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My Speech, My Right

First of all we need to understand the words the Right and the Speech, The word Right means The ability to do anything and the word 'Speech' means Right to express anything, If these two combines, we will get the right to speech and expression, We all know that this right includes under the Article 19(a) which guarantees the right to speech and expression, we can speak anything or inform about anything but it shouldn't be against the interests the people, or to be considered illegal.

The First time in which the right to speech and expression is adopted in the year 1971, Freedom of speech is a feature of the First Amendment to the united states constitution . The French Declaration provides for Freedom of Expression in Article 11 of the United States Constitution which says The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man.

Main Topic:
Just Imagine, if we don't have the right to speech and expression, We would be completely summoned to the government and listening to the superiors of they say and obeying to the orders without expressing our opinions on it, As the Press also includes under this, We wouldn't receive any information or the matters of the Government, In Olden days, they were no Right to Speech and expression at all, And No one had the right to speak and express anything to that particular organ, But now the times has changed, In today's Society Every Individual, Every common man has the right to seek information or to get informed or to express anything such as his views.

As per law there are many cases about this or about the Infringement of the right, Such as Romesh Thappar Vs State of Madras and Brij Bhushan Vs Delhi Administration, Because of these cases, The importance of this right has risen and are secured more. Right have been bestowed upon the people and Without the consideration of People Interest's, This functioning of the Government would be of no use and would be completely against the People will .Basing on the Situations, A Common man need to raise his voice in order to settle down his issues, If he is facing any problems with the Government's rule or Policy.

This right is just like a power given to the Common man by the Government as a tool to express himself or share his views being as a citizen in the country . Every Person has the right to Question the Government or about it's functioning, The Government is not one's made thing, It's the People's Government, And in the Preamble of our Constitution.

The words WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA have been mentioned, it means that People are the Authors of the Constitution which amounts to the same meaning as just like the Government . This is the Importance of this Right as brief . There are many famous quotes said by various famous Personalities.

Some of the Quotes are:
If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

which was said by George Orwell. And the quote which was given by the Father of our Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was, Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony which is related to the Right to Speech and Expression .

In Dialy Day life, As if we can see the articles that are written by the people, It clearly shows the Importance of this right and it reflects towards us, The words and what they mean, Their way of thinking and their opinion towards the Government, And Some People will agree towards it and some not, And the Government can also consider the points as well, As per law, We can clealy see this in the form of PIL ( Public Interest Litigation ) where one person can raise his voice on behalf of the people at large and can address the issue before the court and Can seek the Justice.

This Right can be seen anywhere practically, Such as in the lawyers arguing in the court room, And In Public Speakers, And in Social Activitists and Feminists, Where do these people can confidence and courage with in them? How dare they speak about the Government and it's functioning ? My Answer to this Question would be is Because of this Right. As we can see the Media which plays a Significant Role in Providing the Information and Supporting People voices and Raising the issues which directly be noted by the Government, and Media is also called the Fourth Estate, which is nothing but like the Fourth Organ of the Government.

As I'm Participating in this Competition to express my views regarding this topic, It means I have this right and I'm Utilising it, Which is in my hands now . I'm taking myself as an example to prove that, this Right exits in every individual and in every person, And my right is also Guaranteed, Secured, Protected and If Right is Infringed, then I have the right to seek justice for it and move to the court and Maxims are used mostly to express and that can be used in our expression .

And to Conclude this Right has most significant value than the other rights and It gives Power to every voice in the Society .

Award Winning Article Is Written By: A. Raja Rajeshwari Soujanya, Law Student, 2nd Year of law, BBA - LLB, KL University
Awarded certificate of Excellence
Authentication No: JA101683872025-16-2021

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