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Single Parenting

Single parenting has always been a different task in Indian society. And lockdown has worsened the conditions that made single parents even more vulnerable. It is often not acceptable in Indian society as people often consider single parents as non-capable of raising children. Though children raised by single parenting can be as normal, healthy, and cheerful as children living with two parents.

It is often believed that single parenting has a negative effect on children but this is not at all true as a good single parent is better than two parents who create a toxic atmosphere for their child. single parenting takes a little more effort and the environment of lockdown affected single parents negatively as it was now a difficult task to manage both home chores and professional work along with the responsibility of their children.

Social norms
The myth and stereotype thinking of people have adversely affected the lives of single parents.
It's not acceptable if a child is raised by a single parent. They are often forced to get married to get another partner so as to upbring the child properly.
Though this sometimes results in a toxic relationship and can even worse the child's upbringing. Societal norms often lead to the suppression of weaker gender and might negatively affect the child.

Who are the single parents?
single parents are those who live with their child or children and those who don't have any spouse or live-in-partners.'

And the reason behind becoming a single parent is divorce, domestic violence, rape, death of another partner, single personal adoption. And divorce, domestic violence, are cruel factors and for those who are become single parents, these factors are not that much easy to spend a peaceful life. There are many hurdles between their life race such as unhappy marriages and thus for divorce rate are inclining.

The education gap in single motherhood
The widening educational gaps in single motherhood have led to widespread concerns about its implications for social inequality. Single mothers and their children face elevated poverty and other wellbeing risks, and growing up in a single-mother family can lead to lower educational attainment and psychological wellbeing in adulthood. Poverty risks and other adverse outcomes can be particularly prominent among single mothers with low education.

These mothers are often doubly disadvantaged in the labour market, as their employment situation is restricted by not only their low education but also the challenges of combining paid work with family responsibilities. Low education and a weak employment situation combined with inadequate policies can create the 'triple bind' that hampers single mother households' wellbeing. And this is not easy to hand for any single mother to deal with that much mental and physical stigma.

Impact on the child
Living in a single-parent family is strongly correlated with school failure, delinquency, drugs use, teenage pregnancies, poverty and welfare dependency.

As the Emma Fransson et al. statics shows the performance of single parents families is poor. Their physical health, behaviour mental health, peer friendship, cultural activities, sports and family relationships, compared to children from intact families.

The child experiences the breakdown in family structure shows poor behaviour outcomes and high psychological disorder. And as many times in single parenting families, the child has to decide without consulting their parents, and because of their decision are reflects on their choices of right and wrong.

This is a myth that a single parent especially a single mother can't upbring a child properly. But now single mother's have come up with proving society's stereotypical thinking wrong. They have proved that a child raised by a single parent especially mothers can raise their children with utmost happiness, unaffected mental health and a healthy lifestyle.

All it takes is just a normal and a positive outlook of society towards single parenting

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