoption In The United States: A Timeline: Prejudice is an unwavering, rigid, and unfair generalisation about an entire category or people. -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/8/10

    Arrest And Detention Under Civil Procedure Code: Arrest and detention of JDr (Judgement Debtors) in prison for a duration not exceeding the period -Prime Legal- Posted: 2021/8/10

    Condonation of Delay under Arbitration Act: The word Condone[1] means to 'voluntarily pardon or overlook' whereas in the field of civil law delayed appeal -Kanishka Pandey- Posted: 2021/8/9

    Parliament's Competence To Amend The Constitution Under Article 368 Vis-A-Vis Doctrine Of Basic Structure: The Indian Constitution, the longest of any sovereign nation in the world, provides a global framework -Deepti mishra- Posted: 2021/8/9

    Peer-to-Peer Lending: The India Story: Peer as a person who is the same age or has the same social position or the same abilities as other people in a group -Himansshu samant- Posted: 2021/8/9

    Case Comment on Sandhoo Lal Motilal v/s State Of M.P.: Writ Petition filed by Sandhoo Lal, Abdul Shakoor and Shyama Charan Gupta of writ petition -Ritansha Lakshmi- Posted: 2021/8/9

    Case study on outraging modesty of women: For a woman, her self-respect and dignity have consistently been her topmost priority. -Shweta Pathania- Posted: 2021/8/8

    Capital Punishment: Contemporary Perceptions and Comparative Analysis: Capital Punishment is the severest punishment of all the other punishments awarded to maintain law -Radhika Yadav- Posted: 2021/8/8

    Comparative Study on Separation of Powers: Rule of the nature says power should not be in the hand of single person -- Posted: 2021/8/8

    Infringement of fundamental rights: Is it or is it not?: Annexing the city of Babylon was just as capturing the land, but not the subjects. -- Posted: 2021/8/8

    Criminal Conspiracy: As the society progresses people become more aware of their new roles, responsibilities and opportunities -Akshita Phophalia- Posted: 2021/8/8

    Polluter Pays' Principle: Case Analysis of NTPC Ltd. vs. Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board: The Polluter Pays' principle states that the one who causes damage to the environment -Radhika Gupta- Posted: 2021/8/8

    Understanding Homelessness: A Socio-Legal Analysis And The Path Out: Recently, NASA announced its intention to build homes on Mars and the moon in a project -Rishal- Posted: 2021/8/8

    Sovereign Guarantee; the back bone of LIC of India's policies: Life insurance has become virtually ubiquitous in wealth planning -Arya Nair- Posted: 2021/8/7

    Privacy Laws Around The World: Privacy law is the body of law that includes rules & regulations and deals with storing -Pragyan H. Samantaray- Posted: 2021/8/7

    Suresh Kumar v/s. State Of Himachal Pradesh: Case Summary: No Means No: The simplest of sentences have become most difficult for some men to understand. -Pinky Mehta- Posted: 2021/8/6

    Differences Between a Freezone and MainLand Company in the UAE: When it comes to establishing a business in the United Arab Emirates, investors from all over the world -Varnan Mathur- Posted: 2021/8/6

    Law and Poverty: Legal Aid and Constitutional Provisions:World Bank Report of the year 2016, India has recorded to have 270,000,000 Indians as poor -Ananya Trivedi- Posted: 2021/8/6

    Is Pornography A Crime In India: As the internet usages and our technologies have improved there are more crimes that are happening -Achsah Darling- Posted: 2021/8/6

    Evaluation of Woman Directors in a Company: Good corporate governance results in a board of directors that is well organized and capable of making -Varnan Mathur- Posted: 2021/8/6

    Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage: A Ground For Divorce: Modern life has become complex with the fast-growing socio-economic changes -Dhriti- Posted: 2021/8/5

    Liberty: The Concept and Its Constitutional Context: Supreme Court time and again in its various judgments has stated not only the right to freedom -Dhruv Kumar- Posted: 2021/8/5

    Who Are The Guardians Recognized Under The Hindu Minority And Guardianship Act, 1956?: The age old concept of guardianship mentioned in Shastras and the Quran forms is an essential practice -Sarabjit Kaur- Posted: 2021/8/5

    Case Study :Bunni Lal Choudhary v/s State Of Bihar: The present case belongs to the category of Single blow and Single stab cases wherein death was caused -Sarabjit Kaur- Posted: 2021/8/5

    Management of property of mentally ill persons in India: The principle of right to equality and equal recognition of every person by the procedure established by law -Karan Daga- Posted: 2021/8/5

    Validity Of Forensic Evidence In India: The Indian Evidence Act, passed by British parliament in 1872 has within it rules and regulations -Srishti yadav- Posted: 2021/8/5

    Crimes Against Women: Depiction Of Gradual Growth Of The Judiciary: In a country like India, when we talk about sexual offences, we subconsciously also refer to the miserable -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2021/8/5

    Borderline Personality Disorder: Does it qualify as insanity under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955?: Insanity is a term which is not defined by law. As per a standard dictionary, insanity is mental illness -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2021/8/5

    Love Jihad: A Baseless Conspiracy Theory: Abraham had eight sons, not one, says the Bible. Each of the eight boys contributes something to the table -Anshika Jain- Posted: 2021/8/4

    Case: Harvey v/s Facey: When one person signifies to another his willingness to do or to abstain from doing -Archisman Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2021/8/4

    Current Status of Mental Healthcare in India: Mental healthcare and issues regarding mental health are as important as physical health -Jyothsna Nanda Kishore- Posted: 2021/8/4

    Case: Raghunath Prasad v/s Sarju Prasad: when it comes to 'free consent.' Undue influence is such a thing where consent is not said to be free and the party -Archisman Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2021/8/4

    Repealing the Epidemic Diseases act 1897: Need of the hour: With the cases of COVID-19 rising in India, the Government continues to rely upon the colonial era legislation -Archisman Bhattacharyya- Posted: 2021/8/4

    Type of Offences from the Perspective of Indian Criminal Law: Some of the offences are serious in nature while others are less serious in nature like for example murder, sedition, rape, robbery -Pradipta Nath- Posted: 2021/8/4

    Mandatory Vaccination: Individual Freedom Of Choice v/s Public Health And Order: In a recent ruling, the Meghalaya High Court found that mandatory or coercive vaccination -Rishu Chauhan- Posted: 2021/8/4

    Justice Necessitates Enforcement: The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and judiciary is charged with interpreting and protecting it. -Rishu chauhan- Posted: 2021/8/4

    The Concept, Origin And Evaluation Of Reservation Policy In India: Slavery does not merely mean a legalized form of subjection. -Rajat Kumar- Posted: 2021/8/3

    Emergence of Fantasy Sports vis a vis Online Gambling: An Indian Perspective: Fantasy Sports are often misunderstood with gambling in India but it's not the case, fantasy -Manvee- Posted: 2021/8/3

    Wombs On Rent:Surrogacy is a centuries-old practice, but surrogacy for monetary gain grew with the advancement -Antas Deep- Posted: 2021/8/3

    Right to Health as Fundamental Right: Our Parliament, the highest political institution in the country, has always responded vigorously -Mayank Chandra- Posted: 2021/8/3

    Article 12 of Indian Constitution: Western countries are the first in the world that human rights are reflected in the document Magna Carta, Bill -Kriti Kumari Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/8/3

    Article 13 Of Indian Constitution Easy Explanation: 13. Laws inconsistent with or in derogation of the fundamental rights -Kriti Kumari Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/8/

    Law of Limitation in Contracts: Relevance, Exceptions and Law of Limitation to Government Contracts: Law of Limitation is and its relevance is to the Indian Contract Act. -Arth Doshi- Posted: 2021/8/3

    The Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India (Amendment) Bill, 2021: Recently, the Lok Sabha passed the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India (AERA) Amendment Bill, 2021 -Tanya khan- Posted: 2021/8/3

    Law Related To Covid 19: Legal Framework Across The Globe: With Covid-19, we've made it to the life raft. Dry land is far away -Aditya Singh- Posted: 2021/8/3

    Case Analysis: Selvi v/s State Of Karnataka: At instance, the person suspected of a crime or accused or a witness were compelled to give testimony -Supriya Udey- Posted: 2021/8/3

    Break The Silence: A Brief Of Domestic Violence Act 2005: The grip of aggressive behavior at home culprits has fixed in the midst of the pandemic in India -Jasdeep kaur- Posted: 2021/8/3

    Effect of Legal Framework on India's Economy: We all know that the legal system of a country significantly affects the economic development -Ishika Gautam- Posted: 2021/8/2

    The Grounds For Divorce In India: Divorce in India is governed under different laws for different religions -Dharani Dhruw- Posted: 2021/8/2

    Nemo Dat Quod Non-Habet: The Sale of Goods Act of 1930 had a major impact on the contracts established with both buyers and sellers -Dharani Dhruw- Posted: 2021/8/2

    Rights Of Transgender People: A person's identity is their most prized treasure. Gender minorities are frequently denied -Dharani Dhruw- Posted: 2021/8/2

    The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 In Different Category Of People: India is a land of diversities inhabited by people belonging different cultures, castes and religions -Dharani Dhruw- Posted: 2021/8/2

    Case Analysis Of Griswold v/s Connecticut: In 1960, several states had legislation that limited the advertisement and selling of contraception -Ipsita Sinha- Posted: 2021/8/2

    Inland Vessels Bill, 2021:The Inland Vessels Bill, 2021 was introduced by the Lok Sabha by the union ministry for ports -Tanya khan- Posted: 2021/8/2

    Human Rights and Increase in Violence in Afghanistan: An Impact Study: With the increasingly violent attacks in Kabul and Afghanistan being declared as the most dangerous country -Gazal Gupta- Posted: 2021/8/2

    Child Custody: Child custody is a term that defines the guardianship and also a relationship of a child with his/her parents and guardian and it also sees how that person care for that child -Aryan Chandra- Posted: 2021/8/2

    Marginalisation of Sexual Minorities: Recently the Pride Month has ended. Across the world, people consider June month as a 'Month'. -Harsh shrivastav- Posted: 2021/8/2

    The Right To Internet Access: Analyzing Legality Of Internet Shutdowns: On 10 January 2020, the Supreme Court of India declared in Anuradha Bhasin v. Union of India -Gayatri Kasibhatta- Posted: 2021/8/1

    Analysis Of Section 66A Of Information Technology Act With Special Reference To Shreya Singhal v/s Union Of India: Digital technology and new communication systems have made dramatic and drastic changes -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/8/1

    Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2016 and Constitutional Status of Transgender: The transgender community in India faces a variety of issues which include problems relating to marriage, -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/8/1

    Case Analysis: R.P.Sharma v/s State of Rajasthan: In this case, the petitioner is R.P.Sharma and the Respondents are Madhu Chathurvedi -Gajjala Ramesh Bhavani- Posted: 2021/8/1

    Case Analysis: Devendrakumar Lalchandji v/s Gulabsingh Nekhesingh: In this case, the Plaintiff is Devendrakumar Lalachandji and the Defendant is Gulabsingh Nekhesingh. -Gajjala Ramesh Bhavani- Posted: 2021/8/1

    Case Summary: Jacob Mathew vs. State of Punjab: point of negligence by a doctor the principals has been given on this point the story of this case -Himanshu Ranjan- Posted: 2021/8/1

    Shankar Kisanrao Khade vs State of Maharashtra 2013 SC: In July 2006, a young eleven-year-old girl, staying at Gunwant Maharaj Sansthan in Lakhanwadi -Himanshu Ranjan- Posted: 2021/8/1

    Case Analysis: Kumar Harish Chandra Das v/s Bansidhar Mohanty: Sections Of Transfer Of Property Act Involved In The Case -Kritika Nagpal- Posted: 2021/7/23

    S.R.Bommai v/s. Union Of India: Facts Of The Case: The Janata Party is the largest party in the Karnataka state legislature to form the Government under the leadership of S.R. BOMMAI. In September, 1988, Janata party -Srishti- Posted: 2021/7/23

    Restitution of Conjugal Rights: A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court stating that the court mandated conjugal rights -Dhriti- Posted: 2021/7/23

    Foreign Liabilities and Assets (FLA): Foreign Liabilities and Assets (FLA) is an Annual Return which is to be submitted by all those Indian Resident -Manju Laur- Posted: 2021/7/23

    Privy Council: History and Developments: A privy council is a body that advises the head of state of a nation, typically, but not always -Siddhant Nagar- Posted: 2021/7/23

    Revocation of Offer under Indian Contract Act: The word Contract is defined under section 2(h) of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 -Vritant Bhatt- Posted: 2021/7/23

    Freedom of Speech and Expression and Sedition law in India: The right to freedom of speech and expression is provided under the article 19(1)(a) -Vritant Bhatt- Posted: 2021/7/23

    Trademark Laws in India and International Treaties for Trademark: In the era of competitive businesses, every company wants to distinguish goods or products -Prijwal Kumar- Posted: 2021/7/23

    Federal Relations between the Centre and The State: Federalism is not about State's rights. It is about dividing power to protect individual liberty -Udit Bajpai- Posted: 2021/7/22

    (DIN) Director Identification Number: A unique identification number is issued by the Central Government to a person who intends to be a Director -Manju Laur- Posted: 2021/7/22

    Domestic Violence problems in India And related Laws: There is a well-known omnipresent problem that women are subjected to violence at the home -Harshit Gupta- Posted: 2021/7/22

    NPPA Caps Trade Margin For Six Essential Medical Devices: From 709% TO 70% - NPPA Caps the trade margin for oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter -Link Legal- Posted: 2021/7/22

    Rights, Liabilities And Duties of Directors Under Indian Companies Act, 2013: A corporation is an artificial person which is intangible and invisible. -Adv. Vishal Kumar- Posted: 2021/7/22

    Place Of Suing: Today in this article we will discuss about the topic known as place of suing, which in simple terms known as place -Shubham sethi- Posted: 2021/7/22

    Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on Freedom of Religion in India: The government's primary role in the modern welfare state is to defend and promote individual rights -Taksh Khanna- Posted: 2021/7/22

    Uniform Civil Code: No Longer A Mere Hope?: Uniform Civil Code ought not to remain a mere hope," highlighting the necessity for such a uniform civil code -Kartikay Sharma- Posted: 2021/7/21

    A Policy Framework To Prevent Abuse Of Tax Exemption On Agricultural Income: Agriculture has been the bread-earner for a major chunk of the Indian population -Himanshu- Posted: 2021/7/21

    Pegasus spyware and its modus operandi: Privacy is need which is a double edged sword in the hands of the right people -Mayukh Roy- Posted: 2021/7/21

    Whether A Party To A Dispute Before An Arbitrator Can Claim Money For And On Behalf Of A Third Party On The Ground That The Third Party Worked On The Project?: The Law Commission had recommended amending the definition of Party -Harshita jagwani- Posted: 2021/7/21

    MOFA: Repealed or still in force?: The Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulation of the Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management -Harshita jagwani- Posted: 2021/7/21

    GST Registration: GST is the biggest tax reform of the Country that subsumed various taxes in a single tax.-Manju Laur- Posted: 2021/7/21

    King can do no Wrong so he feels responsible towards his Subjects: Parliament has not given to India, the statutory provisions like the Crown Proceedings Act, 1947 of England -Chandra Sekhar Anjuru- Posted: 2021/7/21

    Bail granted to 3 activists by Delhi High Court: Last year, Jawaharlal Nehru University students Natasha Narwal and Devangana Kalita and Students' Islamic -Yashika Jha- Posted: 2021/7/20

    Cryptocurrency And Legal Bubble It Currently Resides In, In India: When one is trying to do business or deal with the brokers or any of their legal spokesman -Tijil Mishra- Posted: 2021/7/20

    Case Analysis Emperor v Bal Gangadhar Tilak, 1908: Section 124-A of The Indian Penal Code has been judiciously used as a tool to silence dissent -Shrey Bhatt- Posted: 2021/7/20

    Grey Judgements: Addressing Gender Inequality in Indian Judgements: Along the years we have witnessed the Indian courts playing a vital role in asserting women equality. -Prime Legal- Posted: 2021/7/20

    Equipment Type Approval (ETA) License: A wing was established in 1952 by the Government of India called The Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC). -Manju Laur- Posted: 2021/7/20

    International Trademark: A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises -Manju Laur- Posted: 2021/7/20

    Goa Civil Code And Not Uniform Civil Code: Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is defined in our Constitution under Article 44 of Directive Principles of State Policy. -Madhvi Patidar- Posted: 2021/7/20

    Yogendra Pratap Singh v/s Savitri Pandey: Premature Filing Under Section 138 Of Negotiable Instrument Act Stands Dismissed During Notice Period: Negotiable means transferable and instrument is a written document. -Pranav Kumar Kaushal- Posted: 2021/7/19

    Is Abortion legal in India?: In India, abortion is legal in certain situations, as abortion laws in India for unmarried girls, rape victim, and married women varies. -Vivek- Posted: 2021/7/19

    Difference Between Unilateral And Bilateral Contracts Under Law Of Contract, 1872: How often have you seen any promise being performed instantaneously? -Kshitiz Saxena- Posted: 2021/7/19

    Doctrine Of Caveat Emptor And Caveat Venditor: Comprehensive Study: The offer of products establishes one of the significant sorts of agreements under the law in India. -Kshitiz Saxena- Posted: 2021/7/19

    Domestic Violence: A Threat: The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2019 reports that a majority -Madhvi Patidar- Posted: 2021/7/19

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    Evolution of hate speech in India: India is a democratic country and freedom of speech is one of our fundamental rights, -- Posted: 2021/7/18

    Mandatory compliance of Section 21 Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, but can you still bypass it?: Commencement of arbitral proceedings. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties -Jyotsna Jain- Posted: 2021/7/18

    Mutual Fund: Mutual fund is a trust which is established to raise money from lot of small and big investors this money -Sreyans Gandhi- Posted: 2021/7/17

    Free Legal Aid: A Legal Service: Legal Services includes providing Free Legal Aid to those weaker sections of the society -Madhvi Patidar- Posted: 2021/7/17

    Decoding Liberalisation of Geospatial Data in India:On February 15th, 2021, the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India issued -Shaunak Deshpande- Posted: 2021/7/17

    Case Summary: Navtej Singh Johar v/s Union Of India: Sec 377 of IPC categorized consensual sex between homosexuals as “unnatural offence” -Shruti Verma- Posted: 2021/7/17

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    Why them?: No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. Ever. That's just how most of us have been engineered -Gauranvi Shukla- Posted: 2021/7/16

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    Critical analysis of concept of exclusion and inclusion of civil jurisdiction: Every matter that is presented to the court has to be adjudicated, there is not a single court to hear -Laksh Verma- Posted: 2021/7/16

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    Laws in India governing Facial Recognition Technology: The right to privacy has been included under the ambit of A.21 thus making it a fundamental right -Trisha Agarwala- Posted: 2021/7/1

    FEMA Regulations for Foreign Embassies: Section 2(ze) of the FEMA Act defines transfer. -Trisha Agarwala- Posted: 2021/7/16

    NCDs at 0% interest: Can an unsecured and unlisted NCD be issued at 0% interest if it is being issued by one listed company to another listed company? -Trisha Agarwala- Posted: 2021/7/16

    Implications of the PDP Bill on Financial Lenders: Chapter VI of the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 enlist the rights of data principals. -Trisha Agarwala- Posted: 2021/7/16

    Loopholes of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019: Narrow definition and prohibition on processing of anonymous data but exception provided to the central government by Clause 91 -Trisha Agarwala- Posted: 2021/7/16

    Permission Requirements for Fire License of Temporary Structures: Permission requirements needed for fire license of temporary structures and pandals in West Bengal -Trisha Agarwala- Posted: 2021/7/16

    Chapter IVC of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972: Chapter IVC of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 talks about the Tiger and other Endangered Species Crime Control Bureau. -Sandhya Prabhakaran- Posted: 2021/7/16

    Usefulness Of Intellectual Property Law: Intellectual Property is the kind of property that includes intangible construction of the human mind -Devansh Gupta- Posted: 2021/7/16

    Is Mental Cruelty a ground for divorce?: It is easy to know or interpret whether a victim has undergone physical cruelty or not. -Prerna Prasad- Posted: 2021/7/16

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    Voluntary Liquidation Of Corporate Persons: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) not only allows the insolvency proceedings of the insolvents -Ansh Sharma- Posted: 2021/7/15

    Divorce Under Fault And No-Fault Theory: Marriage is regarded as a sacramental union under Hindu Law and a sanctified contract under Muslim Law. -Simranjeet Kaur- Posted: 2021/7/15

    Divorce: The concept of divorce was not known to old Hindu law, though it was recognized through customs among Hindus -Deepak Sharma- Posted: 2021/7/15

    The Covid-19 Conundrum And The Supreme Court Of India:Ever since the second outbreak of COVID-19 , human rights violations have become rampant whether -Vivek sharma- Posted: 2021/7/15

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    Right To Privacy: In the constitution of India there are 395 Article in 22 parts and 8 schedules. -Shruti shreya- Posted: 2021/7/15

    App Permissions A Convenience or Threat: With the advancement in technology, we come across a lot of features, we come across a lot of flaws -Shibu Shashank- Posted: 2021/7/15

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    The provision regarding Trial before Session Court: Initially, a Magistrate takes cognizance of an offence and thereafter as per Section 209 -Aanya Singh- Posted: 2021/7/12

    Custodial Rapes: the 'custodial Rapes'. Under section 376 of Indian Penal Code each and every rapper is sentenced to rigorous imprisonment -Rakshit kapoor- Posted: 2021/7/12

    Article 14: Right to Equality: Fundamental rights are the rights having a noble pedigree. -Aanya Singh- Posted: 2021/7/12

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    Over The Top Or Below The Top: After the step of government to include OTT under the Ministry of Information and Broadcast would it be ideal to call -Ritick kumar- Posted: 2021/7/11

    Sedition: A Tool To Suppress Dissent: criticizing the government can never be sedition. Unless the public functionaries are criticized, democracy cannot be strengthened -Ritick kumar- Posted: 2021/7/11

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    Analyzing Voidability of Agreements under The Indian Contract Act, 1872: Contracts and agreements are made to enter a relationship that requires fulfillment of certain duties and liabilities -Shivani Shrivas- Posted: 2021/7/9

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    The Cardinal Doctrine of Audi Alteram Partem: Audi alteram partem (or audiatur et altera pars) is a Latin phrase meaning listen to the other side, or let the other side be heard as well. -Shereen Samant- Posted: 2021/7/9

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    An Analysis of Model Tenancy Act 2021: The right to shelter is a fundamental right provided to the citizen under Article 21 of the Constitution -Madhavi Raje- Posted: 2021/7/8

    Beneficiality of Prenuptial Agreements: We Indians consider marriage as a religious sacrament, a strong belief of the connection between two different individuals -Siddhi Sandeep Kotre- Posted: 2021/7/8

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    Search And Arrest Of Person: Arrests can be made under Cognizable offences and Non-cognizable offences. -Skand kumar Singh- Posted: 2021/7/7

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    Filing a Complaint against Bank/ NBFC with RBI under Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006: RBI has provided a smooth and straightforward process to file a complaint against any bank or NBFC. -Jyotsna Jain- Posted: 2021/7/7

    Live In Relationship: Punjab High Court: The facts describe the girl's relationship with her partner. Her parents wanted her to marry someone of their preference -Ritvik Nigam- Posted: 2021/7/7

    Right To Claim Maintenance Must Date Back To Date Of Filing Of Application, Not Date Of Order-Madras High Court: Before delving into the laws and the judgment delivered by the Madras High Court in the case of Mohamed Nisha Banu v. Mohamed Rafi and Ors -Ritvik Nigam- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Incorporation Of One-Sided And Unreasonable Clauses In Apartment Buyer's Agreement Constitutes An Unfair Trade Practice: Supreme Court: In the case of Ireo Grace Real Tech Pvt. Ltd. vs. Abhishekh Khanna & Others -Ritvik Nigam- Posted: 2021/7/7

    Bridging the gap between law and society: Role of NGOs: The law and the society are being in a unique relationship since the formation of the two. -Pranay Agarwal- Posted: 2021/7/7

    Negative Covenants In Contracts Of Employment In India: An Indian Perspective: A contract of employment resonates with a contract of virtually any given nature -Vikram Jain- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Contempt of Court: A Global Comparison: Contempt of court this topic was all over the news and media recently -Arya Harsh- Posted: 2021/7/6

    The Idea Of Sovereignty In Austinian Theory (International Context) And Positivism: John Austin is considered by numerous individuals to be the maker of the school of analytical jurisprudence -Priyancka Sarrda- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Capital Punishment: A Need or Necessity?: Capital punishment (i.e. Death Penalty) is a form of punishment under which the offender is to be executed -Arun Shekhar Jawla- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Can Two Indian Parties Enter Into A Contract To Be Governed By The Laws Of A Foreign Country?: the proper law of the contract should be determined according to the legal system -Suvigya Tripathi- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Liquidated Damages: In What Situations Does It Not Apply: The essence of a contract begins with the promise of honoring the contract arising -Paridhi Maheshwari- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Rights of Prisoners in India: The law on the rights of the prisoners has been an evolving one.-Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Section 11 and Section 14 Arbitration Act, 1996: S.11 of the Act pertains to the procedure to appoint arbitrator.-Jyotsna Jain- Posted: 2021/7/6

    When Can Magistrate Issue Non-Bailble Warrant of Arrest, Process For Declaring A Person Proclaimed Offender And Order Attachment of Property Under Section 82 CrPC: Chapter VI of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 deals with the process to compel appearance. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Custodial Violence: An infringement of Human Rights: Custodial violence primarily means violence in the judicial and the police custody -Gaurav Gautam- Posted: 2021/7/6

    S.R Bommai v/s union of India: S.R Bommai was the Karnataka chief minister between August 1988 and April 1989 -Sonalii Singh- Posted: 2021/7/6

    A Better Negotiation Approach: ADR: Negotiation is the process by which two or more parties reach an agreement and a popular approach for parties to resolve disputes.-Adv.Vishal Kumar- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Kulbhushan Jadhav Case: The International Court of Justice in the India vs. Pakistan case, also referred as the Kulbhushan Jadhav case - Sonalii Singh- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Ban On The Chinese Apps: The Indian government in the wake of the on-going tensions between India and China -Ayesha Tareen- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Case Analysis: Shankari Prasad v/s Union Of India:The Doctrine of Basic Structure evolved through series of verdicts in India, one such case was of Shankari Prasad Vs. Union of India. -Ayesha Tareen- Posted: 2021/7/6

    Secularism In India: Article 25 Vis-A-Vis Hindus:During the inception of the Constitution of India in 1950, the Preamble -Aditya Narayan Tripathy- Posted: 2021/7/5

    Bruno: Just Another Victim of Human Cruelty: Acts of violence perpetrated against helpless animals are considered animal cruelty. It is a punishable offence under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. -Arun Shekhar Jawla- Posted: 2021/7/5

    Immigration in UK before EU: If you have been in the UK for 10 continuous years, you are eligible for indefinite leave to remain -Asher and Tomar- Posted: 2021/7/5

    Intellectual Property and Franchising- Laws in India: The term franchise is not defined in Indian law -Divyanshi Maheshwari- Posted: 2021/7/5

    The Importance of Reasoning in an Arbitral Award: In The Light Of BCCI V. Deccan Chronicle Holding Limited Case: Section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 -Divyanshi Maheshwari- Posted: 2021/7/5

    The Presentation Of Oral Evidence During Trial: An Analysis Of The Procedure Of Admissibility Before Indian Courts: Evidence is defined Under sec 3 of the Indian Evidence Act which states -Kajal Tanwar- Posted: 2021/7/5

    Definition of law and schools of jurisprudence: Law may be defined as a large body of rules and regulations based mainly on general principles of justice -Devika T K- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Benami transactions: Havoc caused to our system: What havoc Benami transactions has caused to our system? Exordium Transactions -Pratham jain- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Environmental Law NGT Judgment Analysis Of The Art Of Living ( Yamuna River) Foundation Case: The World Cultural Festival was held on the banks of the Yamuna by the Art of Living (AOL) Foundation -Gauri Saxena- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Law of Torts and Its Justification: Tort is not a crime but a civil wrong;- mr X enters into Mr. y's house and use the swimming pool and exists. -Saloni Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Section 383 Of Indian Penal Code: Whoever intentionally puts any person in fear of any injury to that person, or to any other -Tanya khan- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Uniform Civil Code: I am going to talk about Uniform Civil Code (UCC), First of all I would give you introduction then history -Sapna kumari- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Can Couples Get Separated Without A Divorce: In India, divorce is still considered a social taboo. Couples often tend to neglect things -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/7/4

    The Need To Reassess Section 15 Of The Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection) Act, 2015: The Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 was very lenient when it came to holding a child offender accountable -Ankita Kumari- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Farm Bill 2020: Critical Analysis: The streets were taken down by the farmers across the states of Haryana and Punjab after the release -Ayesha Tareen- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Kesavanada Bharti v/s State Of Kerela-1973: The most important judgment in the history of judicial verdicts was delivered on April 24, 1973 -Ayesha Tareen- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Berburi Union And Exchange Of Enclaves V. Union Of India: In the case of Re Berburi case, the state of Punjab and Bengal were to be partitioned. -Tripti Singh- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Rights Of Prisoners Under Indian Laws: The word Prison doesnt means to use sudden force or to cage. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Decoding The History Of Sedition Law In India: Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/7/4

    COVID-19 and Right to Decent Burial: An Examination: Asthi Visarjan is a very significant ritual in the Hindu religion which means immersion -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/7/4

    Contract Law in Changing Global Environment: Codified in colonial India more than a century ago, Contract Law -Devanshi Singh- Posted: 2021/7/3

