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A New Education Policy for a New India

The world is a dynamic place, within a blink of an eye you would see something new in front of you. So change is a constant and important part in this world, as nothing can remain same throughout the course of life. With the presence of something which is there without any difference in it makes one feel bore and less productive about it, just like the colours of wall which requires a new coating in every few years just to restore its charm, similarly everything around us needs a change, a change for good.

One of the most powerful, influential and important weapon in this world is Education, without a second thought. It is something which you cannot and should not ignore. With the passage of time we have seen how the education policy has changed bringing some sort of change to help student gain and grow. The National Policy on Education was framed in 1986 and modified in 1992, making necessary changes thereof.

With the increasing population in the country, the government had to take necessary measures to bring out something important to help the country develop and grow by making the citizens more cultivated in all the necessary fields. With the help of such reforms it will reposition the current situation of students, pedagogy and educational institutions with the right set of policies making it a strong and efficient system for the new India.
The new education policy aims to bring a major change in the current system.

It intends to reduce and change the current curriculum, restructure the pedagogy, special provisions for the education of the children, to reduce the load from curriculum, giving special focus and attention to extra-curriculum activities, making children more innovative and develop skills, with a major emphasis on developing life skills, for promotion of the Indian classical languages and encouraging other sorts of sources to seek education such as distance learning and technical enhancement and advancement for a quality education. All the aforesaid points are the part of the new education policy which are likely to bring a difference in the system and take it to a new horizon.

Though the legislature has still not able to match the standard of the foreign institutions and their level and quality of education. The Indian education
Bench mark is still low in comparison. The knowledge and education gained here is not equivalent to that of England, USA etc. even though the time to complete the degree is the same, but the standards are different. The credits gained here are not equivalent and this is an issue to focus upon, on how to raise the level of quality education rather than making preposterous policy which are not effective in a long term.

With the vision of The Prime Minister who initiated the Digital India campaign few years back to make India digitally empowered and transform it. But since its launch it has not entered the education sector, as we are living in the 21st century where Artificial Intelligence and Block-chain Technology are some things running, then why are we still stuck with hard copies i.e. books which not only weigh too much but also the knowledge and gains are limited and restrict to one source.

The concept in abroad is of technology, where students are not burdened to carry books along them, they can have access to anything at any point of time in the classroom without feeling left out. Though the concept of smart class was brought into the system but it is not that effective and also it doesn't keep everyone interactive, moreover teachers too can just relax with no burden. Such things are not productive and doesn't make one grow with respect to physical and mental aspect.

According to a research conducted UNICEF on India's employment rate, the study says that over half of Indian students will not have skills for 21st century jobs. Which is a clear cut indication that the students here are not productive and lack skills necessary apart for the gained knowledge which is equally important. More than 50% of the students complete the high school without having suffice skills needed. Skills are an important and integral part of a person which shows how valuable the person is apart from the learned knowledge.

The textbook knowledge is not the only factor which the employer seeks in their employee, one should be an all-rounder. Securing a degree is not enough in today's scenario as there is more than that which makes one earn a bread, else without such practical knowledge there is no use of the gained knowledge and the unemployment will remain same, just a flock of graduated sheep walking around.

So education should not be confined to the textbooks knowledge, but rather it should be something which could bring out the best for all. With the developing and changing India and keeping in mind the growing population and the rising level of unemployment in the country, the reforms in the education policy are a mandate which should not be ignored.

The new education policy should focus not only on the encouragement of the national language or changing the teaching pattern but to make students and teachers more interactive to each other making the students gain interactive and life skills which will further help them to deal with the practical aspects of life. This not only makes students grow but also helps the teachers and institutions.

It should able to guide the teachers and institutions to make necessary changes in the curriculum so as to develop the child with respect to face the challenges of life. Half of the students are not ready to face the challenges of life and make them suffice to settle in such dynamic challenges. Also developing the communication skills from the grass root level so that the students build and transform. To draft such policies which makes the quality and standard of education to rise which further helps the country to beat the unemployment and help restore the economy by the contribution of such valuable education and further help the country grow should be the target.

Education is the most powerful tool and once one learn how to master it, then it becomes the most powerful self-defence one can have. And for that, students and even teachers should not be kept in a comfort zone, it not only makes one less productive but also confines their growth. Such kind of routine is not healthy and for such issues the education policy makers should come up with something dapper so that it shape the current youth of the country.

A new India, a changing India and a better India needs better drafting and policies too, to make it a better and developed place as the better the level of education the more the level of educated people in the country and the more advance and progressive the country will be. Education has and will always play a vital role in determining the value, strength and the capabilities of a country. So no matter how difficult it is to implement the framed policies in this big mass of land with a gigantic population, but it still has to be done to see as a long term success and make this country a better place having enough to offer to everyone.

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