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From New Normal to New Future

From New Normal to New Future
What is this virus about? Is it that much strong that it has power to disturb the world? What is the �New Normal� that all the population talking about? It has been a year since the whole world is fighting through this new virus. The multiple waves that are affecting the people of the world. �Corona� this virus is so strong that it has the capacity and the capability to shaken the people of the earth.

As long as this Covid-19 will not vanish completely from world, we may have to adjust with the new normal, meaning a new way of living and going to our life, works and interaction with people.

How the life has changed due to Covid-19? One thing we can say and it is certain that we have to adjust with the new normal, we don�t have any option, of course it is very challenging to each and every category of person but staying strong and to be with the positive mindset is the only answer we have. The new normal or the change that everyone is facing through was not planned at all we can say that it is a sudden change that is inevitable and very much part of being human.

Allow Yourself to grieve the old normal
Every human misses the old days meeting, socialising etc. Its easy to feel a sense of loss. Along with this pandemic the changes to routines, plans to weeks and months ahead and its important to acknowledge and positively accept the changes and difficulties that we are facing in the light of Covid-19.

There will be denial, anger, maybe even depression in the people but adjustment is a must. Its important to give time and space to yourself to grieve about the old days.

What is this Corona virus all about and how can we detect it?
Everyone knows about this virus every well. But let me tell you about this in a general brief and how can we detect it.

The virus was identified in 2019 in China, it wasn�t identified by anyone yet ! This family of virus is well known to cause illness ranging from cold, fever, cough to lack of oxygen and even severe disease. WHO has declared Corona virus as an pandemic.

This is the form of virus that each and every human being is facing from. HAVE A LOOK!

From the evidences we can say that the virus is transmitting from person to person and it is how it is getting infected. Air borne transmission and infections can occur in a closed room with poor ventilation, crowded places and spending time with an infected person going to public places.

In short we can say 3 C�s risk will sum up about the virus
  1. Crowded places
  2. Confined ventilation
  3. Close contact with people

Now let�s talk about the prevention of this virus. As per WHO we have to take some necessary measure and steps by which we can be virus free.
  • Perform hand hygiene properly with an alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Practice respiratory hygiene
  • Avoid social gathering and going to public places
  • Wear a mask compulsory while going outside our home or while talking to another person other than our housemates
  • If you have any symptoms related to Covid please seek medical care before it�s too late.

The virus infects the people of all age. Where ever we go make sure that you maintain a distance and also keep ourself sanitized. Of course, we are blessed to have warriors around us who fight for us daily without thinking of them.

There are lots of changes that have being witnessed by us after Covid such lockdown, curfews and other restrictions on marriage and social gathering. To a certain limit these restrictions helping us to limit the number of cases in throughout the world.

Talking about the cases and the deaths because of Covid, when the first wave of Covid or we can say when Covid was just introduced to India there were couple of cases but as government took initiative to put restrictions, lockdowns and curfew helped to lessen the cases but the second wave! I think so it is a horrible nightmare we all are going through. Each and every family, human being is being affected all or are under certain pressure or we can say horrified about the second wave.

Almost each and every one is being affected by this Covid directly or indirectly for examples- businessmen, academics, higher education and etc. Even certain activities have also being performed by the people of India, as the direction given by the government, indicating that whatever the situation is we all are together in this fight and we all will come out from this nightmare one day.

After the first wave, the situation was under control till certain extent but due to certain government rallies and election, the second wave was welcomed! Due to second wave, people had started questioning the government directly or indirectly because after the first wave the situation was somewhat under control but as soon as second wave entered, the situation is getting worse day by day it is even worse than the nightmare.

There is a saying that coin has 2 sides, in the same way so called situation has also 2 sides, first side was first wave that people had witnessed and government took an initiative to control but second side of the coin is the 2 wave that is present right now around us. There is no question about it or we can say no doubt in the mind of people whether who is responsible for the 2 wave of this Covid? The answer is �Government is wholly and solely responsible or to say in more sophisticated manner Government brought the so called 2 wave of Covid. The elections, rallies are much more important in compare to the death and the lives of the people.

Elections and government rallies that took place in certain city has affected the people with the covid and also they had broken the norms given by the WHO for preventing this virus. Talking about 2 wave the people are more affected than accepted, this virus is taking deaths, people are losing their families. Everyone out there are blaming the government for this second wave.

The situation in hospitals are worse, the doctors are playing their part but as a human being they are also feeling helpless at some point seeing the outside situation. Most of the deaths of people are because shortage of oxygen level and infection in respiratory system.

Sometimes, I feel that such a small virus can cause so many deaths and doctors are failing to cure them even though technology has enchaned in India ? There are so many people out there who are complaining about the hospital and their working staff. Ofcourse about the treatment and the way they are treating. In such tough times it is said that the patient or the family should be very positive if we want to come out from this virus.

It is important that in these times we have to be with our family and family is the biggest support we can have in such a tough time. I am not doubting the system or I don�t want to blame anyone but there are certain hospitals which are not allowing the patients to talk with their family through a phone then isn�t it difficult for the patient to live in a hospital full of patients and death occurring around, is it possible that such a person can live without his/her family?

According to the things I have witnessed in past days or specially in second wave is that the person who is getting infected should have a positive mindset or in layman�s language �BE POSITIVE� is the only solution we can say. It is most important that people should not get nervous, tensed or scared, they have just clam themselves down and fight with the virus with proper medication and positivity. There are lots of family suffered from such a bad situation that they were not able to meet their loved ones or talked with their loved ones for one last time before living the world. As a human being is it easy to face such a bad situation so calmly?

Not only Indians but also the foreign government is also appealing to people to follow the WHO protocols and let�s remove or reduce the cases of COVID. Due to high increase of cases, there is lack of oxygen, lack of beds in hospital and also there are lots of things that we are unknown of, the people, celebrities and the foreign government are helping out to provide us with the oxygen, money etc. Due to shortage of beds now the staff is finding the place and where ever it is possible they are making the arrangements of the patients. Looking the present situation of the India and the people who lost their loved ones, we all pray from our bottom of our heart to give them strength and also trying to normalise the situation as soon as can.

We exactly don�t know when this virus will get vanished completely. But let�s talk about the uncertain future or what changes will be witnessed in the upcoming future. Is this mask will become a habit? No one in the future will be allowed to roam without mask? There are lots of question in the mind of people in relation to this virus, ofcourse we are trying our best to remove the virus but we will get success in that? We are in a big crisis now and only just hoping to get out of it as soon as possible and led a normal life.

Everyone out there is of opinion that if we will take care in the present time, our future will be a bit normal we can say. Another shocking news till now 3 cities who suffered the blast due to oxygen cylinder and due to that death have occured.

Not blaming anyone! But just a request to strengthen our system and especially the minds of the patients. Looking the present scenario, it better to keep our patients at home, only incase of emergency they should opt for hospitals. There are lots cases out there, where patients are giving out the videos of themselves about the treatment, they are getting in the hospitals. Don�t know how to react to that! But just hoping one day everything will come back to routine

Through this Article, I would like to appeal that please firstly follow all the protocols given by WHO, please don�t go or roam unnecessary and also don�t ignore the symptoms before it�s too late!

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