    Judicial Study On Mortgage By Conditional Sale: Mortgage is a terminology that most of us know in our day to day lives.-Stuti Dwivedy- Posted: 2021/7/3

    Bar Council Of India: An Overview: The Bar Council of India is a statutory body created by Parliament to regulate and represent the Indian bar.-Tanya khan- Posted: 2021/7/3

    Critical Analysis of Doctrine of Res Judicata and Res Subjudice: Effective and efficient functioning of courts is very essential for speedy disposal of cases in the country. -Maryam Basheer- Posted: 2021/7/3

    Artificial Intelligence And Governance: Before directly stepping into AI governance let's first discuss briefly AI (Artificial Intelligence). -Arpit Sethi- Posted: 2021/7/3

    Can Educational Institutions be covered under Shops and Establishments Law?: Every State has formulated its own laws regulating the shops and establishments. -Nisha Agarwal- Posted: 2021/7/3

    Arbitration In Asset Valuation And Distribution Cases: Arbitration is regarded as a procedure in which a dispute is submitted before an Arbitration Tribunal -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2021/7/3

    Directive Principles of State Policy in India: The Part IV of the Constitution of India contains the clauses to provide States with the guidelines -Khushboo Agarwal- Posted: 2021/7/2

    A Step Towards Transformative Constitutionalism To Hailing LGBTQIA + Rights: Madras High Court Bans Gay Conversion Therapy: LGBTQIA+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual and plus sign allows -Anubhti Awasthi- Posted: 2021/7/2

    Contempt Of Court Act, 1971: An Overview: If a person named Akash has to prove that the other person named Sita is guilty -Tanya khan- Posted: 2021/7/2

    Attorney Client Privilege under Indian Evidence Act, 1872: Attorney Client Privilege or Lawyer Client Privilege is the name given to the Common Law concept -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2021/7/2

    Force Majeure Clauses And Covid-19 Pandemic: The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown global economic ties into disarray, wreaking havoc on workers, customers -Ruth Diya Chattopadhyay- Posted: 2021/7/2

    Implications Of Information Technology Intermediary Guidelines, 2021: The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/7/2

    Relation Between Deterrent And Preventive Theory Of Punishment: The idea of punishment has been in existence since past many centuries. -Simran Srivastava- Posted: 2021/7/1

    Putting a Full Stop To Unpaid Internship: Beware of those who are always hungry, for they will feed you to the wolves just to get paid. -Arya Harsh- Posted: 2021/7/1

    Golden Hour: The Importance of Emergency Medical Care In Motor Vehicular Accidents: Road accidents occur due to multiple causes such as rash and negligent driving -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/7/1

    Stressors Faced by National Guardians: A Law Enforcer is a servant who protects the public from evils while also having the skill and courage to fight in battle -Mahe Sabrin- Posted: 2021/7/1

    Preserving Biodiversity: A Sustainable Way Of Life: Prof David Macdonald, at Oxford University once said Without biodiversity, there is no future for humanity.-Srabana Dutta- Posted: 2021/7/1

    Hate speech Hate crime: Hate crime violate various fundamental rights and are the gravest form of discrimination -Navendu Vijayvergia- Posted: 2021/6/30

    Can High Courts Quash an FIR?: Section 482 is under chapter 37 of CrPC, 1973 which is titled, Miscellaneous and it deals with the inherent powers -Chetna Garg- Posted: 2021/6/28

    How to avoid alimony in India?: Marriage is defined as the uniting of two people who stay together for the rest of their lives. -Ankit Sharma- Posted: 2021/6/28

    Rape an Offence, Marital Rape an Exception: Marital Rape in India and Right to Privacy: The term Rape was 1st time introduced and clearly defined in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 -Chetna Garg- Posted: 2021/6/28

    Arnesh Kumar V State Of Bihar (2014) 8 Scc 273: Landmark Ruling On Misuse Of Section 498-A Of The Indian Penal Code: Parliament of India has passed various enactments in order to protect the rights of women and to eliminate cruelty -Pranav Kumar Kaushal- Posted: 2021/6/27

    Arbitration Vis-a-vis A Substitute to Court in India: Arbitration is an old concept under the Indian legal system. -Arun Shekhar Jawla- Posted: 2021/6/27

    The Political Siege on Indian Press : Legal Aspects: The 2021 World Press Freedom Index produced by Reporters Without Borders has placed India at 142nd rank out of 180 countries -Pranav C Satheesh- Posted: 2021/6/27

    Bail in India: Under the law of Nature , all men are born free , everyone comes into this world with a right of his own person -Suman Raj- Posted: 2021/6/27

    Basics Of Contract Law: Contracts are the commitments among people to do in exchange for something they get.-Harsh shrivastav- Posted: 2021/6/26

    Unpacking Common Heritage of Mankind: In Sea and Space: The common heritage of mankind', a pioneer legal principle within international law provides for a general framework -Ankit Kumar Mishra- Posted: 2021/6/26

    Imposition Of Costs By Courts: Judicial Trend And Critical Analysis: Indian Judiciary is excessively overburdened and the pendency of cases is bound to increase in the aftermath -- Posted: 2021/6/26

    The powers and obligations of the Karta of the Joint Hindu family: Karta is usually the senior most member of the family and who is a coparcener, and who is capable of becoming Karta -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/6/26

    The distribution of property of male Hindu as provided in the Hindu Succession Act, 1956: The general rules of succession in the case of males in the Hindu Succession Act, 1956. -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/6/26

    Doctrine of AUL and RADD: In the Muslim law of inheritance has a lot a number or fractional parts of unity to various heirs.-Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/6/26

    MCOCA: The commission of crimes like contract killings, extortion, smuggling in contrabands, illegal trade in narcotics -Deepak Sharma- Posted: 2021/6/26

    Decoding the subtle manifestations of the school of natural jurisprudence into the codification of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and its subsequent ramifications: Natural law does not have any precise definition, it is known as the law of reasons or the ethical or the moral law.-Syed Monis Husain Kazmi- Posted: 2021/6/26

    Impact of Recent Reforms In Arbitration and Conciliation Act: Arbitration can be traced back to the pre-establishment of courts where people used to solve their issues -Shubhangi Upmanya- Posted: 2021/6/25

    Turning Covid-19 Crisis Into Environment And Economic Opportunities: Outbreak of COVID-19 and imposition if world wide lockdown has resulted into mayhem in global markets. -Pranjali Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/6/25

    Marital Rape In India: A Crime Which Is Not Yet Criminalized: India is a country, where 80% of its population worships Goddesses. -Ativa Goswami- Posted: 2021/6/25

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    Offensive and Defensive Strategies for Hostile Takeovers: A hostile takeover occurs when a business (referred to as the acquirer) buys a target company by going directly -Shivani rathour- Posted: 2021/6/25

    Regulatory Interventions in Merger & Acquisition - including CCI, RBI and SEBI: Given India's significance as a market for multinational corporations, M&A transactions -Shivani Rathour- Posted: 2021/6/25

    Decoding the legality of Anticipatory Transit Bail: Recently, Bombay High court has granted 4 weeks Transit Anticipatory Bail to journalist Rana Ayaub -Kalpna bharti- Posted: 2021/6/24

    The Inside Story of India's Rent a Womb Industry: Surrogacy is a procedure in which a woman agrees to bear a kid for someone else -Yash Patil- Posted: 2021/6/24

    Brief analysis on the Lawyers Collective Case with respect to Anticipatory Bail and Inherent Powers of the High Court: The purpose of an adjective law of procedure is to provide machinery for trial -Payal Mishra- Posted: 2021/6/24

    Roles and Effect of Center and State in welfare of tribal Communities in India: A tribe can be described as a social division from traditional society. -Drishti Chhattani- Posted: 2021/6/24

    Women Human Rights During Trial: It is generally believed that criminal law is gender-biased. To a certain extent, it is true -Sakshi Rewaria- Posted: 2021/6/24

    Retracted Confession and its Admissibility: Confession per se is not defined in the evidence act, but in laymen's term, confession -Nahush Gautam- Posted: 2021/6/23

    Can A Person Who Lost Election Be Appointed As Chief Minister?: Strangely unique that a Chief Minister lost her seat, but the party registered a bigger victory than achieved -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/6/23

    Widening The Scope Of The POCSO Act, 2012 And Interpretation Of The Statute Via Case Laws: The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 -Rohit Arya- Posted: 2021/6/23

    Liability Of Administration In Contract/ Government Contract: The government contact has become more significance in these days. -- Posted: 2021/6/23

    Ramifications Of The International Conventions And Protocol Apropos The Conservation Of The Environment On A World Wide Range: All the physical surroundings on Earth are called the environment. The environment includes everything living and everything nonliving. -Jonah Elisa Shiny Abraham Lincoln- Posted: 2021/6/22

    Adultery And The Armed Forces: The offence of adultery and the punishment for it are specified in Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code-- Posted: 2021/6/22

    NRIs right to purchase property in India: Can NRIs buy real estate in India? Most people ask this question, and the answer to this question is yes -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/6/22

    Case Comment: Shehammal v/s Hassan Khani Rawther: The case of Shehammal v. Hassan Khani Rawther and Ors.[1] deals with the application of the spes successionis -Tanvi Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/6/22

    If the seller prevails possession of the goods post-sale can they resale to another buyer?: The case given in the facts is in dissonance to S. 25(1) and S.24 (1) of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930 -Pragyanshu Gautam- Posted: 2021/6/22

    Law: What Is It, Why Should It Be There, And Where Does It Emanate From?: As apparent from the title itself, this article seeks to conduct a philosophical enquiry into the 'nature', 'necessity' and 'origin' of 'Law' -Ashok Kumar Singh- Posted: 2021/6/21

    Reassessing Liquidated Damages In Commercial Contracts: A Illusion Without Proven Loss: When the contract's terms are breached or the commitment made is breached, the contract -Aayush Akar- Posted: 2021/6/21

    Hindu Law: Daughter's Right On Father's Property: This world contains a population of eight billion, out of that one.38 billion folks sleep in Asian nation presently.-Jash Raj Gupta- Posted: 2021/6/21

    Elucidation Of Cyber Defamation: A Critical Dilemma In Cyberspace: With great power comes great responsibility a popular phrase from the Spiderman storylines aptly reflects the dilemma of technological use and its probable misuse. -Ananya Jain- Posted: 2021/6/21

    Colloquialism Of Contracts: The Ingenuity Of Inscribing Contracts: Contracts form the backbone of most professional relationships.-Nawaz Percy Dordi- Posted: 2021/6/21

    What If Police Officer Refuses To Lodged The FIR?: FIR means First Information Report .It is the first information received after the commission of the cognizable offence.-Rohit Gupta- Posted: 2021/6/21

    Origin of Law of Sea, Continental Shelf, and Rights of Coastal States in the Continental Shelf: For hundreds of years, the marine environment was free from regulation of fishing, shipping, and resource exploitation. -Shubhra Singh- Posted: 2021/6/21

    Copyright Infringement and Protection in India: In September 2019, Nintendo, a consumer electronics and video games company, filed a lawsuit against -Devam Goel- Posted: 2021/6/20

    Pigeon Hole Theory: The aim of this article to give the research Regarding the Pigeon hole Theory.-Gauri kaushik- Posted: 2021/6/20

    Test To Determining Infringement Of Copyright In Computer Program: A Critical Study: Computer programs are instructions provided to the computer to perform a certain function. -Raghunandan Sharma- Posted: 2021/6/20

    West Bengal: A State Of Lawlessness And Political Violence: West Bengal, which used to be the most cultured state of India, is slowly turning into a state -Siddhant Dutta- Posted: 2021/6/20

    Recognizing Transgender Rapes in India: In general terms, gender means an individual's sex which defines their identity or appearance. -Srishti Prakash- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Plea Bargaining in India: Relevant Sections, Procedures and Types: In India, Plea Bargaining has absolutely changed the substance in the criminal justice system of India. -Erathi Anudeep- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Can Human Rights Be Violated In The Interest Of National Security?: In a stable democracy, national or national security is the first and foremost preference of any Government. -Raunak Shukla- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy, 2016 (IBC) was introduced in Lok Sabha in December 2015.-Vivek [email protected] Posted: 2021/6/19

    Analysis of Insurance Ombudsman Scheme In India: The institution of ombudsman was first established in Sweden 1809. Ombudsman is a Scandinavian word -V.Ragul- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Custodial Violence: A Harsh Truth And Unrighteous Act Of Some Policemen: Let my voice be heard about the statistics of police brutality till date. So everyone is certainly aware of George Floyd's death due to police brutality. -Madhu Modi- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Issues Faced by Migrant Labourers in Covid: The COVID-19 pandemic financially affects the worldwide populace, with numerous nations near the precarious edge -- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Case Analysis On Kodungallur Film Society v/s Union Of India: Nobody has the right to become a self-appointed guardian of law and forcibly administer his/her own interpretation of the law on others, especially not with violent means. -Aswani C Rajeev- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Case Analysis: Tehseen Poonawalla v/s Union Of India: Unity in diversity is the motto that the largest democratic country in the world beholds. -Abdul Noor- Posted: 2021/6/19

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    Copyright Protection and Infringement in India: In September 2019, Nintendo, a consumer electronics and video games company [email protected] Posted: 2021/6/19

    Biological Weapons Convention (BWC): The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) is a legal agreement to ban biological weapons. -Shubham Khandelwal- [email protected] Posted: 2021/6/19

    Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substance: The term narcotic within the legal sense is kind of different from that utilized within the medical context which denotes -Shubham Khandelwal- [email protected] Posted: 2021/6/19

    Theft: Theft comes under chapter 17 “offences against the property” of the IPC. Theft is always committed against the property. -Swati Raghuwanshi- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Whether Delhi High Court While imposing costs of Rs.20 Lakhs in Juhi Chawla's Suit exceeded its jurisdiction?: A hard case as a law suit involving equities that tempt a Judge to stretch or even disregard a principle of law at issue.-Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Can A Person Who Lost Election Be Appointed As Chief Minister?: Strangely unique that a Chief Minister lost her seat, but the party registered a bigger victory than achieved -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Hindu Women’s Right to Property: The Fight for Equal Rights from Past to Present: Hindu women’s right to property has been evolved out of continuing struggle between patriarchal Indian society -- Posted: 2021/6/19

    The Law Of Torts And Its Justification: Tort is not a crime but a civil wrong;- mr X enters into Mr. y’s house and use the swimming pool and exists. -Saloni [email protected] Posted: 2021/6/19

    Critical Analysis of Vicarious Liability: Vicarious liability, or the relationship between a Master and a Servant. -Ayushi Singh- Posted: 2021/6/19

    House Arrest and General Arrest: In justice and law, House Arrest is a measure by which a person is confined by the authorities to their residence. -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Habeas Corpus: Habeas Corpus means ‘to have the body’ and it is one of the most effective remedies available to a person detained. -Anurakti yadav- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Medha Kotwal Lele v/s Union of India: The existing case arose when Medha Kotwal Lele, the facilitator of Aalochana, a centre for documentation -Prakhar Vashisth- Posted: 2021/6/19

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    Anticipatory Bail: Section 438 CrPc: The term Anticipatory Bail Application (ABA) is nowhere defined in the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2021/6/19

    Child Rights in India: An appraisal: Child rights have a long history. From time to time different religions, cultures and legislative systems of different countries -Afshana Bashir- Posted: 2021/6/11

    Criminalisation Of Marital Rape In India: Violence is at its most exceedingly awful indication when happens inside the family – a unit which is probably the most secure and the most ensured zone in human life. -Sohini chakraborty- Posted: 2021/6/11

    Ronald Dworkin Theory Of Law: Ronald Dworkin has based his theory of law on his on-going critique of positivist theories of law, especially the theory -Sanjay Nikaash- Posted: 2021/6/11

    Right To Health And Health Care: As human beings, our health and the health of those we care about is a matter of daily concern -Sanjay Nikaash- Posted: 2021/6/11

    The Socio-Legal Position Of India’s Transgender (Third Gender): Some people feel that the sex they were assigned at birth doesn’t match their gender identity or the gender that they feel they are inside. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/6/11

    Environmental Law: Human life and the environment are interrelated and interdependent.-Purwa Bala- Posted: 2021/6/10

    Writ of Habeas Corpus: The Constitution of India is the fundamental law of the nation which lays down rules and regulations to safeguard -Radhika Jhanwar- Posted: 2021/6/10

    A Critical Study On Victim Compensation Under Various Laws Of India: Victim compensation was a unique concept formulated by the Indian Judiciary in order to secure justice. -Aakriti Sharama- Posted: 2021/6/10

    Role of NGOs in a Country's Development: NGO is an organisation of a group of individuals who volunteer their services for achievement of the society’s larger goal -Simran Srivastava- Posted: 2021/6/10

    Maintenance For Husband Should Be Duly Practiced: A marriage is a sacred ceremony wherein both the partners accept each other and tie the knot and thereby -Aishwarya Patil- Posted: 2021/6/10

    Contract Of Indemnity And Insurance: According to the Indian Contract Act 1872, a contract is nothing but an agreement which is enforceable by law -Saniya Sharma- Posted: 2021/6/10

    Mere Silence Is Not Acceptance: A contract is made of many elements which each part playing a very important role in the completion of it. -Saniya Sharma- Posted: 2021/6/10

    Status of Foreign Universities Under New Education Policy 2020: With the onset of 2020, the Indian Government has sought to replace the 34 years old National Policy on Education -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/6/10

    The National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development Bill, 2021: The National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development Bill, 2021 (the Bill) was introduced in Lok Sabha -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/6/10

    Empowering An Unborn: Legal Status Of A Fetus: The controversy relating to the legal right of an unborn fetus has been the subject matter of debates at both the National and International levels. -Subhrodeep Saha- Posted: 2021/6/10

    Corona Victims Entitled To Ex-Gratia Payment: Rights Of Citizens For Ex Gratia Payment Through State Disaster Relief Fund Applicable To Persons Died Due To Coronavirus. -Hitender Kapur- Posted: 2021/6/10

    A Comparative Analysis Of Separation Of Powers Between India And USA Along With Important Case Studies: The separation of powers refers to the division of responsibilities into three branches of government -Jasdeep Kaur- Posted: 2021/6/10

    Recovery of Possession of Immovable Property: A wide-ranging number of remedial facets of the law have been taken into consideration by the Specific Relief Act of 1963.-Falgun Wairya- Posted: 2021/6/9

    Essentials for creation of agency: Under the umbrella of the Indian Contract Act of 1872, we study few special contracts. -Falgun Wairya- Posted: 2021/6/9

    Rights and Liabilities of a Mortgagor: The term mortgage, put simply, means the Transfer of an interest as security (commonly known as collateral) -Falgun Wairya- Posted: 2021/6/9

    Analysis of Mohinder Singh v/s State: In January 1949, Dalip Singh was murdered. The deceased was the brother of Bachittar Singh and Jita Singh. -Mili Rawat- Posted: 2021/6/9

    Model tenancy Act, 2020- All you need to Know: The housing sector is one of the most expensive sectors in India, especially in urban areas. -Anurag Singh- Posted: 2021/6/9

    A Regional Organization Reference With ASEAN: ASEAN was established on 8th August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand with the signing of the Bangkok Declaration -Suriya T- Posted: 2021/6/9

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    Chronological Impressions Of Covid-19 And The Legal Industry In The Course Of The Pervasive Pandemic Epoch: The corona virus outbreak came to light on December 31, 2019 when China informed the World Health Organization -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2021/6/9

    Mortgage: A Mortgage is a kind of security given by borrower who is the debtor (mortgagor) for repayment of loan to the lender -Nishtha Kareer- Posted: 2021/6/9

    Non Discrimination And Protective Discrimination: According to its most simple definition, racial discrimination refers to unequal treatment of persons or groups -Muskan Ajitsaria- Posted: 2021/6/9

    Attempt to Commit Suicide: A Socio-Legal Study: Suicide is a major health problem. The global suicide mortality rate represents 1.4% of all deaths worldwide.-Jyoti Verma- Posted: 2021/6/9

    Sports Law in India: Sports have a special position among humans, with the majority of us having participated in some form of sport -Sanjay krishna- Posted: 2021/6/9

    Buy Back Of Shares: Buy Back of Shares refers to the process by which a company re-purchase its shares and other specified securities -Nirbhay saxena- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Cyberstalking: Is It A Crime Or A Tort?: India has been slowly awakening to the generality of violence against ladies within the online sphere.-Krish Bhatia- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Autonomy Principle vis-à-vis Rape: The Critical Analysis of Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013: There are different ways of looking at criminal law, one such way is through the contextual understanding of the law -Kritika- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Wrongful Conviction: The interest in forestalling wrongful convictions is presently worldwide and not bound to any district or kind of criminal -Diksha kukreja- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Analysis of White-Collar Crimes in India: Emergence of Corporate Criminal Liability in common law finds its roots in Birmingham & Gloucester Railway Co -Smera Sarnath Sonker- Posted: 2021/6/8

    A Comparative Study On Murder And Culpable Homicide: Section 299 of the IPC and Section 300 of the IPC deals with the concepts of culpable homicide -Avhirup Kumar Ghosh- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Application of Doctrine of Impossibility to Judicial Orders: The doctrine of impossibility is a concept in the law of contracts used to grant relief to a promisor whose contractual -Debasish Mishra- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Action Plans, Committees, Conventions, Etc. For The Upliftment Of Women Globally: Violence against women and girls is a major human rights issue. At least one in five of the world’s female population -W.V. Sophia Stella Sargunam- Posted: 2021/6/8

    National Commission for Women: The paper endeavours an evaluation of the National Commission for Women, which was made in 1992 -R.Veeramuthu- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Buy-Back Of Share Company Law 2013: Buy-back is an excellent tool for financial re-engineering. Buy-back of shares relates to the company -Amish Kumar- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Case review on The Weavers Mills Ltd. v/s Balkis Ammal: Pre-incorporation contracts are those which are entered prior to the formation of the company. -Ishika Kamboj- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Permanent Commission to women in the Armed Forces: What is meant by Permanent Commission? A Permanent Commission (PC) means continuing a career -Smruti Ravi Iyer- Posted: 2021/6/8

    A Brief Overview Of Life Imprisonment: Life imprisonment is a new penalty clause imposed by the Indian Penal Code (IPC) of 1860. -Vyshakh sheroff- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Case Comment: Union of India (UOI), Rep. By Its v/s Mysore Paper Mills Ltd: Two orders were filed before the Karnataka High Court on 27th Feb. 1997. The respondent wanted a refund of the excess -Ishika Kamboj- Posted: 2021/6/8

    An Extensive Study On Abetment And Criminal Conspiracy: Section 120 A and Section 120 B. Section 120 A and 120 B were added to the code by the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1913 -Avhirup Kumar Ghosh- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Negligence-Meaning ,Duties and Nervous Shock: This article is about negligence under law of torts and the details that are under it, covering the definition of negligenc -Gauri Saxena- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Feminist Criminology: Androcentricity of Criminology, its impacts, and the need for improvement: Feminist criminology is a branch of critical criminology, which focuses on challenging the mainstream/ traditional theories -Avhirup Kumar Ghosh- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Case Study of Vikram Bakshi v/s McDonald's India Private Limited: In this article, we will study the facts of Vikram Bakshi vs McDonald's India Private Limited and the ruling of NCLT and NCLAT. -Aditi Kesarwani- Posted: 2021/6/8

    Custody Of Child: Gender Neutral Arena: Post-divorce or marriage annulment proceedings, the most vital and sensitive issues that arise are those that relate -Sanjay Nikaash- Posted: 2021/6/7

    What is a Writ Petition? How can I file a writ petition in India?: Thousands of writ petitions has been filed in the various High Courts and Supreme courts of India -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/6/7

    IT (Intermediary Guidelines & Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021: The uprising of the “Digital India Programme” together with India being one of the largest internet users felt -Khushboo Agarwal- Posted: 2021/6/7

    Consumer Protection Act 2019: A New Way Forward: The statute earlier than the prevailing enactment became the Consumer Protection Act of 1986. -Sumanth H M- Posted: 2021/6/7

    Section 13: Transfer of Property to unborn Child: The general rule is under the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 is that property can only be transferred from one living -Nahush Gautam- Posted: 2021/6/7

    State Of Punjab v/s Gurmit Singh: It is a judgment that deals with rape committed 11 years back before 2020, and states whether corroborative evidence -Ritu Tiwari- Posted: 2021/6/7

    Takeover Code: Comparative Analysis Between India And The UK: The takeover code 2011 applies to direct or indirect acquisition of shares or voting rights in or control over -Prerna- Posted: 2021/6/7

    Padawan v/s Master: The Need for Revamping the Laws Relating to Online Harassment: The World Wide Web has been evolving and yielding day–by–day. -Anshit Minocha- Posted: 2021/6/7

    Doctrine of Impossibility: A contract is an agreement to be fulfilled by the parties to the contract and a contract to be valid must be capable -Bhagyashikha Saptarshi- Posted: 2021/6/7

    Analysis of the existing regulations in India on Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Sexual harassment at workplace is an extension of violence in everyday existence. It is a violation of important rights -P. Saranya- Posted: 2021/6/7

    Amendments Under Indian Constitution With Landmark Cases: Amendment, is, an addition or alteration made to a constitution, statute, or legislative bill or resolution -Aditi Bhardwaj- Posted: 2021/6/7

    Uniform Civil Code: A Need For It: India has multiplicity of personal laws. Unlike criminal law, civil law differs from community to community.-Faridha Baanu.M.R.- Posted: 2021/6/7

    Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021: The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021 alters the MTPA 1971 to raise the upper limit for abortion -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/6/5

    Summary of The Water (prevention and control of pollution) Act, 1974: The Act came into force in 1974 and is applicable to the states of Assam, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana -Komal so - Posted: 2021/6/5

    Air (Prevention and control of pollution) Act,1981: According to the World Health Organization, the capital city New Delhi is one of the top most polluted cities -Muskan Jain- Posted: 2021/6/5

    Separation of powers in India: In India, a separation of functions rather than of powers is followed. Unlike in the US, in India, the concept of separation -Komal soni- Posted: 2021/6/5

    Section 80 EE and Section 80EEA Tax Deduction: Tax deduction under Section 80EE of the Income Tax Act 1961, can be claimed by first-time home buyers -Muskan Jain- Posted: 2021/6/5

    Jurisdiction Of Criminal Courts In Inquiries And Trial: When an act is done, which is an offence in the eyes of law, the first question arises in the mind -Komal soni- Posted: 2021/6/5

    Anticipatory Bail: Bail is cash or some type of property that is kept or vowed to a court, to get the delivery from prison of a speculate -Komal Soni- Posted: 2021/6/5

    Domestic Violence Against Doctors: Here To Serve Not To Suffer: Violence against doctors has been on the rise in India in recent years. According to the Indian Medical Association -Disha Bohra- Posted: 2021/6/5

    Professionalism: After you step your foot out of your school or when you became 18 wherein western culture you are on your own -Manav Kothary- Posted: 2021/6/4

    Dispute Resolution Mechanism Under Lease: The Dispute Resolution mechanism is an integral part of every contract. It provides a way to solve the issue which -Abhishek Sahu- Posted: 2021/6/4

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    Various Stages Of Crime: The word offence is derived from a latin word offendere The various offences set out in the Indian penal code -- Posted: 2021/6/4

    Judicial Overreach in India: The Constitution of India lays emphasis on independence of the Judiciary. -Pragya Nagpal- Posted: 2021/6/4

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    Case Analysis: Bhim Singh v/s Jammu And Kashmir: The petitioner a member of legislative assembly of Jammu & Kashmir was arrested and detained in police custody.-Aayushi Bhatti- Posted: 2021/6/3

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    Is it possible to quash an FIR in High Courts?: Yes. It is possible to quash a First Inspection Report filed by Police in any High Courts but it is not easy to quash -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/6/2

    Me Too And It's Legal Consequences: In 2006, Tarana Burkey launched ME TOO a non profit that focus on providing space for women -Tripti singh- Posted: 2021/6/2

    Justification of imposing section 144 in various parts of the Country: Section 144 gives power to a District Magistrate, a sub- divisional Magistrate on behalf of the State Government -Muskan Jain- Posted: 2021/6/2

    Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016: On 19 December 2018, the lower house of the Parliament passed the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016. -Somya Luthra- Posted: 2021/6/2

    Decoding the Emissions Trading System in the European Union: Emissions trading, also known as cap and trade, is a cost-effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. -Somya Luthra- Posted: 2021/6/2

    Draft Framework For Secularization Of Standard Assets And It's Implications: Securitization is a process in which certain types of assets are pooled together so that they can be repackaged -Somya Luthra- Posted: 2021/6/2

    How LegаlTeсh is Revolutionize the Legal Industry: LegalTech is an industry that uses technology and software to provide legal services. -Rishabh Chaudhary- Posted: 2021/6/2

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    Marital Rape And Rights Of Women: The unwanted and non-consented sexual intercourse by a man with either a girl child -Usha solanki- Posted: 2021/6/2

    Rights Of Arrested Person As Human Rights: Human rights are those rights which include each and every living and non – living creatures -Usha solanki- Posted: 2021/6/2

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    Analysis of the Case N. Nagendra Rao v/s Andhra Pradesh: Earlier the duties of the State were mostly maintaining law and order -Adarsh Kumar- Posted: 2021/6/1

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    Brief Analysis of Section 71 of the Indian Penal Code: The Indian Penal Code, which is the official criminal code covering all aspects of criminal law -Deepanshita Singh- Posted: 2021/6/1

    The Constitution Of India: Preamble: Constitution is the set of rules which tells about the political structure of the country, it is the supreme law -Tanya khan- Posted: 2021/6/1

