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Prostitution legality in India

I think prostitution legality in India has quite contrary views one would say that it should be illegal, there is bad influence, morals of society this has dreadful effect on youth's mind.

Can we really illegalize prostitution in India?

My answer is No a big No because you can not impose your will on people and tell them what to do or what not to? We are hushed when these topics are discussed, we are told not to be vocal about them.

Prostitution can not be awful or good as perspective. It can not be awful because the survival demands the sacrifices and those sacrifices can be anything it can be your time in office, same way prostitution is profession and there can be a back story behind any participation in this profession.

There are the stories that are certain reason when someone become a prostitutes. The sole earners and breed winners are the one who go extra length to perform the certain inherit duties and responsibilities . It can be threat to society to these who is working in this.

You would sell every ounce of gold of body if you are dying for thirst and somebody offers you water! Why? For your survival.

Mostly these men/women are not educated enough to get the job, they have inherited from families they are even looked down when they try to mend their ways and work outside because these unskilled people has so and so working as sex workers.

It is quite debatable to say that they could have come out but do you think it is that easy?
Quite debatable?

It becomes more odious when there is other side to it when someone is forced into prostitution (as an individual everyone has right to decide what happens to their bodies).
These people disguise as helpers forced women and girls into sex work, brainwashing, harassing, torturing, should stop their consent should value and they shouldn�t be tricked into thinking that this is only way out.

It can be defined as sexual exploitation or the mishandled in exchange of money. The Indian Penal Code also deals with prostitution as kidnapping for tempting anyone into sex, their importation and trade to overseas. (In child).

The case of The State Of Uttar Pradesh Vs Kaushayal. In this case there were plenty of women to be withdrawn from city to maintain decency of the city of Kanpur. The High Court of Allahabad to soothe Section 20 cut the fundamental right of the respondent under Article 14 and Sub Clause (d) and (e) of Article 19 (1) of the Constitution.

The act was held to be constitutionally valid as there was an intelligible difference between a prostitute and person causing disturbance.

The act is also in argument with object sought to be attain maintaining order and decorum in society.

This act dims at oppression of prostitution in women and girls and achieved a public purpose wiz to rescuing these women and girls to become the decent members of society.

This act seeks criminalise the act amount the prostitution mentioned above and authorises the cops to remove them, to close brothels, and move them to institutions that may reform them. It gives power to central government to publish a special court for them.

This also become the main provision of Immoral Traffic Prevention Act 1956.

There are many acts which under the protection of prostitutes and sex workers sometimes they are brutally harmed assaulted or murder in such cases the government state that the prostitution as profession is for living a life what for any pleasure.

The State and Government provide them rehabilitation centre for their mental well being but also vocational skills such as sewing etc. So they can make their earnings.

These acts also maintained the protection and security through license are for protection of their house. They are humans and laws prevent exploitation of them.

Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, 1956 declares certain acts can be illegal. These acts includes a solicitation for prostitution , managing a brothel living an earning on sex worker's money, forcing her in prostitution, seducing a person under custody and carrying out prostitution within 200 metres any public place.

Indian law also has laws against the forced prostitution young children or teenager are compelled into sex work due to numerous factors. Indian Penal Code 1860 penalised child prostitution selling and buying for prostitutes.

The explanation to these section indicate only the trade of minor girls and not boys.

The topic is a prohibited to be talked in India. However it becomes huge taboo of Indian society it also comes with problems such as institution of marriage, STD's, abduction of girl children and even isolation from society, physical and mental trauma etc.

There are 38,000 sex workers in Delhi. The other metropolitan cities such as Mumbai is for no better.

The abolition of prostitution is certainly not possible through it can be described to be illegal , it is still continued. This could be due to lack of prostitution could be adopted since abolition appears to be daydream.

The age of prostitutes , database on adequate remuneration and medical facilities to the prostitutes can acquire some right such as the right to medical care, the right to education of sex racquet operation , hidden and street prostitution, abuse of prostitute etc.

There are prostitutes who lost livelihood, or those who were forced into prostitution but do not want that lifestyle anymore. Government can import training and basic they can earn money and live a lifestyle.

It sometimes can be uninterrupted as promulgation of prostitution. This could have the easy way for easy money for the prostitution.

This becomes more regulated the industry see it legitimised and that is least government can do address the issue.

It has to be address by the government as soon as possible. The prostitution is to be legal to be practical and easy going as it us impossible to be thrown out from country. It is dreadful and act as the catalyst be the government. The gender biasness towards male prostitution is still unheard by the government and requires the same amount kf recognised as same women industry does.

It is though against the low to run the prostitution website in India will be considered offensive under Prevention of Immoral Act 1956.

In the motion of the legalising prostitution.
  • It is made to be earning for sex workers.
  • They get labour rights.
  • They can call the cops when they are in danger.
  • The trade can be regular.
  • They will have regard/ respect in society.
  • The young girls/ women (minor) are not got involved.
  • Regular doctors check in so no STD's.
  • There would be no forced prostitution so whenever there is a consent she is allowed.
  • The rapes and trafficking are kept in check.
  • The sex work can be considered as profession.
  • Taxes will be collected instead of bribes.
  • Economy Empowerment.
In the motion of criminalization of prostitution
  • In decline the trafficking.
  • No more violent sex.
  • No more domination over females.
  • The reducing of minors in such activities
  • How payment.
  • The no long term effects on sex workers.
  • Declines in STD's.

In the end of analysis it can be informed issues of criminalizing, decriminalizing, and proper sanction of laws to work. There are also negative as well as positive effects. There should be proper administration regarding prostitution there should be avoidance of exploitation of prostitutes. The bribe will kept check on. It also insures the safety and health precautions.

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