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The Simplest way to get out of the marriage is by way of Mutual consent Divorce, A Couple can seek Mutual Divorce under Section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act. Our services provides you a simple and easy way to obtain divorce and settlements quickly and easily.

How to file for mutual Divorce
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Divorce laws

Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage

Void and Voidable Marriage

Restitution of Conjugal Right

Adultery laws

Maintenance for wife and Dependent Children

Child Custody laws

File Transfer of Petition in Supreme Court

Supreme court provides the opportunity to get your case Transferred to the place you reside. To get this done.
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Dowry, Domestic Violence and 498A

Muslim Personal Law

Succession Act laws of Inheritance

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Marriage Laws

Hindu marriage is a Sanskar or a sacred ritual performed. Marriage a bond which unites two people together. Institution of Hindu marriage has been very strong from very beginning and there is no reference of promiscus society in Veda. Marriage has been considered as an indissoluble union between a man and women not only during this life but also for all lives to come. Marriage of a Hindu couple is not only a union of a man and women but is considered as a sacrament. Marriage has been placed one of the sixteen sanskara of a Hindu. Sanskara is a socio religious rites by performance of which life of present Hindu is sanctified.
  1. Recognition of Equality Marriage
  2. Sources of Hindu Law
  3. Hindu Marriage, A Journey From Sanskar to Philosophy
  4. Special Marriage Act-1954
  5. Natural Basis of Family Rights
  6. Inconsistencies in Special Marriage Act, 1954
  7. Salient features of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
  8. NRI Marriages
  9. Marriage Registration
  10. Constitutional Validity of Marriage Laws Amendment Bill-2010
  11. Pre-nuptial agreements
  12. Recognition of Equality Marriage
  13. Right to marry
  14. A Critique On The Right To Marry Of Hiv/ Aids Patient
  15. Rights of Second Wife
  16. Extra-marital Relations and its Impact on children

Drafting And Conveyance

Adoption laws

Abortion laws

Gay laws in India

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Role of Mediation in Family matters

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Miscarriage of Justice

  • Miscarriage of Justice: Leaving aside issues of evidence and proof, one possible definition of "miscarriage" in the context of criminal justice will now be suggested
  • Miscarriage of Fast Track Justice: The comment of Justice A.S. Anand, - the acquittal decision in Best Bakery trial by a fast track court as 'miscarriage of justice'

Surrogacy in India

Other legal Issues

  1. The Rights of Mentally Retarded People
  2. Globalisation and Legal Profession
  3. Tape Recorded Conversation
  4. Minority Rights
  5. Uniform Civil Code
  6. Uniform Civil Code in Goa
  7. Torture, Terrorism & Police
  8. Oral Evidence can be the sole ground for conviction
  9. The Road to Becoming Parents
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