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How Legal Practitioners Can Enhance Their Practice With The Help Of Technology

In this 20th century, technology became a driving force in our day-to-day life. Technology plays an integral role in people's lives by transforming all aspects and strata of society. Needless to say, in this time of the global pandemic, the only thing that never left us in between is technology; from the online classes to a crucial online hearing of the supreme court, technology has always proven to be favorable and supportive, with much more benefits than the drawbacks.

Technology was never restricted to a particular sector of the society and eventually it has paved its way in the legal sector as well. Now further stating about technology and its emergence in the legal fraternity. One of the prerequisite criteria for being a legal practitioner is you are not allowed to commit mistakes while drafting a legal notice or drafting a petition before the honorable court and technology plays an very important role in this process by providing the utmost accuracy and the chances of basic human errors are negligible.

For instance proofreading bulky judgments are always a hefty job to do but with the assistance of technology, this process is automated, and the same case goes with the reviewing of legal documents, several apps in the market like grammarly , reverso etc. Are there which helps in error free reviewing of the documents.

Another vital aspect that can enhance the efficiency of legal practitioners with the help of technology is the research work that is needed prior to any hearing or pleading before the hon. Court. Legal databases like SCC , Manupatra, Westlaw are coming up with new features for the swift assistance of legal petitioners to provide them hassle free access to the records.

 There are features like analytics and visualization tools which provides judgments, case briefs, and a detailed timeline in a single click. Needless to mention all of these automated tools are easily accessible and can be used anywhere regardless of place and time. The era bulky and expensive law books has came to an end.

Another factor that can help legal practitioners to enhance their practice is the time and resource management. Earlier the law firm and lawyers used to appoint a concerned person for the handling of bulky case files and the process of management of files and briefs takes a lot of time, but due to the introduction of legal databases, you can arrange all the files and data related to your case in a cryptic manner without worrying about the large stack of papers and lethargic process of human proof readings.

Features like Consumer Resource management assist the lawyers in a smooth manner. The legal resource management refers to the practice of planning, tracking, and optimizing the utilization of resources (such as staff, space, and equipment) in order to streamline any future cases. This process help in automated assistance of case planning and managerial works. For an instance there are platforms like Hub Planner, Mavenlink etc. which helps the concerned authorities to monitor over and adapt to the changes in near future.

In addition to the software mentioned above, other digital tools are there that help lawyers to provide a better experience for their clients include Live Chat and Artificial Intelligence enabled document scanners for scanning large and heavy documents and other data. Most law firms and lawyers already use this technology in their offices. This software is extensively utilized in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. The geographical distance merely matters in this era of technology a legal practitioner can connect to their client in the U.S by just  a click on a video conferencing platform.

Technologies can help lawyers and legal firms in a variety of ways. It improves productivity and communication. It also keeps employees engaged, enhances their job quality, and gives them access to a never-ending supply of knowledge. By educating both their employees and themselves, lawyers and law firms may get the most out of their training.

Technology has revolutionized the legal profession as a result of its advancement. It may help legal firms and offices meet greater goals by improving their work capacity and handling small issues like case updates and client administration, among other things. However, due to our country's inadequate IT infrastructure, attorneys, law firms, and law offices will take some time to implement technology. As a result, every lawyer should learn to accept technology and be future-ready in order to plan for future progress, growth, and success.

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