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    When HC Will Not Interfere In Revision: The High Court (HC) will not interfere in revision unless it is satisfied -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Patents: Key to the Development and Manufacturing of COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccines: In India, the patent law is highly drafted unambiguously to accredit a new invention -Ayesha Khan- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Intellectual Property Rights Over Fictional Characters: Property rights, types, intellectual property rights and its types and what is its rights over the fictional characters.-Durgesh Patwal- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Section 179 of Companies Act: Indian company law is derived from the Companies Act 2013. On August 29, 2013 -Durgesh Patwal- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Glochem Industries Ltd v/s Cadila Healthcare: Case Laws in legal field is one of the best source of understanding a particular section or law. Casw law is the backbone of legal system. So, in this we'll focus on "Glochem Industries Ltd Vs Cadila Healthcare Ltd"-Durgesh Patwal- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Euthanasia Law in Australia: The term usually means that another person deliberately wants to ends his life -Durgesh Patwal- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Filing Of Affidavits In Support Of Electronic Documents Under Order XI Rule 6(3) Of The Commercial Courts Act, 2015 At Later Stag: The procedural complexities in commercial litigation often bring about interpretative challenges -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Section 50 Of PMLA Act, 2002: The Delhi High Court recently passed an important judgment regarding the powers of the Enforcement Directorate -Suraj Nihal- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Trade Mark Rectification and the Triple Identity Test: Rectification of the trademark "SHIV GANGA"-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Acid Attack Laws In India: An Analysis Of Legal Frameworks And Their Effectiveness In Combating Acid Violence: We are commemorating "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav," or the 75th anniversary -Vidhi Saxena- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Personal Laws and Legislative Powers: Personal law is a set of rules and regulations that govern and regulate the specific factors -Durgesh Patwal- Posted: 2024/05/27

    The Intersection of Trademark Rectification and Pending Litigation: In a recent case , the Petitioner namely Casablanca Apparels Pvt. Ltd. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Bail And Suspension Of Execution Of Sentence: Section 389 deals with the suspension of the execution of a sentence pending -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/27

    Sentence Remission Laws for Release of Convicted Prisoners: Remission refers to a reduction in the length of a prison sentence -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Data Privacy In The Age Of Digital Minefield: Balancing Convenience And Security In Light Of Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023: In an era where information is not just power but also currency -Aryan Panwar- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Leveraging AI for Blood Donation and Blood Bank Management: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming blood donation and blood bank management -Md. Ghazanfer Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Trademark Infringement and Passing Off in MASTIH v/s FULL MASTI Case: This legal analysis delves into a recent trademark dispute between the Plaintiff -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Cancellation of Registered Design and Nature of prior publication: This article analyzes the legal implications of the appeal filed under Section 19(2) -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/26

    An Analysis Of The Independence Of The Judiciary In Pakistan: The basis of democratic governance, the independence of judiciary ensures -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Defense of Section 28 of Trademarks Act 1999 when parties have registration in Different Class: This article analyzes the legal intricacies of Section 28 of the Trademarks Act, 1999-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Analyzing Controversies Surrounding Arrests Under The Prevention Of Money Laundering Act: The Prevention of Money Laundering (Amendment) Act, 2012 -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/26

    A Study Of Rules As To Delivery Under The Sale Of Goods Act, 1930: The Sales of Goods Act 1930 is an essential component of legislation governing contracts -Maanit Mahajan- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Nature and Scope of punishment under Order 39 Rule 2A CPC for breach of injunction order: This article explores the nature and scope of punishment under Order 39 Rule 2A -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Whether The Judgment Of One High Court Is A Binding Precedent For Another High Court?: According to Sir John Salmond, A 'Precedent' is said to be a Judicial decision which contains its principles. -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Formalities and Execution of Wills: A Comparative Analysis of Muslim and Hindu Legal Procedures: A Will, Testament, or Wasiyat is a crucial document in the field of testamentary law -Shreya Kumari- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Remission: The Unyielding Power of Presidential Pardon: The accused shall be free to seek appropriate redress from the Government -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Doctrine Of Privity Under Contract Law: Only parties to the contract can exercise rights and only they can be held liable -Yashi Priya- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Overview Of Hostile Takeovers: Assessing Their Impact As A Bane Or Boon: The phrase "hostile takeover" conjures up images of corporate raiders and a sense of the 1980s -Varun Pratap Singh- Posted: 2024/05/26

    Thriving Amid New Entrants: Strategies for Brand Resilience: The business world is a constantly evolving landscape, a dynamic battlefield -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/25

    Ensuring Safe Disposal of Biomedical Waste: Biomedical waste, also known as healthcare waste, originates -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/25

    Understanding the Impact: Expunging Orders of Protection in New Jersey: In the realm of legal proceedings, the issuance of orders of protection serves -James- Posted: 2024/05/25

    A Comprehensive Guide to Mergers And Acquisitions: In today's business landscape, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) -Ayush Srivastava- Posted: 2024/05/25

    War And Its Commencements, Effect Of Outbreak Of War, Enemy Character: War is a phenomenon of organized collective violence that affects -Madhubala Arunkumar Manikandan- Posted: 2024/05/25

    Legality And Responsibility: Nurturing Child's Development: To authority, custody, post-divorce arrangements, or determining who is fit to be a guardian -Sophosist- Posted: 2024/05/25

    Section 143A of The Negotiable Instrument Act: Whether Mandatory or Directory?: Section 143-A of The Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 deals with the power of the Court to grant interim -Ravi Kapoor- Posted: 2024/05/25

    Court Of Competent Jurisdiction: The expression does not exclude the Magistrate who originally tried the accused -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/25

