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Lockdown Extension: The Necessary Evil

We all are battling the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India And the ongoing Lockdown has been extended till 24th May. What actually is happening the Lockdown is on and cases are off not exactly off but reduced, in this way there is no guarantee that they will remain low if Delhi lifts Lockdown that means if  the people of Delhi do not take the precautionary measures, the cases will increase exponentially and in this manner where will this all take us ? This is a big question in front of whole Delhi or even the Country. 
There are two aspects of  this lockdown one aspect offers safety and the other aspect offers livelihood.

It is a situation as if we have to choose either our speaking ability or our listening  ability . We can�t live without both, both are equally important  but now we have to choose which one is more significant.  The elite members of the society will tilt their allegiance towards the safety aspect ie, the extension of the lock down whereas the low income groups will be interested  more in the discontinuation of lockdown but for the middle section of our society which is the middle class the real dilemma exists , they want to be safe but also want to earn and only our administration  holds the solution of this dilemma that our society is experiencing.

We can see two faces of our administration , one face is when the lock down is extended for the people�s safety which on their part is a benevolent  step for security and safety of everyone  but the other face could be seen in the spine chilling views of ration lines where the daily wage labourers and their families have to stand for hours with a bone chilling thought in their mind  that their number might not come.

This does not even some up the second face because  the ration and food lines are not even organised by the Government . Private NGO�s  and individual people are working tirelessly day and night to make sure that everyone else sleeps with bellies  filled with food but administrations are busy bragging their achievements  and fighting amongst  themselves.  Is this the society that our forefathers dreamt of ?, Is this justice to the "Right to life"  that the Indian Constitution guaranteed under Article 21 to each and every  citizen? because it does not seems to be.

State Governments  are fighting  with the Central Government , courts are being needed for the Governments to understand their responsibilities. Lack of beds , lack of medication , lack of oxygen and equipment, lack of vaccination , our health sector crumbling and falling  apart but the administration wants us to believe that �All is well�. But all is not well , all is not even OK

I don�t feel it�s good for the people of Delhi living in Lockdown at their homes only with minimum basic needs which God knows when going to end. Extending Lockdown is not the solution instead of putting whole Delhi in Lockdown, at least markets should be open in phases with strict guidelines, enforcement of law and sanitisation. May be the idea behind this brief weekly extension of Lockdown is to control the cases and give time to boost the health infrastructure but the situation in hand is under control or not?

This is also a big question and everyone wants to know it�s answer  from the Delhi Government because nowadays daily many speculations are heard and talked about that the Covid data is not being represented accurately, testing speed and quantity is being deliberately reduced. It will be the responsibility of the Government to clear the air about these speculations and earn back the faith of their citizens.

The biggest question that has arisen after the recent developments of this pandemic ie, the increasing number of �BLACK FUNGUS" cases after Covid recovery is that Is the administration even ready for such a situation? because right now as common civilians each one of us is feeling cornered and in front of us are foes like COVID-19 pandemic, black fungus lack of infrastructure and medicine, lack of vaccination, unemployment, communal hatred etc.

At the end there will be a dilemma if being safe with empty pockets will benefit any of us in a situation when the administration is failing repeatedly to perform it�s functions and fulfil it�s responsibilities properly.

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