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The reaction of the Supreme Court on the Government�s approach on three farm laws

The top court of India, Supreme Court told the centre that it has the power to suspend the farm laws amidst the massive farmer protests near Delhi. The Chief Justice of India SA Bobde announced to put on hold the three laws until the further notice. He further decided to propose the names of Agricultural economics Ashok Gulati, Harsimrat Mann, Pramod Joshi, Anil Ghanwat as the members of the Committee. The big question that arises here is whether such interference of the Supreme Court resolves the deadlock over farm laws?

The Chief Justice claimed that the current situation generated due to the protest of farm laws has created matters of life and death. It is the matter of life and property of people affected by the struggle.

Who are active members in farmers protest march?

The farmers protest march named by Delhi Chalo is lead by the farmers to reveal anger against the three central farm legislations. When farmers did not get any positive response from their respective state governments, the farmers decided to create direct pressure on the Union Government. This was the reason they decided to move towards Delhi. UP and Haryana state governments lead by BJP were failed to convince farmers, however, the Rajasthan and Punjab States gave total support to strike.

Farmer protest from Haryana is lead by Gurnam Singh Chaduni who was the contestant of assembly elections from Ladwa constituency in Kurukshetra in the year 2019. However, he could not win the election, but he has been a great effort maker in raising farmers� issues. He has several criminal cases being a leader of protests and becoming a great cause to disrupt the law and order.

Other farm unions and their leaders have joined the campaign of Samyukt Kisan Morcha. Here is the list of a few national and regional farm unions:
Farm Union Lead By
Rashtriya Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan VM Singh
Jai Kisan Andolan Avik Saha and Dr Ashish Mital
All India Kisan Sabha Dr Ashok Dhawal, Bhupinder Samber, Hannan Mollah, Atul Kumar Anjaan
Krantikari Kisan Union Dr Darshan Pal
BKU Jagmohan Singh
Asha Kisan Swaraj Kavitha Kuruganti, Kiran Vissa
Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha Kodihalli Chandrasekhar
National Alliance for People�s Movements Medha Patkar
Lok Sangharsh Morcha Pratibha Shinde
All India Kisan Khet Mazdoor Sanghatan Satyawan
Kisan Sangharsh Samiti Dr Sunilam
Why farmers show anger?
Following three new acts passed by the government are not accepted by the farmers:
  1. The farmers� produce trade and commerce
  2. The farmer�s agreement of price assurance
  3. Farm services and the essential commodities amendment law
Due to countrywide exposure of sale and marketing of agriculture produce, the trade barriers between states will be removed. The farmers fear the end of mandi system, and they will have to live at the mercy of corporates. The mandi system will also put an end to the system of procuring crops at a minimum support price.

After several days of no solution to the conflict between the government and farmers, the Supreme Court is expected to find a reasonable solution through mediation. To get the latest legal news updates on farm laws, keep visiting India Legal website.

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