    Analyzing The Listing Of Cases In The High Courts And Supreme Court: The listing of cases before the judges of the High Court and the Supreme Court in India -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Redefining Domestic Violence: Recognizing Male Victims in India: Domestic violence has been mostly related to female victims -Deepika- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Hum Bihar Se Hai! (Bihar Case Study And The Stereotypes Faced By Biharis): Bihar, one of the most historically important and culturally rich states of India -Twinkle Singh- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Tort: Lawful Act And Bad Motive-Motive, Malice, Intention And Tort: A subset of the civil law which is known as the tort law deals with circumstances -Gunjita Pant- Posted: 2024/05/24

    The Role Of Intergenerational Equity In Climate Change Policy And Decision-Making: Significance of fairness for posterity in the context of climate change choices -Prime Legal- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Unjust Enrichment: Who Really Has to Prove Their Case: Each incident, whether it occurred or not must be supported by evidence. -Prime Legal- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Free Speech And Public Safety: Constitutional Strategies For Regulating Hate Speech: The regulation of hate speech presents a significant challenge in constitutional law -Aayushi Selot- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Click, Scroll, Accept? The Legal Challenges Of Enforcing Browse Wrap Agreements: In the vast expanse of the digital world, where every click and scroll holds the potential -Aayushi Selo- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Passing Off And Infringement of Trademark Law: Intellectual property rights (IPR) are the ideas, inventions, and creative expressions -Subhrasikha Routray- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Recapitulation Of The Rajasthan Land Revenue Act, 1956: In the post-independence era, India experienced substantial legislative transformations -Vibhu Sharma- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Corporate Insolvency resolution process: Financial Creditors assess the financial health of the debtor's business -Aman Rathi- Posted: 2024/05/24

    M.Siddiq v/s Mahant Suresh Das: The Ayodhya Case: The Ayodhya dispute is a long-running and highly contentious legal and socio-religious conflict -Isha Priya- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Dowry Death: How an Ancient Tradition Became a Modern Crisis: Marriage is often viewed as a civilised social structure where two individuals commit -Vibhu Sharma- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Medical Negligence Is An Offence That Needs To Be Adjudicated Per Exceptions/Exemptions Provisions: Medical negligence is an offence that needs to be adjudicated per exceptions/exemptions provisions. -Dr Shri Gopal Kabra- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Protecting the Voiceless: Violation and Regulation Of Animal Protective Laws: India, by covering of about 80.9 million hectare forest and tree area has become the seventh largest country -Diva Singh- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Continuing Guarantee And Its Revocation: The Contract of Guarantee, as enshrined in Section 126, Indian Contract Act, 1872 -Priyanshi Mukati- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Distinguishing the pollution created by Petrol and Diesel vehicles from EV battery disposalDistinguishing The Pollution Created By Petrol And Diesel Vehicles From EV Battery Disposal: Petrol and diesel vehicles are causing significant impact on the environment -Pratyush Aman Barik- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Review: The High Court's Final Say on Its Own Judgments: The Supreme Court has observed that, upon reading Section 362 -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/24

    Exploring the Duality of Social Media 'X' (Twitter): In the dynamic realm of social media, platforms engage in a fierce battle for supremacy -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Analysis Of Position Of A Minor Admitted To The Benefits Of Partnership Firm Under The Indian Partnership Act, 1932: The Indian partnership act, 1932 which regulate the establishment and operations of partnership in India. -Prasun Kumar- Posted: 2024/05/23

    An Examination of Leases and Their Types under the Transfer of Property Act, 1882: In the modern world, human life is intricately connected with property. -Vibhu Sharma- Posted: 2024/05/23

    A Tale of Responsibility and Negligence in Hotel Hospitality: Jan And Sons v/s A.Cameron: The present case of Jan & Son v. A. Cameron [1]was filed as an appeal by the defendant hotel owner -Jayanti Ranjan- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Analyzing the Use of Handcuffs on Accused Persons by Police: The history of handcuffs stretches back centuries, evolving from simple shackles -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Protecting Women's Modesty: The Case Of Major Singh v/s The State: In India, women's modesty is protected under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). -Isha priya- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Corporate Governance In Maruti Suzuki: Any organization's ability to function and be successful depends on its corporate governance. -Niranjan S Nair- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Eligibility For Claim Of Death Under Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923 Depends On Ability To Prove Accident Arose 'Out Of & In Course Of Employment': J&K High Court: Delineating the critical importance of establishing a causal connection between accidents -Dinesh Singh Chauhan, Advocate- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Whether Employee Appointed On Contractual Basis, Ad Hoc / Temporary Basis Has A Fundamental Right To Seek Maternity Leave Under Article 21 And 42 Of The Constitution?: "Maternity Benefits" do not merely arise out of statutory right -Dinesh Singh Chauhan, Advocate- Posted: 2024/05/23

    The Maze Of Capital Punishment: Present, Precedents And Prospective: A crime is not only committed against the victim but also affects the entire society.-Ashutosh- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Unlocking The Secrets Of Digital Rights Management: A Modern Guide To Copyright Protection: DRM is about tracking who can do what with digital content and this includes social, institutional -Gautami khosla- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Legislating Sustanibility: The Impact of Power Sector Deregulation: Power is an essential component of infrastructure development -Vanshita- Posted: 2024/05/23

    A Comprehensive Guide To International Human Rights: "Right" and how it is defined by different scholars and in different instruments.-Snehil Prakash- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Propagation Without Proselytization: A Comparative Study Of Religious Freedom And Human Rights: India is a land of diverse religions and beliefs. The Indian Constitution guarantees -Durgesh Kumari- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Trademark Infringement and Sale of Refurbished Hard-Disk Drives - HDDs: This article delves into a legal case concerning the refurbishment and sale of Hard-Disk Drives (HDDs) -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Polity And Society Of Vedic Period And How Relevant Is It To Give The Call Of Back To Vedas In The Present Times: Cyberbullying is a widespread problem that impacts millions of people globally -Durgesh Kumari- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Letters from Dealers, Having Similar Contents, Do Not Prove Use of Defendant's Trademark: This article examines a legal judgment where the court restrained the defendant -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/23