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    Admission Under Indian Evidence Act, 1872 And Reasons For The Admissibility Of Admission: The word/expression Admission means voluntarily acknowledgement of the of the existence or truth of a particular fact. -Kumar Harsh- Posted: 2021/6/1

    Report on make in India: Make in India is a major national programme of the Government of India designed to facilitate investment -Sambhav Purohit- Posted: 2021/6/1

    Waiting for Legislative Assent on the Right to Be Forgotten: In light of the realities of our current digital world, it is important to remember that not everything -Prime Legal- Posted: 2021/6/1

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    Benami Transaction – Its Implications: We are all aware of a famous phrase from Shakespeare, what’s in a name? -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/6/1

    Custodial Violence: The Harsh Truth and Unrighteous Act: the law is supreme, no one is above law. It has no meaning when one is deprived from his liberty -Khushi sharma- Posted: 2021/5/31

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    Contract Of Indemnity And Contract Of Guarantee: An indemnity is a contract by one party to keep the other harmless against loss, but a contract of guarantee -Rohit Raman- Posted: 2021/5/31

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    Women in Hindu and Islam: Communal harmony and religious brotherhood have been observed and sustained as the sacramental duty -Dhruv Anand- Posted: 2021/5/31

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    Issues concerning Jet Airways: Receiving a series of awards, Jet Airways were once providing the high quality service -Brigit George- Posted: 2021/5/31

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    Permanent Seat In UNSC Is Neither Necessary Nor The Only Way For India To Assert Its Arrival On Global Centre Stage: The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is considered one of the most vital organs of the United Nations. -Rangisetti Naga Sumalika- Posted: 2021/5/31

    Regulation of Collective Investment Schemes: Investment is one of the major political planks of the present political regime which help them -Rasika Ghate- Posted: 2021/5/31

    Strict and Absolute Liability: The rule of strict liability was first introduced in the case of ‘Rylands v. Fletcher’ in the year 1869 -Ruchira Mathur- Posted: 2021/5/30

    Copyright And Leading Treaties Of Copyright: Intellectual property rights are those that arises on the creation of a product out of one’s intellectual work -Aanya Singh- Posted: 2021/5/30

    Marriage: A License To Rape: First law commission of India under the chairmanship of Thomas Babington Macaulay. It came into force in British India.-Jinkal Patel- Posted: 2021/5/30

    Population Control Bill: A Problem Or A Solution?: Recently a new census came out of China that may have a lesson or two for the Indian society -Kartikay Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/30

    Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process by Operational Creditor under IBC 2016: The IBC 2016 i.e. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (hereinafter 'the Code') is regarded -Paridhi Goel- Posted: 2021/5/30

    Case Comment on Shayara Bano v/s Union of India (2017) 9 SCC 1: Shayara Bano v. Union of India and Ors is a landmark case dealing with Muslim family law -Yash Gupta- Posted: 2021/5/30

    Powers Of Police To Arrest Without Warrant Or Without An Order Of Magistrate: The provision of Arrest is given in the Chapter V from section 41 to section 60 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. -Archana Yadav- Posted: 2021/5/30

    Lack of Inherent Jurisdiction And Power of Executing Courts: An Explainer of Section 47 of CPC 1908: A prominent legal implication, which usually executing courts face in India -Lakshita Rajpurohit- Posted: 2021/5/30

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    Wildlife Protection Act 1972: The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 provides for the protection of the listed species of flora and fauna -Nirbhay saxena- Posted: 2021/5/30

    An Overview On Bonded Labour In India And Laws Related To It: the provisions of the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1976. Abolition of the bonded labour system -Mahak Tanwar- Posted: 2021/5/30

    Language Issues In Constitute Assembly: From my perspective, there are many problems created during the making of the constitution Because our country exists various diversity like many religions, caste, language -Tripti singh- Posted: 2021/5/30

    Does the law of sedition needs to be buried?: In 1922, while appearing in court in respect of his three articles for Young India which resulted -Anurag Agarwal- Posted: 2021/5/30

    The Right to be Forgotten: The Right to be Forgotten was recently recognised by the Delhi High Court, which ordered Google and Indian Kanoon -Kartikay Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/29

    Fundamental Rules Of Indian Evidence Act: The Law of Evidence is an integral part of every branch of the judicial system -Kavan Talati- Posted: 2021/5/29

    Legal Disability And Its Effect On Cpc With Reference To Limitation Act: The Law of Limitation provides an aggrieved party the time limit for different suits within which it can -Aayush Akar- Posted: 2021/5/29

    Custodial Violence In India: The term custodial violence refers to any torture or violence inflicted upon people who are under police custody -Chinmay Harsh Karn- Posted: 2021/5/29

    Law Of Bail In India: Bail is a Release of the convicted person to submit a personal bond or assurance to comply -Sakshi Rewaria- Posted: 2021/5/29

    Lex Fori Theory of Classification: The theory of lex fori was first proposed by the German and French writers, Kahn -Radhika Gupta- Posted: 2021/5/29

    Issues Faced by Migrant Labourers in Covid: The COVID-19 pandemic financially affects the worldwide populace, with numerous nations-- Posted: 2021/5/29

    Case Comment on Leila David v. State of Maharashtra (2009) 10 SCC 337: whether contempt in the face of the Court can be dealt immediately, -Ritansha Lakshmi- Posted: 2021/5/29

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    Military Invasion Of A Foreign State: Every nation has the right to demand proper treatment and no country should violate the territory of any other country. -K Anjali- Posted: 2021/5/29

    Property Law: Laws relating to Maintenance of women differ from religion to religion.-Legal Help NRI- Posted: 2021/5/29

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    Right To Privacy: Concerns Vis-À-Vis Social Media:Cybercrime has skyrocketed as social networking services have grown in popularity. -Dipankar Banerjee- Posted: 2021/5/28

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    Template: Agreement for Sale: of sale made at Janakpuri, New Delhi- 110012 on this 22nd day of April 2020 -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/28

    Conditions for Validity of Non-Compete Clauses in Share Purchase Agreements and Mitigation Powers of Court: Non-Compete Clause may be a written agreement restriction to the overall principles of freedom. -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/28

    Joint Development Agreement Between Owner and Developer: Articles of Agreement made at Bengaluru, this 21st day of April, 2020 between R. Ravindran of Bangalore -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/28

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    The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1965: A Study: Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 is an act regulating legal services authorities to provide free legal services -Kavan Talati- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Intention to Create Legal Relationship: Intention to create legal relations is one of the major part of elements in contract.-Ashi Garg- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Right to Fair Trial v/s Right to Privacy of Victims: The Right to Fair Trial is to accused a denounced a chance to safeguard him -Hariharan Venkateshwaran- Posted: 2021/5/27

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    Capital Punishment: Capital Punishment is the state-sanctioned killing of a person as punishment for a crime. -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Data Protection Law in India: Recently WhatsApp updated its privacy policy in India which will allow it to share the business -Raghav Agarwal- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Whether The Family Members Of Covid-19 Victims Can Be Deprived To See The Body For One Last Time & Perform Religious Rituals?: Whether the relatives & friends of Patients admitted in Hospital/Hospitals with Covid-19 -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Media Trails: Today it’s usually said, The one who controls the media, controls the truth and the public. -Purushraj Patnaik- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Mental Illness: Consider that statistically speaking that you are one of those people that you just shook hands -Purwa Bala- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Is Privatization Of Prisons A Solution To Rotting Prisons Of India?: A prison is a place where lawbreakers are confined as a form of punishment where they are denied -Tanvi Goswami- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Payment Of Bonus Act, 1965: The Payment of Bonus Act of 1965 imposes a contractual obligation on employers to pay bonuses -Kavan Talati- Posted: 2021/5/27

    The Right to Freedom of Speech & It’s Limitations: Magna Carta (1215)[i] is the first ever written document which talks about fundamental rights of citizen -Hemlata Singh- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Alternate Dispute Resolution- A Way to Undelayed Justice: In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr used the phrase "justice too long delayed is justice denied" -Srabana Dutta- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Freedom Of Press And Court Of Proceedings: Before a Court passes a Judgment , during hearing , many things happens. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Can Resolution Plan Be Considered By The Committee Of Creditors Even Below The Liquidation Value Of The Corporate Debtor?: The Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India (Supreme Court) comprising of Mr. Justice R.F. Nariman, Mr. Justice Aniruddha Bose, and Mr. Justice V. Ramasubramanian -Akhil Shankhwar- Posted: 2021/5/27

    Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Food Industry: Sustainable development is the organizing principle for meeting human development goals -Ishani Vijaykumar Paradkar- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Critical Analysis Of Difference Between Contract Of Indemnity And Contract Of Guarantee And Similarities If Any: Although the concepts of indemnity (repayment) and pledge (assurance) differ on a few points -Vedant Ratha- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Death, Marriage And Insolvency Of Parties Order Xxii Of CPC: Manovikash Kendra Rehabilitation and Research Institute vs Prem Prakash Lodha -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Analysis Of Section 161 CrPc: We the so-called civilized people of society are the most insensitive when a crime is committed -Jasjit Pranjal- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Challenges of Trade Secret Protection in India: Current life is not driven only by the laws of nature, it is also impacted by human co-operations -Akanksha Saha- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Transfer Of Criminal Cases: Transfer of case does not make any change in the nature of trail or relief which provides the parties to the suit. -Nirmal S Mohan- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Hindu Marriage Is A Contract Or A Religious Sacrament?: In social institution marriage plays a vital role. It is the means to carry forward our society. -Ishwita Mondal- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Approach of Romeo and Juliet Laws in India: The Madras High Court in the case of Sabari @ Sabarinathan @ Sabarivasan v. The Inspector of Police & Ors -Hariharan Venkateshwaran- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Subsistence Allowance For Temporary And Daily Wage Workers: No temporary workmen whether monthly rated, weekly rated, piece rated or badli workers are entitled -Richa Agarwal- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Admissibility of Digital Evidence: Evidence is a corroboration of a statement placed before the court in a manner which undisputedly -Richa Agarwal- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Lease and License: A Judicial Analysis: Lease and License connote different meanings and thereby create different rights and liabilities -Richa Agarwal- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Cyber World And India: At a Glance: India recorded a total of 44,546 cybercrimes, with Karnataka as the worst effect state of all and costed a data breach of 2 Million US Dollars.-Ananya Trivedi- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Juxtaposing Same Sex Relationships With Same Sex Marriages Under The Eyes Of Law In India: The world is continuously evolving and it has been since time immemorial -Joshua Samuel- Posted: 2021/5/26

    The Offence of Forgery: My purpose of this research is to have a lucid understanding of the concept of ‘Forgery’ -Armaan Siddiqui- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Contribution of Mental Illness and Societal Factors to Criminal Behaviour: Sociology and Psychology are pertinent to law because framing laws for the society requires -Deepanshita Singh- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Right of Lien: Legislative Enactments and Judicial Interpretation: An unpaid seller has certain rights to ensure that they’re paid for the service/labour rendered -Deepanshita Singh- Posted: 2021/5/26

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    Importance of ICC Model Contracts as part of Soft Law: By definition, soft law refers to usually established legal rules and principles that aren't positive -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Constitutional Rights for Students in India: The most potent and crucial resource for a country's development is its students. -Sanjay krishna- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Gender Neutrality: An Inherent Conflict Between POCSO And IPC: The CLAA has also brought an amendment in the POCSO by amending section 42 of the Act. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Rape Laws: An International Perspective: Over the last few decades, concern and outrage over the prevalence, magnitude and impact of violence against -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/5/26

    Whether Right To Dignity And Fair Treatment Under Article 21 Of The Constitution Of India Is Not Only Available To A Living Man But Also To His Body After His Death?: The adage, Funerals are for the living, not the dead, you may be tempted to consider relinquishing -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/5/25

    Live In Relationship In India- Present Position: Google and search engines have been overloaded with the news of Live- In relationship being -Suman Patra- Posted: 2021/5/25

    Applicability of Force Majeure Clause and Covid-19: The whole world has suffered a major crisis and is continuously fighting the Covid-19 crisis -Riddhi Shah- Posted: 2021/5/25

    Carlill v/s Carbolic Smoke Ball Company: In a unilateral offer, the offer is made to the world at large and anybody who performs the specific conditions, accepts the offer. Here, the advertisement is in the form of a unilateral offer.-Riddhi Shah- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Cybercrime-Descriptive Portrayal Of Crimes Against Women In India: The contemporary India we inhabit has seen an era of domination of information and technology -Avar Lamba- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Forest Dwellers: Life, Eviction, Rights: Forests are home to wild creatures as well as to a huge number of individuals across the globe. -Elisha Lakra- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Role of Judiciary in Defending Public Rights in the Light of Pandemic: By the end of 2020, on one side, the Coronavirus pandemic saw rapid increment -Parimal Bajpai- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Marital Rape: Rape is a term that can give shock to anyone. Rape is the worst thing that can ever happen to a woman -Suhasini Tahiliani- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Case analysis: state of Orissa vs. Ram Bahadur Thapa: The state of Orissa made an appeal against the order passed by the sessions judge of Mayurbhanj -Aiswarya Lakshmi.J.S- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Anti Defection Law: It's Loopholes Mice Can Breakthrough: Anti-Defection law which was passed in 1985 by the 52nd amendment to the constitution -Atul Yadav- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Elections Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic: Election procedure is an essential aspect of ‘Democracy’ in a country like India. -Anurag Agarwal- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Commentary: Re: Expeditious Trial Of Cases Under Section 138 Of N.I. Act 1881: Our Constitution guarantees us the right to life, as has been laid down under Article 21 -Manaswi Sood- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Indecent Representation Of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986 An Overview: Section 292, 293 and 294 of the Indian Penal Code criminalize publishing obscene books -Mohamed Safee- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Utilitarian And libertarian Perspective Regarding Arogya Setu App: Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, governments across the world have had to take strict measures. -Shahil Rao- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Troubles in Education during the Pandemic: Education is defined as imparting or acquisition of knowledge through teaching or training. -Shruti Kasera- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Out And Proud We Also Matter: LGBTQ is the initial of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer and they are the people -Mridul Y suri- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Role of controller in issuing digital signature certificates under Information technology Act, 2000: Internet is a system of inter-connected computer networks and is today’s significant -Naveen BT- Posted: 2021/5/24

    Victims And Victimology In India: The Criminal Justice System in India is derived from the British model where control and prevention of crimes -Jasjit Pranjal- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Constitutional Validity of Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act, 2018: India, in a few of its parts, still faces the issue of untouchability and casteism. -Deepa Rishi- Posted: 2021/5/23

    The Future of Online Dispute Resolution in India: Opportunities and Challenges: Conflict is an inevitable part of any human communication or transaction, be it private or personal. -Vinayak Uniyal- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Justified? Case of Yakub Abdul Razak Memon vs State Of Maharashtra: The hanging of one of the accused of the 1993 Bombay Blasts,Yakub Memon -Kriti Ramudamu- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Deceptively similar Trademark: Marico Limited vs Agro Tech Foods Ltd: Appeal before the Delhi High Court by the Appellant/ Plaintiff, praying to set aside the order -Kriti Ramudamu- Posted: 2021/5/23

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    Inherent Powers Of The Court: Manohar Lal Chopra v/s Seth Hiralal: It takes a long time for the majority of cases to be disposed of by the Indian Civil Court, -Kriti Ramudamu- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Commission Agreement: Components and usage: Have you ever wondered that more than 50% of workers in your organization would be willing -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/23

    An Overview Of Non- Banking Financial Service Institutions: Non-Banking financial companies play an important role in access to financial services enhancing -Bhakti Rathi- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Maintenance: A Gender Neutral Law?: Maintenance in itself is a measure of social justice. It is regarded as a fundamental duty of a man -Bhakti Rathi- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Bailment And Bank Locker Liability: According to Section 148 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 bailment is the delivery of goods by one person -Bhakti Rathi- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Right To Health: Humans have been struggling for better quality of life for hundreds and thousands of years.-Shivansh Pandey- Posted: 2021/5/23

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    India-China Relations: The Emerging Drift: India and China are emerging giants of Asia. Both of them are the world's most populous -Bhakti Rathi- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Criminalisation of Triple Talaq in India: Human rights essentially indicates equality and no discrimination -Akanksha Saha- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Evergreening of Patents with reference to the Novartis Case: Intellectual Property laws are one of the most complex laws that exist today. -Akanksha Saha- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Defamation: A Legislative Analysis: The Constitution of India provides to every citizen, the right to freedom of speech and expression. -Akanksha Saha- Posted: 2021/5/23

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    Max Weber's Conceptualization of Bureaucracy: Maximilian Karl Emil Weber (Max Weber) was a German sociologist, historian, legal scholar -Animesh Verma- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Validity of Narco-Analysis in India: Crime Detection Technique: Narco-analysis is a crime detection technique in which a test is conducted upon an accused person -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/5/23

    Digital Forgery: Forgery is the creation of a document which one knows is not genuine and yet projects -Pradeep Kumar Samant- Posted: 2021/5/22

    Jurisdiction in Cyberspace: Jurisdiction, as applied to a particular claim or controversy, is the power -Pradeep Kumar Samant- Posted: 2021/5/22

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    Elected Government Of Delhi: A Crown Without Jewels: The GNCT (Amendment) Bill which has amended the GNCTD Act 1991 -Ayush Khare- Posted: 2021/5/22

    Critical Analysis Of The Maratha Reservation Case: Reservation has always remained a very contentious, debatable and very sensitive issue in India -Anurag Agarwal- Posted: 2021/5/22

    Cruelty to Women and Section 498A: Section 498-A was introduced in the year 1983 to protect married women from being subjected to cruelty -Megha Kaushik- Posted: 2021/5/22

    Socio-Legal Dissects Of Guarantees-Commercial And Non-Commercial Including Bank Guarantees And Judicial Trends: Compared with other legal fields, a special feature of contract law is that in the first case -Subham Agarwal- Posted: 2021/5/22

    Media Trail: Media gets the opportunity of the press under Article 19(1) (a)[1] of the constitution of India -Deepanshu Verma- Posted: 2021/5/21

    Case Commentary On Lalman Shukla Verses Gauri Dutt: Lalman shukla verses Gauri Dutt case is one of the most famous landmark judgments under the Indian contract act-- Posted: 2021/5/21

    Trademark: Trademark defined under section 2 (zb) of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 -Nirmal S Mohan- Posted: 2021/5/21

    E-Courts: Pressing Priority In Covid -19 Situation: A debacle or any pandemic can't be halted, yet one can arm themselves with its information and readiness -Prachi Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/21

    Article 368: The Amelioration of the Indian Constitution: Amendment of the constitution implies changing certain provisions or updating -Shereen Samant- Posted: 2021/5/21

    The Underpinning Principles of Constitutional Interpretation In India: Constitutional interpretation comprehends the methods or strategies available to people attempting -Shereen Samant- Posted: 2021/5/21

    There Cannot Be No Bailment For An Enforceable Contract: Bailment alludes to a legitimate relationship wherein the actual ownership of an asset -Sonu Siyang- Posted: 2021/5/21

    Private Placement And Law Related To It In India: Private placement and the law related to it in India.-Rohan Wadhwa- Posted: 2021/5/21

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    Anti-Corruption Law in India: Issues and Challenges: The Prevention of Corruption Act is the foundation of the Anti-Corruption Law in India. -Eshaan Luke Jacques- Posted: 2021/5/21

    Anti-Corruption Law in India: Issues and Challenges: The Prevention of Corruption Act is the foundation of the Anti-Corruption Law in India -Eshaan Luke Jacques- Posted: 2021/5/21

    Women-Centric laws in India: Beneficial or Detrimental?: Women are said to be less strong in contrast with men. Keeping in mind the draconian situation -Ishika Baheti- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Article 21 Of The Constitution: The characterization of human dignity can be very well linked with law and morality. -Tanya Khan- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Enforcement of Fundamental Rights Against Private Players: A writ petition can be filed in the High Court (Article 226) or the Supreme Court (Article 32) of India -Deepanshu Verma- Posted: 2021/5/20

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    Racism In India: This thought that In the 21st century everyone is equal regardless of their gender, caste, creed, race or ethnicity -Ayesha khan- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Explained: Bail After Conviction Section 389 CrPc: Section 389 of the CRPC basically talks about the bail which is given to the accused after his conviction so it states -Rakchit Mishra- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Judicial Review of Administrative Discretion: With the abandonment of laissez faire and advent of the modern philosophy of a welfare -Shereen Samant- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Cyber Pornography: A Conventional Crime through Computer: Pornography literally means, Writings, pictures or films designed to be sexually exciting. -Shereen Samant- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Fundamental Duties In India: Article 51(A): Our country India has the lengthiest written constitution in the world. In this, the rights -Tanya khan- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Dishonor of Cheque: Fraud and deceit are anxious for your money. Be informed and prudent -Abhishek Sahu- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Law of Criminal Custody in India: Citizens are conscience keepers of a Government in any democratic nation -Abhishek Sahu- Posted: 2021/5/20

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    The Mole: Insider Trading And Its Impacts: Insider Trading in monetary markets refers to trading in securities like equity and bonds by company insiders -Tushar Kanti Mohindroo- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Illegal sale or transfer of property: Transfer of property is passing of rights and interests of a person to someone else -Legal Help NRI- Posted: 2021/5/20

    Explained: Concept Of Plea Bargaining Under CrPc (265A-265L): Plea bargaining in simple terms can be defined as the acceptance of the crime done by the accused -Rakchit Mishra- Posted: 2021/5/19

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    Duty Of Care: Its Implications To The Medical Profession: The term Negligence has been derived from a Latin term negligentia, which basically means failing to pick up -Rishabh Shukla- Posted: 2021/5/18

    Punishment For Disrespecting The Courts: Contempt Of Court: Commencing with the meaning of contempt which means disgrace or dishonor. -Abhya Soni- Posted: 2021/5/18

    Implied Consent In Marital Rape: A Study Of The Legitimacy Of Marital Rape In India: Marriages in India are regarded as a sacred union, but in this union, consent is often taken for granted. -Srishti Sherpa- Posted: 2021/5/18

    Case Analysis: Lakshmi Dhar Vs Sachit Kumar Dhar: Customary Laws are the laws consisting of the customs that are accepted as legal requirements -Kunal Jain- Posted: 2021/5/18

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    The Transfer Of Property By An Ostensible Owner: The word ostensible signifies something that seems, by all accounts, to be valid. -Rohit Raj Chittigala- Posted: 2021/5/18

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    Comparative View On Anti-Corruption Law: Anti-corruption (or anticorruption) comprises activities that oppose or inhibit corruption -kushboo- Posted: 2021/5/18

    National Pension System explained along with tax calculation example: The National Pension System (NPS) is a contributive pension system in which subscriber contributions -Aniruddha Roy- Posted: 2021/5/18

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    Rights and Freedom of Media with a special reference to privacy rights in India: India is a signatory to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, which was adopted in 1948 -Shriya Salini Routray- Posted: 2021/5/17

    Defamation: Any defamatory or irrelevant statement published against some person by which his/her reputation -Rakchit Mishra- Posted: 2021/5/17

    M.C.Mehta v/s Union of India: Man’s development is often seen to happen at the cost of the environment. -Deepanshu Verma- Posted: 2021/5/17

    Crypto-Currency: A cryptocurrency, crypto-currency, or crypto is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods -Dhruv Rajpoot- Posted: 2021/5/17

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    Taking an analytical approach towards amendments and new policies introduced by the de facto State Administration Council of Burma and its implications: Taking an analytical approach towards amendments and new policies -Aryan Saluja- Posted: 2021/5/17

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    Design Act, 2000: There are special legislations governing the protection of different nature of rights in our country -Hridya Nambiar- Posted: 2021/5/17

    Women Empowerment, Gender Justice And The Role Of Law: Women empowerment means uplifting women to be economically self-sufficient, independent -Mridul Y suri- Posted: 2021/5/16

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    Indian Law Of Indemnity And English Law Of Indemnity: An Analysis: The word indemnity has been derived from the Latin word ‘indemnis’ which means unharmed -Burhanuddin- Posted: 2021/5/15

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    Privity of Contract: The Doctrine of Privity of Contract is a since a long time ago settled rule of English Law which gives -Raunak Shukla- Posted: 2021/5/15

    Role Of Copyright In Cyberspace: The developing correspondence vehicle in the human period is Information Technology. -Rashmi Jha- Posted: 2021/5/15

    Does India in need of National/ State wide Corona Relief Act like other Developed Countries?: I have been witnessed the en number of people has lost their jobs, lost their business and suffered seriously -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/5/14

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    An Analysis of tort of medical negligence in India: Negligence is doing something which a reasonable man would not do and omitting -Ruchi Kumari- Posted: 2021/5/14

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    Non-Performing Asset: A Financial Indiscipline: The recommendations of the Report of the Narasimham Committee on the Financial System 1991 -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/5/14

    Constitutionality of the RTI (Amendment) Act 2019: Information is the currency that every citizen requires to participate in the life and governance of society -Adhit Kulkarni- Posted: 2021/5/13

    The Transgender Persons (Protection Of Rights) Bill, 2019: As per the dissenting opinion of Dr D.Y. Chandrachud cited in the case of K.S. Puttaswamy v. Union of India -Deepankar Kumar- Posted: 2021/5/13

    Is Marriage A Scarement Or Contract: Marriage is described as the establishment of a relationship between a husband and a wife -Haziq- Posted: 2021/5/13

    Article 21 of the Indian Constitution: An In-Depth Analysis: Indian Constitution was constructed with the help of international documents -Somik Jindal- Posted: 2021/5/13

    The Story Of Revenge Porn: Personal space can be defined as region or a surrounding of a person which they consider as psychologically -Sakshi Verma- Posted: 2021/5/13

    Child's Right: A child has to be mould in a good atmosphere with all the equality , protection -Aditi Sirsava- Posted: 2021/5/13

    Divorce With Mutual Consent Under Hindu Marriage Act 1955: Hindu marriage unites two people for life, allowing them to fulfil dharma, or obligation, artha, or possessions -Rani Banerjee- Posted: 2021/5/13

    Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860: Law refers to the system of rules and regulations that are framed in order to guide the actions of the citizens -Naveli Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/13

    Environmental Laws in India: The need for the existence of environmental laws and their strict implementation is paramount -Naveli Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/13

    Remedies Against Frivolous Cases Registered Against Students By The Police: It is always said that young students are the future of our country. Recently, there has been an increase -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/5/13

    Geographical Indication: Challenges and Suggestions A study in context of Aranmula Kannadi: Geographical Indications (GI) are the signs that identify goods as originating in a specific geographical area/location.-Tanya Singh- Posted: 2021/5/13

    Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): LLP is an alternative corporate business form that gives the benefits of limited liability of a company -Sristi Nimodia- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Difference between medical and legal insanity: Insanity is a defense and exemption that have been mentioned in chapter IV of the Criminal Procedure Code. -Mayukh Roy- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Historical School Of Jurisprudence: Historical school advocated that law is developed from social custom , economic needs, convention religious -Siddharth Gupta- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Analytical School of Jurisprudence: Jurisprudence is divided into three branches on the technical sense. -Siddharth Gupta- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Concept of State and Sovereignty: The term Sovereignty is derived from old French word Souverain, meaning supreme power within a territory. -Siddharth Gupta- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Police Brutality and Police Accountability in India: 46-year-old black man named George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States -Kartikay Sharma- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Case Analysis: Jagdish Chandra Trikha vs Punjab National Bank: The plaintiff’s father, late Rai Sahib Mool Chand had entrusted a box containing 480 tolas that is 5596.80 grams -Safeeya Sabeer- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Bar Created Under Section 397 (2) CrPC is not affected By the Orders Framing Charges or Refusing Discharge; SC: framing charges or refusing discharge are neither interlocutory nor final in nature and are, therefore, not affected by the bar of Section 397 (2) of the Code of Criminal Procedure. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Ipso facto Termination in India: Valid or Invalid?: On March 8, 2021, Hon’ble Supreme Court delivered a judgement highlighting the need for the Legislature -Link Legal- Posted: 2021/5/12

    New Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Reproductive Rights And Choice Of Freedom To Women (ART 2021 Bill): In this world of the growing population, some people face the problem of Infertility. -Sonali Pal- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Nullity of Marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act,1955: A unition between a man and a woman that defines and establishes certain rights and duties between -Tanav Zachariah- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Essential Requirements, Res Judicata and Compromise in Representative Suits under the CPC, 1908: The Black’s Law Dictionary states that a representative is one who stands for or acts on behalf of another. -Abhijith Christopher- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Analysis of Digitalisation and National Security: India as a whole remains untouched by the concept of a systematic national security strategy (NSS) -Sarah Azad- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Law Relating To Emergency Medical Aid To Citizens In India: The present situation of Covid-19 Pandemic in India and response of emergency medical services -Hitender Kapur- Posted: 2021/5/12

    A Clarion Call To The Nation: Mahatma Gandhi exhorted the people of India on the importance of unity during the movement -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2021/5/12

    Critical Examination of Duties of an Agent towards the Principal: The statement that “The Relationship of a Principal and Agent is based on the fundamental premise -Aryma Brajesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/5/11

    Patent Illustration: There are various professional patent drawings company in India. Who provide various type -Digital Suntech- Posted: 2021/5/11

    Euthanasia: A Human Rights Perspective: Euthanasia comes from the Greek words, EU meaning good and ‘THANATOS -Monica chauhan- Posted: 2021/5/11

    Offences against Children under IPC: This project gives a description on the offences done with children under IPC.-Astitva Vatsa- Posted: 2021/5/11

    Rule of Law in Internaional Legal Scenario: The rule of law is undoubtedly one of the most powerful expressions and an often repeated political -Anmol Nanwani- Posted: 2021/5/11

