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Whether India needs one Single Integrated website like UK for dealing CoronaVirus?

The citizen of India has to search for required information during the corona pandemic from each individual website of each ministry of state and union; whereas the information provided in the ministries do not carry the information required for the citizen. Example, if a person likes to vaccinate himself, he has to register in the COWIN portal of the ministry of health and family welfare; whereas he has to register to apply for relief grants for his family in another unknown website portal.

There is no single website that carries the information for citizens and whereas the people have applied each of their needs to different ministries in union and state. The Government has not integrated their service under one umbrella and whereas the people are suffering in search for identifying required portals from multiple sites.

The people who are educated even have a difficult time in identifying the requirements from the ministries, then what will be the situation of the uneducated people in various states, speaking 22 regional languages?

I author, Ravikumar Vellingiri would like to suggest the Government of India & its state with a unique Corona Website that carry the Regulations- that carry the integrated information that required for the general public, and such may give reasonable supports the public during the corona pandemic.

Identifying the Problem in India during Corona Pandemic:
The Government of India has utilized the entire resources to eradicate the Corona Virus for the last one year. The Union of India has a population over 1360000000 (1.36 billion) and the Union consists of 28 states, 8 Union Territories and whereas most of the states has their regional languages. The people in cities rely on the food supplies from rural villages, the rural villages rely on the government for electricity and water resources, the government relies on the taxpayers such merchants, business and the routine expands as usual like all countries.

Agriculture and Industry are two major sources for the common man to depend on and where, the people in one state rely on the other state for various sources including food, medicine and other industrial supplies. These states rely on the central government for various resources like energy, national security etc. The country has so much integrated by its National Spirit despite much diversity like language, religion and stands tall as the largest democratic country in the Universe.

The country has been known for its revolutionary software industries left with their own people searching madly for the required information during the Corona pandemic. Though the Union of India and its States have been so effective in bringing their entire resources for relief, the people are suffering without sufficient support, without sufficient relief. Why this situation?

Root Cause Analysis
The Poor who are in need of relief search for relief from the government, sometimes directed to the relief for the government such as Prime Minister�s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) or Chief Minister Public Relief Fund (CMPRF). The poor people who have suffered in the Corona Pandemic have availed relief funds from the state and they even donated back their relief funds with national spirit. This is the actual reality when you search for relief in India.

The Government of India currently has 53 ministries and these 53 ministries have 53 websites and serve the country in a large scale to entire country citizens including farmers, fishermen, students, women, families, laborers, weavers, small & medium entrepreneurs, transporters. Each of the websites consist of detailed information for registering the appropriate service, registering complaints and also grievances incase of any ignorance, mischief etc. Every citizen in the country has to approach the relevant ministry for appropriate requirements /relief and millions of people benefited in the country.

The important ministries in the Union like Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Ayush, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry for Women and child development takes frontier in controlling the Coronavirus spread.

Each state in the union of India carries their websites for the state and there were 28 states and 8 Union Territories.

Each state has their own ministry and these ministries probably have their own website, where they specifically serve to the jurisdiction of the state. If a person resides in Tamilnadu state, then he may apply under the required ministry for appropriate requirements / relief and thousands of people benefited in the state.

The important ministries in the State like Ministry of Social welfare and women empowerment, Ministry for Medical & Family welfare, Ministry for Food & civil supplies, Ministry of Disaster Management takes frontier in controlling the Coronavirus spread.

The Union & State compete with each other to provide their service to the public; they have formed correlation programs by the state and union for giving relief to the public. In such circumstances, the people of India have been led by Union & State by the Hundred of Government website, likely a �Ma(d)trix� and they are very confused which one of the websites to follow with. There were thousands of problems that can be shown as examples of how much people suffered by frequent administrative executives across the countries during the Corona Pandemic.

Travel Issues during the Corona Pandemic
The people travelling to another state have found difficulty to return to their home since the government has cancelled public transportation like trains, buses and other public transport services. The people have to rely on the private transport travelling from one place to another place, where the state government has restricted such practices by e-pass.

The Government of India has not enacted any law during the corona pandemic and has announced the National Lockdown for several weeks. Once the corona comes under the control, they have announced to the state to invoke their own regulation to control the Coronavirus spread. There are several states identified with large corona spread, whereas the government has involved section 144 of code of criminal procedures for restricting the people assembly and is largely misused by the police authorities across the country. The large number of public and merchants are beaten by police and anti-social elements started to misuse the e-pass system to earn money.

The aforesaid e-pass issued by one state will be honored by the neighboring state but there are some other situations raised for the traveler when their travel is interrupted by any issues. The people who are affected by the coronavirus, who go for vaccines and the merchants who carry the food supplies are restricted by police. The state Governments has invoked the E-Pass system for travelling inside the districts, inside the state and travelling from one state to another state.