    The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Addressing Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is a widespread problem that impacts millions of people globally -Niranjan S Nair- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Ingrains Of Section 420 And 406 Not Attracted: The other offenses under Section 406 of the IPC relate to criminal breach of trust -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/23

    A Study On International Monetary Law: The legal structures and concepts that regulate the monetary interactions between countries -Samriddhi Kapoor- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Analyzing The Digital Markets Act (DMA) In The Context Of Competition In The European Union: Modern techniques have replaced traditional ones as a result of the information and communication technology -Samriddhi Kapoor- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Google Search is Not Sufficient to Show Trademark Confusion: This article analyzes a legal judgment wherein the court denied an interim injunction -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/23

    An Examination of the Indian Tax System: Since gaining independence, India's tax structure has undergone continuous transformation. Numerous -Vibhu Sharma- Posted: 2024/05/23

    What Kind Of Amendments In Claims Of Patent Are Permissible?: Scope of amendments to claims in a patent application under the Patents Act -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/23

    A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Rule Of Law: Administrative law, traditionally considered a secondary branch of law -Vibhu Sharma- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Women's Safety: Safety of Women in India has become a major issue in India now.-Navika Singh- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Analyzing the Independence of the Bangladesh Judiciary: The independence of the judiciary serves as a fundamental pillar of democratic governance -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Mortgage In Immovable Property And Charge: Sections 58 to 104 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 are devoted to the specifics of mortgages -Srishti Sinha- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Patent Law Treaty (2000): The patent application procedure, which is a component of intellectual property law -Durgesh Patwal- Posted: 2024/05/23

    Corporate Social Responsibility In India: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is known as social and environmental activities, or even actions -Sukhpreet singh- Posted: 2024/05/22

    Qualities Of a Good Divorce Lawyer: A divorce can be incredibly challenging, but a skilled divorce lawyer -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/22

    Tyke Case And It's Adjudication: In the, Matter of Anbronica Technologies Private Limited. Adjudication Order -Kritika Pandey- Posted: 2024/05/22

    Understanding Alimony and Maintenance: Key Court Rulings and Interpretations: Kamala v/s M.R. Mohan Kumar: There is plethora of judgments related to alimony and maintenance -Atharva Shukla- Posted: 2024/05/22

    ChatGPT and Looming Concerns of IP infringement: The sporadic technological advancement of Artificial Intelligence was a variable -Trisha Aggarwal- Posted: 2024/05/22

    RBI Enforces Digital Interoperability Law, Bans Paytm Payments: A New Dawn With A Compliance Dilemma: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has banned Paytm Payments Bank from onboarding -Aryan Panwar- Posted: 2024/05/22

    Examining The Role Of Intellectual Property Laws In Fostering Innovation And Creativity: Intellectual property (IP) laws play a crucial role in fostering innovation and creativity -Adarsh shukla- Posted: 2024/05/22

    Sanction: Mandatory For Reference Under 156(3) of Crpc: Public servants, by their very office, are treated to be a separate class in application of laws. -Sandeep Patil- Posted: 2024/05/22

    K.A.Abbas v. Union of India: The Complex Relationship Between Indian Cinema and Censorship: Freedom of Speech and Expression is one of the most sacrosanct rights -Sonali Sinha Naik- Posted: 2024/05/22

    The Prosecution In The Facts Of Present Case: The court had reviewed the evidence on record. -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/22

    FIR: Evidentiary Value: How They Shape Criminal Justice Without Being the Whole Truth: The First Information Report (FIR) constitutes a foundational document -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/21

    Significance Of The Arrest Warrant Issued By The International Criminal Court: The ICC, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, has the authority to prosecute individuals -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/21

    Environmental Regulations for Businesses: Delves into the transformative journey of India's corporate governance landscape -Shubham Sharma- Posted: 2024/05/21

    Rule of Interpretation of BNS, BNSS and BSS 2023: Thus except for changes which are made in these 2023 acts -Advocate Sandeep Kapatkar- Posted: 2024/05/21

    Constitutional Validity of Sedition Law in India: Any sort of speech, deed, or writing that stirs up animosity towards the status quo -Areeba Ahad- Posted: 2024/05/21

    Overseas Company Registration: Registering an overseas company involves a series of steps and considerations that are crucial for legal -Abhinav Chandra- Posted: 2024/05/21

    All The Accused Identified By One Witness: The Existence Of Minor Discrepancies Is Of No Consequences: Upon reviewing the decisions mentioned above, it became apparent that identification -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/21

    Procedural Law and Substantive Law: Analyzing Differences: The legal framework concerning litigation practices adopted formal procedures -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation: Historical Context and Current Management: Urban land management in India has undergone significant transformations -Ishaan Sahai- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Inheritance Rights of Women Under Hindu Succession Act: In the tapestry of Indian society, the fabric of inheritance rights -Neavy- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Safeguarding Sustainability: Corporate Lawyers at the Helm: In an era where global challenges like climate change, resource depletion -Neavy- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Environmental Jurisprudence In India: A Journey Towards Attaining Eco-Centric Ideals: Environmental jurisprudence in India has been on a transformative journey -Diksha Jain- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Prisons: The influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the transformation of different sectors -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Patents (amendment) Rues 2024:Key Changes: Indian Patent office grants one lakh patents in past year. -Malvika Gupta- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Equal Remuneration: An Essential Aspect of Workplace Equality: Equal remuneration refers to the principle that men and women -Nandini Bahl- Posted: 2024/05/20