    103rd Amendment To The Constitution: Are Reservations On The Grounds Of Economic Backwardness Constitutionally Compatible?: He 103rd Constitution Amendment Act introducing special measures and reservations for ‘economically weaker sections’ -- Posted: 2021/5/11

    Industrial Relations Bill, 2020: A Critical Analysis: In the thick of the Global pandemic situation, coupled with an unprecedented unemployment crisis -Akshit Gupta- Posted: 2021/5/11

    Vishaka v/s State of Rajasthan: Women are not subjects. They are citizens, the right to dignity and a safe environment at the workplace is their fundamental rights. -Siddharth Gupta- Posted: 2021/5/11

    IBC Versus Rights Of Unregistered Partnerships: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of 2016 (subsequently alluded to as IBC or Code) was adopted to bring -Sarah Azad- Posted: 2021/5/11

    Powers Of Revenue Courts, Its Jurisdiction And Constitution. (U.P. Revenue Code, 2006): U.P. Revenue Code has been passed by the state legislature back in year 2006. -Eshika Singla- Posted: 2021/5/10

    From New Normal to New Future: What is this virus about? Is it that much strong that it has power to disturb the world? -Himashri Pawaskar- Posted: 2021/5/10

    LLP Statutory Compliance's and Extended Due Dates For Financial Year 2020-21: MCA vide its general circular No 06/2021 dated 3rd May 2021 has been decided to grant additional -CS Amit Chauhan- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Contract Of Guarantee: The Contract of Guarantee is defined under section 126 of Indian Contract Act, 1872. -Ashish Kushwaha- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Relaxations On Intellectual Property Rights For Production Of Generic Drugs During Covid-19 Pandemic: The second wave of covid-19 or rather tsunami of covid 19, as observed by Delhi High Court -Rohan Wadhwa- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Is It Possible To Check Crime Rate In A Country Without Having Strict Laws?: The main aim of enacting laws, rules, and regulations is to determine peace within the society -Hrithik Kumar- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Decriminalization of Attempt to Suicide: Mental Health Care Act, 2017: Attempt to Suicide is defined as a non-fatal, self-directed, potentially injurious behavior with an intent -Ekjot kaur- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Fight of the Suppressed for Equality- Feminism among Dalit Women: Feminism among Dalit women is topic that deserves to get a considerable amount of limelight -Nanda Rajesh- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Misleading Advertisements: The Quandary Of Pleasure, In Camouflage Of A Hoodwink: In the cutting-edge time, the desire of succeeding a business is expanding day by day.-Saloni Jain- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium: We all human beings deserve some basic rights and freedom to live in vicinity which is known -Tijil Mishra- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code: Economic Growth Along With Balancing Interest Of Stakeholders: A corporation turns insolvent when it no longer has funds and assets to go forward with its business and is earning -Prerna- Posted: 2021/5/10

    The Contribution Of Regional Stubble Burning To Air Pollution To The National Regional Capital: The issue of rising smog inflicting air pollution events within the National Capital Region –Delhi, India -Tijil Mishra- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Vishaka v/s Rajasthan: A landmark case of sexual harassment (1997): The case Vishaka and others vs. state of Rajasthan Focus on the enforcement of the fundamental rights -Tijil Mishra- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Does Right To Property Still Exist?: The latitude of Right to property is unceasingly declined by cutting down it through constitutional amendments -Tijil Mishra- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Judicial Intervention In Arbitration: An Over-Step In Arbitral Proceedings?: Looking around the world today, all one can see is globalization, expansion of extra-territorial trade -Nanda Rajesh- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Yahoo!, Inc.v/s Akash Arora: The Yahoo! Inc. is considered as a landmark case on cybersquatting in India as it was for the primary -Vennela- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Same sex Marriage: Complication and Way out: Marriage is an institution in the modern world and throughout the history. -- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Oracle Vs Google LLC: United States Supreme Court Decides The Fate Of API-Related Copyright Disputes And Its: In a 6-2 landmark ruling, the United States Supreme Court, on April 5th, 2021, delivered the verdict in Google -Harsh Tripathi- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Decriminalizing Dishonor of Cheques: The way forward?: Legislations criminalising minor offences such as cheque dishonouring are becoming redundant as the economy -Srinibash Dash- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Right To Education During The Pandemic In India: Crammed up in the corner of their humble abode, four children cower over a single mobile screen -Acharaj Tuteja- Posted: 2021/5/10

    National Green Tribunal: The Parliament of India on 5th may 2010, enacted the National Tribunal Act for setting up of an exceptional tribunal -Raghavendra RSK- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Constitutionality of Delegated Indian Legislation: The issue of delegated legislation has been one of the most debated issues in the domain of legal theory -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Legal Status Of Prostitution In India: Prostitution is a method of exploiting or abusing people sexually for monetary gain -Srishti Srivastava- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Love Jihad: Rhetoric, Reality And Rights: The Uttar Pradesh Chief minister Yogi Adityanath announced a new law to counter love jihad -Digvijay Singh- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Rights To Constitutional Remedies- An Insight Into The Redressal System Pertaining To Fundamental Rights Violation: Fundamental rights were enshrined in the constitution not only to provide people with protection and equality -Srinibash Dash- Posted: 2021/5/10

    Are Whistle Blowers Protected In India?: Whistle blower simply connotes a person who blows the whistle -Kapil Kishor Kaushik- Posted: 2021/5/9

    Human Rights and Role of India Towards Prevention of Discrimination: Dealing with site discrimination, wherein a group of people are given a specific social rank -Deepanshu Verma- Posted: 2021/5/9

    Article 13 of the Constitution of India: All laws in force in the territory of India immediately before the commencement of this Constitution -Jagpravesh Singh- Posted: 2021/5/9

    Custom: We usually see that our elders guide us and little one’s using the above mentioned sentences saying -Mohini Tripathi- Posted: 2021/5/9

    Decriminalization Of Adultery In India: On 27th September 2018 Supreme court of India broke down Section 497 -Hemlata singh- Posted: 2021/5/9

    Analyzing the Criminal Contempt of Courts-What is contempt and what isn’t?: The Rule of Law is a foundational feature of Constitution of India and the right to obtain judicial redress -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/5/8

    Ambush Marketing: A Foul Play: A marketing technique that involves one company taking advantage of a major event for promoting -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/5/8

    Has The Nature Of The Annual General Meetings Metamorphosised?: The COVID- 19 Pandemic has wreaked stupendous havoc, turned the world upside-down -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/5/8

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    National Security Acts: On paper v/s Reality: The National Security Act (NSA) preventive detention regime has become a convenient -Saman Rizwan- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Critical Analysis Of Hostile Witness: One of the major roles played in Indian Evidence Act, 1872 is of the witness. -- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Concept of Wills under Muslim Law: After a Muslim dies, leaving aside the payment of his debts and funeral expenses he can transfer -Manav Manish Bhatt- Posted: 2021/5/7

    ADR In Taxation Cases: The arbitration involves the ouster of jurisdiction of civil courts by mutually consenting among the parties -Tijil Mishra- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Rehabilitation over Incarceration: Imperative for Drug Addicts: On interviewing this guy, I realized that it was his sixth prison number, meaning he has been incarcerated -Monarch Mittal- Posted: 2021/5/7

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    Analysis Of Farmers Bill 2020: The Farmers Bill 2020, which is the combination of 3 bills, Farmers' Produce Trade -Anjali Maurya- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Judicial Separation: Marriage in India from the time immemorial was considered a sacred institution. -Anupama.P- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Succession Rights Of Women In Hindu Law: Women in India, face numerous problems in their lives and some of them include being deprived -Shristi Kundu- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Judicial Separation Under Hindu Law: The concept of marriage is to establish a relationship between the husband and wife. -Nayana P S- Posted: 2021/5/7+

    Hindu Adoption And Maintenance Act: Adopting a child is considered a good deed performed by humans. Generally, Adoption means -Sneha Priya V P- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act: Sex discrimination in marital status laws renders women and girls subordinate in many aspects -Chris livin Augustine- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Divorce: A General Scenario In Modern Life: India is a country which give more importance to cultural and ancient values even if we are evolving -Sreejith.B- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Representation of Tribal communities in India: The tribal communities in India have developed their identity in close vicinity to the natural resources -Lakshya- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Gender Justice under Hindu Succession Act: Critical Analysis: Personal Laws were brought in the early 20th century to protect the private realm of the household from the colonial state. -Keerthana M Nair- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Father’s Property: Daughter’s Equal Rights Under Hindu Law: The current Article basically focuses and enlightens the equal rights to be enjoyed by a daughter -Aashi Narayan- Posted: 2021/5/7

    Women’s Right to Maintenance Under Hindu Law: Maintenance laws for the women of this nation are divided into two classifications -Muskan Sinha- Posted: 2021/5/7

    The Essential Conditions Of A Valid Hindu Marriage Under HMA, 1955.: Marriage is considered as a sacrament in Hindus. It is the last of the 10 sacraments -- Posted: 2021/5/7

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    Judicial Immunity: An analysis of English common law and Indian legislations: The English case of Entick v. Carrington having laid the common law principle that the Government -Manav Manish Bhatt- Posted: 2021/5/7

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    Schools Of Hindu Law: Hindu Law is the most ancient law in the world. Originally Hindu Law was created to satisfy -Munagam Preethi Nithin- Posted: 2021/5/6

    A Long Journey Of Gender Justice: Property Rights Of Hindu Daughters: The patriarchal nature of our society has cast its dark shadow of gender bias in all aspects of society -Edgar- Posted: 2021/5/6

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    Hindu Law: Hindu law has the oldest pedigree of any known system of jurisprudence, and even now it shows no sign of decrepitude -Harshan Ramesh- Posted: 2021/5/6

    The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988: No fault liability: Ubi jus ibi remedium the latin maxim states that, ‘where there is wrong, there is remedy’ -Siddharth Gupta- Posted: 2021/5/6

    A Long Journey Of Gender Justice- Property Rights Of Hindu Daughters: The patriarchal nature of our society has cast its dark shadow of gender bias in all aspects of society -Edgar- Posted: 2021/5/6

    Frustration Of Contract: The case where the performance of a contract become impossible, then the respective purpose which the parties -Siddharth Gupta- Posted: 2021/5/6

    Right to Abortion: Abortion is the termination of pregnancy through which a foetus or an embryo is no longer -Kushmitha Ganesh- Posted: 2021/5/6

    Divorce Under Hindu Law: Divorce means that the dissolution of wedding by a competent court. -Priyambika Singh- Posted: 2021/5/6

    Rights of Victims in Indian Criminal Justice System: There are people who are suffering beyond description. -Yukta Kapadia- Posted: 2021/5/6

    Bank Guarantees: Judicial Interpretation and Recent Developments: Bank guarantees fall under section 126 of the Indian Contract Act 1872 -Anamika- Posted: 2021/5/6

    Examination Of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) And Its Legal Perspective: Assisted reproductive technology means any medical technique that attempts to obtain a pregnancy -Parneesh Garg- Posted: 2021/5/6

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    Comparative Advertisement vis-à-vis Trademark Infringement: This is just exactly advertising performs: it not only offers a commodity but it also renders -Muskaan Vijay- Posted: 2021/5/5

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    Comparative Advertisement: A Tool For Trademark Infringement In India: The advertisement refers to marketing communication that helps in promoting a brand, product -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/5/5

    Procedures involved in a Criminal Case: When a person commits an act prohibited by law, he ought to be punished for such acts -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/5/5

    Public Interest Litigation: A Blessing for Society: Although Public Interest Litigation does not have a definition in any Acts or any statute.-Rugved Mahamuni- Posted: 2021/5/5

    Hindu Adoption And Maintenance Act: Parenting is a joyous journey of nurturing a young one with love and affection.-Biby Thomas- Posted: 2021/5/5

    Guardianship Under Hindu Minority And Guardianship Act,1956: In Hindu dharmashastras, not much has been said about guardianship. During the British regime -Suraj Das V- Posted: 2021/5/5

    Types Of Marital Rape: Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration -Abhay dev Mannady- Posted: 2021/5/5

    Poverty: An Obstacle To Realizing Various Human Rights: Being defined by Adam smith as the non-capacity to buy necessities that are required due to nature -Manav Manish Bhatt- Posted: 2021/5/5

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    Admissibility of Tape recorded evidence under IEA: The 1872 Indian Evidence Act dealt primarily only with 2 kinds of evidence -Muskaan Vijay- Posted: 2021/5/4

    Indian Law On E Waste: The Mismatching Variable?: Increase use of electronic and electronic equipment coupled with increase in population -Rriju wrsh.L- Posted: 2021/5/4

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    IRAC Case Analysis on Right to Privacy Judgement - Justice K.S. Puttaswamy v. UOI: In January, 2009, Aadhar scheme was launched by the Government in order to create -Shelal Lodhi Rajput- Posted: 2021/5/4

    Co-Relation Between The Fundamental Rights And Directive Principles Of State Policy: Committing To Social Revolution: Inspired by the American ‘Bill of Rights’, Part III of the Constitution (Articles 12 to 35) -Manav Manish Bhatt- Posted: 2021/5/4

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    Article 12 of the Indian Constitution; Definition of the State in Constitution of India: In this part, unless the context otherwise requires, “the State” includes the Government and Parliament -Jagpravesh Singh- Posted: 2021/5/4

    The Degree of Criminal Culpability: An Analysis in context of Murder and Culpable Homicide: The most popular terms in Criminal Law, one can say are intent and knowledge. -Kritika- Posted: 2021/5/3

    Human Rights Commission: A statutory body for public to file complaint against the government officers: A research on the Human Rights Commission (HRC) in the aspects of the social protection to peoples -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/5/3

    Judicial Activism: An analysis of Indian jurisprudence, Merits and de-merits: According to Black’s law dictionary, Judicial activism is whereby any judge decides on a point of law -Manav Manish Bhatt- Posted: 2021/5/

    Annulment Of Marriage Under Hindu Law: As per Legal terminology, the term annulment refers making a marriage null and void/voidable -Yash Vikram Singh- Posted: 2021/5/3

    Law of Maintenance, A law to protect Vulnerable: Maintenance is an allowance, required by the law to be made to a wife, out of her husband’s estate -Aastha Vyas- Posted: 2021/5/3

    Fair trial in criminal justice system: The primary object of criminal procedure is to ensure a fair trial to every person accused of any crime -Swapnil Joshi- Posted: 2021/5/3

    Emergence Of Limited Liability Partnerships And Their Facets: In the contemporary and complicated world, nobody desires to have liabilities hovering over their head -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/5/3

    Digitalization And Copyright Infringement: A Critical Analysis: The article talks about the circumstance where the copyright of a person is infringed via online mode -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/5/3

    Importance of Child Rights in Current Times: There has never been a more critical time to inform and inspire future generations about their rights. -Semantika Ghosh- Posted: 2021/5/3

    Arbitration law: Everything you want to know: Arbitration is a private dispute resolution practice, to resolve disputes between the parties -Law Senate- Posted: 2021/5/3

    Child Rights During the Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities: With the onset of the unprecedented global health crisis, the covid-19 pandemic -Semantika Ghosh- Posted: 2021/5/3

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    What are Fundamental Rights?: Fundamental Rights or the Magna Carta of the Indian Constitution or the Bill of Rights of India -Jagpravesh Singh- Posted: 2021/5/2

    Adoption in Hindu Law: Children are thought to be a source of joy, and the country's future is dependent on them -Suraj Reddy- Posted: 2021/5/2

    Minority Act And Guardianship: In the premature stage of one’s life, a child is incapable of taking care of himself,his/her own body -Suhail k k- Posted: 2021/5/2

    Hindu, Muslim and Christian Divorce Laws in India: Divorce is one of the most difficult phases of life that a married couple goes through -Yadhu Krishna A S- Posted: 2021/5/2

    Right To Marriage By Choice: The right to marriage is a fundamental right given to both males and females under Article 21 -- Posted: 2021/5/2

    Whether Pre-Nuptial Agreements are really contrary to public policy under Section 23 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872?: Under Section 23 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 the consideration or object of an agreement -Jai Singh Rawat- Posted: 2021/5/2

    Case Analysis: State Of Madhya Pradesh v/s Kanha Alias Omprakash: On 8th October 2003 an altercation took place between two parties -Jai Singh Rawat- Posted: 2021/5/2

    Can The Accused Be Charged For Abetment Of Suicide Of A Girl Whom He Addressed As A Call Girl And She Committed Suicide In Consequence Of The Same?: The facts of the instant case reveal an incredible turn of events. The deceased was a student -Deepanshu Sarkar- Posted: 2021/5/2

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    Divorce Under Hindu Law: Divorce means that the dissolution of wedding by a competent court -Sanghapriya Samajder- Posted: 2021/5/1

    The Position Of Bigamy In Hindu Law: Bigamy is the act of marrying someone while already having been legally married to someone -Prabisha Pradeep- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Matrimonial Remedies Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955: The Hindu marriage act was enforced by parliament in 1955 to amend and to codify marriage laws -Selvapunitha vellaipandi- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Human Rights Violations In Modern World: In 1984, the United Nations introduced the Convention Against Torture (UNCAT), and 155 nations -Aswin Thomas- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Gender Equality In Hindu Succession Act: The history of personal laws in India is rooted in India’s colonial past. -Nersupalli Deepika- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Analysing the Essentials required for the creation of an Agent and Principal Relationship: Contractual relationship of Agency is dependent on the principle that a single individual cannot -Vibhuti Rao- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Mere Silence As Fraud: Exploring The Ambit Of Half-Truths And Actionable Misrepresentation: Section 17 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 gives a clear explanation of 'Fraud'-- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Determination of Partnership: Partnerships are formed via a contract and they are administered via the Indian partnership act,1932. -Pankaj Sarpal- Posted: 2021/5/1

    How Do I Get A Free Lawyer For A Family Court?: Lawyers are the foot soldiers of our constitution. The preamble of the Indian constitution -Supriya Goel- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Crisis of Free Speech in COVID-19: As India becomes a Republic with a Constitution, it silently brought individuals and their freedom at the centre. -Mansvi Singh- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Essentials of a valid contract under the Indian Contract Act,1872: A Comprehensive Analysis: The law of Contract in India is contained in the Indian Contract Act,1872 -Apoorva Goel- Posted: 2021/5/1

    A Study of Illegitimacy: As A Concept: The term illegitimacy was originated in mid-16th century and derives its meaning from Latin term “illegitimus” which means “not in accordance with the law”. -Shubhangi Agrawal- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Power To Suspend And Remit Sentence Under Section 432 Of Code Of Criminal Procedure: The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 has devoted a full chapter on the subject of execution, suspension -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2021/5/1

    How to Deal with False Cheque Bounce Case?: A very reputed businessman, who had established various branches of his brand in different cities across India was accused of false cheque bounce case by a bank. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Conjugal Rights How to be Restored: Marriage is one of the beautiful and one of the important stages of everyone's life. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Indira’s Constitution and the 42nd Amendment: Amendment, a provision that allows the lawmakers to make changes in the Constitution as per the changing -Astha Nagori- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Labour Laws imperative for every Employee: Labour Laws is an underpinning for every employee and amount of people performing their task -Anuja Waykar- Posted: 2021/5/1

    Remedies Available To A Defendant Against Whom A Decree Has Been Passed Ex Parte: The right to be heard or hear the other side is one of the fundamental principle of natural justice embodied in the maxim 'audi alteram partem' -Amala Lawrence- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Techno-Legal Development Issues And Indian Perspective: The very notion of right to be let alone and to enjoy a personal space free from interference along with scrutiny -Sakshi Rewaria- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Prison Reforms: Most Ignored Need of the Hour: The origin of the concept of prisons cannot be traced back with conformity since different authors -Vaibhav Tiwari- Posted: 2021/4/30

    The Misconceptions of Legal Positivism and the Way Ahead: The definition of legal positivism is that the thesis depends on the social facts rather than the merits -Harsh Mahaseth- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Anil Kumar Poddar v/s Bonanza Industries Ltd: The Shareholder’s Right To Inspect The Company’s Registers And Documents: Section 94 of the Companies Act, 2013, which corresponds to Section 163 of the Companies Act, 1956 -Harsh Mahaseth- Posted: 2021/4/30

    M. Chinna Karuppasamy v. Kanimozhi: The Case that has Triggered the Debate on Maintenance: M. Chinna Karuppasamy v. Kanimozhi[1] is an interesting case as it poses the question of whether -Harsh Mahaseth- Posted: 2021/4/30

    The Swastik Gases Case and Validity of Exclusive Jurisdiction Clauses: An Exclusive jurisdiction clause is a term in a contract which confers the power to adjudicate -Harsh Mahaseth- Posted: 2021/4/30

    National Security Act, 1980: Since India acquired autonomy in 1947, it has had in power security laws avowedly -Rohit Raj Chittigala- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Divorce And Judicial Separation Under Hindu Law: All major religions have their own laws that regulate divorces at intervals their own communities -Prakash Chand- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Hate Speech: A contemplation in Indian Legal Regime: Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as public Liberty -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Path Towards Paperless Courts: In this modern world of technology the one’s who does not change with time is blotted out -Rugved Mahamuni- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Lockdown In India: Legal Provisions Provisions Providing Force To It: The world being caught up in the middle of a battle against an invisible foe is something that the present -Rasleen Kour- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Muslim Personal Laws In India: In India, the term Muslim law applies to the personal matters concerning that section of the Indian society -Chandan Kumar- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Introduction To Indian Evidence Act 1872: The evidence An act which was passed by the British parliament in the year 1972 -Tanya Khan- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Nature Of Judicial Process: Everything done by the judge in the process of attaining justice is called judicial process.-Gokul Prasad- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Sabrimala Verdict and debate on Constitutional Morality: The Supreme Court had ruled that the practice which is being used by the sabrimala temple is in violation -Vinish Maheshwari- Posted: 2021/4/30

    Rule Of Reason v/s Per Se Rule: In year 1890, Sherman act 1890 was passed after circulated growth of trust in 1880 -Prashasti Bagri- Posted: 2021/4/29

    India-Pakistan Relations With Reference To Balochistan: The relations between India and Pakistan has always been strained for the day both countries attained -Adya Aditi Das- Posted: 2021/4/30

    International Convention On Climate Change and Its Implications: The human rights of millions of people, such as their rights to life, employment, food and water -Saloni Neema- Posted: 2021/4/29

    Communication Of Proposal And Acceptance By Email Or Other Electronic Mode: Communication of proposal and acceptance by email or other electronic mode is largely considered -Tanushree Karnawat- Posted: 2021/4/29

    Psychological Autopsy: Evidence for Unexplainable deaths?: -Khushi Upadhyay- Posted: 2021/4/29

    An Analysis Of Section 72 Of Indian Penal Code, 1860: The Indian Penal Code, 1860 is a thorough code planning to cover considerable part of criminal law in India. -Divyanshi Singh- Posted: 2021/4/29

    Duties of Bailor and Bailee under Contract of Bailment: The Indian Contract Act of 1872[1] was passed in British India. It came into force on 1st September, 1872. -Divyanshi Singh- Posted: 2021/4/29

    Is Insanity As A Defence Insane?: The concept of “responsibility” becomes known with most of the cases involving human conduct and existence -Elasha- Posted: 2021/4/29

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    Legal Profession and Creative Economy: Law and its application of economics and vice-versa used to be constricted as a two-fold interpretation -Aradhya Singh- Posted: 2021/4/29

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    Judicial Separation: judicial separation of husband and wife, according to the Indian Marriage Act of 1955 -Preeti Bhagat- Posted: 2021/4/29

    Agreements by the Way of Wager: The word wager means bet, it is a promise between two people to pay money or assets previously on the basis of the outcome of an uncertain event.-Piyush Gupta- Posted: 2021/4/28

    Trademark A Legal Issue: Trademark is a distinct symbol, logo, word, or multiple words that are legally registered or established -Ridhima mohanty- Posted: 2021/4/28

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    Marital Rape Situational Analysis: Marital rape is an aspect of marriage that is surely not taken care of by the present existing laws. -Mohomedmohsin- Posted: 2021/4/28

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    Legal Awareness To Nation: India being a vast country with quite a good number of 69.3% of literacy which would reach the club of 100% literate country in coming years. -Fabvab_99- Posted:

    What is the Evidentiary Value of FIR?: In layman’s word, First Information Report (FIR) is the knowledge or information of any occurrence especially -Rahul rai- Posted: 2021/4/28

    First Information Report (FIR): First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by the police when they receive any information -Anurakti yadav- Posted: 2021/4/27

    Ocean Dumping And Marine Pollution - The Disregarded Dilemma: Oceans are such components of the ecosystem which influences every other component directly or indirectly. -Shinjinee Namhata- Posted: 2021/4/27

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    Self-Identification of Gender and the Constitution: After 3 months of discussions, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment presented a Report -- Posted: 2021/4/25

    Annulment Of Marriage Under Hindu Law: As per Legal terminology, the term annulment refers to making a marriage null and void/voidable; -- Posted: 2021/4/25

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    Achpal @ Ramswaroop and anr. vs. State of Rajasthan: Case Analysis: That the present appeal has been filed by the appellant /accused (referred to as accused -Samridhi Bhatt- Posted: 2021/4/1

    Laxmi vs. Union of India: A case Analysis and Application of Jurisprudence: It is well said that ‘In every woman’s life, her face is the greatest beauty, but by this case, it is fully believed that -Samridhi Bhatt- Posted: 2021/4/15

    International Law is a Soft Law: A Critical Analysis: Considering the scenario in International law ‘hard’ laws are the one that provides a legal obligation of a nation -Samridhi Bhatt- Posted: 2021/4/15

    Animal Rights And Trophy Hunting: Trophy hunting is the shooting of carefully selected animals for one’s own pleasure. -Bhawna Mangla- Posted: 2021/4/15

    The Farmer’s Protest Amidst The Pandemic And The Analysis Of Recently Introduced Farm Laws: On 5th June 2020, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the president gave his assent to the three ordinances -Bhawna Mangla- Posted: 2021/4/15

    Women Will Sail With The Same Efficiency: The Supreme Court’s two judge bench, headed by Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, upheld the validity of the 2015 -Bhawna Mangla- Posted: 2021/4/15

    IP laws relating to COVID-19 vaccine: Intellectual property is property that includes intangible assets of human intellect. -Bhawna Mangla- Posted: 2021/4/15

    Minor's Capacity to Contract: As per the Indian Contract Act, 1872, under its section 2 (h), a contract can be defined as an agreement made between two or more individuals -Bhawna Mangla- Posted: 2021/4/15

    Patent Licensing Agreements And The Clauses Covered Under It: Before knowing about what patent licensing agreement is, the first thing comes is what exactly is the meaning of patent? -Kush Bisht- Posted: 2021/4/15

    Case analysis of Bayer Corporation v. Union of India: Intellectual Property Rights has emerged as an important field as it guarantees individuals right for their creation -Dharinidevi Thakore- Posted: 2021/4/15

    Right Of Employees Under Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016: Since the workers have lower socio-economic standards, there was always the requirement to pay -Yamini L- Posted: 2021/4/15

    The Critical Analysis On Primary And Secondary Evidence With Respect To The Applicability In The Area Of E-Documents: As government, business, and commerce move into the 21st century -- Posted: 2021/4/15

    Law-What is and What ought to be?: In the ideological and legal style of thought, it is possible to make normative inferences from statements of fact.-Shaily Garg- Posted: 2021/4/14

    Military Coup in Myanmar:After the result of the elections in Myanmar, parliament session was about to get started on 1st of February. -Prajjwal Sharma- Posted: 2021/4/14

    Comprehensive Note on the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971: Judiciary has the extensive function of acting as the guardian of the Constitution of India and the protector -Tanisha Gautam- Posted: 2021/4/14

    Crimes against women under Indian Penal Code, 1860: In the current situation, the violence and the increasing crimes against women is seen by everybody -Ananya Hati- Posted: 2021/4/14

    Applicability of Force Majeure in India Amid the CoVid-19 Lockdown: The COVID-19 pandemic in India is part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 -Ekagrata Kalra- Posted: 2021/4/14

    What Does The Term ‘Wage’ In Code Of Wages Act, 2019 Mean?: The legislative intent of enacting the Code of Wages, 2019 is clear from its preamble -Ashish Dash- Posted: 2021/4/14

    Parmanand Katara vs. Union of India: This case has enlarged the scope and jurisprudence of emergency medical care in India. -Sabari Deeksha Choudary- Posted: 2021/4/14

    Interpretative Tools of Statutes: An Analysis: The Cambridge Dictionary defines interpretation as an explanation or opinion of what something means -Amey Vikram Chauhan- Posted: 2021/4/14

    A Retrospective Analysis of Capital Punishment: Capital Punishment or Death Penalty is the highest level of punishment awarded in any society or democracy -Saif Ali Ansari- Posted: 2021/4/14

    Antitrust Case Against Amazon- Abuse Of Dominant Position: Amazon is known as titan of commerce of twenty first century founded by Jeff Bezos -Parul Garg- Posted: 2021/4/14

    A Study of Consumer Rights under Consumer Protection Act,2019: Consumer Protection act, 2019 is an act which aims to protect the rights of a consumer -Divyanshu Jain- Posted: 2021/4/14

    Gender Sensitisation guidelines from Supreme Court: Gender Sensitization is a basic requirement to understand the emotional needs of a particular gender.-Pushti Parekh- Posted: 2021/4/13