The Government of India has instructed states for relaxation in the E-pass system but many of the states has least bothered about the instruction and continue to harass the restricted public by using the e-pass system and there are en numbers of human rights abuses recorded in the country.

Question of Law related to e-Pass?
Whether the state has power to issue Intra state e-pass for traveling from their state to other state?

If so, what if the other state restricted the travel of the person or issued the issue state?

When India is a Union of different states, the Government of India only has authority to issue an e-Pass for travelling the one state to another state. Many of the states have enacted their own e-pass system without getting integration with the Union. The travelers across the country have not only confused whether e-pass issued are valid for travel to another state and also whether they have to obtain both state approval during the trip.

The Government of India has not taken any significant steps to integrate the e-pass system with the state and people continue to suffer without proper guidelines from a unified website.

Education in Corona Pandemic
The Union and State has contributed largely to eradicate the illiterate from the country. There are state educational systems and also union educational systems available for educating each child from their schooling to higher education, till universities.

The education system in India has been divided into two major divisions:
  1. Department of Schooling Education & Literacy
  2. Department of Higher Education and those were managed, administered by the Ministry of Education under Government of India.
The school has been managed, administered by the board of examination by the state or union and Universities have been managed, administered by the Union Grant Commission, by Union of India.
  1. Issues related Schools:
    There are 1.5 million schools unoccupied and no classes conducted for the past one year; whereas 315 millions of children are staying at home whereas parents have to continue paying the school fees for education though the classes now transformed into virtual online classes. The students were promoted from one standard without going to the school, without attending the exam and parents worried at home about the academic life of the children.

    They have not been informed by the ministry by state or union and are waiting for the information from the schools but schools under private schools do not pay significant importance to the studies but try to yield the profit and continue free from the control of the ministries. The government has not announced any subsidy for the students who are studying at the private schools.
  2. Issues related to Universities & Colleges:
    India is the third largest higher educational country in the world and there are almost 52627 colleges and 1000 universities in the country as per 2020 records. There are 54 central universities, 416 state universities, 125 deemed universities, 361 private universities, 7 under the state legislative act, 154 National Institutions such as IIT, NIT, IIMS, AIMS, etc. These were governed by the University Grant Commission with enforced standards and coordinating the state and union government.

There are 770 thousand students studying in the country and almost 200 of the students have neither obtained their professional certificate, nor obtained their degree certificate from the Universities due to delay in conducting the examination and or valuation of the examination due to corona. The Universities have thrown the blame to corona virus and continue delaying the examination results for the students over 1 year. Some of the Universities have not disclosed the results of 2020 in the year 2021 even after the students have registered their complaints with the University Grant Commission (UGC).

The Universities have neither followed nor obeyed the direction issued by the UGC and continues harassing the students who registered the complaint. On the other hand, the PG students who obtained the provisional admission are harassed by the Universities and cancelling the admission for not submitting UG Certificates.

The Universities have least bothered about the grievances registered against them in UGC and students are suffering due to unreasonable delay by the universities and lost 1 year for obtaining the Degree Certificates. The students have no availability to obtain single roof information for relief since there was no integrated portal by state & union and thus, they have been thrown in the middle of state-central grievances, where both impaired and ineffective during the corona pandemic.

Trade & Merchandise in Corona Pandemic
The Government has continued changing the rules & regulations for the merchants and their trade practice in the country due to coronavirus for the last one year. The small merchants, small traders have been alleged for violating the corona lockdown rules. The Police has registered several cases against the merchants on one side; on the other side, they were heavily fined by the government authorities for not obeying the rules and regulation.

The small merchants have only relied on their small income coming from the shops, where the government restricted them to close the shops for long hours. The police unleashed their brutality against the innocent small merchants during the corona pandemic and harassed them under fake cases, and manhandled them often.

Several fake cases have been filed against the merchants and one of the Sathankulam cases may be taken as one example of police brutality. The police have alleged the mobile accessories owner and his son and filed an FIR on June 19, 2020 for operating the shop after the allowed hours and where they both have been harassed by police station and later taken to Jail custody and found dead in Jail. Later the Central Bureau of Investigation found that the charges created for instance with a motive to harass the merchants and police men has been charged for Murder, Brutality and remanded in the Jail.

The Government has continued to reward their front line workers such as Doctors, Nurses, Health Care and Policemen but forget the contribution of the merchants who supply the food supplies to the public. The Government has not given any subsidy, has not given any relief to the small merchants and the several NGO & Trade unions have given voice for them. The merchants in the country have no idea where they can find relief from the government since there are no specific websites for getting the needful information.