    How Date of Registration as an Advocate-on-Record (AOR) has implications for inter-se seniority of AORs for Chamber Allotment at Supreme Court of India in light of 'Gopal Jha v/s The Hon'ble Sup: To register an Advocate as Advocate-on-Record (AOR) from a retrospective -Mohit Kumar Gupta- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Other Service Provider (OSP) License: Relevance And Applicability For Indian And Foreign Entities: An Other Service Provider (OSP) License is a permit issued by the Department of Telecommunications -Nandini Bahl- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Payment of Royalty to the copyright holder for Value-Added Services (VAS) in relation to Musical Work: The ruling of Calcutta High Court mandates that Vodafone must obtain a license -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Stay of Suit proceeding under Section 124 of Trademarks Act 1999: legal issue concerning the stay of civil suit proceedings under Section 124 of the Trade Marks Act -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Evaluation of Inventive steps and Obviousness in Light of Prior Art: The Assistant Controller of Patents and Designs rejected the application on grounds of obviousness -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Copyrightability of Ideas and Concept Notes: Copyright law safeguards original expressions of ideas and concepts -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Validity of Marriage: Analyzing Sec 7 Of The Hindu Marriage Act: To examine and analyze Sec 7 of the HMA,1955. -Jayanti Ranjan- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Understanding the Implications and Importance of Business Transfer Agreements: The Company Law, 2013, provides a framework for corporate transactions -Nandini Bahl- Posted: 2024/05/20

    Analysis Of Sweat Of The Brow Doctrine: The doctrine of Sweat of the Brow, once a cornerstone of copyright law -Shivam Tiwari- Posted: 2024/05/20

    State Of West Bengal v/s Keshoram Industries Case Analysis: A judicial matter relevant to the legislative powers of the Union Government and the states -Summer4- Posted: 2024/05/20

    An Analysis Of Section 498A Of Indian Penal Code: Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) is one of the legal provisions -Poem- Posted: 2024/05/19

    Online Voting: A Future-Oriented Approach to Democratic Participation: Technology has revolutionized how we live, work, and interact, transforming every facet -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/19

    Analyzing The Challenges To Human Rights In India: Human rights are Fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone -Md Haseen Arzoo- Posted: 2024/05/19

    Virtual Rape By The Avatars In Metaverse: Potential Legal Issues And Remedies: The metaverse is a virtual space where humans, disregarding any geographical barriers -Tanu Chaudhary- Posted: 2024/05/19

    IPL: A Formidable Business Entity: The Indian Premier League (IPL) is not merely a cricket tournament -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/19

    Understanding and Addressing Domestic Violence Worldwide: The term domestic includes violence in the home by either the partner -Pranjal Rai- Posted: 2024/05/19

    Cultural And Educational Rights Of Minorities: Minorities all over the world religious or linguistic or ethnic -Pranjal Rai- Posted: 2024/05/19

    Should Courts Consider Merits Of Case While Deciding Application For Condonation Of Delay?: The Courts have ruled that the application for condonation of delay has to be heard and decided -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2024/05/19

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Legal Perspectives and Practical Challenges: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a cornerstone of modern business practices -Nandini Bahl- Posted: 2024/05/19

    The Impact of Technology on Human Rights: In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the intersection of technology and human rights -Rosy Parween- Posted: 2024/05/19

    POSH Amendment Bills: Stepping Towards A Progressive Future: the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 -Arya Mitkari- Posted: 2024/05/19

    Hate Speech: A Global Tragedy: Hate speech, which is a type of expression used to belittle, intimidate -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/18

    Use of Artificial Intelligence in Traffic Management: Modern cities grapple with a growing burden: congested roads -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/18

    Cricket Related Criminal Laws: Cricket-related criminal laws comprise a comprehensive body of legal provisions -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/18

    Advocates' Liability Under Consumer Protection Act, 2019:Supreme Court of India delivered a landmark judgement regarding Advocates' liability -Navneet Sharma- Posted: 2024/05/18

    The Role of the USPTO in Trademark Registration: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) plays -Vanshika Batra- Posted: 2024/05/18

    Methods Of Acquiring Citizenship And Losing Of Citizenship Under Indian Citizenship Act: Citizenship refers to the relationship between a state and its individual -Ummea Atiya Khanum- Posted: 2024/05/18

    Major Changes Introduced in Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, 2023: The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita bill is one of the three criminal bills -Puneet Kaur- Posted: 2024/05/18

    The Delhi Liquor Scam: A Detailed Timeline of Arvind Kejriwal's Case: The Delhi liquor scam, a controversy that grabbed headlines, intricately involves the Aam Aadmi Party -Vishal Soni- Posted: 2024/05/16

    Appealable Orders under the New York Convention Awards under Chapter I of the Part II of the Arbitration Act and Conciliation Act, 1956: Growing recognition of the need to modernize and streamline arbitration laws -Nishant Vashishth- Posted: 2024/05/16

    Right To Subrogation: Contract Law: That empowers a party, which has settled a debt or claim on behalf of another party -Sumedha Pradhan- Posted: 2024/05/16

    Application Of Tax On Maintenance And Alimony: Alimony and maintenance refer to financial support provided by one spouse to another -Kushagra Prasad- Posted: 2024/05/16

    Constitutionalism: The concept of Constitutionalism is central to the functioning of a healthy democracy. -sharanya sheopuri- Posted: 2024/05/16

    A Landmark Judgment: The Aloke Nath Case And The Definition Of Rarest Of Rare: The particular case at hand, is that of a criminal one in nature. -sharanya sheopuri- Posted: 2024/05/16

    Fired Unfairly? The Supreme Court Says You Have Rights: The DK Yadav vs. JMA Industries Case: appellant's employment because, as contended by the respondent -sharanya sheopuri- Posted: 2024/05/16

    International Law: Refugees Right And Legal Status Under Private International Law: Refugees are people who have been compelled by violence, conflict -Deepali Rawat- Posted: 2024/05/16

    From Idea To Enterprise: The Blueprint For Startup Compliance: In the dynamic world of startups, where innovation and entrepreneurship reign supreme -Aayushi Selot- Posted: 2024/05/16

    When Justice Hangs in the Balance: The Tale of a Young Bride's Tragic Demise and the Quest for Bail: Currently, a young bride of 20, within three months of her marriage, has died -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/16

    Post Termination Of Franchisee Agreement, Unauthorized Trademark Use By The Licensee: Trademark disputes often arise when businesses clash over the usage of similar -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/16