    A Critical Analysis of Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2018: The two heinous incidents in Kathua and Unnao shook the whole nation's conscience -Anushka Kashyap- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Self-Destruction (Suicide)-A Path from Bullying to Psychological Torture
: Self-destruction a demonstration of committing suicide is generally regular -Vrinda Parashar- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Uniform Civil Code - A Boon To Indian Women: Uniform Civil Code essentially refers to a common set of laws governing personal matters -Chaitanya Lakshmi- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Data Protection Framework For Personal Data In India: The main aim of this paper is to initiate a significant debate on Right To Privacy -Vanshika Berry- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Managing Intellectual Property In Software Industry: The foundation of the software industry is associated with intellectual property rights throwing light -Vidhi Jain- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Recognition And Its Types In International Law: International societies are not unchangeable entities rather they depend upon the ebb and flow of political circumstances. -Akshata Singh- Posted: 2021/4/13

    India And ILO: An Analysis Of Their Ongoing Battle With Eradication Of Discrimination At Work Place And Equal Remuneration (Convention 111 And 100): The following research paper aims at elucidating facts as regards equal remuneration and eradication -Ashna Sharma- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Analysis Of Section 54 To Section 81 Transfer Of Property Act And Study Of Shankars Skharam Kenjale v/s Narayan Krishna Gade - 2020: The transfer of property act came into force on 1st of July, 1882 -Ashna Sharma- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Legalising Passive Euthanasisa: We shall start our discussion by taking an overview of the Law Commission’s 196th Report -Pradul Singhal- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Dispute arising out of an Arbitration settlement must go for Arbitration: The Supreme Court of India vide its Judgment dated April 8, 2021, while disposing of an appeal arising -Law Senate- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Basics of Employee's Compensation Act, 1923: Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923’ was to provide payment by employers to employees in the form of compensation -Eshika Singla- Posted: 2021/4/13

    Procedural Law Should Be Construed Liberally: liberal construction of procedural law by the Indian Courts -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/4/12

    High Court Of Delhi Allows The Communication Of Court Order Through Mobile: Gone are the days, when service on the party used to be effected by way of publication in News Paper -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/4/12

    Territorial Jurisdiction of a Civil Court Vis a Vis application filed for registration of trade mark in an action for trade mark infringement and passing off: The existence is outcome of continuous process of Struggle. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/4/12

    Explaining The Right Of Private Defense: One of the first and foremost duty of an individual is to help himself and this is the major reason for the evolution -Arkojit Debnath- Posted: 2021/4/12

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    Prenuptial Agreement and our Legal System:A prenuptial agreement, antenuptial agreement, or premarital agreement, commonly abbreviated -Bhaswat Prakash- Posted: 2021/4/12

    Language & Law: The use of language is essential to any general set of laws. Administrators naturally use language to make laws -Kartikey Singh- Posted: 2021/4/12

    Emergency Provisions: The Emergency Provisions are contained in part XVIII of the Indian constitution from article 352 to 360.-Nidhi Yadav- Posted: 2021/4/12

    Case Analysis and Aftermath of Natco Pharma Ltd. v/s Bayer Corporation: The debate over the pharmaceutical industry and the intellectual property rights have been prevailing -Zeal Shah- Posted: 2021/4/11

    White Collar Crime in India: Famous Sociologist and Criminology Professor, Edwin H. Sutherland gave his definition of the term ‘White Collar Crime -Ashini Palod- Posted: 2021/4/11

    Freedom Of Speech Is The Soul Of Democracy: The very essence of this quotation is that we should never stop ourselves from speaking for right things and if we are doing so then we are not actually living our lives. -Prerna Yadav- Posted: 2021/4/11

    Reasonable time for filing of Writ Petition in the High Court from arising of Cause of Action or making Representation: There is no time-frame provided under our Constitution within which a Writ Petition ought -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/4/11

    Death Certificate of a Missing Person: According to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969, the occurrence of death of a person -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/4/11

    International Law And Organisations In The Global World: The term International Law was first used in 1780 -Apurva Srivastava- Posted: 2021/4/11

    Rule of Law: An Indian Decree: India, the largest democracy in the world sticks to the principle of La Principe De Legalite -Apurva Srivastava- Posted: 2021/4/11

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    Allowing Competition In India’s Energy Sector: As we know at the global level energy is one of the most precious contributions to a country’s economy -Aditya Kumar Tomar- Posted: 2021/4/10

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    Balaji Infraro Ltd V. Chanakya National Law University: A Detailed Analysis: The Appellant and Respondents had entered into a contract to construct a Boy’s Hostel in the Chanakya National Law University. -Ashish Dash- Posted: 2021/4/10

    Dowry System: A Socio-cultural Dilemma In The Society: Dowry is the pathetic culture in our society. A dowry or dahej is a gift of cash provided by the bride’s family to the groom’s family and the newly created home at the time of their wedding.-Dalima Poojari- Posted: 2021/4/10

    Animal Rights, What Is It?: India, the seventh largest country in the world, is one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world -Rahul Rai- Posted: 2021/4/10

    Public Interest Litigation in India: The expression Public Interest Litigation has been borrowed from American jurisprudence, where it was designed -Rahul Rai- Posted: 2021/4/10

    Rights Of Children: There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. -Akarsh N- Posted: 2021/4/10

    Miscarriage Bereavement Leave Law Of New Zealand: New Zealand never neglects to set a guide to represent basic freedoms and human rights by passing -Shambhavi Goswami- Posted: 2021/4/10

    The Battle For Identity - LGBTQ: It is derived from the name of the Greek island Lesbos. It means a homosexual woman, having same sex attraction. -Hemlata Singh- Posted: 2021/4/10

    Test of Deceptive Similarity with respect to Words, having Common Element: What should be test of deceptive similarity with respect to word having common word, either a prefix or as a suffix? -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/4/9

    Vitiating Factors in Indian Contract Law: A contract is an agreement between parties, enforceable and binding by law. -Tanisha Gautam- Posted: 2021/4/9

    Psychological Impotency As A Ground Of Divorce Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955: Impotency is the first ground available under this section 12(1)(a) which was inserted through the amendmen -Masoom Bakshi- Posted: 2021/4/9

    The Conceptual Study Of Animal Rights Under Indian Law: India, the seventh-largest country in the world, is one of the most bio-diverse regions of the world -Tanya khan- Posted: 2021/4/9

    Digital India And The Censor Laws: What is contemptible for a person might be admirable for another. Even after learning the same laws, -Ganga Rajmohan- Posted: 2021/4/9

    Pre-Independence Legislation Of Wakf In India (The Origin And Development): This article is based on the analysis of the legislation of the Wakf in pre-independent India. -- Posted: 2021/4/9

    Is 2021 the new dystopian society?: Dystopia is imagining a society which is unfortunate and horrifying.-Dalima Poojari- Posted: 2021/4/9

    Dark Side Of The Country: Manual Scavenging: In India many of the jobs are not divided on the basis of skills, but on the basis of caste and religion -Saloni Jain- Posted: 2021/4/9

    Doctrine of Lis Pendens: A Right Against Unauthorized Alienation: Lis pendens means a suit under consideration of any court of law -Varun Modasia- Posted: 2021/4/9

    Sabarimala Case: Religious Rituals And Religious Rites In Hindu Law: India being the religiously diverse society and self-proclaimed secular state -Rajesh M- Posted: 2021/4/8

    Pre-Institution Mediation As A Privacy Policy And Its Way Forward In Commercial Disputes: The concept of Mediation has been in practise in the Indian civilization since ancient times. -Nishtha Kansal- Posted: 2021/4/8

    Domestic violence effects on children's: Domestic violence occurs when one person tries to dominate and control another person -Shivani Chiragbhai Jani- Posted: 2021/4/8

    Crimes Against Women Under Indian Penal Code, 1860: In the current situation, the violence and the increasing crimes against women is seen by everybody over the world-- Posted: 2021/4/8

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Forestall And The Impending Future Ahead: Polycystic ovary syndrome is a chronic endocrine disorder, metabolic syndrome and fertility -Ashish Dash- Posted: 2021/4/7

    Property Rights Of Women In A Live-In Relationship And Laws Relating Thereto: In the last couple of years, India has seen radical changes on different fronts. One of them being the recognition -Saloni Sinha- Posted: 2021/4/7

    Divorce: The concept of Divorce is introduced by the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955.-Ojaswi Gupta- Posted: 2021/4/7

    The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and Required Amendments: Child molestation also called the child sexual abuse is a sad reality of India. Out of every 10 children, 9 children face it in one or the other way.-Tulika Dixit- Posted: 2021/4/7

    The Goa Law On Polygamy An Overview: Goa is the only Indian state to have a UCC (uniform civil code) in the form of common family law. -Tanya Khan- Posted: 2021/4/7

    Reproductive Rights Of Women: Historically, laws and policies regarding reproductive rights have failed to acknowledge -Anushna Ghosh- Posted: 2021/4/7

    Abortion Laws And Restrictions On Women: Abortion is the termination of the pregnancy by the removal of a foetus or an embryo from the uterus -Anushna Ghosh- Posted: 2021/4/7

    Retorsion And Reprisal: Retorsion and Reprisals are the tools of Settlement of International disputes -Nidhi Yadav- Posted: 2021/4/7

    What is signification of copyright registration, with respect to use of a label: Till date, there were lots of confusion regarding the significance of copyright registration -- Posted: 2021/4/7

    Additional Documents At The Trial Stage: The judgment deals with the issue of production of additional document by the plaintiff’s witness during the course of cross examination in answer to question put by the defendant’s counsel.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/4/6

    Shape Of Good As A Trademark: It is a general saying that A picture is worth a thousand words. A Pictures casts great impression on the human mind. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/4/6

    Analysis Of New OTT Platform Regulation: Indian Government has turned no stone unturned to resort to vigilantism against social media, news reporting -Shaurya Talwar- Posted: 2021/4/6

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    Eviction of Tenants by Banks: There has been a long-standing debate in the courts regarding the balancing of interests of the financial creditors -Lohitaksh Shively- Posted: 2021/4/6

    Suppression of Material Facts And Doctrine of Clean Hands: It is often seen that petitioners file Writ Petitions in the High Court but do not come with clean -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/4/6

    Bail Bond: A written promise, signed by the offender or a person who gives surety of the offender presence -Charulatanarama Parmar- Posted: 2021/4/6

    How To Draft A Research And Development Agreement: An R&D agreement is additionally usually connected to a grant or project arrange -Abhishek Sharma- Posted: 2021/4/6

    Regressively Changing Social Structure: 21st Century Love Jihad Law: Four things are guaranteed to the Indian citizens as per the preamble of the Indian constitution -Abhinav Krishna- Posted: 2021/4/5

    Dower In Light of Shariat: When the marriage vows are recited in the Muslim religion, the husband promises to give or gives his wife a gift -Mohammed Rohin- Posted: 2021/4/5

    Relevance of Fundamental Duties in Present Scenario: When we talk in the context of Indian society then we found that the concept of duty is not a new one. -Philosophus oculus- Posted: 2021/4/5

    Accountability Of Police: The incidence of police brutality, abuse of power and pre-trial detention in India has always remained a serious -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/4/5

    Permanent Prohibitory Injunction: Grant or refusal of an injunction in a civil suit is the most important stage in the civil trial. -Sharfa I khan- Posted: 2021/4/5

    Critical Analysis of Farm Bills 2020: On September 27, 2020, the president of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovid gave his assent to the three farm reform bills -Someshwar Singh Chandel- Posted: 2021/4/5

    Vodafone Case Analysis: Dutch company Vodafone International Holding (HIV) acquired a 100% stake in CGP Investments (Holding) Ltd -Dalal- Posted: 2021/4/5

    Domicile Of Dependence - Quick Glance: By domicile we mean home, the permanent home; and if you do not understand your permanent home -Anuradha Padhy- Posted: 2021/4/4

    Factors Vitiating Free Consent- Coercion and Undue Influence: Factors Vitiating Free Consent- Coercion and Undue Influence -Teesha- Posted: 2021/4/4

    Unwinding The Definition And Schools Of Law Critically: To explain a thing is easier than to define it, to give a definition of law is comparatively a more difficult task due to many reasons -Teesha- Posted: 2021/4/4

    Moral Turpitude In Passport Act v/s Conviction U/S 290 IPC And 103 KPA: means anything done contrary to justice, honesty, modesty or good morals. -Sharfa I khan- Posted: 2021/4/4

    What is legal notice and what is its importance in Check Bouncing cases?: A legal notice is a formal written communication between the parties where the sender notifies the recipient about his intention of undertaking legal proceedings -Payal Mishra- Posted: 2021/4/4

    Law And Justice-A True Source Of Wealth And Power-A Untold Story Of Ancient Kingdom And Their Law Books: When any country has proper Law and Justice (Judicial) System, the Country would acquire wealth -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/4/4

    Writs Under Indian Constitution: having many powers which they exercise to provide justice to the people. -Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2021/4/4

    Capital Punishment: An Uneasy Relationship Of The Indian Justice System With The Administration Of The Death Penalty: All the convicts were hanged to death on 20th March 2020. -Chanda kushwaha- Posted: 2021/4/4

    Franchise Business Model: When a Person plans to start a business but don’t have any idea about the initialization of business, -Gaurav Dubey- Posted: 2021/4/3

    Extra Judicial Killing: A Bane For Justice: Recently, we saw Vikas Dubey a gangster was killed by the Uttar Pradesh Police in an encounter -Ashish Dash- Posted: 2021/4/3

    Internet Ban In India: Internet censorship is basically control or restriction on what information can be publicized -Ojaswa Pratap Singh- Posted: 2021/4/3

    Special Legislation Overrides Arbitration Law Of India: Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 is the procedural law that governs all the arbitrations -Law Senate- Posted: 2021/4/3

    Mergers And Acquisitions In The Indian Banking Sector: Impact On Shares And Performance Check: Behavior of various mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in the Indian Banking sector -Sanyukta Agrawal- Posted: 2021/4/3

    The Nuts And Bolts Of Indian Citizenship: In this we are going to discuss about the part II of the Indian constitution i.e., Citizenship and various amendments that had been amended in The Citizenship Act, 1955. -Anvesha Chaturvedi- Posted: 2021/4/2

    The Conundrum Of Free Speech On Social Media: Social media has a myriad of connotations for different people. -Jasmine Mangat- Posted: 2021/4/2

    Natural Guardianship under Hindu Law: Guardianship is a relationship between the person and the child/ward who is unsound mind -Mayookh Sagar K- Posted: 2021/4/2

    India’s Approach towards Institutional Arbitration: Due to its flexibility and unique process, arbitration becomes the celebrated dispute resolution mechanism -Someshwar Singh Chandel- Posted: 2021/4/1

    Contempt of Court for Wilful Disobedience of its orders: Every Citizen of our country is bound by the orders of the Hon'ble Courts and no one, -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/4/1

    Localised Protectionism In Private Sector Is A Flawed Idea: Affirmative action, a tool introduced to bring the most economically and educationally backward sections -Ayush Sarna- Posted: 2021/4/1

    Triple Talaq or Talaq-e-Biddat: On 22 August 2017 the honourable supreme court of India in Shayara Bano vs Union of India -Hemlata singh- Posted: 2021/4/1

    Case Study On The Grand Prince Case, 1st April, 2001: Parties to the Case: Plaintiff: Belize v/s Defendant: France -- Posted: 2021/4/1

    Free Speech, Sedition And Establishment’s Misery: Free speech has always been an issue for debate in India. Irrespective of the framing of the Constitution -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2021/4/1

    Rape And Judicial Overreach: In a country where we are developing and enlarging the scope of fundamental rights -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2021/4/1

    Legal research on Child Abuse: Child abuse is harm to, or neglect of, a child by another person, whether adult or child. -Neha Singh- Posted: 2021/3/31

    Gender Inequality: A Culture that has dominated the entire Human Civilization: Gender Inequality is one of the most severe issues in our current modern society. -Pinky Mehta- Posted: 2021/3/31

    Rohinyas: The State Identity Crisis: The Rohingya refugee crisis is a genocidal humanitarian disaster that has grown rapidly in numbers and yet, -Divya Praveen Kumar Jain- Posted: 2021/3/31

    The Birth Of The United Nations For The Betterment Of Homo Sapiens And Homo Economicus Globe: For 70 years, the United Nations has worked on the frontlines everyday around the world on the pillars of Human Rights -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2021/3/31

    The Doctrine Of Acceleration: Before 1882 ,when the present act came into picture , the transfer of immovable property in India -Aashimaraj Trivedi- Posted: 2021/3/31

    HC Rules: Society's Faith In Judiciary Should Not Be Shaken: The Bombay High Court in the case of Archana Deepak Jatkar v. State of Maharashtra in Anticipatory Bail -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/3/30

    Morality In the Law of Tort: The word tort is derived from the Latin tortus, meaning twisted. -Priyanshu Fauzdar- Posted: 2021/3/30

    The Use of Blockchain Technology in Online Dispute Resolution: Blockchain technology is praised as the new foolproof technology everywhere. -Ganga Rajmohan- Posted: 2021/3/30

    Prostitution as a profession: Is that a crime in India?: Prostitution is legal in India. Other related activities such as pimping, running a brothel, soliciting is illegal.-Samriddha Guha- Posted: 2021/3/30

    On the Basis of Sex: Passing sexist and misogynistic remarks is nothing new in most of the conversations in our country -Herinder Kaur Brar- Posted: 2021/3/30

    Female Criminality: Another dark side of Patriarchy: Organically, women have come up as the building blocks of every society. -Sonal Khushalani- Posted: 2021/3/30

    Mohesh Chandra Bosu v. Radha Kishore Bhattacherjee: Case Analysis: The plaintiff and the defendant share a professional, intimate relationship wherein it appeared that the latter -Pritika Mansukhani- Posted: 2021/3/30

    Acceptance of third Gender in Indian Society: The framers of the Indian Constitution, while formulating it, envisaged that future India would nurture -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/3/29

    POCSO Act 2012 And Age Of Consent: What should be minimum age of giving valid consent for entering into sexual relationship? -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2021/3/29

    Proxy Advisors: Regulator Of Corporate Mismanagement In India: In the past few years, corporate governance in India has seen various red-flags being called up by proxy advisors -Aayush Akar- Posted: 2021/3/29

    Uniform Civil Code; Need Of The Hour In India: Uniform Civil Code refers to common law for one and all irrespective of the gender, religion or class -Mehak Sachdeva- Posted: 2021/3/29

    The Rights of an Accused Person in India: An Analysis Of The Legal Rights Provided To An Accused Person In India And The Usefulness Of It -Samriddha Guha- Posted: 2021/3/29

    Criminal Court In Bail Proceedings Not To Act As A Recovery Agent To Realize The Dues Of The Complainant: Manoj Kumar Sood Vs. Jharkhand criminal proceedings are not to coerce for realization of disputed civil dues or for procuring civil benefits and the Courts should desist from granting relief in such matters.-Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/3/28

    Whether Minors Committing Heinous Crimes Should Be Treated As Juvenile?: The age of maturity recognised by law is 18 years of age. However, the new generation -Abhinav Rana- Posted: 2021/3/28

    Live in Relationship: Indian and International Perspective: Live-in relation or unmarried cohabitation of a man with a woman has been the focus of many social -Junaid ul Islam- Posted: 2021/3/28

    Animal Rights in India: A critical Analysis: Right can be defined and has been defined by many political philosophers and theorists in several ways -Shivangi Agarwal- Posted: 2021/3/28

    Separation of Powers-Doctrine A Review by Indian Judicial vs Legislative: When we observed the politics phenomena after 1947 India Independence -- Posted: 2021/3/28

    Disrespect By Subordinate Judge Deprecated- HC Showing Benevolence Expunges Adverse Remarks On Tendering Apology And Commitment To Decorum And Courtesies: Katyayana defined the virtues of a good Judge as one who is not cruel, who is sweet-tempered, -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/3/27

    Understanding the Concept of Muslim Will through Legal Lens: A Will is meant to dispose of property. There should be some property that is being given to others when the testator dies.-- Posted: 2021/3/27

    E-Evidence-Shadow Of Uncertainty Looming Over The Indian Courtrooms: In these unprecedented times we have seen how world has started accepting the technological shifts -Tushar Tak- Posted: 2021/3/27

    SC Directs For Recall Of Retired HC Judges - A Welcome Step To Declog The High Courts: The Judicial system of our country is plagued with insurmountable pendency in the subordinate judiciary -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/3/27

    One Nation One Election: Changing Needs Of Indian Election: India is a sovereign, socialst, democratic and republic country. The concept of democracy -Prasang Sharma- Posted: 2021/3/27

    Need For An Indian Film Industry Bare Act: Need For An Indian Film Industry Bare Act -Chandini Prakash- Posted: 2021/3/26

    Child Custody - Read Before You Leap: Custody of a child shall be handed over to such a person who fosters him with care, love and affection -Akansha Upreti- Posted: 2021/3/26

    Freedom Speech: A tool for Governmental Misuse?: Free Speech and Expression of is one of the foundational bedrocks of India along with other ideas -Ayush Aryan- Posted: 2021/3/26

    Criminalization Of Talaq-Ul-Biddat: Retrospective Or Prospective: A watershed moment in the history was witnessed when judiciary of India criminalized -Sharfa I khan- Posted: 2021/3/26

    Justice And Morality: Custodial Deaths And CrPc: When we hear the word custody, people usually apprehend it with the word arrest, -Isha Narang- Posted: 2021/3/25

    Insufficient Evolution of Tort Law: Reasons: The word tort is derived from the Latin tortus, meaning ‘twisted’. It came to mean ‘wrong’ -Priyanshu Fauzdar- Posted: 2021/3/25

    Remoteness Of Damages in Law of Torts: Remoteness Of Damages in Law of Torts -Amritanshu Pushkar- Posted: 2021/3/25

    Dissociative Personality Disorder And Criminal Liability: Psycho is a 1960’s thriller movie and is one of the first movies to introduce the concept of dissociative personality -Pallavi agarwal- Posted: 2021/3/25

    Criminal Psychology: Many TV shows and movies dealing with criminals have made notions about various criminal psychology -Prapti Hota- Posted: 2021/3/25

    Transformative Constitutionalism and Role of Judiciary: Constitution consists of all rules which directly or indirectly affect the distribution or the exercise of sovereign power in the state. -Pranjali Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/3/24

    Trend Of Share Swap M&A: A corporate arrangement where two or more company agrees, on terms, to exchange the equity based asset -Apoorv Bansal- Posted: 2021/3/24

    Review Of Wage Code Bill, 2019 And Its Implications: Wage Code Bill, 2019 is a comprehensive act which simplifies the various labour laws -Divjot Arora- Posted: 2021/3/24

    In Need To Break The Chain Of Corruption - Why Is It Regarded As Important: Corruption is the term which we use to define as an illegal act that is related to the excessive intake of money -A.Raja Rajeshwari Soujanya- Posted: 2021/3/24

    Torts Law And Morality: The Indian society is based on epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. -Sonal Sahu- Posted: 2021/3/24

    Entry and Regulation of Foreign Banks: A study on the Indian Scenario: Banks in India are highly regulated and are very closely monitored by the regulator -Mathews Philip V- Posted: 2021/3/23

    Provisions of Financial Emergency in India: Part XVIII (Article 352-360) of the Constitution of Indian talks about the Emergency Provisions. -Vanshika Jain- Posted: 2021/3/23

    Honour killing: A gift of Casteist Patriarchy: Honour is referred to as the perceived pride and status of the community which can be religion-based, caste-based or sub-caste-based.-Kritika Deora- Posted: 2021/3/23

    Imminent Issues of Yoga Piracy-Traditional Knowledge of India: Imminent Issues of Yoga Piracy-Traditional Knowledge of India -Soorya N- Posted: 2021/3/23

    Indian Patent System, Going Through A Phase Of Technological Advancements: In the last decade, India brought many changes to boost innovation in the country. -Ujjwal Kumar Jha- Posted: 2021/3/23

    Powers Of Attachment Of The Directorate Of Enforcement Under The Prevention Of Money Laundering Act, 2002: The commission of offences dealing with the crime of money laundering, in India, has increased considerably in the last decade or so with huge scandals being uncovered on a regular basis.-Link Legal- Posted: 2021/3/23

    HIV And Aids Legal Provisions With Special Reference To Child Protection Measures In India: Millions of children are today either infected or affected with HIV/AIDS. -Junaid ul Islam- Posted: 2021/3/23

    Case Analysis On Sukhbir Singh v/s State Of Haryana: Lachhman (deceased) and his brother Gulab Singh were smoking hukka and chatting in Lachhman’s residence. -Sabari deeksha choudary- Posted: 2021/3/22

    A New Arrow In The Quiver: The tussle between the Centre and the States is never ending. -Sharad Panwar- Posted: 2021/3/22

    ILO Standards On Forced Labour: At its 103rd Session in June 2014, the International Labour Conference decided overwhelmingly -Shruti Shreyashi Ayush- Posted: 2021/3/22

    Suspension Of IBC Proceeding And Bilateral Investments: How It Affects India?: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020 and The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code -Aayush Akar- Posted: 2021/3/22

    Applicability And Exceptions Of Doctrine Of Res Judicata: Res Judicata is an expression which has been advanced from a Latin proverb, which means the thing has been judged -Shambhavi Shailendra- Posted: 2021/3/22

    Not All Disputes Are Amenable To The Jurisdiction Of Electricity Commission: PPAS Cannot Be Terminated During Moratorium: The Hon'ble Supreme Court in its order dated 08.03.2021 in matter titled Gujarat Vikas Nigam Limited Vs. Mr. Amit Gupta & Ors. -Link Legal- Posted: 2021/3/22

    Application of de facto doctrine in India: The doctrine of de facto officer states that the decisions taken by an official, within the jurisdiction of his office -Kanishk Jaiswal- Posted: 2021/3/22

    Scope Of Inventor’s Rights Upon Termination From Their Employment Or The Applicant Company: In the above three scenarios which I have explained in the introduction part, the second provision applies -C S Sindhur- Posted: 2021/3/22

    Role Of Carrier In Sale Of Goods Act, 1930: Carrier is a person or any entity who, in a contract of carriage or agreement, undertakes to perform -Shivani Gupta- Posted: 2021/3/21

    Democracy And People’s Right To Information : Sneak Into RTI Amendment Act, 2019: For making a government accountable and answerable, the strongest weapon in the hand of people -Pratyay Amrit- Posted: 2021/3/21

    Electronic Contract: A New Normal: COVID-19 has no doubt pushed all the countries more towards digitalization.-Shreyashee Mitra- Posted: 2021/3/21

    Khalistan Issue: Myth & Fact, Solution: Khalistan Movement is a Separatist Movement with main aim to create a Nation State which would serve -Gurpreet Singh- Posted: 2021/3/21

    Doctrine of Separation of Power: An Indian Experience: The doctrine of separation of powers is included by following a somewhat modern approach -Harshvardhan- Posted: 2021/3/20

    Environmentally Responsible Consumerism In India: To know the meaning of environmentally responsible consumerism we have to first understand -Saket Sourav- Posted: 2021/3/20

    Disclosure Of Assets And Liabilities: Maintenance Case: Maintenance laws have been enacted as a measure of social justice to ensure protective discrimination -Khyati Relan- Posted: 2021/3/20

    Unicameralism: Merits, Demerits And Practical Experiences: A unicameral is a form of government having only one legislative house. -Samriddhi Ojha- Posted: 2021/3/20

    Exploring the concept of Primary and Secondary Evidence: To demonstrate a case in a Court of Law, bits of evidence are offered by both the gatherings -Shambhavi Shailendra- Posted: 2021/3/20

    Independence of Judiciary: independent of the tribunal has been a subject of heated civil debates and compositions -Rishabh Chaudhary- Posted: 2021/3/20

    Understanding The Concept Of Preferential Right To Mine: On a plain reading of the phrase, it is made clear that this concept relates to a right -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2021/3/20

    BigBasket vs. Daily Basket: Bigbasket is one of the India's largest online food and grocery store.-Meenakshi Gupta- Posted: 2021/3/20

    NRI Marriages in India: Indian women marrying an NRI has turned from expecting a glamorous lifestyle to a nightmare -Ishita Bhatnagar- Posted: 2021/3/19

    Understanding Minority Rights In Context Of India And Bangladesh: Any discussion on the state of minority rights must precede with a general understanding of the term minority. -Sangram Jadhav- Posted: 2021/3/19

    Can Validity Of A Compromise Decree Which Has Been Acted Upon Be Rescinded/Agitated At A Later Stage On Technical Grounds: whether validity of a compromise decree which has been acted upon can be rescinded/agitated subsequently after a considerable lapse of time of 20 years. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/3/18

    A Warning From Supreme Court: Do Not Sleep Over Your Claims: The recent judgement given by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the matter of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited vs M/s Nortel Networks India Pvt. Ltd.-Vinit Kamdar- Posted: 2021/3/18

    Right To Food: An Element Of Right To Life: Right to food is a basic human right which is not an option or mere thing of charity -Saket Sourav- Posted: 2021/3/18

