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Artificial intelligence in law

It all started with an article about artificial intelligence used in every field. My friends and I had a very long discussion about that topic. Few points in that discussion I want to share with you all are given below.

AI Tech Used In The Field Of Law In US

The AI technology used in law in USA now called IBM WATSON. The working efficiency is said to be 90%. In USA maximum works of a lawyer is replaced by this technology. That is contract making, case research, document review etc., Mostly the works of Paralegals and Junior Advocates.

The development in the use of AI is unimaginable, the accuracy rate is so high. But it has to develop further more in order to take the place of a talented lawyer. It can take away the works of a paralegal not a talented lawyer. What I'm saying is the entry level work of a lawyer can be done by the AI. Elbert hubbard once said One Machine Can Do The Work Of Fifty Ordinary Men. No Machine Can Do The Work Of One Extraordinary Man as all of us know the work of a lawyer is an extraordinary task no AI can replace it.

But AI tech is in its primitive stage now. We can't predict now, let us place the argument in the way as the hinderances an AI tech has to face in India.

Hindrances For AI

As I said earlier the works of the paralegals and entry level advocates can be replaced by the AI but not the work of the litigator. This because our constitution has an ARTICLE 137(SC has power to review its own judgement).

By placing the facts and arguments in a way before the court one can get the order in favour of him even though the odds are against him.

For example we can see the famous case Kesavanandha Barati v State of Kerala in which the court order overruled the decision given in the case of Golaknath v State of Punjab.

Also we can see in the case Navtej Singh Johar v UOI the section 377 of IPC (Unnatural offences) is decriminalized. By placing the arguments and facts the counsel changed the view of court in homosexual relationship. Section 497 of IPC (adultery) also decriminalized in the same way .

As by seeing above all points we can say that AI has to evolve more to defeat a litigator and to change the view of court by its earlier decisions. In future it may can do the work of a litigator, we can wait and see what it can do.

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