    When Law and Disorder Collide: The Tumultuous Tale of a Riot's Aftermath?: The supplementary injury report indicates that no radiological bone injury -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/05/16

    Case Study: Human Rights in Finland: Finland is a country known for its strong commitment to human rights -Navin Kumar- Posted: 2024/05/16

    Cultural Relativism v/s Universal Human Rights: A Delicate Balance Of Interpretation: The question of whether human rights are universally applicable or subject to cultural interpretation -Navin Kumar- Posted: 2024/05/16

    Challenges Facing Forensic Science in India: The forensic science system struggles with a multitude of challenges, arising from limited resources -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/15

    Judicial Evolution of Law: The law is constantly evolving, shaped by the interplay of legal principles -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/15

    When Power Meets Rights: Shankari Prasad v/s Union Of India Case and the Evolution of India's Basic Structure Doctrine: The Doctrine of Basic Structure evolved through series of verdicts in India, one such case was of Shankari Prasad Vs. Union of India. -Paridhi Roy- Posted: 2024/05/15

    A Critical Analysis Of The Corporate Social Responsibility Framework: It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.-Aishi Mukherjee- Posted: 2024/05/15

    Trademark Rectification of the basis of genericness of Mark: The plaintiff initiated a lawsuit claiming that the defendant infringed -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/15

    Use of Old Trade Name under Section 12 of Company Act: Section 12 of the Companies Act, 2013, regarding the display of old company names -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/15

    Genericness of a Trademark: Trademark protection is fundamental to safeguarding the distinctiveness -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/15

    Relevance of Prior Trademark Registrations in a cancellation proceeding: In the intricate world of trademarks and intellectual property, clashes often arise when similar marks -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/15

    Passing Off and Deceptive Similarity: The case at hand involves a dispute between two parties, each utilizing similar trademarks -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/15

    Role of Trademark Registrations in Copyright Disputes: The subject matter of this legal analysis revolves around a petition seeking rectification of copyright MYA -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/15

    The Role of Goodwill in Passing Off Action: The legal dispute between P M Diesel and Thukral Mechanical Works over -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/15

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    The Scope Of Permissible Amendments At The Stage Of Judgement: Order VI Rule 17 of the CPC confers upon parties the right to amend their pleadings -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/05/15

    The Courts Should First Decide The Application For Condonation Of Delay Before Hearing Appeal/ Revision: It is common knowledge that the appeals/revisions are sometimes filed beyond -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2024/05/14

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    Animal Rights in India: The Unheard Pleas of India's Stray Sentinels: Today the people are concerned for their own rights, and always ensure -Ishita Choudhary- Posted: 2024/05/2

    Legal Terrorism: Dowry Menace And False Rapes: The purpose of law is to safeguard the people's right and to keep check and balances in the society. -Junaid Ali Beg- Posted: 2024/05/1

    Electoral Bond And Political Transparency: With the introduction of electoral bonds in India in 2018 -Ritu Goyal- Posted: 2024/05/1

    Surrogacy: Current Landscape And Its Standing in Islam: Surrogacy is a reproductive arrangement where a woman carries and gives birth -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/1

    Witness Eligibility Criteria in Legal Proceedings: Under Section 118 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, all individuals are eligible -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/1

    Court Procedures For Guardianship Appointment: Legal And Practical Considerations: Guardianship appointments are a critical legal mechanism aimed at safeguarding -Diksha Goyal- Posted: 2024/05/1

    Admissibility Of Accomplice Witness As Evidence In India: Accomplice witness testimony is often a major component of the state's attempts -Diksha Goyal- Posted: 2024/05/1

    Consideration in Contract Law: Past, Present And Future: Consideration is defined under Section 2(d) of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/05/1

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    Scope Of Sec. 145 Of Indian Evidence Act And Previous Statement Thereunder: Every trial is a voyage of discovery in which truth is the quest -Amruta Ranjan Nanda- Posted: 2024/05/1

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    Role Of Women In Politics: As more and more women began crossing the man made barriers, the world -Avneet Kaur- Posted: 2024/04/30

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    Animal Trafficking In India: The activities of capturing, hunting, and using animals for commercial gain -Abhay kaushik- Posted: 2024/04/30

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    Understanding Positive And Negative Law: Positive law is a collection of legal rules and principles that are officially -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/04/7

    Article 21 And Its Ever Expanding Scope: The right to live a free, full and dignified life is one of the most basic principles -Soumya Lenka- Posted: 2024/04/7

    Lok Adalats as an ADR Mechanism in India: ADR means Alternative Dispute Resolution which includes various methods -Soumya Lenka- Posted: 2024/04/7

    Property Laws For The Non-Existent: A Study On Transfer For The Benefit Of An Unborn Person: Property law in India has changed significantly during the last several decades -Vivek K Singri- Posted: 2024/04/7

    Anti-Defection Law in India: A Critical Assessment: Defection by legislators occurs in many democracies. -Soumya Lenka- Posted: 2024/04/7

    Analysing Executive Control Over Judiciary: Executive exerts influence over the judiciary including High Courts and Supreme Court -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/04/7

    Final Report Submission After Investigation Of A Case: Final Report is submitted in cases where charge sheet could not be forwarded to the court -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/04/7

    Approbation of Constitutional Benches: Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Ordinance, 2023: The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Ordinance, 2023 -Aditya Bajaj- Posted: 2024/04/7

    Ashby v/s White: Principle of Electoral Rights & Accountability of Public Officials: The case of 'Ashby v. White' is a significant ruling in the history of English law -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/04/7

    Caught in the Crossfire: Unraveling the Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav Case: The Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav case is a highly contentious legal and diplomatic matter between India and Pakistan. -Aarvi Sunger- Posted: 2024/04/5

    The Legal Framework Of Antarctica: Human Invasion And Protection Of Antarctica: It was over six decades that the significant legal instrument of the Antarctic Treaty system -Priya B- Posted: 2024/04/5