    Inquisitorial and Accusatory System of Trial in India, England and France: Inquisitorial and Accusatory System of Trial in India, England and France -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Admissibility of Evidence in India and England: The law in most of the democratic countries is based on the principle, Innocent until proven guilty.-Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Role of Prosecutor and Judicial Officer in Investigation: Prosecuting agents will function for criminal proceedings and will not interfere in any judicial matter.-Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Right to Counsel in India and other Countries: A Lawyer can help delineate the issues, present the factual contentions in an ordinary manner -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Evidentiary Value of Statements and Articles seized or collected by Police in India: Every statement recorded by police officer during investigation is neither given on oath -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Pre-Trial Procedures in India and France: Pre-trial procedures involving arrest and investigation assume much importance -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Arrest and questioning of the Accused in India, UK And USA: Arrest involves restriction of liberty of a person arrested and therefore, infringes the basic human rights of liberty. -Nishka Harshad Prajapati- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Uniform Civil Code - A need of the hour: The contradicting nature of Article 15 and Article 25, 26 of the Indian constitution has been a hot topic of debates -Biswayan Bhattacharjee- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Section 69 Of IT Act: Is It A Threat To Our Privacy?: Twitter India recently blocked several twitter accounts like – Caravan India, Kisan ekta morcha and 250 -Shivesh saini- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Mahr under Muslim Law: In old pre- Islamic Arabia, institution of marriage was not developed and many sexual relationships between men and women -- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Indian Legal Approach Towards Euthanasia: the painless extermination of a patient suffering from an incurable or terminal disease or in an irreversible -Dhruv Rajpoot- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Labour Law and it`s evolution in India: Code that governs the specific contractual relationships growing out of the old-style employment status quo -Dhruv Rajpoot- Posted: 2021/3/17

    The Innovation Of Property Rights Of A Hindu Woman: India is a country of so many linguistics, cultures, and religions and national of more than a billion people -Dhruv Rajpoot- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Guidelines To Be Followed By Registered Medical Practitioners To Dispense Medicines: According to the World Health Organization, dispensing refers to the practice of preparing and giving -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/3/17

    Hierarchy of Criminal Courts and their Jurisdiction: Administration of justice is the most important function of the State. -- Posted: 2021/3/16

    Maintainability of a Domestic Violence Petition: Challa Sivakumar and Ors. vs. Challa Anita and Ors -Sharfa I khan- Posted: 2021/3/16

    Usage Of Pardoning Power In The Pandemic Can It Be An Effective Remedy To The Problems Of The Prisons In Covid-19?: Judges discharge justice according to the best of their knowledge and administer the laws -Vikarn Kumar Verma- Posted: 2021/3/16

    Registration Of A Trade Union Under Industrial Relation Code: Labour serves as a spinal cord of the nation as it helps the country to march on the path of development.-Ritika daga- Posted: 2021/3/16

    We The People v/s Technology: It is irrefutable to deny that Democracy is at gunpoint thanks to the rapid development and growth of Silicon Valley technologies -- Posted: 2021/3/16

    Communication In Law Of Contracts: Importance And Legal Consequences: Communication is no wonder, the most essential and integral part of a valid contract.-Shruti Suman- Posted: 2021/3/16

    A Postulation On Human Rights: Human Rights are what reason requires and conscience demands. -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/3/16

    Individual Freedom and Civil society: Individual freedom which is referred to as individualism is basically the relationship between the concept of freedom and the concept of autonomy.-Spriha Jha- Posted: 2021/3/15

    Is Merger A Solution For Downfall Of Indian Banks: Analysis In Light Of Merger Of LVB And DBS India: In the Banking Sector of the Indian Economy, it has become a trend for many years -Aayush Akar- Posted: 2021/3/15

    Environment Issues, Climate Changes And Energy Security In Developing Asia: Four natural components of energy security—environmental change, air contamination, water accessibility -Kratika Singh- Posted: 2021/3/15

    Double jeopardy: Concept and Analysis: The doctrine of Double Jeopardy is one of the most debated concepts in India. -Harshita Patidar- Posted: 2021/3/15

    Women Judges: the negligible number of women judges in supreme court is a matter of concern and is very disheartening at the same time. -Sanika Javdekar- Posted: 2021/3/14

    The Swiss Challenge Method: Infrastructural development and social development are critical inputs for the growth -Veneet Sharma- Posted: 2021/3/14

    Anup Sushil Dubey v/s. National Agriculture Co-operative Marketing Federation of India Ltd: Whether the leasing of an immovable property comes under the definition of operational debt? -Veneet Sharma- Posted: 2021/3/14

    Copyrights in Cyber Law: Rights available and security of an Intellectual Property owned by an original creator on the web.-Siddhi Sharma- Posted: 2021/3/14

    Unsettled Matter Of Preventive Detention v/s Article 22: A Critical Analysis: The purpose of writing this paper was solely to analyse current democratic situation and its compatibility -Amrita Talwar- Posted: 2021/3/14

    Difference Between Culpable Homicide Not Amounting To Murder And Culpable Homicide Amounting To Murder: The word homicide is derived from Latin where homo means man and cida means killing.-Riya Jain- Posted: 2021/3/14

    Acquisition of land under the Indian Railways Act 1989: The following research paper talks about the Indian Railways Act 1989 and its various provisions -Ashna Sharma- Posted: 2021/3/13

    White Collar Crime: White collar crime are the crimes committed by someone of high status throughout the course -Tusharika Singh Gaharvar- Posted: 2021/3/12

    Doctrine of Ultravires: Ultra vires is a Latin phrase that interprets to beyond the powers. this implies that somebody is acting -Tusharika Singh Gaharvar- Posted: 2021/3/12

    Analyzing The Gamut Of Section 436-A Of The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973: With the best interests of under trial prisoners in mind, Section 436-A -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/3/12

    Environmental Protection Law And Policy In India: Environmental pollution is not a new problem, not new in its origin. It is as old as the inception of mankind -Modani- Posted: 2021/3/11

    Gender, Sexuality and Crime: In India, there has been many instances of gender based crimes, sexual crimes occurring in India. -Sonal Bhaskar- Posted: 2021/3/11

    Sexual Offences And Their Punishments: The topic which I have chosen deals with sexual offences and their punishments. -Naga Snigdha Nemani- Posted: 2021/3/10

    Cut, Copy And Paste Technology In Judgments Deprecated No Substitute For Substantive Reasoning - Unreasoned And Non-Speaking Orders Not Sustainable: It is undisputed that Cut, Copy & Paste is a laudable method for reducing transcription errors -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/3/10

    India’s Tryst With Freedom Of Speech And Expression: Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression is a live wire in democracy -Ashmita Barthakur- Posted: 2021/3/10

    Passive Personality Principle: Case Comment on S.S. Lotus (France v. Turkey): One of the most suitable examples of the applicability of a passive personality principle -Akanksha Purohit- Posted: 2021/3/10

    Definitions of Law and its Functions: Law is a vast subject that is constantly changing and evolving. -Shivani Shrivas- Posted: 2021/3/10

    Worlds Largest Democracy Downgraded: Free To Partly Free: India- the world’s largest democratic country, meaning the government in all its forms -Chetna Alagh- Posted: 2021/3/10

    Laws to curb the increased crimes on women in India: India was once personified as Mother India. The land of rich culture, moral values, where a girl child -Kirtika Chakraborty- Posted: 2021/3/10

    Legitimacy Of A Wagering Agreement: Wagering Agreement under the Indian Contract Act. It also discusses the wagering agreement meaning, features, History -Sriman Mishra- Posted: 2021/3/10

    Legal Principles Surrounding The Jurisdiction Of The Supreme Court To Entertain An SLP: The answer to the question of whether the Supreme Court ought to, or ought not to entertain an SLP -Arjun Gupta- Posted: 2021/3/10

    Understanding the Complex Terminology of New Jersey Child Support Cases: When you are concerned about the outcome of a child support case in New Jersey -Sam chain- Posted: 2021/3/10

    Comparative Law: Conceptual Study: Comparative law is an educational discipline in which, the legal systems of different countries are studied. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/3/10

    The Constitution doesn't permit Arbitrary Exercise of Rights: The Constitution of India is the longest Constitution of a sovereign country and constitutes the law -Rishabh Anand- Posted: 2021/3/9

    Technological Neutrality Of TRIPs And E-Commerce: TRIPs agreement of 1995 and the concepts of technological neutrality in e-commerce under its ambit -Anshal- Posted: 2021/3/9

    Victim’s Restitution: A Fading Point In Criminology: The victim constitutes the most important as well as the most aggrieved entity in any criminal justice administration. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/3/9

    Widening The Scope Of POCSO Act: Calm Before The Storm: Recently, In a Judgment passed by Justice Pushpa Ganediwala of the Nagpur bench of the Bombay HC -Rohit Arya- Posted: 2021/3/9

    Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon In Detroit: If you discover yourself facing assault with a deadly weapon charges within the state of Detroit -Smith- Posted: 2021/3/9

    Unsettled matter of Preventive Detention vs Article 22: a critical analysis: The supreme law, our Constitution provides certain fundamental rights to the citizens of India -- Posted: 2021/3/9

    The Life Path Of Trademark Till The Present: The term trademark is not new or suddenly popped up in the text books. -Suchandrima Maity- Posted: 2021/3/8

    Types of Bail under CrPC: Bail means short-term release of an accused person awaiting trial.-Akshita Sharma- Posted: 2021/3/8

    Power of Pardon in India: In India, the roots of the pardoning power may also be found in the Family.-Hemlata singh- Posted: 2021/3/8

    Analysis of Prenuptial Agreement in India: Prenuptial arrangements are now commonly used around the globe as an effective tool for determining spousal -Lisa K- Posted: 2021/3/8

    Basics Of Negotiation And It's Process: Negotiation is the process which helps people settle their differences and disputes. It is the method -Simran Shaikh- Posted: 2021/3/8

    Are the Banks responsible for loss of valuables in Bank Lockers due to Dacoity, Loot, negligence of the Bank or otherwise?: It is common knowledge that all consumers have maximum faith in Banks -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/3/8

    Obscene: The word obscene comes from the Latin word obscenus, which means foul, repulsive, or detestable. -Anshuman Jaiswal- Posted: 2021/3/8

    Contingent Contracts: Under section 31 of Indian Contract Act, 1872, Contingent contract is defined as 'contingent contract -Shreyashee Mitra- Posted: 2021/3/7

    Consideration under Indian Contract Act: Consideration, in contract law, an inducement given to enter into a contract that is sufficient to render -Shreyashee Mitra- Posted: 2021/3/7

    Cyber Laws in India: India is an emerging and developing country (EDC) located in southern Asia. -Harshit Gautam- Posted: 2021/3/7

    Law and Patriarchy: The first three words of the Constitution of India, We, the people encompasses the vision of the society -Vansh Bhatnagar- Posted: 2021/3/7

    Online Defamation And Laws Related To It: In general terms, defamation means the act of communicating false statements about any person -Shreyashee Mitra- Posted: 2021/3/7

    Legal Risk Analysis and Litigation: Legal risk is the potential of losses due to regulatory or legal action that can arise because of an individual's -Ashini Palod- Posted: 2021/3/7

    Farm Laws - India Is An Agri Based Economy: India is an Agri based economy and the majority of our population depend on the Agriculture sector -Kartikey Singh- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Does Your Agency Or Distributorship Agreement Inadvertently Create A Franchise Relationship: Conversely, Does Your Franchise Agreement Create An Agency Or Distributorship Relationship -Carl John Kosnar- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Private International Law: Private law A branch of Jurisprudence arising from the varied laws of varied nations that applies -Yash Vikram Singh- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Zombie Companies: Zombies are companies that earn merely enough money to continue operating and repair debt -Yash Vikram Singh- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Judges And Lawyers Attire: Rationale Behind the Black Gown: Legal and Judicial costume is defined as special occupational dress worn by Judges and members -Damini Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Cyber Laws - A basic understanding: Cyber Law as we all know is the law that deals with crimes done with the help of modern technology -Soubhratra Bhattacharjee- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Divorce as per Section 13 of HMA,1955: Divorce, as we all know is the separation of both the parties in the marriage. -Soubhratra Bhattacharjee- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Damnum Sine Injuria/ Injuria Sine Damnum: In law of torts, we all have come across the terms Damnum Sine Injuria and Injuria Sine Damnum -Soubhratra Bhattacharjee- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Development Of The Law Of The Sea: Law of the Sea is that branch of International Law which deals with the subject of maintaining public order at Sea. -Aditya Agrawal- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Bail Jurisprudence: Criminal Justice system in any country is generally gigantic and complex bestowed with multifarious goals -Nisha Halder- Posted: 2021/3/6

    Right to Die with Dignity as a Fundamental Right under Article 21: From the moment of his birth, a person is clothed with basic human rights. -Rishabh Manik- Posted: 2021/3/5

    RTI Act and Constitution of India: An Analysis: The real Swaraj will come not by the acquisition of authority by a few, but by the acquisition of capacity by all to resist authority when abused -Rahul Gupta- Posted: 2021/3/5

    Child Rights And Their Socio Economic Exploitation: Legal Issues And Challenges: Every child is a gift of God a gift must be nurtured with care and affection, with in the family and society.-Rahul Gupta- Posted: 2021/3/5

    Dickinson v/s Dodds (1876, 2 Ch D 463): Case Analysis: The defendant, John Dodds, on Wednesday, the 10th June, 1874, conveyed to the offended party -Rishav Raj- Posted: 2021/3/5

    Realm of Public Policy and Enforcement of Domestic Arbitral Award: Arbitration offers parties with a plethora of advantages over litigation in commercial disputes.-Link Legal- Posted: 2021/3/5

    Constitutionality Of The Website Blocking Law Of India And The Procedure Followed By It: There are numerous laws which operate specifically to regulate the working of websites.-Nabilah Rahman- Posted: 2021/3/4

    WHO: Is there any hope?: World Health Organisation i.e. WHO, as the name suggests is an organisation that works in the health care sector -Harshit S Gahlot- Posted: 2021/3/4

    A New Education Policy for a New India: The world is a dynamic place, within a blink of an eye you would see something new in front of you -Harshit S Gahlot- Posted: 2021/3/4

    Women Not A Chattel- Courts Stringent At Sexual Harassment By The Powerful: Cases of sexual harassment at workplace have become rampant in our Country. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/3/4

    The Law And The Mind - Indian Legal System And Mental Illness: Indian Legal System refers to the system of laws which operate in the country. -Ishika Gautam- Posted: 2021/3/4

    Appointment Of A Person As A Sole Arbitrator By One Party Barred In Law Even If The Same Be Provided In The Arbitration Agreement Between The Parties?: Perkins Eastman Architects DPC and Ors. v. HSCC (India) Ltd.1 wherein the Hon'ble Supreme Court -Sumit Kumar Shukla- Posted: 2021/3/4

    Lobbying Disclosure Laws in France, Germany and the UK: In today's world, lobbyists have become an essential component of the law-making process in most modern-day democracies -Jivitesh Singh- Posted: 2021/3/4

    Realism and liberalism in International Relations: An Analysis: In international relations, in foreign policy, a great deal has to do with historical circumstances, a great deal has to do with the sense and perception of people. -Sanjoli verma- Posted: 2021/3/4

    Law And Morality: Idealistic and Pragmatic Theory: If the law lags behind popular standard, it falls into disrepute; if the legal standards are too high, there are great difficulties of enforcement -Sanjoli verma- Posted: 2021/3/4

    Allotment of shares by a Public Company in an Open Market system with IPO And FPO: The term company has no strict and definite meaning in technical or legal sense -Sanjoli verma- Posted: 2021/3/4

    Non-Marital Cohabitation: The institution of marriage appears to have been evolved with a view to discipline sexual relations -Vidhi Jain- Posted: 2021/3/3

    Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge Under Biological Diversity Act, 2002: India is one of the most biodiversity in the world, also one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/3/3

    The Responsibility of the Civil Service Officials in the Progress of Administration: In a democracy , the civil services play an extremely important role in the administration -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2021/3/2

    Decoding the concept of Transit Bail: Bail is a commonly known and well established concept of the Code of Criminal Procedure -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2021/3/2

    The Contempt of Court Act, 1971: Strengthening Judiciary: See you in Court , the most commonly used statement in any case of dispute in India, from a brawl between neighbours -Madhav Krishan Sareen- Posted: 2021/3/2

    Right Of Expression: A Lucrative Political Tool To Influence Democracy In The Contemporary World: Freedom to speech and expression, the golden right of the non-colonial era -Suraj Kumar- Posted: 2021/3/2

    Exploitation of Children in India: Children make up for a large portion of the society not just in India but in the entire world. -Satyam Singh- Posted: 2021/3/2

    Political Parties: Political party, a group of persons organized to acquire and exercise political power -Nidhi Narnolia- Posted: 2021/3/2

    Cyber Crime In India: An Overview: With the increasing use of computers in society, cybercrime has become a major issue.-Nidhi Narnolia- Posted: 2021/3/2

    A Critical Analysis of the Three Farm Acts, 2020: The Indian Parliament passed three agriculture bills, these bills replace the ordinances -Adhip Ray- Posted: 2021/3/2

    Land Mark Judgments On Family Law For The Year 2020: No limitation period for a divorced wife to claim property endowed with her husband.-Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/3/2

    A Brief Analysis Of The Principle Of Indemnity With Respect To Marine Insurance Contract: The primary objective of an insurance contract, which is based on the idea of the Principle of indemnity -Ronak Pattanaik- Posted: 2021/3/2

    The Right against exploitation Seems to be exploited: According to Global slavery index, 2016 , 18.3 million people are engaged in modern slavery in India -Md Hasnain Raza- Posted: 2021/3/2

    Legal Dimension of Geographical Indications: Geographical indications means any indication which define the goods as originating in the territory -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/3/2

    Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Under International Law: The following research paper substantiates the historical and legal factors pertaining to nuclear weapons -Ashna Sharma- Posted: 2021/3/1

    Error In Judgment By Doctors Does Not Constitute Civil/ Criminal Negligence - Grant Of Ex-Gratia Compensation By Courts In Such Cases A Welcome Step: Tamil Selvi Vs. The State of Tamil Nadu & others whether the State is liable to pay just & reasonable damages/ compensation on death -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/3/1

    How To File Civil Case: भारत में सिविल केस दर्ज कराने के लिए एक प्रोसीजर बनाया गया है -Yuvraj Rower- Posted: 2021/3/1

    Free Consent in Contracts and its components: Contracts in India are regulated by the Indian Contract Act, 1872. -Sayandeep Chakraborty-Posted: 2021/3/1

    The Kinds Of Punishments In Benthamite Era: The nature of the evil is the same, but how different the effect! Jeremy Bentham wrote The Theory of Legislation -Aradhya Singh- Posted: 2021/3/1

    Child Sexual Abuse In India: India is home to 430 million children. Children are considered an essential pillar in the nation's development -Ishita Bhatnagar- Posted: 2021/3/1

    Interpretation Perspective With Regards To Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005 And Gender Bias: The long title of the Act itself says that the Act is for an effective protection of women from domestic violence. -Gul Zehra- Posted: 2021/3/1

    State Of Bihar v/s. Kameshwar Singh AIR 1952 Sc 252: The matter of the purchase of property by the Government and the reimbursement given to the claimant -Jay Gajbhiye- Posted: 2021/3/1

    The Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Act, 1971: A Need For Stringent Laws: For the past three decades, several nations have modernized their abortion legislation -Jay Gajbhiye- Posted: 2021/3/1

    Law Practice Compared India v/s Canada: You’re a lawyer with an established practice or you are a law student or you have just passed high school -Vaibhav Sachdeva- Posted: 2021/3/1

    Questioning The Unpredictability; A Legal Insight Into Necrophilia: The Indian legislature over time has been developing new laws from the basic evolution of cases. -Jay Gajbhiye- Posted: 2021/3/1

    Regulatory Compliance in the Business World: Regulatory compliance is a type of regulatory risk that is an important part of running a business. -Ashini Palod- Posted: 2021/3/1

    Doctrine of Fraudulent Transfer under Section 53 of TPA: Lord Keeper in the case of Partridge v Gopp had enunciated certain words which are relevant herein -Pushkaraj- Posted: 2021/2/28

    What Is Right To Information: Right to information is an act enacted by the parliament of India in 15 June, 2005 -Aman gupta- Posted: 2021/2/28

    Whether Differential Voting Rights Are Against Principles Of Healthy Corporate Governance: A consultation paper on the issuance of DVR shares has been released by SEBI -Vidushi Puri- Posted: 2021/2/28

    Dowry Death: A critical analysis of laws made for women’s protection in India: Marriage is a holy matrimony of two people who believe and promises each other to love and respect each -Aayushi Selot- Posted: 2021/2/28

    Hypocrisy In Indian Democracy: Hypocrisy is a big issue in most societies, but it's a particularly problematic one in India. -Fatehh Singh Majithia- Posted: 2021/2/27

    Constitutional Morality: Are the same sex marriages immoral? Why is racism wrong? Should the law permit surrogacy? -Chandra Prakash Rajora- Posted: 2021/2/27

    Women’s Rights In Succession And Inheritance: The right to inheritance of a property is vested by an individual from the birth under the Mitakshara school of Hindu law. -Vipul Vedant- Posted: 2021/2/27

    The Necessity Of A Legal Yard Stick To Measure The Behavior Of Religions: Religious law means rituals or traditions that have been practiced by people for centuries. -D.M.K.A.H.Bandara- Posted: 2021/2/26

    Rights of Victims under the current Criminal Justice System: United Nations recognized the Declaration of the Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power -Saksham Srivastava- Posted: 2021/2/26

    Aims and Objectives of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986: It was with the emergence of the laissez-faire economy that the thought of consumer is king -Aditi Gupta- Posted: 2021/2/26

    Agitation Against Farm Bills: The farmers produce trade and commerce (promotion and facilitation) bill, 2020. -Lakshya Malik- Posted: 2021/2/26

    All you need to know on Benami Property law: The term Benami is originated from the Persian language. It literally means the state of being without a name - Gunjeet Singh- Posted: 2021/2/26

    Protecting Intellectual Property for Covid-19 Innovations: The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most serious global health crisis that the world is going through -Yojana Sonkusare- Posted: 2021/2/26

    Time to revisit POCSO? A bold verdict, surely the need of the hour: Law is nothing but common sense shrouded in rules. As the famous quote goes, law has to grow through logic -Ajj H. Murjani- Posted: 2021/2/25

    Doctrine of Repugnancy: Repugnancy can be defined as the contrary or the disconfirmation between two or more parts of a statute -Astitva Vatsa- Posted: 2021/2/25

    Conceptual Study of Information Technology Law: Information technology law, also known as cyber law, is related to legal informatics and governs -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/25

    Right to Information Act, 2005: The Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI) has came into existence in year 2005 -Vishal Khushalchand Soni- Posted: 2021/2/25

    All about Facebook Jail: In modern times, the use of Facebook is one of the most practical and common factors -Sandeep rana- Posted: 2021/2/25

    Fair Use (Section 52 Of Copyright Act): Protected innovation Rights (IPRs) can be seen as including two sections i.e. industrial property and copyright. -Riyaa Singh- Posted: 2021/2/24

    Legal Education System: Legal education means taking knowledge as well as skills in the subjects of law to be prefect in the profession -Juhi Gaba- Posted: 2021/2/24

    Does the POSH Act Need a Revisit? A Comprehensive Analysis: The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 -Adhip Ray- Posted: 2021/2/24

    Comparison Of Sections 6(A) And Section 43 - Jumma Masjid Mercara v/s Kodi Maniandra Deviah: comparison between Section 6(a) and Section 43 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 -Aradhya Singh- Posted: 2021/2/24

    Whether the Registration of the Mark Shyam being a God's name, is valid or not: The Conundrum: whether the use of the label Shyam on goods manufactured by the respondent company in spite of being a prefix -Richaa Mukhopadhyay- Posted: 2021/2/24

    Validity of over the top platforms Dire need of regulatory authority: Online content is in the need of a regulatory mechanism that may offer a protective measure to its audienc -Prijwal Kumar- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Critical Appraisal Of Various Definitions Of Jurisprudence Which In Your Opinion Best Suits The Nature Of Jurisprudence As Master Science Of Law: The Study of Jurisprudence has started with the Romans. It involves the study of the theoretical question of law -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Critical Analysis On Essar Steel Judgement With Its Key Highlights: The term connected persons has defined in Section 29A cover a lot of persons such as those who promote, control, and manage the resolution applicants -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Understanding The Control Mechanism Over Delegated Legislation In India And Critically Analyzing The Judicial Control Of Delegated Legislation With Relevant Case Laws: Delegated legislation that it was an expression which covered a multitude of confusion -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Short Analysis On National Emergency In India: National Emergency (Article 352) is a kind of emergency proclaimed by President of India -Aditi Shreenivas Prabhune- Posted: 2021/2/23

    India is Constitution Democracy or Parliamentary Democracy, Separation of Powers-Doctrine: When we have completely studied the politics phenomena after Independence in 1947 -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/2/23

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    Chappell And Co Ltd vs. Nestle Co Ltd [1960] - Case Analysis: Winneton Music Corporation was in the year 1959 the sole owners of the copyright of a musical record named 'Rockin' Shoes'. -Nabilah Rahman- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Constitution, Constitutionalism and Constitutional Morality in India: The Constitution of independent India stands for the will of the people. -Nusrat Jahan- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Intellectual Property and Its Conventions: Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Contract with Minor: Time ripen for change or not: A person who has not attained the age of majority is refeered as a minor. -Arnav P Kumar- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Evolution Of Judgments With Regard To Religious Controversies Dealt By The Indian Courts: Article 25 And 26 Of The India Constitution: The makers of the Indian Constitution envisioned a model of secular political system -Dhruva- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Insurance products and indemnity: Life is full of risks and unpredictable events and it is important to duly safeguard yourself -Brahm sareen- Posted: 2021/2/23

    HC holds Animals to be protected under Article 21, 51A(g) And 51A(h): Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test consists of its attitude towards -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Prisoners: Human Behind The Bars: As we all know in India we follow the concept of 'Preventive theory of punishment' and 'the Reformative theory -Karandeep Singh- Posted: 2021/2/23

    First Information Report (FIR) And Meaning Of Zero FIR: First Information Report (FIR) can be defined as a written document prepared by the police -Vishal Khushalchand Soni- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Analytical Positivisim Indian Prespective: Many jurists have made their efforts to define law, its sources, and nature. -Karandeep Singh- Posted: 2021/2/23

    Critical Study On Sedition Laws In India: The sedition law came to light in 2016, in which three students from Jawaharlal Nehru University -Md Shah Minhajuddin- Posted: 2021/2/22

    Uniformity In Legal Drinking Age In India: A Call Of The Hour: Alcohol consumption, legal drinking age in India, uniformity in legal drinking age in India -Nidhi Narnolia- Posted: 2021/2/22

    To Analyze The Scope of the term Consumer: Inspite of the plenitude of law, to check the supply of inferior quality of goods, rate of profit -Debadrita Goppy- Posted: 2021/2/22

    The Concept of Uniform Civil Code in India with reference to the Social Structure of India: Uniform Civil Code is considered to be an essentialist move by the feminists -Debadrita Goppy- Posted: 2021/2/22

    The Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur: Res Ipsa Loquitur is a Latin phrase that means the thing speaks for itself. -Medha Rudra- Posted: 2021/2/22

    Analysis of Legislation As a Source of Law: The word law is derived from a Teutonic word Lag which means definite. -Ishaan Saluja- Posted: 2021/2/22

    Gifts under Muslim Law: Validity And Types: A hiba or gift is: a transfer of the property, made immediately, and without any exchange, -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/22

    Suits by Indigent Person: Order XXXIII of the Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (hereinafter as CPC) deals with Suits by Indigent Persons. -Aadarsh Lunia and Satya Sai Srija- Posted: 2021/2/22

    Is the Uniform Civil Code need of the hour?: The above phrase isn’t an idiom, it’s a line from a poem. It’s implying that haste is like delay.-Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    T. Devadasan v Union of India (1964) SC 179: a Case Analysis: In Devadasan v. Union of India[1], also known as carry forward rule case -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Eating Socio-Economic Rights: portraying these discussions on the socio-economic justice issues, as found in the constitution of the Republic of South Africa in 1996 -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    A write-up on the video of Justice R.F. Nariman at IAF Delhi Launch, 2015: The video was about the right to arbitrate. He talked about progressive Indian Contract Act, 1872 -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    The Study Of Public Policy Bar On Enforcement Of Arbitral Awards In India Vis-A-Viz The Idea In Economics: The expression public policy has not been defined in the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Sustainable Human Resource Management:Sustainable Human Resource Management -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Indemnity vs. Guarantee: Indemnity (Reimbursement) and Guarantee (Assurance) are cut out of the same cloth -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Anti-Defection Law - Uttarakhand Case 2016 (Dissolution): Significantly following quite a few years, the reason and soul of the Anti-Defection law from 1985 -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Agitation on Farm Bills: After the Independence in 1947, farmers directly used to sell their agricultural produce to the consumers -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Practices of Polygamy Under Muslim Law in India: Although polygamy being a prohibited practice as per the Indian laws but also the exception -Abhay Dev Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/21

    A WilFul Defaulter Under Indian Legal Scenario: Unlike the other cases wilful defaulters are those lenders who may repay the loans but are refuse -Abhay Dev Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Sexual Harassment of Women; A detailed study of its criminal liability at workplace: Sexual Harassment is the unwanted behaviour exhibited by someone, irrespective of the gender -Arghyadeep Panda- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Legality of Marital Rape in India: Marriage is a religious ceremony and it means that any sexual act within wedlock is not wrong and is legal -Aditi Gupta- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Tax Evasion: Tax is a common contribution towards the government according to everybody's ability -Ragma Ramesan- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Infancy and Criminal Liability: A comparative Study: There is no proper definition of crime, but we can understand that it is an unlawful act that is forbidden -Ragma Ramesan- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Advocate To Be A Gentleman, Honest, Principled And Obedient To Safeguard The Reputation Of This Profession: Advocates are a Noble profession and held in high esteem in the society. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Cyber Crime Among the Youths: First, we need to understand What Is Cyber Crime? By the word we get to know it’s a computer-oriented crime,-Sakshi Verma- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Wilful Defaulters: The RBI has defined wilful default as unit. As per the RBI guidelines, a wilful default would occur -Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    DVR and Corporate Governance: Section 43 of the Companies Act, 2013 talks of Differential Voting Rights proposed by SEBI are shares devoid-Aadarsh Lunia- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Conceptual Study on Uniform Civil Code, Will, Gift and Wakf: Uniform Civil Code seeks to replace personal laws based on the scriptures and customs -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Future Of Digital Forensics In India: An Analysis: Digital Forensics is defined as the process of preservation, identification, extraction, and documentation -Shuvangi Gupta- Posted: 2021/2/21

