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Positive Impacts of Covid-19 on the Environment

The Covid 19 Pandemic has changed the shape of history since the end of the Second World War. Not only it affected the people but the environment with it. Lots of people around the world are now forced to live in their homes. They are now doing their jobs or attending classes online.

Most people have their businesses shut down. Others lose their jobs. Social distancing and face masks became the norm. Furthermore, this had a tremendous effect on mental health as well. It's funny how everything has changed in just a matter of months. Given the impact created by the Second Wave of Covid-19, it's not looking good despite the decline of cases.

The one area that has a positive impact because of the Covid was the environment. Before Covid, the climate was a universal issue in India and the world. Rapid industrialization, the growing population, urbanization, pollution, and wars have brought a toll on the environment.

The international community has put up a tremendous effort to tackle the issue. However, human nature also doesn't seem to change so soon. For example in India, air pollution has wreaked havoc on many people, animals, and even the forest. The ubiquitous fact is deforestation is just putting salt into injuries which could have grave consequences.

So what changed? Isn't it funny that one virus achieved what the government bodies in charge of the environment couldn't? Government bodies like the National Green Tribunal, Central/State Pollution Control Board tried to change the climate. They attempted to make the masses aware of the devastating effects of Covid-19 but to no avail. When the Covid Lockdown in India was at its prime, the capital New Delhi had the cleanest air. And before the Covid, Delhi was the victim of smogs, toxic gases from the factories, fires, and whatnot.

The city had suffered the worse of the air pollution and the Covid lockdown was able to do that. The same goes for the river Ganga which also has its history of pollution because of funeral and festival ceremonies (And people also throw garbage on the river). Even National Geographic says that Carbon Emission has gone down after the rise of Covid. They also warned that if the government does not take any necessary steps then the decrease will not last long. Thanks to Covid, the carbon footprint has also declined.

It is unknown whether the world's sudden change of heart in the environment will last long once the Covid ends. Because when there is a sudden change of heart, it will arouse more suspicion. But it must be noted that the environment finally got its relaxation. Even though Covid is ruining the lives of many people, it did change the environment for the better. And hopefully, les enfant terrible of the environment that is pollution, deforestation and man-made disasters do not have their raison d'ĂȘtre.

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