    Legal Landscape of Medical Negligence: Definitions, Implications, and Juridical Perspectives: Torts refers to a civil wrong or any breach of civil duty imposed by law, -Sanjeevani Sinha- Posted: 2024/04/5

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    Review: An overview under Code of Civil Procedure, 1908: Review is an exception to the rule that once the court has pronounced the judgment -Ria Saxena- Posted: 2024/04/5

    Section 162 And 164: Confession: As the confession was retracted later, it does not necessarily mean that the confession -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/04/5

    Confessional Statement Under TADA: Under Section 15 of the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA),-Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/04/5

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    Politicization of Judiciary: Repercussions: One of the vital factors that allow the judiciary to remain legitimate -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/04/4

    Trace Evidence:Importance in Police Investigation: Trace evidence can be described as materials that are so minute that the human eye -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/04/4

    Trademark Challenges in the Gaming and Esports Industry: The gaming and esports industry has surged in popularity in recent years, presenting unique trademark -Vanshika Batra- Posted: 2024/04/4

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    Principle of an Eye for an Eye: 'An eye for an eye,' also called 'lex talionis,' which can be literally translated into Latin as the 'law of retaliation' -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/04/4

    Empowering Citizens: Understanding Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in India: Public Interest Litigation (PIL), in simple words, refers to litigation for the benefit of public interest. -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/04/4

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    Robinson v/s Post Office: Case Analysis: The concept of medical negligence is one of the most important issues in Torts -Katyayini Rana- Posted: 2024/03/27

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    Facts if Complaint: The complainant may not disclose the fact which may attract the provision of Section 197(1) -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/03/14

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    Where There Is Eye Witnesses Account Of Version: The contention of amicus curiae was that the motive alleged by the prosecution -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/29

    Comparative Study of Vested Interest and Contingent Interest: In the realm of property rights, contractual agreements, and legal frameworks -Gaurav Saluja- Posted: 2024/02/29

    Legal Perspectives On The Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse: Unveiling Liability, Compensation And The Pursuit Of Justice: The Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse of 12 November 2023, at the Silkyara Bend-Barkot tunnel -Disha Sania- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Analysing Salmond's Theory of Jurisprudence: Salmond's Theory of Jurisprudence is a concept derived from the legal philosophy -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Marxist Theory of Jurisprudence: Key Features: Marxist theory of jurisprudence offers a framework for examining law as a tool of social subjugation -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Analysing Self-Inflicted Injury: Self-inflicted injury normally involves intentionally causing physical harm to oneself sometimes -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/28

    How to Get Uncontested Divorce in New York: Divorce is never easy, but navigating the legal process doesn't have to be overly complicated -Evriniyan- Posted: 2024/02/28

    The Implications of Odisha Government's New Land Acquisition Procedure on Tribal Rights: The recent introduction of a new land purchase process by the Odisha government -Tanya Singhal- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Should Necrophilia Be Considered As Offence Of Rape Or Not?: In the Karnataka High Court judgment of 2015 in which a young women was murdered then raped, -Swarali Mishra- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Advertisement of Trademark before Acceptance in Trademark Journal: Trademark registration is a critical aspect of protecting intellectual property rights -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Wounds: Types and their Importance in Police Investigations: A wound is an injury to the body caused by different factors, including trauma, accidents -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/28

    The Legal Implications of Patent Expiry on Relief for Patent Infringement: Patent protection serves as a cornerstone of innovation by granting inventors -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Implications of Inaction in Third-Party Trademark Usage: Trademark protection is fundamental to safeguarding the distinctiveness and reputation -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Difference Between Rigor Mortis And Cadaveric Spasm And Their Importance In Police Investigations: The process of rigor mortis is marked by the gradual hardening of muscles after death -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Cases On General Rules Of Succession And Exclusion From Succession Under Islamic Law: Shia And Sunni: The Holy Quran, Sunna (prophetic tradition), Ijma (a network of educated men -Tanya Gangwar- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Analysis Of Mercy Petition Through Clause 473 Of Bhartiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita: Often, the court, while exercising its judicial powers, may award -Swayam Lalit Mundhra- Posted: 2024/02/28

    A Constitutional Analysis To Demonstrate India's Electoral Bond Scheme: Electoral bonds are financial instruments introduced in India as a way for individuals -Aakansha Bhardwaj- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Section 12 of Company Act 2013 and Entitlement of Company to Use Its Old Name: In the corporate landscape, the decision to change a company's name can stem -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Report Of Chemical Examiner: The Chemical Examiner does not as rule,give opinion as to the cause of death -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/28

    Crime Scene Sketch: Evidentiary Value and Limitations: A crime scene sketch is a scaled drawing that visually depicts the layout -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Suicidal Burning And Homicidal Burning: Analysing Differences: Suicidal Burning or Self-immolation is a term used to describe the intentional act -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Electoral Changes In Indian Democracy: Issues And Challenges: Indian Democracy is the widely accepted and the most popular Democracy -Swati Mishra- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Lokpal And Lokayukta: To Stop The Protector From Becoming The Perpetrator: In India Corruption is a mark of disgrace that is deeply rooted. -Swati Mishra- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Analysis Of Winding-Up Under The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016, Companies Act 1956 And 2013: The procedure for winding up is not simple, and it is a long and time-consuming process.-Aditya Kumar- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Algor Mortis: Utility and Limitations in Death Investigations: The process of the body cooling down after death is known as algor mortis -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Section 43B of the Income Tax Act: Section 43B of the Income Tax Act is an important provision -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Livor Mortis: Usefulness and Limitations in Death Investigations: Livor Mortis, known as Postmortem lividity or liver mortis, is a condition that occurs -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Medical Jurisprudence: Challenges And Remedies: The current challenges within medical jurisprudence cover a wide range of issues at the intersection of medicine and law. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Ex-Parte Injunction in Quia Timet Action: Protecting Patent Rights in Pharmaceutical Innovation: Quia timet action for patent infringement concerning the pharmaceutical compound 'Ruxolitinib-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Understanding Bailment: Your Friendly Guide to Property Custody: Bailment is a legal relationship in common law, where the owner transfers -Uthara A Nair- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Abuse Of Criminal Law Machinery In Civil Business Dispute: The case under scrutiny involves the invocation of Section 156(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Preserving Constitutional Integrity: An In-depth Analysis of the Doctrine of Basic Structure: As per the law that we are following now constitution is made upon certain basic structure -Syed Md Inzamam Ekram- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Falsity Of Information By The Accused: In the contextual facts, the situation however was slightly different -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/27