    Transition of India from Socialism to capitalism: Dr. Manmohan Singh once said that - India is a rich country inhabited with very poor people -Abey Thomas- Posted: 2021/2/20

    Poor And The Law: A Critical Analysis:Poverty is a universal phenomenon as no country is spared from the same and also no country -Arya Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/20

    Critical Analysis of Separation of Power: The three main organs of the government are the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. -Sarthak Tripathi- Posted: 2021/2/20

    Tenant cannot dictate And question the adequacy/requirement of space for the proposed business venture of the Landlord: It is common knowledge that whenever a landlord moves in the Court for ejection of a tenant -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/2/20

    Section 498A- A Weapon Or A Shield: In a country like India which is full of different cultures ,customs it is believed that marriage is the purest kind of custom. -Palak Sinha- Posted: 2021/2/20

    Maintenance Under Section 125 CrPc: Maintenance granted irrespective of personal laws. -Neha Chaudhary- Posted: 2021/2/20

    A detailed analysis on Insurance Ombudsman rules, 2017: Insurance is full of risks, but excluding the risks undertaken by the insured and the insurer, certain technicalities -Brahm Sareen- Posted: 2021/2/19

    Increasing Rate Of Police Encounters In India: Encounter killing is a term used in India and Pakistan, since, the late 20th century -Rashi Agarwal- Posted: 2021/2/19

    Section 40 of the Indian Evidence Act: The verdict of a court would usually be in favor of one party and against the other party -Sarthak Tripathi- Posted: 2021/2/19

    Law For Minor Agreement: Time Ripen Change Or Not: The study and the concept of agreements by the minor originated from the concept of competency -Jass Kaur Bindra- Posted: 2021/2/19

    Adoption and Guardianship: Law states that any Indian, non-Indian or a foreigner can adopt a child who is medically fit -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/19

    Understanding the law as a means of social change: Society, when we think about is in a natural state of equilibrium. It takes its own course with time. -Bhamini Tanwani- Posted: 2021/2/19

    Cooperative Federalism: Federalism is derived from the Latin word foedus, which means ‘agreement' or ‘treaty'. -Prajjwal Singh- Posted: 2021/2/19

    Communication in Law of Contracts: Communication! The most important essence of human life. Man is a social animal, and imagining life -Dhairya Jain- Posted: 2021/2/19

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    Legal Status of Pre-nuptial Agreements in India: Contracts are an intrinsic part of the human life. They are involved in almost all of our day-to-day activities. -Saket Mishra- Posted: 2021/2/19

    Arrest Of Nikita Jacob: A Brazen Misuse Of Warrant Jurisdiction By Police And Court: A news was published on 15.02.2021 by various media groups that a Delhi court has issued non-bailable warrant -Nishant Khatri- Posted: 2021/2/19

    The Legal System in India: An Analysis: India has one of the oldest legal systems in the world with its laws and jurisprudence dating back -Sarthak Mishra- Posted: 2021/2/18

    Importance of communication in Law of Contract: Any agreement with legal enforceability is a Contract. -Ishaan Saluja- Posted: 2021/2/18

    An Analysis Of Voidable Contracts: When a person has assented to an offer given to him by another person, he is said to accept the offer -Ayush Kumar- Posted: 2021/2/18

    Customs As A Source Of Law: Custom is an embodiment of those principles which have commanded themselves to the national conscience, as a principle of justice and public utility -Nachiket Kaul- Posted: 2021/2/18

    Brief Analysis Of Sabarimala Temple Case Indian Young Lawyers Association V/S Kerala: Sabarimala temple is situated at Sabarimala in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala. -Vineet Mishra- Posted: 2021/2/18

    Eminent Ordinances Passed in 2020: The Uttar Pradesh State government promulgated the Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion -SabKuch Legal- Posted: 2021/2/18

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    Role Of An Agent: The article examines the characteristics and role of an agent under the Indian Contract Act, 1872 -Swathy sudhir- Posted: 2021/2/18

    Remedies against harassment by Recovery Agents: There are numerous cases of the oppressive and illegal conduct of recovery agents attempting to recover -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/2/18

    Abetment to Suicide an offence under Section 306 of Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860: A person is accountable for abetment to suicide when any of the following conditions are fulfilled -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/2/18

    MC Mehta v Union of India, AIR 2002 SC 1696 (CNG Vehicles Case), Case Note: Article 21 of the constitution provides the right to life which includes the right -Anamika Tiwari- Posted: 2021/2/17

    How has tort law responded to environmental harm issues in India?: Tort is generally understood to be a civil wrong. It is an action or omission that -Anamika Tiwari- Posted: 2021/2/17

    Courts deprecate practice of filing PIL for Publicity, Personal/Political/Monetary Gains- impose exemplary costs for abuse of the process of law: The citizens are becoming aware of their rights and whenever they feel that government policies -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/2/17

    Analytical Study of The Specific Relief Amendment Act, 2018: The Specific Relief Act, 1963 provides some specific performance measures which offer a remedy -Rajat Nischal- Posted: 2021/2/17

    Benefits of Farm Bill 2021: India is an agricultural country. More than 70% of India's population is directly or indirectly -Shubhi jaiswar- Posted: 2021/2/17

    Satyabrata Ghose V Mugneeram Bangur And Co And Smt.Sushila Devi V Hari Singh Case Reasoning: Both the cases come under the ambit of Section 56 which includes the doctrine of frustration theory -Pragyanshu Gautam- Posted: 2021/2/17

    Reasoned Decision And Speaking Order: Administrative bodies are obliged by concept of Natural justice to act fairly. Natural justice plays an important role -Vineet Tripathi- Posted: 2021/2/17

    Interpretation Of Tax Statutes: Government of India is confined into three branches for example Legislature, Executive and Judiciary -Biswajeet Routray- Posted: 2021/2/16

    Concept of Live-in Relationship and Maintenance: There is no particular law in India to lay down the rights and commitments for the parties in a live-in relationship -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/16

    Law of Minor Agreement: Time ripen for change: Minority has been an attraction point for diverse opinions. -Nishchal Kumawat- Posted: 2021/2/16

    Why National Parties Struggles To Compete With State Parties In Tamil Nadu? Reasons, Challenges, Bottleneck: A Fundamental research on the Tamilndau on the aspects of the historical & Cultural & political science -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/2/16

    Internet Broadcasting Under The Copyright Act, 1957: In today's knowledge society, a country's social and economic development depends heavily on the production -K Anjali- Posted: 2021/2/16

    Are Verbal And Emotional Abuse Really Normal? An Insight To The Implications They Can Cause: Many researchers say that this pandemic has increased the crime of abuse -Aishwarya- Posted: 2021/2/16

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    Concept of public documents: Public Documents are documents or records that are authenticated by the public officer. -Sabari Deeksha Choudary- Posted: 2021/2/16

    What Is Insider Trading: Since the very first stock exchange was organized in the sixteenth century, numerous -Swathy sudhir- Posted: 2021/2/16

    Family Law and its Sources: Concept of Marriage and Divorce: All over the world, marriage began as a sacrament (religious ceremony). Hindus took marriage as indissoluble -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/16

    Supreme Court of India puts an end to one party appointed sole Arbitrator system: Without having system to ensure impartiality and independence of Arbitrators, arbitration cannot gain confidence -Law Senate- Posted: 2021/2/16

    The Pandemic Times: Yes! We all are aware of the current situation in our country. -Nidhi Samanotra- Posted: 2021/2/16

    Intangible Assets for a Business Organization and its Valuation: In this modern fast-growing world, innovation and technology have become very competitive factors. -Kinjal Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/16

    Analysis: Salmond And Winfield Theories In Law Of Tort Or Law Of Torts: Jurist and various other authorities of law have expressed many different views about the correct nomenclature -Sheel singhal- Posted: 2021/2/15

    Child Abuse And Pornography: We, the modern generation of 21st century is living in an all-correct world where -Harshika singh- Posted: 2021/2/15

    Extension Of Time Limit Under Certain Compliances Specified In Income Tax Act, 1961 And Special Economic Zones Act, 2005: Ministry Of Law And Justice - The Taxation And Other Laws (Relaxation And Amendment Of Certain Provisions) Act, 2020 -Shanmuga Dev- Posted: 2021/2/15

    Women And Drafting Of The Indian Constitution: The Indian Constitution is the longest and one of the most comprehensive pieces of legal document in the world.-Swathy Sudhir- Posted: 2021/2/15

    Environmental Pollution And Related Case Laws: The Indian heritage and culture have an intimate relation with conservation and protection -Nandita Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/15

    Two Judgements Disrobing POCSO Act: Children are one of the most important marginalized group of the society because of their inability to freely -Devanshi Saxena- Posted: 2021/2/15

    Difference Between Murder And Culpable Homicide: killing of human being by a human being , it can of two type one is lawful homicide and other is criminal homicide -Nihal Singh- Posted: 2021/2/15

    Coincidence: A New Test For Copyright Law?: The Supreme Court in R.G. Anand v. Deluxe Firms (1978)(1) laid down that an idea can never get the protection of copyright -Ishan Vijay Avadhanam- Posted: 2021/2/15

    Role of Legislation and Importance of Right to Information Act: role of legislation in the evolution and impact of the Right to Information Act 2005 in India.-Abhyudaya Raj Mishra- Posted: 2021/2/15

    Critical Analysis Of The Fair Dealing Provision As Under India’s Copyright Law: Fair dealing is an integral part of copyright law and has been widely discussed globally.-Saloni Gupta- Posted: 2021/2/15

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    Role Of The Judiciary In Upholding Constitutionalism: The Constitution of India provide a shape for political, economic, and social democracy -Badrul Alam- Posted: 2021/2/14

    Climate Change: This is a term used to describe the warming which occurs on earth in general.-Amish- Posted: 2021/2/14

    Which Path To Choose Left Or Right?: The political spectrum refers to the range of political positions or opinions that exist from the progressive left wing to the conservative right wing.-Manuj gautam- Posted: 2021/2/14

    Role of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR ) in building Soft-power And Cultural Diplomacy: Role of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR ) in building Soft-power And Cultural Diplomacy -Sayed Qudrat- Posted: 2021/2/14

    Hidayat Intiqalat Mutation Rules Under Revenue Laws (Jammu And Kashmir): Hidayat Intiqalat Mutation Rules Under Revenue Laws (Jammu And Kashmir) -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/14

    Jamabandi Record of Rights Under Land Revenue Laws Jammu And Kashmir: Under section 21 of the Land Revenue Act Svt. 1996, a record prepared at the time of settlement or revision -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/14

    Doctrine Of Article 14: I will here discuss about the reasonable classification and the difference between arbitrariness and right of equality -Nihal Singh- Posted: 2021/2/14

    Trademark Strategies: The topic trademark and subsequently the various strategies related to trademark falls -Rajat Nischal- Posted: 2021/2/13

    Anuradha Bhasin Vs Union of India,2020 - A case comment: The following case is remarkable as the Supreme Court striked a balance between the security of the citizens -Biswayan Bhattacharjee- Posted: 2021/2/13

    Child Marriage: Child is a person who has not completed twenty-one years of age, if a male, and if a female, has not completed eighteen years of age -Lakshita Khurana- Posted: 2021/2/13

    Protection Of Right Of Refugee Through Judiciary: India continues in receiving refugee inspite of its overpopulation where millions of people are below poverty line -Pranjal Rai- Posted: 2021/2/13

    Police Atrocity: The unfair and savagely violent use of power by the police is called police atrocity.-Samridhi Lodha- Posted: 2021/2/13

    Radioactive Pollution: There is also terrestrial radiations from radioactive elements present within the earth's crust. -Mansi Joshi- Posted: 2021/2/13

    If Cheque Of Wife Given In Discharge Of Husband's Liability Gets Dishonoured, Can Prosecution U/S 138 Of NI Act Be Launched Against Her?:The Madras High Court in the case of M.Jaishankar Vs. M/s.Sree Gokulam Chits and Finance Corporation Private Limited -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/2/13

    Preponderance Of Probabilities: Preponderance Of Probabilities -Yash Vikram Singh- Posted: 2021/2/13

    Legal Aspects of Goods, Partnership and Negotiable Instruments: Commercial law plays significant role in the smooth functioning of trade and commerce. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/13

    Why Did Babri Masjid Mediation Failed?: Mediation is a facilitative process in which disputing parties engage the assistance of an impartial third party -- Posted: 2021/2/12

    Growing Concerns over Cyber Harassment Against Women: The use of internet in India started in 1995 and since several decades our lives have been fused directly -Srishti Prakash- Posted: 2021/2/12

    Delayed Justice in Death Penalty: A West Bengal court's decision awarding death penalty to 11 convicts, including a Trinamool Congress leader -Damini Chauhan- Posted: 2021/2/12

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    Law And Financial AI- A system that is less Unnatural and more Brilliant: There are so many examples through which the advent of Artificial Intelligence -Anshika Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/12

    Shadow Libraries: Moral Impetus v/s Copyright Protection: Quality research rarely occurs in a vacuum. One would need to pore over a large corpus of work -Rhea Tewary- Posted: 2021/2/12

    United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction And National Platform For Disaster Risk Reduction In Correlation With Uttarakhand Glacier Burst Case: The following research paper tries to explain how disaster management and reduction ideologies -Ashna Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/12

    Multi Culturalism And Global Consciousness: Since the boom of the technology era in the late 20th century, globalization has changed our world dramatically. -Badrul Alam- Posted: 2021/2/11

    The Concept Of State Recognition With Respect To Public International Law: The main addressors of the International law are the Sovereign states. -Jonah Elisa Shiny- Posted: 2021/2/11

    Covid Impact On Sex Workers And Their Families: Eyes full of seductive approach, luscious pouting red lips, nicely done hair -Harshika Singh- Posted: 2021/2/11

    Contemporary Condition Of The Industrial Pollution And Its Laws In India Through The Case Of Singrauli And Sonbhadra: Industrial pollution or pollution brought about by ventures is a malevolent that should be tended to and handled -- Posted: 2021/2/11

    Analysis of water pollution regulations in India and China: Part IV A, Article 51-A of the Indian Constitution talks about fundamental duties of every Indian citizen. -Tejas Kapur- Posted: 2021/2/11

    Laws Governing Merchant Bankers in Public Issue of Securities: The country has witnessed the inundation of corporate houses, especially post 1991 LPG policy. -Sanjay Shisodia- Posted: 2021/2/11

    Contribution of Banking in Women Empowerment: For sustainable development, gender equality is crucial. Gender equality does not imply that men -Yash Vikram Singh- Posted: 2021/2/11

    Binding Nature Of Supreme Court of India: The Law Declared by the supreme court shall be binding on all courts within the territory of India. -Yash Vikram Singh- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Victim Compensation: An Overview: Crime is that essence of the society, whose existence can be neither neglected nor denied. -Ayushi Singh- Posted: 2021/2/10

    The great Indian Debate on Nationalism: Gandhi v Tagore: The difference of idea of a nation and nationalism between Tagore and Gandhi. -Indrajeet K Singh- Posted: 2021/2/10

    The Law of Protest Petition in India: Protest Petition is nowhere defined in the Criminal Procedure Code but is a very important aspect as the criminal law practice is concerned.-Pradipta Nath- Posted: 2021/2/10

    The Concept Of Apratibandha Daya And Sapratibandha Daya In Hindu Law: Vineeta Sharma vs. Rakesh Sharma the Supreme Court finally clarified the confusion created after the 2005 amendments in the Hindu Succession act -Abhay Dev Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Doctrine Of Separation Of Power: The separation of power is also known as Trans Politica. The doctrine of separation of power -Anis Ahmad- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Why the largest democracies in the world try to regulate Crypto? Reasonable reasons and causes: A Fundamental research about the complicity of use of crypto currency and kind of crypto currencies -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Critical Analysis Of The Hague Convention With Reference To India: The word Hijack was first used in 1923, in the meaning defined as to steal by stopping a vehicle on the highwa -Nishchal Kumawat- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Board of Directors and its Powers: A company is an artificial person and it acts through directors. Directors are collectively known as the Board of Directors. -Raj Kapadia- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Prisoners of war under International humanitarian law with additional Analysis of Indo-Pak war: Prisoners of war are civilians, military/Paramilitary officials who are held captive by the captor who is usually -Ashna Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Human Trafficking – Prostitution And Child Abuse – An Ongoing Battle For India: trade of Humans over the borders and states. It focuses on explaining the increasing number of cases of human trafficking -Ashna Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Euthanasia in India: In our society the palliative consideration and personal satisfaction issues in patients -Anhadinder Singh- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Equality Should Preponderate In Penitentiaries: working of prison system in india and provides types of jails that are available in India -Rashi Goyal- Posted: 2021/2/10

    Concept Of Value Virtue In Law: Virtues and values are commonly treated as synonyms, but there is a distinction -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/2/10

    The Position of Privacy and Protection Laws in India: A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. -Neha Nain- Posted: 2021/2/9

    The Use of Foreign Judgments As An External Aid Of Interpretation: A Critical Analysis: The most essential maneuver to be undertaken in the field of law is to develop various administrative and judicial techniques to interpret the statutes -Nandita Reddy- Posted: 2021/2/9

    Sedition: the edition of an untamed political weapon: Indian Penal Code, the oldest law still in force in the country framed by Lord Macaulay -Abey Thomas- Posted: 2021/2/9

    Child sexual abuse: Issues and concerns: Child sexual abuse is a repugnant phenomenon which occurs throughout the country -Rishu chauhan- Posted: 2021/2/9

    SC To Settle Uniform Age Of Marriage For Men And Women: Every prudent citizen of our country is unable to understand the rationale behind -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/2/9

    A Critical Analysis Of Right To Privacy And Defamation: Defamation is according to law, causing some harm to a person's reputation through false publication -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/2/8

    Privacy In The Digital Age With Special Reference To Doxing: The digital age has been considered as one of the greatest development in the world. In the past three decades -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/2/8

    Analysis of Intricacies of Common Intention Under Indian Penal Code: The doctrine of common intention postulates the imposition of the same liability on participants in a crime -Swati Singh- Posted: 2021/2/8

    Does Election Commission possess the power to de-register a political party?: In India, not every association requires to get itself registered by the Election Commission -Yuvraj Francis- Posted: 2021/2/8

    Standard Form of-contract, Quasi-contract and Specific Contracts: Contracts are of many types such as standard form of contract, quasi-contract and specific contracts -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/8

    The SEBI And IBC RIFT: Do The Laws Need Reforms?: the jurisdiction of both the legislations i.e Security and Exchange board of India Act, 1992 -Brahm sareen- Posted: 2021/2/8

    Equalization Levy And It’s Changing Trend As To Budget 2021: The income tax law imposes levies based on place of residence of the taxpayers and /or their source of income -Shriya chanda- Posted: 2021/2/8

    Arbitration Clause In International Commercial Agreements: international agreements have an arbitration clause with regards to settlement of such disputes -Lavanya Ambalkar- Posted: 2021/2/8

    International Intellectual Property Regime and Developmental Aspects: Intellectual property, very broadly, means the legal rights which result from intellectual activity -Lavanya Ambalkar- Posted: 2021/2/8

    Credibility of Interested and Related Witness: credibility of a related and an interested witness. Often, questions are raised about the credibility of such witnesses -Lavanya Ambalkar- Posted: 2021/2/8

    Is the second wife entitled to get maintenance as per the Hindu Law?: The section 11 of the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 states that any marriage between two Hindus -Sameeksha Vaishnava- Posted: 2021/2/8

    Media: The Foremost Pillar Of Vibrant Democracy: Freedom of the press is the mortar that binds together the bricks of democracy - and it is also the open window embedded in those bricks -Ankit Tripathi- Posted: 2021/2/7

    The Concept of Coparcenary: it’s past, present and future in the Hindu concept of Joint Family: Copartioners means the division of property between co-owners or joint owners or parties of inheritance -Shambhavi Sinha- Posted: 2021/2/7

    Cryptocurrency: A bright future or a just a past picture for India: When we talk about cryptocurrency, we recall the word bitcoin. -Farrukh Khan- Posted: 2021/2/7

    What Is Legal Due Diligence, Legal Risk Analysis And Legal Outsourcing: In a business, whenever a buyer buys a company, he automatically buys the legal reputation -Ridhima Chadda- Posted: 2021/2/7

    Custodial Deaths And Rights Of An Arrested Person: One of the basic principles of our legal system is the benefit of the presumption of innocence -Khwahish Arya- Posted: 2021/2/7

    Attempt And Criminal Conspiracy Under Indian Penal Code, 1860: Crime is an act or omission committed against the community at large that is punishable by the state -PRINCY A F- Posted: 2021/2/6

    Right to Information Act,2005:The Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI) has came into existence in year 2005 -Vishal Soni- Posted: 2021/2/6

    Importance Of Judicial Precedent - A Comparative Analysis: The literal meaning of precedent is something that has happened before -PRINCY A F- Posted: 2021/2/6

    A Critical Analysis Of Child Related Laws And Offences Against Child-An Indian Perspective: The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children -PRINCY A F- Posted: 2021/2/6

    Law of Contract: Contract plays a significant role in our daily life. A contract is an agreement between two or more parties -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/2/6

    Why the largest democracies in the world try to regulate Crypto? Reasonable reasons and causes: A Fundamental research about the complicity of use of crypto currency and kind of crypto currencies -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Will it be too late for Supreme Court of India, to establish their Additional Bench?: A Fundamental research on the Supreme court of India on the aspects of the social science point -Ravikumar Vellingiri- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Gender Neutral Rape Laws: Rape is potentially considered to be one of the heinous crimes across the globe -Anushka Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Implementation Of Uniform Civil Code In India: Diversity in India has multiple ethnicities, multiple religions. In India we can find people -Jayesh Yadav- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Finding Jihad In Love: When I was in Class 9, I remember, I didn't study social science at all which leads me -Md Hasnain Raza- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Analysing The Tax Structure In India: Tax is not a quid pro quo, it is a compulsory levy by the government that is to be paid by the people -Himanshi Patwa- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Procedure of Criminal Justice System: A Critique: India follows the Adversial System of Justice, which means judge has to act as a neutral arbiter -Himanshi Patwa- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Analyzing Post Decisional Hearing As A Natural Justice Principle: Pre-decisional Hearing, is an important principle of Natural Justice -Himanshi Patwa- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Sec.498A IPC: Boon or a Bane?: The Second Criminal Amendment Act 1983, inserted Sec.498 A in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 -Himanshi Patwa- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Budget Remedy For Non-Performing Assets (NPA) The Idea Of Bad Bank By Way Of Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC): Governor of Reserve Bank of India Shaktikanta Das during the question-and-answer session -Radhakrishnan Ramachandran- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Nomination of Ranjan Gogoi as member of Rajya Sabha: The recent nomination of Ex-CJI Ranjan Gogoi to Rajya Sabha has not only questioned the separation -Madhavi Bohra- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Technology innovation and social change: It is gradually worrying that technological progress may be as problematic as it can be -Anhadinder Singh- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Geofence Warrant – To Unearth Truth: The law to amend in equal footing as the development of technology. -Vana Narayanan- Posted: 2021/2/5

    Concept of Caste Based Honour Killing-A Contemporaneous Legal Changes: Purity is an illusion. The idea of purity has been used as an excuse for calamities like honor killings -PRINCY A F- Posted: 2021/2/4

    Rights Of Husbands In Dowry And Cruelty-Based Complaints: Dowry is one of the greatest social disasters ever confronted by our nation -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/2/4

    Whether differential voting right are against the principle of corporate governance wherein differential treatment can be done among shareholder holding equal or greater number of shares?: Differential Voting Rights (DVRs) means shares granting the holder differential voting rights -Abhay Dev Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/4

    The Constitutional Validity of the Farm Laws (2020) in light of the Indian Farmers' Protest of 2020-21: The 2020-2021 Farmers' protest is an ongoing protest by the farmers of India -Aabir Shoaib- Posted: 2021/2/4

    Right to Information Act, 2005 - A weapon against Corruption: For the purpose of providing impetus to Accountability and Transparency -Aabir Shoaib- Posted: 2021/2/3

    Bail And Its Processing Under CrPc - A Critical Study: Bail being a subject matter of an accused is not defined anywhere in Law. -Anshu Prasad- Posted: 2021/2/3

    Obsolete Laws And Their Due Amendments: he Indian Penal Code IPC was formed under the British rule that was around 150 years ago -Meghna Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/3

    Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Infringes Human Rights?: In this techno-savvy world, where everything is in your computer. It became much easy to get almost -Priyanshu Parasar- Posted: 2021/2/3

    Inter-State Council-Functions And Powers: The Inter-State Council is a non-permanent constitutional body enshrined in Article 263 -VisheshKumar- Posted: 2021/2/3

    Cryptocurrencies and related legal issues in India with special reference to Bitcoin: A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange that is , encrypted, decentralized and digital.-Sree Lakshmi T- Posted: 2021/2/3

    Relationship Between Competition Law and International Trade and Whether There Is Necessity to Regulate Competition Law Globally: In 1969 India adopted its first competition law in the way of Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act -Neha Garg- Posted: 2021/2/3

    Human Rights violations with special focus on Human Rights violation in Indonesia: World's largest archipelago nation at the meeting point of Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. -Pallavi kapur- Posted: 2021/2/3

    Analysing Najma Heptulla v Orient Longmann Ltd: The case is regarding the interim injunction under Order 39, regarding the publishing of the books -Himanshi Patwa- Posted: 2021/2/2

    Administration of Gender Justice through Family Courts Act, 1984 and PWDVA: Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we can and must make it our culture -Himanshi Patwa- Posted: 2021/2/2

    Female as Karta: Karta is the eldest member of the Hindu undivided family who manages all the family affairs -- Posted: 2021/2/2

    Doctrine Of Fair Dealing Under Copyright Law: Intellectual Property Rights plays a vital role in protecting the rights of creators and inventors. -Vaasawa Sharma- Posted: 2021/2/2

    Cryptocurrency- Explained, legal position and its impact on the economy: sounds complex? Let us break it to understand what this word means. 'Crypto' refers to 'hidden' or 'secret' -Nandini Biswas- Posted: 2021/2/2

    Xenophobia: racial disease that despises the foreigners that is Xenophobia residing in a particular country.-Dev Ahuja- Posted: 2021/2/1

    Does Indian citizen have the Right To Strike; An intensive analysis and implications observed: The First World War brought about the industrialization. The political scenario of the European world -Prashant Tiwari- Posted: 2021/2/1

    Vineeta Sharma v. Rakesh Sharma; An Case Analysis: The case revolves around the concept of joint Hindu family and coparcenary rights of the daughters.-Prashant Tiwari- Posted: 2021/2/1

    Consumer Protection Act, 2019- Restraining false and misleading advertisements: Advertisements are a mode of communication between the manufacturers and the consumers -Srishti Prakash- Posted: 2021/2/1

    Doctrine of non Traversal: Order VIII Rule 5 of the Code of Civil Procedure that deals with the doctrine of Non-Traversal.-Shefali Chitkara- Posted: 2021/2/1

    Constitution Of Criminal Courts And Their Power: Chapter 2nd Section 6 to 35 of Code of Criminal Procedure deals with the Constitution of Criminal Courts -Himanshu Mishra- Posted: 2021/1/31

    Mutation Entries alone do not confer Title in immovable properties: People have a misconception that ownership of an agricultural land or an immovable property -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/1/31

    Skin to Skin Contact: Temporary Relief from A Bad Precedent and Conflict of Laws: Supreme Court stays Bombay HCs no skin touch, no sexual assault verdict in POCSO case -Ishan Vijay Avadhanam- Posted: 2021/1/31

    Golden Norma: Aurum or gold is so ancient and so exorbitant that it is mentioned in the Greek mythology as the shinning dawn -Susmita Bose- Posted: 2021/1/31

    Civil Suit: From Take-Off To Landing: I throw light on the civil case procedure adhere by Indian courtrooms -Akhil Shrivastava- Posted: 2021/1/30

    What the working of civil lawyer for supreme court of India: Normally, private questions between people or associations are checked under common cases. -Narender Singh- Posted: 2021/1/30

    Corporate Governance in India: Corporate governance is the matter which involves a set of rules, principles, ethics, values, regulations, -Samarth nair- Posted: 2021/1/30

    Dismissal of Employee without conducting Disciplinary Enquiry Sustainable: Rules the Apex Court: the dismissal of an employee without conducting Disciplinary Enquiry is not illegal & unsustainable only on this ground alone. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/1/29

    Enforcement of International Commercial Mediated Settlement Agreements: The Singapore Convention Way: The advent of globalization has manifested in manifold increase in cross-border business, which has instigated -Mayanka Dhawan- Posted: 2021/1/29

    Erroneous interpretation by court: Correctness of the Bombay High Court judgment ( Nagpur Bench) in Satheesh Vs State of Maharashtra -Deepak Mantri- Posted: 2021/1/29

    Case Analysis: E.M. Sankaran Namboodiripad v/s T. Narayanan Nambiar: Mr. E.M.S. Namboodiripad's conviction is based on certain utterances of the Appellant, when he was Chief Minister -Priyanka Jaiswal- Posted: 2021/1/29

    Critical Evaluation of nation Educational Policy, 2020: India is a country with the largest youth population in the world. According the United Nations Population Division -Kanishka Kansal- Posted: 2021/1/29