Farmers & their allotted reliefs during Corona Pandemic
Agriculture is the backbone of India's economy and it ranks first in the world with highest net cropped area and economic contribution by the farmers has increased the stability in increasing the GDP. Agriculture is one of the economic sectors that plays a significant role in socio-economic development even today and last one year the country has recorded US $ 38 million exports of agricultural products in 2013 making the country the seventh largest agricultural exporter in the world and the agricultural products exports to 120 countries in the world. The agricultural industry has been suffering from heavy loss since many of the countries banned the agriculture products from the other countries.

The farmers had no other chance to sell their products in their local market and where they could not yield even the break-even and they were not able to obtain the lowest price for their crops during the corona pandemic.

The Government of India has given various relief to the farmers through various schemes but however those have not reached the general public and whereas they distribution system has continued to be left with en number of loop holes for allowing the anti social elements to misappropriate the money to some beneficiary. One of the recent scam such happened in Tamilnadu state during the corona pandemic has been shown example and such example shows the requirement of mistake proven systems and integrated website for farmers to obtain a one-stop.

Corona Regulation by UK under one website- A model Protocol
The Government of the United Kingdom has come up with a Uniform Regulation for the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Channel Ireland and the Government has given Standard Operating Procedures to the entire citizens, �What they can do� and �What they can�t do� and restriction has been periodically updated by the government.

This article revolves around invoking the principles of comparative studies by referring to one of the most effective protocol websites used by the Government of the United Kingdom. The aforesaid portal carries complete information that is required for the public and wisely redirecting the affected towards the needful portal for appropriate relief. The aforesaid website is not only easy for the people to obtain the appropriate information but also useful to the authorities as updated Standard Operating Procedure to carry forward their duties.

The Government of UK, has not only released the �Restrictions Guideline� in English, but also in various languages of the citizens and published it in Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, Slovak, Somali, Urdu and Welsh. The website has been published on March 29, 2021 and periodically updated by the Government and useful to the citizens of all ages in all circumstances.,Read%20guidance%20on%20face%20coverings.

The restrictions for the entire country have been managed by the Government of UK by one single wing, rather than multiple wings in order to avoid the conflicts. It is not only easy for citizens to follow the instructions but also better administration by the Authorities and effectively invoke the entire country without any difficulty.

The contents of the topics as listed below:
  1. 17 May: What�s changed
  2. Be careful: a new COVID-19 variant is spreading in some parts of England
  3. Keeping yourself and others safe
  4. Getting tested for COVID-19
  5. Meeting family and friends indoors
  6. Meeting friends and family indoors (rule of 6
  7. Support bubbles
  8. Going to work
  9. Going to school or college
  10. Universities and higher education
  11. Childcare
  12. Parent and child groups
  13. Providing care or assistance
  14. Support groups
  15. Exercise, sport and physical activity
  16. Funerals and linked commemorative events
  17. Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies and receptions
  18. Significant life events
  19. Places of worship
  20. Volunteering and charitable services
  21. Other circumstances where you can gather in larger groups
  22. If you break the rules
  23. Care home visits
  24. Staying away from home overnight
  25. Travelling within England
  26. Travelling within the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands
  27. International travel
  28. Moving home
  29. Financial support
  30. Businesses and venues
  31. Healthcare and public services
  32. Driving lessons and learning to drive
  33. Large print, easy read and translations

The aforesaid website carries guideline, From new born child to senior citizen, From nursery school student to Universities, From employees to unemployed, From Small merchant to all Commercial activities, From Sports man to Social workers, From travel inside state to other state, from Wedding to Various events of life, the citizen has to look at one website for government guideline and that guide the citizen what to they can & can�t do, and directed to appropriate sites for various reliefs.

Suggestion for Union & State Governments
The Government of India and its States has to come forward to set up integrated services with respect to corona by one single umbrella instead of letting the people in the country in search of finding their need from multiple sites. This article revolves the around the difficulties of common public, merchants and farmers who are seriously affected by the corona pandemic and the need for government to provide a such a website portal under one roof without delay, without any ego and thus, the people may survive and overcome from the impact of the deadly virus quickly.

The government has to swiftly form an Advisory Commission for Corona Virus and has to swiftly enact the required LAWS for controlling the deadly virus in India and come up with a

Integrated Website:
A single portal for releasing the guideline and fix the loopholes in the system.

Award Winning Article Is Written By: Mr.Ravikumar Vellingiri - B.A.LL.B (Hons), Social worker & Human Rights Pledge Email: [email protected]
Awarded certificate of Excellence
Authentication No: MA34118774417-22-0521

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