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Humanity over Religion is what country needs

Humanity over religion is what the country needs right now:
We were all humans until Race disconnected us
Religion separated us
Politics divided us And wealth classified us

In April , the united states commission on international religious freedom listed India as a �country of particular concern for the first time since 2004. The decision reflects increased religious conflicts and violence in India. Religion was a good incentive to be peaceful, a medium to unite people. Today no longer serves the purpose for which it actually existed. Religion is no more spreading well being and love instead acting as the most pressing problem affecting the countries development.

Religion no more unites but divides people, because its own country men are using it as a medium of classification, to be harmful and violent. Using it as a political agenda to spread hatred among communities and media supports them for no reason. Religion preachers are destroying the moral and ethics of religion. PEW research center analysis of 198 countries ranked India as fourth worst in the world for religious intolerance.

I am human and my religion is humanity.

humanity is not just a word but the basis of mankind. It is the basis and principle of every religion. Cases involving hate crimes, mob violence, communal violence, religion related terror use of force to prevent religion practices, harassment of women for not conforming to religious dress codes and violence over conversion. Why should your religion be followed by someone else who is not willing to? Why not recognize and accept each religion and co exist peacefully. Remember those who cannot see god in all? cannot see god at all.

What does religion teaches, the very purpose of every religion is to respect and care one another eliminating all the bars of discrimination. Service to humanity is service to god. If we devote the time we spend to worship god, for service of our fellow people, we can long live with the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Social service is the only way to reach to god.

Need Of The Hour Humanity Or Religion?

We humans are forgetting our duty toward are motherland. India second largest population in the world is suffering severely from COVID 19 disease. Country is in need of its country men to come together and solve and get over this with a good spirit. But the amount of energy, blood, time and wealth that has been invested for building temples, supporting, spreading religion debates and discussions which is actually leading to conflict and violence. Page 1In today�s world religion is the worst enemy of mankind.

No single war in the history of humanity has killed as many people as religion has. The recent incident of mob lynching in Jharkhand, a tribal man died hours after he was beaten up for allegedly selling beef. The mob attacked two other men and their condition is stated to be critical.

The mob came from neighboring villages after news of alleged cow slaughter spread through text and Whatsaap messages. Three people have been killed in riots after an alleged blasphemous Facebook post about the prophet Mohammed triggered riots in the southern Indian city of Bangalore. Police clashed with thousands of protesters, tear gassing crowds and opening fire with live ammunition. mob burnt down the DCPs vehicle outside Hali police station. At least 60 officers were wounded in the violence burnt vehicles, houses but what was the result only violence.

Relevant Issues In Different States Of India

Hindu boy in munger Bihar shot and murdered in cold blood whilst doing their durga puja procession. Nikita tomar shot in broad day light allegedly for refusing to convert to Islam, another brutal killing. 52 more people were killed in the three days communal violence that broke out in India�s capital. Over 2000 were injured, properties destroyed, and communities displaced in targeted attacks by Hindu mobs.

In Jharkhand kharsawan 24 year old Muslim tabrez ansari violently attacked after forcing him to chant jai shree ram and jai hanuman . On December 12 parliament passed the citizenship amendment act , and by the end of December domestic and international media reported 25 deaths.5500 detention in Uttar Pradesh. on April 14 according to website Asia India 200 men attacked church in jaunpur. A recent report by the U.S. congressional research service describes serious ongoing concerns about religious freedom in India.

The report cites a dramatic increase in attacks on religious minorities,with anti�conversion laws used to discriminate against Muslims and dalits, many of whom make their livelihood in the country�s beef and leather industries. The USCIRF classified India as tier 2 country because of persistent conditions unfriendly to religious freedom. These actions represent a direct threat to the secular claims of the Indian constitution and fundamental rights of millions of Indians to practice their religion freely or to live according to their beliefs without fearing violence.

Humanity should be the only religion of mankind ,lets come together to help and develop each other. Making our environment safe for every religion, curb discrimination violence based on gender, caste. Protecting rights for every human being. Any religion we belong to we must be human first. Life is all about living and serving humanity. No religion can ever be above humanity.

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Awarded certificate of Excellence
Authentication No: MA114427224392-24-0521

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