    Allahabad High Court imposes Exemplary Cost for wastage of precious time of the Court & Abuse of the Process of Law for frequently filing Writ Petitions agitating the same Cause of Action: Allahabad High Court imposes Exemplary Cost for wastage of precious time of the Court & Abuse -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/1/28

    Restitution of Conjugal Rights: Every Spouse is entitled to the association and companionship of the other and the Indian legislature -Satendra Pratap Singh- Posted: 2021/1/28

    Dowry System In The Indian Society: In India, the marital custom of dowry is widely spread. Dowry is the transfer of wealth -Sneha Anchalia- Posted: 2021/1/28

    Sexual Violence against Men in India: Sexual violence is any sexual act or attempt to obtain a sexual act by violence or coercion, acts to traffic a person -Jahnvi Mehta- Posted: 2021/1/28

    Privacy And Publicity Rights: The right to publicity, popularly known as personality rights, in its most basic sense is the right to protect -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/1/28

    Growth of Corporate Governance in the Era of scams: Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. and Tata Power Company Ltd. jumped up to top ranks for the first time -Parul Chaudhary- Posted: 2021/1/28

    Damnum Sine Injuria-Case Comment: This is a legal maxim in law of torts which deals with damages caused without injury. -Naga Snigdha Nemani- Posted: 2021/1/28

    Are loopholes in law, an escape for culprit?: Sathish v State of Maharashtra held that groping a child's breasts without skin-to-skin contact would amount to molestation -Yogita- Posted: 2021/1/27

    Guilty until Proven Innocent: In 1971, Sir William Garrow expressed a straight arrow phrase 'innocent until proven guilty' -Yogita- Posted: 2021/1/27

    Overview of taxation system in India: India has a well-developed tax formation with acutely demarcated authority between Central-Ayush Chandra- Posted: 2021/1/27

    Protection of Whistle Blowers - A Socio Legal Perspective: Instances of fraud, corruption and deceit are widespread in the societies of the world. -- Posted: 2021/1/26

    Relevancy of Bad Character Evidence In Criminal Proceedings: evidence of bad character through the provisions of various sections of Indian Evidence Act -Mainak Pani- Posted: 2021/1/26

    Privatization Of Air India: It’s Legal And Economic Impact: India at present has one of the most noteworthy development rates in common avionics and positions among -Kartik mohan srivastava- Posted: 2021/1/26

    Common Law Doctrine In Torts: Common law is unwritten concept which is made by courts or group of judges or quasi judicial body. -Shreya Sharma- Posted: 2021/1/26

    Cannabis-Legal or Illegal?: The most common question often asked by common people- What is Cannabis? -Vaasawa Sharma- Posted: 2021/1/26

    The first steps to take in preparation to filing a personal injury claim: Proving that you were hurt and injured in an accident is not enough to claim compensation for personal injury -Silvia Watson- Posted: 2021/1/26

    United nations and international security: United Nations was established after the failure of League of Nations in 24th October 1945 -Pragati- Posted: 2021/1/25

    Evolution of insanity law in India: Not everyone who commits a crime has a criminal mind, some of them suffer from mental illness. In Indian law -Shreya Sharma- Posted: 2021/1/25

    Raja Nandkumar: Raja Nand Kumar also called Nanda Kumar or Nuncomar born in 1705 at Bhadrapur -- Posted: 2021/1/25

    Adultery as a ground of Divorce: A Comparison between Hindu and Muslim Personal Law: Adultery is defined under section 497 of the Indian Penal Code as "whoever has sexual intercourse with a person -- Posted: 2021/1/25

    Indian Lawyers And Judges In Privy Council: The Indian legal system owes a hierarchical judicial system to the colonial rulers. -Smriti Agrawal- Posted: 2021/1/25

    Application of International law in india: International Humanitarian law has its unique history, The well-known practice was likely -Pranjal Rai- Posted: 2021/1/25

    SC: Officers responsible for Delay in filing to pay costs, recoverable from them personally, for 'Wastage of Judicial Time': The Apex Court recently on January 22 in 2 SLPs (Civil) bearing Diary No. 25743/2020 in State of Uttar Pradesh & Ors. vs. Sabha Narain & Ors -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/1/24

    Does India have an effective Space Law regime? Comparative Study of space laws in India, U.S.A. and Russia: Yes, India has an effective space law regime, India has ratified 4 UN treaties out of 5 and signed in one. -Rushik Kapadia- Posted: 2021/1/24

    Background of Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016: The bankruptcy code is a one stop solution for resolving insolvencies, which previously was a long process -Sonam Malik- Posted: 2021/1/24

    Public Offer and Private Placement - Importance and Differences: No business can run without funding. Private companies that seek to raise capital through issuing securities -Shambhavi Shailendra- Posted: 2021/1/24

    Types of Evidence: As pointed out in the Hindu Dharma Shastra, the purpose of any trial is the desire to find out the truth. -Sristi Nimodia- Posted: 2021/1/24

    Analysis Of The Rarest Of Rare Doctrine: The supreme court in the case of Bachan Singh vs the state of Punjab laid down the principle quot life -Kartik Mohan Srivastava- Posted: 2021/1/23

    Centre State Relations in context of Jammu and Kashmir: The constitution of India is federal in nature providing both the union and the state have to function -Pankaj Katal- Posted: 2021/1/23

    All About Gambling and Should It be Legalized: Gambling in recent years has become a huge market in India. -Vaibhav Pahadia- Posted: 2021/1/23

    When does collective responsibility of the COM give way to a minister’s individual liability?: Article 75 deals with collective responsibility as well as individual liability.-Adarsh- Posted: 2021/1/23

    The constitutional reason for Sonia Gandhi not becoming the PM in 2004: Sonia Maino was conceived on 9 December 1946 to Stefano and Paola Maino in Lusiana (in Maini road) -Adarsh- Posted: 2021/1/23

    Refugee Law: The Indian Penal Code Perspective: India is one of the few countries to feel the refugee status in the last half-century. -Avinash Ranjan- Posted: 2021/1/23

    Essentials And Types Of Muslim Marriages: In the landmark case of Abdul Kadir v. Salima and Anr., judge Mahmood observed nature of Muslim marriage -Vinay- Posted: 2021/1/23

    Whether the cases of Fraud are Arbitrable Dispute?: The list of issues allowed for arbitration is never an exhaustive list. This list not defined by legislation -Koustubh desai- Posted: 2021/1/23

    The Farm Bill, 2020: The Farmers Bill,2020 introduced by the union government and passed by the parliament faced strong opposition -Shubhanshu Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/1/23

    Cyber Laws And POCSO Act: Cybercrime comprise of criminal acts that involve computers and networks. -Smita- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Subordinate Judiciary Falters- High Court admonishes CJM for not following precedents and ignoring administrative orders: The new Judges in the subordinate Judiciary often make mistakes which are detrimental to the fate of the litigants. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/1/22

    The constitutional reason for Sonia Gandhi not becoming the PM in 2004: Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was not elected Prime Minister of India, undoubtedly because of the fact that Indians -Aman Singh- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Social Justice: The Indian Constitution was adopted on 26 November 1947. There are some provisions -Aman Singh- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Social Stratification, Constitution Of India And Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019: Sociologists use the term social stratification to describe the system of social standing. Social stratification refers to -Aman Singh- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Criminal Politics Nexus: Recent Cases: The nexus of crime and politics has a deep rooted history in India, although it has caught public attention -Ashish Kumar- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Impact Of Globalization On Legal Profession In India: balization on legal profession in India. It deliberates as to what affect has the globalization caused -Shivangi Paliwal- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Rights and Duties of Partners Inter Se under Indian Partnership Act, 1932: The partners must act in good faith for the greater common advantage. -Kalyan Ginka- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Admissibility of E-evidence; Are WhatsApp chats and E-mails admissible in Court?: The world is ever developing, and the technology boom has laid its foundations for all parts of society. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Unemployment and Poverty, Hallows to the Nation: Seventy-Three years of Independence, seventeen national elections, numerous parties, plenty of governments -Bhagyashree Sharma- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Right to information: RTI is an act of parliament of India, which came into force on 12 Oct, 2005.-Harshita Palrecha- Posted: 2021/1/22

    Role Of Central Government In Registration Of Companies With Special Reference To ROC: In India, incorporation of a company is governed by the Companies Act 1956.(1) It is the most important piece of legislation -Sunil- Posted: 2021/1/21

    Conflict between Supreme Court and Supreme Council: Supreme court of Judicature at Fort William was established on October 22, 1774 in Calcutta, Bengal.-Amartya- Posted: 2021/1/21

    A Brief Sketch of Principal Characters of Battle of Plassey: Battle of Plassey was a decisive event, a major turning point in modern Indian history that led to the consolidation -Qaisar Fahad- Posted: 2021/1/21

    Abuse Of Power To Arrest: An Unruly Horse?: The rise in prosecution of white-collar crimes and economic offenses in the country bears -Shifa Khan- Posted: 2021/1/21

    Prostitution legality in India: I think prostitution legality in India has quite contrary views one would say that it should be illegal -Vartika Singh- Posted: 2021/1/20

    Procedure To Be Followed By An Investigating Officer When Investigation Cannot Be Completed Within 24 Hours: It is often the case when the police arrest a person on suspicion of a crime they are unable to complete -Ishfaq Ahmad Shah- Posted: 2021/1/20

    Live-in relationship: A modern word may be a Live-in relationship but the definition is old. We find a description -Adarsh- Posted: 2021/1/20

    Re: Prashant Bhushan and Anr. Alleged Contemnor(S): Scandalising the court means any hostile criticism of the Judge as Judge; any personal attack upon him, unconnected with the office he holds -Aparna Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/1/20

    You Have the Right to Remain Innocent By James Duane: The author, Professor James Duane is a descendant of Judge James Duane of New York -Aparna Aggarwal- Posted: 2021/1/20

    Role of Directors in Corporate Governance: The new Companies Act, 2013 makes a laudable contribution towards stipulation and elucidation of the duties and responsibilities of the directors of a company -Khyati Goyal- Posted: 2021/1/19

    Refugee Law: The Constitution Perspective: India has had an aged opinion of granting humanitarian protection to refugees and asylum seekers. -Ayush Chandra- Posted: 2021/1/19

    Licit Abortion: In December 2020, a country of conservative Roman Catholics, paved its way for abortion rights.-Fatima Kabir- Posted: 2021/1/19

    Protective Discrimination in Favor of Backward Classes Under the Indian Constitution: The formula that every man to count for one and no one to count for more than one seems to form the heart of the doctrine of equality.-Tahiruzzama- Posted: 2021/1/19

    India's Regional Trade Agreements: Approaches And Strategies: Over the last four decades, the formation and functions of the Regional Trade Agreements, Preferential Trade -Rameshili- Posted: 2021/1/19

    Folding of personal data protection laws into Indian laws: Have you ever clicked on I Agree for accepting terms & conditions of a mobile application or on any website like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix? -Shrishti Agarwal- Posted: 2021/1/19

    The Constitutional Reason For Sonia Gandhi Not Becoming The PM: Dr. Subramanian Swami, then Chairman of the Janata Party, has often spoken on the question of the citizenship -Siddhant Nagar- Posted: 2021/1/18

    Justice Should Be Given To The Farmer: The foundation of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) began with the formation of the Punjab Khetibari Zamindari -Rohit Jagwani- Posted: 2021/1/18

    Contempt, Dignity And Free Speech: The recent Supreme Court verdict in the contempt case against Mr. Prashant Bhushan, a Senior Advocate -Damini Chauhan- Posted: 2021/1/18

    Social Justice What Is Social Justice: Social justice is the equal access to wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. -Siddhant Nagar- Posted: 2021/1/17

    Issues faced by the commercial bodies in the Sporting Industry:The National Courts play an important role in the process of arbitration but the most challenging avatar played by it -Chinmoy Patra- Posted: 2021/1/17

    Copyright and Tattoos- who owns your tattoo?: When you get a tattoo, you probably assume that it's yours. After all, the design is inked on your skin -Simranjeet Kaur- Posted: 2021/1/17

    Short history of emergence of labour laws: The development of law can be traced with the emergence of states and its contents depended on the material conditions existing in the society. -January Pilly- Posted: 2021/1/17

    How Relevant Is Tort Law Today: The word Tort has been derived from the Latin word tortum which translates to 'twisted'. -Madhav Monga- Posted: 2021/1/17

    Validity Of Citizen Amendment Act, 2019 And NRC: Constitutional Aspect: The Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 is eristic hereafter CAA which was recently sanctioned by the India parliament -Maitry Bhandari- Posted: 2021/1/16

    Rape-A psychological disorder or a spontaneous crime?: A rape can completely devastate the life of the victim as well as of their families -Aishwarya Patil- Posted: 2021/1/16

    Prevention Of Corruption Act, 1988 For Laymen: Corruption, I think, is known by all and that it requires no definition. However, in layman language, corruption -Abhay Pratap- Posted: 2021/1/16

    Free Speech: In Array or Disarray?: Freedom of speech antecedents back to the Athenian Democratic Principle circa early 5th or 6th century. -Adhip Banerjee- Posted: 2021/1/16

    Public Policy vis-A-vis Arbitration: Globally, in the area of international arbitration, for example, a search reveals that more than 160 arbitral awards -Anubhav Lamba- Posted: 2021/1/15

    Human Rights Obligations of Corporations: In a positive move from a human rights perspective, the Tribunal objected to the claimant's claim that BIT -Rajat Kaushik- Posted: 2021/1/15

    Evidence Under Criminal Law: In criminal and civil proceedings, the law of evidence has many purposes. -Rajat Kaushik- Posted: 2021/1/15

    Fair Trial under European & International Legal Instruments: The right to legal aid in criminal proceedings is a fundamental right and is considered a fundamental component of a fair trial in the most important European and international legal instruments. -Rajat Kaushik- Posted: 2021/1/15

    Applicable Laws – Convergence of Two Regimes under MFN: Concerning the applicability of existing law, the Tribunal held that it was wrong to conclude that the BITs had no rights -Rajat Kaushik- Posted: 2021/1/15

    Agitation on Farm Bills: 2020 has been a year of lots of ups and downs for everyone. Not only the personal lives of individuals -Saumyata Tyagi- Posted: 2021/1/15

    Right to Internet: Fundamental right: Can anyone of us here, imagine a world without internet? I think very limited or none. -Drishti Bindra- Posted: 2021/1/14

    Mob Lynching Is An Intentional Extrajudicial Killing: Lynching is an intentional extrajudicial killing of a person by a group of people. When an uncontrolled group -Feba G- Posted: 2021/1/14

    Good Faith and Application Of Uberrima Fides in Insurance and related contracts: In all the laws relating to contracts, the pressing covenant of good faith and the way to be dealing in a fair manner -Vedant Ratha- Posted: 2021/1/14

    Crime and violence against women in India: Crimes against women in India are gradually increasing as reported by the NCRB. -- Posted: 2021/1/14

    Copyright Protection of Unlawful Works: Copyright law doesn't unequivocally force content-based limitations with respect to the copyright-ability of works. -Pranjal Rathore- Posted: 2021/1/14

    Media And Democracy: In today's world, media is a great source of information to people within and outside -Daksh Khandal- Posted: 2021/1/14

    Custodial Torture - can you trust the police?: Custodial Torture - can you trust the police? -Simranjeet Kaur- Posted: 2021/1/14

    Ethics and Morality of Legal Profession: Lawyers throughout the world are particular specialised professionals who place the interests of their clients -Simran Mishra- Posted: 2021/1/14

    Summons : A Initiate Stage Of Civil Suit: The first word in civil suit comes to the mind of an ordinary person when he has to go to court either as Plaintiff or Defendant is summons.-Adv.Prathmesh Shinde- Posted: 2021/1/13

    Are equal rights given to everyone after independence?: Rights had been given to everyone like minorities groups or any backward castes when we got independence -Ashir Gulati- Posted: 2021/1/13

    Evolution of Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Remedies: In 1919, when Rowlatt Act was passed, this act provides extensive power to the British Govt. and police to arrest -Keshav Khandelwal- Posted: 2021/1/13

    Sexual Harassment Law Compliance: Sexual Harassment Law Compliance Advisory is a compliance advisory body -Aparajita- Posted: 2021/1/13

    Does Involvement Of Blockchain Technology Is Burgeoning The Education System? Or Dwindling?: Blockchain technology is collectively an ingenious invention that originated as groundwork for digital currencies -Bhagyashri Bhandarkar- Posted: 2021/1/13

    Legal Overview of the Status of Tibetans in India: India has been extraordinarily generous to the Tibetan people: it has allowed Tibetans to enter India -- Posted: 2021/1/13

    Rape Victim Blaming: For anybody whose once normal everyday life was suddenly shattered by an act of sexual violence– the trauma, the terror -Yashwi Verma- Posted: 2021/1/13

    Caste Disability Removal Act, 1850: From the beginning of civilization, religion has been considered as one of the important components of social structure. -Hritika Singh- Posted: 2021/1/13

    A Study On Conventions And Working Methodology Of International Labor Organisation In India With Case Laws: The International Labor Organization (ILO) is the United Nations agency for the world of work -Bhagyashri Bhandarkar- Posted: 2021/1/13

    A Non Criminalizing Crime: Marital Rape: The culture of 'silence', 'tolerance', 'adjustment', 'compromise' among women is propagated to 'save and respect the 'honor', the 'pride' and the 'values' of the Indian family. -Bhagyashri Bhandarkar- Posted: 2021/1/13

    The reaction of the Supreme Court on the Government’s approach on three farm laws: The top court of India, Supreme Court told the centre that it has the power to suspend the farm laws -Indialegal live- Posted: 2021/1/13

    What is Forex Trading and the legal side of the same in India?: Starting from the root, we will begin with the discussion of which are the basic elements in Forex Trading -Aniruddha Roy- Posted: 2021/1/13

    District Judge Does Not Have Power Of Superintendence Over Judicial Officers Subordinate To Him In The District Court: The District Judge of any District is the highest judicial officer of the district and scores of ADJs, Civil Judges and Judicial Magistrates -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2021/1/12

    Article 14 - Critical Analysis and Contemporary Development: Religion, since ages have endorsed the Principle of Equality. Their teachings were based primarily on the premise -Anand Bhuptani- Posted: 2021/1/12

    Live-in Relationship: Legal Perspective and Problems: Law and society have been working hand in hand for the betterment of the individual. Law has been playing -Himashri Pawaskar- Posted: 2021/1/12

    Difference Between Lockdown v/s Curfew: Lockdown is an emergency system under which private and public offices, private establishments -Vishal Soni- Posted: 2021/1/12

    Hiba Under Muslim Law: The term Hiba is of Arabic origin and literally means gift. Chapter VII of Transfer of Property Act, 1872 -Shelly Varshney- Posted: 2021/1/12

    Agricultural Reforms 2020: A Critical Analysis: Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India's population. -Vanshika Sharma- Posted: 2021/1/11

    Statistical Data of Violence Against Women and their legal status in India: Self-respect is a confidence and pride in knowing that your behavior is both honorable and dignified -Ganga Rajmohan- Posted: 2021/1/11

    Right to Privacy vis-a-vis Right to Information: A quintessential circumspection: Are the Rights to Information and Privacy quintessentially needed in the society? Are they absolute? Can they work in Harmony? -V. Krishna Laasya- Posted: 2021/1/11

    Force Majure: Contract Offer A Remedy?: Covid 19 is the best example to understand Doctrine of Force Majeure. Covid19 has either made performance -Mansi Choudhary- Posted: 2021/1/11

    Bandhs – Evil consequences on Litigants and Courts to Function: Bandh is a Hindi word which signifies shut Bandhs, Hartals, tumults, and civil disobedience are incessant in India. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/1/11

    My Speech, My Right: First of all we need to understand the words the Right and the Speech -First of all we need to understand the words the Right and the Speech,-A.Raja Rajeshwari Soujanya- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Analysis of Freedom to Carry on Liquor Trade: Constitutional Aspect: India with the population of 139 crore people, is the third largest market for the alcoholic beverages in the world -Riddhi Kapadni- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Analysis of status of Cryptocurrency in India: The Battle of Advance Economy: In the present article, the aim of the authors is to analyze the status of cryptocurrency vis-à-vis its legality in India -Nishi Agrawal- Posted: 2021/1/10

    The Farmer's Acts, 2020: Positive and Negative Sides: e the three Farmer's Acts, 2020 passed by the Parliament of India against the interests of the Farmers? -Mrunali Haridas Lanjewar- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Case Commentary on Swiss Ribbons Pvt. Ltd. V/s Union of India, 25 January, 2019: Swiss Ribbons Pvt. Ltd. Vs Union of India along with other similar petitions assail the constitutional validity of various provisions -Mrunali Haridas Lanjewar- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Right to Internet as a Fundamental Right: The Internet is a very important thing especially in modern times. Without the internet, it is practically -Saptarshi Roy- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Legality Of Right To Die In India: Right to die is a concept where a person's life can be ended in order to be free from suffering -Saptarshi Roy- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Can a Hindu marriage be legal without taking Saat phere?: We all have heard the term Saat phere but we don't know what it actually means except the married couples. -Saptarshi Roy- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Trade On Marijuana In India- A Critical Analysis: Marijuana should be made legal in India because whether it is legal or not, people are going to do it anyway. -Saptarshi Roy- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Impact of CSR on Indian Companies: CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility it has been incorporated in Companies Act 2013 under section 135. -Chaitanya kedia- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Divorce: The concept of Divorce is introduced by the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. -Ojaswi Gupta- Posted: 2021/1/10

    Is the International Realm of Technology Cautious? Vis-à-vis Cyber Warfare: Cyber Warfare is the extensive actions by a country or an organization based at global networks to breach and -Anshit Minocha- Posted: 2021/1/9

    PUBG and The Right To Privacy: Drawing A Contrast Between the Contemporary Ban: It is very correctly and righteously mentioned A Human Being has three type and categories of rights -Anshit Minocha- Posted: 2021/1/9

    The Human Right Of Under Trail Prisoners: The purpose of criminal justice system in any country is to protect not only the rights of the victims -Khan Akib- Posted: 2021/1/9

    Principles of Constitutional Interpretation: A written constitution is basically a form of statute and many of the principles of the ordinary principles -Mudit Mandhana- Posted: 2021/1/9

    Doctrine of Eclipse: The Doctrine of Eclipse states that any law which is inconsistent with fundamental rights -Tusharika Singh Gaharvar- Posted: 2021/1/9

    Politicising Faith And Marriages: Uttar Pradesh’s New Anti- Conversion Law: The secular structure of the Indian State and the liberty of faith and worship guaranteed to every citizen -Srishti Mayank- Posted: 2021/1/9

    Finally Arrival At Kashmir - Emperor Jehangir's Agar Firdaws Ba Roy-I Zamin Ast, Hamin Ast-U Hamin Ast-U Hamin Ast: In the travelogue penned by Baron Charles Hugel of his tortuous, circuitous and labyrinthine route -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/1/9

    Liability (Strict Liability, Absolute Liability and Vicarious Liability) Under Law of Tort: person is liable for his own wrongful acts and one does not incur any liability for the acts -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/1/8

    Balfour Vs. Balfour- Case Analysis [1919] 2KB 571: Mr. Balfour and Mrs. Balfour were husband and wife from Ceylon ( Sri Lanka) and once they went for a vacation to England in the year 1915 -Safeeya Sabeer- Posted: 2021/1/8

    Virtual Courts: Prospects And Challenges: Remote working is a tried and tested model for arbitrations, and courts can adopt it very easily. -Amisha Sah- Posted: 2021/1/8

    Constitutional Validity of Minimum Wages Act: Labour law reforms were among the more significant promises made by the National Democratic Party (NDA) -Kartikey Mishra- Posted: 2021/1/8

    Informed Consent: Legal Analysis of Consent Forms: The patient who is armed with information, who wants to ask questions, sometimes difficult and awkward -Kartikey Mishra- Posted: 2021/1/8

    Central Vista will enhance government’s efficiency, says Deepak Talwar: The Supreme Court’s decision to clear the redevelopment plan for Central Vista is a boon -Priyanshi Chakraborty- Posted: 2021/1/8

    Doctrine of Notice: Actual and Constructive Notice: The foundation of the doctrine of notice is knowledge of a fact. Knowledge here is not restricted to absolute -Anumeha Smiti- Posted: 2021/1/7

    Right to Reservation - A Fundamental Right: Recently, in two cases the Supreme Court of India held that there is no Fundamental Right to Reservation. Firstly, in the case of Mukesh Kumar V. State of Uttarakhand -Vaishnavi Baburaman- Posted: 2021/1/7

    Specific Torts (Negligence, Nuisance, Trespass, Defamation and Remoteness of Damage). An overview: Tort is when one person or entity inflicts an injury upon another, in which the injured party -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2021/1/7

    Summary Judgment: A Robust Tool To Curb Unnecessary Trial: Summary Judgment, as the combination of two words suggests, is an outcome of a case decided summarily -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2021/1/6

    Shah Bano Case: This is the controversial case of alimony any maintenance in a Muslim religion and it highlights how people use their own personal vendetta.-Saksham Ahlawat- Posted: 2021/1/6

    Ever greening Of Patents-Boon Or Bane With Special Reference To Novartis Case: Intellectual property is a type of intangible property, while a patent is a subset of intellectual property. -Sanjana- Posted: 2021/1/6

    Judiciary In Covid-19 Pandemic: As the world faces an unparalleled threat to health from the COVID-19, the life of an individual -Mansi Yadav- Posted: 2021/1/6

    Creation Of New States In India: India is also known as a Union of States. Article 1(1) of the Constitution of India declares that India, that is Bharat, -Rasleen Kour- Posted: 2021/1/5

    Rape Culture - The Rules We Know, The System We Don’t: Even after witnessing many shocking incidents over the years, starting from Nirbhaya rape case (2012) -Vedant Ratha- Posted: 2021/1/5

    10 important factors an E-Commerce entity must know to deal with the consumers in the light of Consumer Protection Act, 2019 & Consumer Protection (E-Commerce) Rules, 2020.: As per ministry of communication, Govt. of India, the number of internet users in India is expected to grow to 730 million by the year 2020. -Rakhi Banerjee- Posted: 2021/1/5

    The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019: The Article on The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019 touches upon the historical background of surrogacy -Khushboo Tibrewal- Posted: 2021/1/5

    Secure Creativity: The origin of the term Intellectual Property (IP) can be traced to 19th century which was commonplace all across the globe. -Prachi Dhanuka- Posted: 2021/1/4

    Injunction And Its Characteristics: The Term Injunction has been the subject of various attempts at a definition .It has been defined by JOYCE as "An Order Remedial -Sai Manohar Singh- Posted: 2021/1/4

    Right To Information Act And Why The Office Of CJI Comes Under The Purview Of It: Nelson Mandela once said Democracy and Human Rights are inseparable. -Deepanshee Shrivastava- Posted: 2021/1/4

    The journey of anticipatory bail in India: The present article highlights the journey of anticipatory bail provision in India which has not been a smooth one.-Isha Kapoor- Posted: 2021/1/4

    Hiding Behind the Veil of Freedom of Religion: Superstitions: There was a time in India's rich history where religion dominated law and order in the society. -Mounika Gangu- Posted: 2021/1/4

    Consumerism and Awareness: In the 21st century every country emphasis on the economic development and growth of the nation. -Aayush Panwar- Posted: 2021/1/3

    Effects of Globalization on Legal Profession in India: The period Globalization refers to the combination of the economic system of the country with the sector economic system -Akanksha Negi- Posted: 2021/1/3

    Anti-defection law: In 1967 an MLA of Haryana Gaya Lal changed his party three times in a same day and a slogan -Sakshi Gupta- Posted: 2021/1/3

    System of prison, its history and types in India: prison means a place properly efficient and equipped for the reception of persons who by legal process are committed to it for safe custody while pending of trail and punishment. -Sakshi Gupta- Posted: 2021/1/3

    First Information Report - The First Step To The Trial: First Information Report (FIR) can be defined as a written document prepared by the police once they receive -Meghashree.N- Posted: 2021/1/2

    Condonation of delay under the Limitation Act, 1963: The doctrine of Condonation of delay is covered under the Limitation Act, 1963. -Rohit Arya- Posted: 2021/1/2

    Travel To Kashmir Through Punjab Under The Complete Suzerainty Of Maharaja Ranjit Singh: In the travelogue penned by Baron Charles Hugel of his tortuous, circuitous and labyrinthine route ascending -Navin Kumar Jaggi- Posted: 2021/1/2

    Pre-Arrest Notice - Section 41-A of Criminal Procedure Code: Under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, the right to life has been offered a principal status by the judiciary. -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2021/1/2

    U P Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance, 2020: The ordinance undermines the constitutional principles and rights of Hindu women. -Sumit kanyal- Posted: 2021/1/2

    An Analysis On Victims Compensation – A Human Rights Approach: The purpose of the criminal justice system is to protect the right of the individual against the intentional invasion by criminals. -Khan Akib- Posted: 2021/1/2

    Contract Forming under Maritime Law-Dockage Agreements: Any purchase and sell have contracts maritime contracts stands on different footings then general sell -Koustubh Desai- Posted: 2021/1/2

    Challenges Of Urdu Court Record: Language is the road map of a culture. It tells us where its people came from and where they are going. -Shamir Mehra- Posted: 2021/1/1

    Contract Forming under Maritime Law – Dockage Agreements.: Any purchase and sell have contracts maritime contracts stands on different footings then general sell -Koustubh Desai- Posted: 2021/1/1

    Why Kerala Police Act Amendment is such a hot topic?: The amendment of the existing Kerala Police Act with the addition of a new section 118A -Sree Lakshmi T- Posted: 2021/1/1

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