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Language Issues In Constitute Assembly

As you know you are an important citizen of the country:
From my perspective, there are many problems created during the making of the constitution Because our country exists various diversity like many religions, caste, language, etc..
One of the biggest and most continuous issues that came before the newly formed constituent assembly was language. Mahatma Gandhi wanted Hindustani to be the official language of Independent India. He proposed Hindustani as a language that was neither Sanskrit nor too much Arabic and person.

However, as the country went through a troubled partition phase and most of the Urdu speakers went to Pakistan. The majority f the congress members now wanted to impose Hindi ( the Sanskrit version) as the official language of India. This period saw one of the most fairly contested debates between the Hindi speakers and northern Indian and non-Hindi speakers from southern India West Bengal and Punjab.

The issue of the national language was not fully sorted and a new issue was raised in front of the constituent's assembly. The new issue was of the numeral while the proponents of Hindi wanted to give official recognition to numerals in Devanagari script, like of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee wanted to adopt Roman numerals Shyama Prasad Mukherjee explained that the must adopt the international numeral as it will help us in doing trade and commerce with the entire world. He said it is virtually necessary to adopt Roman numerals for our Interests because all statistics, Bank account, audits, scientific work for the use of international numerals is necessary.

The non-Hindi speakers ready to accept Hindi as the national language, if the Hindi speakers agree to their demands of adopting international numerals but even this was not accepted by Hindi speakers. the language committee of the constituent assembly suggests a compromise formula in its reports.

Question on adopting Hindi;
Hindi has spoken in around 13 different dialects. So debate arose as to which of the dialect was to be chosen as the official Hindi dialect. Later, the Hindi dialect was adopted which was the one spoken in the Delhi-Agra region with Sanskrit vocabulary.

Other members wanted Sanskrit to become the official language of the nation due to its antiquity and rich vocabulary.

Two groups in the Assembly;
The whole assembly was divided into two groups, one which supported Hindi and wanted it to become the official language and the other which did not favour Hindi to become the official language. The assembly was at loggerheads.

Here are a few words regarding the language of the codes which is said by Mr. Gopala swami anger
Law-making and law interpretations required amount of prisons and several expressions and words or acquire a certain definite meaning and until we reach that stage regard to the Hindi language and I don�t think presenting the Hindi language is any numeric my feeling is that the English language is still from of bed and last an interpretation of such law and not longer than 15 years.

Shankar deo of Bombay warned that the cry, namely, �one culture� has dangerous implications, and the very word �culture� was dangerous. The Chief of the RSS Organisation appeals in the name of culture. Some Congressmen also appeal in the name of culture. Nobody tells us what exactly this word �culture� means. Today, as it is interpreted and understood, it only means the domination of the few over the many� If you insist upon having one culture, then, to me it means the killing of the soul of India. India stood for Diversity, Deo said: That is our richness� If you mean by national language one language for the whole country, then I am against it.

Jaipal Singh of Bihar pushed for the recognition of the tribal languages of Mundari, Gondi, and Orion in the Constitution.

P. Shubhramanyam Explain to the constituent assembly that these international numerals are older than the Hindi numerals. An Encyclopaedia Britannica and said one four and six I found in the Ashoka inscriptions of 3rd century before Christ 2,4,6,7 or 9 appeared in the Nana ghati inscriptions a year later. He said the numbers of South have agreed to shallow 95% on the issue of national language and yet his counterpart from the North is not ready to balance and make compromises on the renaming 5%.

The numbers from South like Subramaniam and C. Rajagopalichari were facing is this resistance in their home state and many sensible members understood the gravity of the situation like Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru, Shankar Rao, and many more. They fear that this was no longer an issue of North v. South but many non-Hindi speaking states like Punjab and Bengal also found the principle of 1 nation and one language hard to shallow The Sikh community demanded Punjabi be declared as the official language of Punjab.
Reports of the language committee ;

The language committee of the constituent assembly suggested a compromise formula in it's report . In order to resolve the deadlock over the issue of language, it advocated that hindi in Devanagri script should be the official language of the country. The language committee referred Hindi as the official language not the national language.

National language, instead of official language; Hindi vs languages such as Bengali, Telugu, Sanskrit, or Hindustani; Devanagari script vs the Roman script; the language to be used in the higher judiciary and Parliament; international numerals vs those in Devanagari script.

In the end, given that the country had no shortage of challenges to confront, common sense prevailed, and things were left alone. And After several rounds of debate and negotiations, it was decided that Hindi will be the national language of India at the same time India will adopt the international form of numerals will English will be the second language and enjoy state on par with Hindi for the periods of 15 years.

Written by Tripti Singh from Noida International University, Greater Noida. In this blog we are going to discuss on the controversial topic The language problem during the constitute assembly of India.

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