    Rigor Mortis: Examining its Use in Death Investigations: Rigor Mortis, a natural process that occurs after death -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/26

    Cadaveric Spasm: Examining Its Utility In Investigation Of Death: Cadaveric spasm is a rare and intriguing phenomenon that occurs when an individual's muscles -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/26

    Protection Of Children And Welfare Overview: In the middle period there were many evil were developed in the society -Arpit Kumawat- Posted: 2024/02/26

    SEBI: Powers, Functions, Weaknesses, Strengths, Challenges & Securities Appellate Tribunal: SEBI, also known as the Securities and Exchange Board of India, is a legally mandated -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/26

    Non-Rebuttal of Averments in Trademark Cancellation Petition: Trademark law serves to protect the distinctive marks that businesses -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/26

    Is Complaint U/S 138 Of NI Act Filed On The Basis Of The Second Or Subsequent Dishonour Of A Cheque Maintainable?: The Apex Court in Sadanandan Bhadran v. Madhavan Sunil Kumar (1998) -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2024/02/26

    Consumer Protection Act: An Activist Judge ‘Revolutionizes’! Patient Treatment: Every act of medical intervention must be supported by 'legally' acceptable evidence.-Dr Shri Gopal Kabra- Posted: 2024/02/26

    The Rajasthan Platform Based Gig Workers (Registration And Welfare) Bill, 2023: Indian labour and employment laws primarily recognises three main categories of employees -Ananya Hati- Posted: 2024/02/26

    Object Of The Assembly Was To Cause Death If The Deceased: Appeal Dismissed: Counsel submitted that in the common object of the unlawful assembly -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/26

    India's Nuclear Policy And International Law: India's nuclear doctrine and policy have undergone significant developments since its first successful nuclear test -Ishika- Posted: 2024/02/25

    Further Investigation Under Section 173 (8) CrPC: 'Further Investigation' is the process by which the Investigating Officer collects additional oral or documentary evidence -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/25

    Contemporary Analysis of Indian Christian Marriage and Divorce Laws: The Indian legal system we have now has a considerable mark of the British colonial era -Tisha Sachdeva- Posted: 2024/02/25

    Res Ipsa Loquitor: Understanding Criminal Negligence and Rashness: Criminal negligence is the gross and culpable neglect or failure to exercise -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/25

    Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Critical Analysis: Its complexities stem from a tangled network of historical grievances, territorial disputes -Anton- Posted: 2024/02/25

    Obtaining Ex Parte Injunction on the basis of Old Trademark and Packaging: The crux of the appellant's argument revolves around allegations of misrepresentation -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/24

    What is Preamble?: Protection of life and personal liberty No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law. -Sakshi Singh Parihar- Posted: 2024/02/24

    Ownership and Possession: Analysing their Differences and Transition of Possession into Ownership: Possession refers to the legal right of a person to keep, use, manage, and get rid of property. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/24

    Principles Of Good Lending: Lending constitutes the primary operation of banks, essential for fostering economic growth -Anjali- Posted: 2024/02/24

    Common object: Section 149 consists of two parts, the first part of section means that the offence to be committed -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/24

    Robbery and Dacoity: Analysing Differences: Every instance of robbery involves either theft or extortion. Robbery can be committed -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/23

    Medical Evidence: Types, Value, Evaluation, Strengths, Weaknesses, Conviction, Predominance Over Eyewitness Evidence, Failure And Court Judgments: The information used in legal proceedings to understand an individual's physical state, injuries, illnesses, or medical conditions -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/23

    Working Of Multilateral Benefit Sharing Mechanism Under ITPGRFA: The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) -Adv Anusha Unnikrishnan- Posted: 2024/02/23

    India's Nuclear Doctrine: Evolution, Principles, And Debates: India's nuclear doctrine represents a critical aspect of its national security strategy. -Vinayak Rastogi- Posted: 2024/02/23

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    Doctrine of Pre-emption: Pre-emption law has its origin in the saying of the prophet.-Chintalapati V N S Haarika Priya- Posted: 2024/02/23

    Amendment in Patent specification by way of explanation: At the time of the national phase entry in India, the patent application comprised 33 claims -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/23

    Reply to First Examination Report in Patent Examination process: The case under discussion delves into the intricate realm of patent examination procedures -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/23

    All About The Relation Between Relevancy And Admissibility: Relevancy and Admissibility are not co-extensive terms in the context of Indian evidence act 1872 -Kangkana Haloi- Posted: 2024/02/23

    Right To Private Defence: A Human Perspective on Legal Protections: It is well settled that once it is held that that the accused had the right of private defence -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/23

    Wounds and Injuries: Analysing Differences: The differences between Wounds and Injuries may be delineated -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/22

    Indian Constitution: Key Features, Strengths, Weaknesses, Influence of other Constitutions Over It, Its Influence Over Other Constitutions and Evaluation: The Indian Constitution is a constantly evolving and extensive legal -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/22

    Access to Justice vis-a-vis Legal Aid And Services System in India: A Critical Analysis: The concept of justice encompasses fairness, the rule of law, the principle of equality and fundamental human rights -Amrit Raj Dubey- Posted: 2024/02/22

    American Constitution: Key Features, Strengths, Weaknesses, Its Impact on Indian Constitution And Evaluation: In 1788, the United States ratified the American Constitution, a crucial legal document -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/22

