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Importance of Child Rights in Current Times.

There has never been a more critical time to inform and inspire future generations about their rights. Children and adolescents have the same basic human rights as adults, as well as additional rights that address their unique needs. Children are neither their parents' property nor needy recipients of charity.

They are human beings who have their own set of rights. Since children and young people are seldom in a position to advocate for themselves, a legislative system that recognises and protects their best interests is crucial. The Child Rights Convention acknowledges both children's basic human dignity and the importance of ensuring their well-being and growth. It makes clear that a basic standard of living should be a right for all children, not a luxury enjoyed by a select few.

Children are trustworthy, naive, and hopeful. Their childhood should be filled with joy and love. As they acquire new experiences, their lives can mature gradually. However, for many youngsters, childhood is a very different experience. Children have been neglected and manipulated throughout history. Hunger and homelessness are common occurrences, as are hazardous working conditions, high infant mortality, inadequate health care, and insufficient resources for basic education.

Childhood is something that can and should be protected. Children have the right to live, develop, be safe, and have a say in how their lives are formed. Children start their lives ass fully dependent beings. Adults must provide the nurturing and encouragement that children need as they progress toward independence. Adults in children's families are the best source of such nurturing, but when primary adult caregivers are unable to meet children's needs, it is up to the State, as the primary duty bearer, to find an alternative in the child's best interests. Government acts, or inactions, have a greater effect on children than on any other community in society.

Children are impacted by almost every aspect of government policy, from education to public health. Short-sighted policymaking that ignores the needs of children has a negative effect on the future of all members of society.   Children do not vote and do not participate in democratic systems in the conventional sense. Children's voices go unheard on several crucial topics that concern them now or may affect them in the future if particular attention is not paid to their viewpoints � as expressed at home and in classrooms, in local communities, and even in legislatures.

Hence, Children's opinions should be respected and taken into account during the election process. Many societal changes have disproportionately negative consequences on children. Globalization, climate change, digitalization, mass migration, shifting job patterns, and a diminishing social safety net all have a significant effect on children in many countries. In times of armed conflict and other crises, the consequences of these changes can be especially devastating.

The future well-being of every community depends on the healthy development of children. Children are more vulnerable than adults to poor living conditions such as poverty, insufficient health care, education, clean water, housing, and pollution while they are still growing. Disease, malnutrition, and poverty all risk children's futures, and therefore the futures of the communities in which they live. The costs of failing society's children are enormous.

The results of social science indicate that a child's early experiences have a profound impact on their future growth. Their contribution, or expense, to society over the course of their lives is determined by their growth.

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