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How To Get Away From A Cop?

Every citizen should know their rights, the power of authorities, and how to protect their rights against the authorities. Today we will talk about some provisions that might help you when a traffic person stops you.

This will not allow you to get away with doing wrongs, you must obey the law and respect the authorities.

Starting with:
  1. Do not run from Traffic cops when they stop you, otherwise, you will end up paying a fine of Rs. 500.
  2. After infringing the traffic law only Sub-Inspector (one star), Sub-Inspector (two-star) and a police inspector (three-star) can collect the penalty from you.
    (The Indian Motor - Vehicle Act, Section 132)
  3. When a COP is not in his uniform ask him politely to show his ID.
  4. No police officer can snatch or pull out your key from the motor vehicle.
  5. Traffic police cannot ask for your PUC or Insurance.

    According to an order, the traffic officer must not ask for a PUC certificate, Green tax certificate, or insurance papers apart from any other document issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).
  6. If you have no money to pay fine or documents to show then the Officers has the right to seize your DL or RC u/s 130 and u/s 206. In return, you'll get an acknowledgment slip and within 15 days you have to show all docs to the police station and if you don't do so your case will go to court.
    • u/s 207 on the absence of must-have documents or permits your vehicle can also be seized and then you may have to apply to the transport authority or any officer authorized on this behalf by the State Government together with the relevant documents for the release of the vehicle and such authority or officer may, after verification of such documents, by order release the vehicle subject to such conditions as the authority or officer may deem fit to impose.
  7. If you are driving under the influence of alcohol then you can be fined for Rs. 2000/- or Arrested for 6 months or maybe both.
    • In India, the limit is set at .03% which works out to 30mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood i.e. 2 pints of beer (660ml).
    • Punishments are different for when you are driving under influence of drugs
  8. If on the road traffic police demand you to show the papers by stopping you then you can politely refuse. According to traffic law, ASI or the higher rank of the officer has only the right to demand your papers.
  9. If any traffic police cut your challan without wearing a dress then he has not any right to do that. One thing you should know is that Constable to SI wears the white color of the dress, and traffic inspector and higher rank of officer wears a khaki dress.
  10. You must have your driving license and PSU as Original or in the Digi locker app, whereas the registration certificate and insurance certificate can be photostat format.
  11. Head constable cannot impose a fine of more than Rs. 100 on you and a constable has no right to impose any fine on you.
  12. If you have gone under any surgery from the neck or ear or any other place or you are from the community of Sikh who wears turban then it is not mandatory for you to wear a helmet.
Lastly, obey the law, respect the personals but don't be scared of cops.

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