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    Maintainability of complaint u/s 138 of the NI Act in case of dishonour of cheque due to Incomplete Signatures: It is common knowledge that cheques are dishonoured mostly for Insufficiency of funds -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2024/02/22

    A Tribute To The Remarkable Life Of Fali S. Nariman The Titan Of Indian Law And Justice, A Man Of Light And Learning: Fali Sam Nariman was a man who had earned many feathers in his cap with his intrepid mind -Tanvee- Posted: 2024/02/22

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    A Brief Study On Crime Against Children In Light of POCSO ACT: The (POCSO) was passed in the year 2012. For the first time Protection of children from sexual offenses -Aditi Raj- Posted: 2024/02/22

    Emerging Jurisprudence Decriminalizes Medical Negligence: Injury From Good Faith Act Of Medical Management Of A Licenced Medical Professional -Dr Shri Gopal Kabra- Posted: 2024/02/22

    Urgent Relief and Pre Institution Suit mediation under Section 12 A of Commercial Court Act 2015: The intersection of urgent relief and pre-institution suit mediation under Section 12A of the Commercial Courts Act -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/22

    Medical Evidence Supporting That A Minor Girl Was Raped And Murdered:The accused who had obviously displayed affection for the deceased -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/22

    Antemortem Drowning and Post Mortem Drowning: Differences: Drowning is the act of suffocating due to being submerged in water or other fluids -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/21

    Murder & Culpable Homicide: Differences and Alibis against Murder: Every instance of taking someone's life, whether through murder or culpable homicide -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/21

    Challenges Confronting Airlines Industry: Operating in a complicated and ever-changing environment, the airline industry -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/21

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    Adam Smith's Limited Support for Public Works: A Contemporary View from India: Eamonn Butler highlights the nuanced perspective of Adam Smith on public expenditure -Soumyadip Chakraborty- Posted: 2024/02/21

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    Relevance of Foreign Patent Application in Patent Infringement Suit: Their patent application pending in Japan and granted patents in the United States -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/21

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    Statements made under special circumstances: Understanding Evidence in Indian Courts: the Evidence Act became operative. It has 167 Sections and 11 Chapters. -Purva Kaul- Posted: 2024/02/20

    Deception Detection Techniques In Contemporary Criminal Justice System: Early enough, English jurist William Blackstone had -Mridulika Pandey- Posted: 2024/02/20

    Influence of Colonial Rule in Indian Crimes and Punishment: Colonial rule in India had a significant impact on various aspects of society -Karan Jethva- Posted: 2024/02/20

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    Japanese Constitution: Key Features, Strengths, Weaknesses And Its Influence On Indian Constitution: In 1947, under the control of the Allied forces after World War II, the Japanese Constitution -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/20

    British Constitution: Key Features, Strengths, Weaknesses And Its Influence On Indian Constitution: The political system of the United Kingdom is governed by a collection of laws, principles, conventions, and traditions known as the British Constitution. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/20

    Unveiling the Shield: Decoding the Digital Personal Data Protection Act of 2023: The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023 was first introduced in the Lok Sabha -Mayank Pandey- Posted: 2024/02/20

    Mathura's Ordeal: The Landmark Tukaram v/s Maharashtra Case: Tukaram v. State of Maharashtra is a significant legal case in India that examines the concept of consent -Purva Kaul- Posted: 2024/02/20

    Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association v/s Union of India (1993): Judicial Liberation-The Second Judges' Case and India's Legal Revolution: the idea of "freedom," not for an individual but for an entire branch of the government, specifically the judiciary from the executive. -Purva Kaul- Posted: 2024/02/20

    Fighting for Justice-The Battle Against Corporate Complicity in Child Labor: Nestlé USA v/s Doe and Cargill v/s Doe: A prominent court case in the United States, Doe v. Nestl, Cargill, and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) -Purva Kaul- Posted: 2024/02/20

    Steps Undertaken By SEBI for Shareholders Empowerment: SEBI has implemented a range of strategic measures to strengthen shareholder rights -Purva Kaul- Posted: 2024/02/20

    Critical Analysis of the Forest Amendment Act of 2023: The bill modifies the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, to apply to particular land types. -Purva Kaul- Posted: 2024/02/20

    Prison Labor: The Price of Prisons and the Lasting Effects of Incarceration: Prisons and other justice institutions can be utilised to further economic and non-legal goals -Purva Kaul- Posted: 2024/02/20

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    Evolutionary Theory of Law: A Study: The evolutionary theory of law has an intriguing similarity between the processes of biological evolution -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/19

    Stages in the Evolution of Banking in India, Banking Evolution: During the British administration in India, the British brought modern banking -Mohit Kumar Jha- Posted: 2024/02/19

    Oil Prices' Manipulation in the Gulf Region by the Western Powers: Analysing the Strategies: The manipulation of oil prices in the Gulf region by Western powers involves a multi-pronged -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/19

    Revolving Door: Examination of the Concept: The revolving door phenomenon refers to the movement of individuals between government positions -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/02/19

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    National Space Legislation: A Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Approaches: As humanity's footprint in space expands, national space legislation emerges -Abinash - Posted: 2024/02/19

    Electoral Bond Scheme: A Landmark Judgment by the Supreme Court of India: The Electoral Bond is a bond issued in the nature of promissory note which is a bearer banking -Shubham Rungta- Posted: 2024/02/19

    Order of attachment:It was needless to emphasize that the requirement of Locus standi -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/19

    Access to Justice vis-a-vis Legal Aid And Services System in India: A Critical Analysis: The concept of justice encompasses fairness, the rule of law, the principle of equality and fundamental human rights -Amrit Raj Dubey- Posted: 2024/02/18

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    The Art Of Examination Of Witness And Cross Examination As Per Indian Evidence Act, 1872: In a judicial proceeding or a trial, the examination of witness is a crucial part to discover the truth -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2024/02/18

    The Digital Wave: A Conversational Guide to Corporate E-Banking: Earlier the economy of all the countries was cash driven, meaning that the transaction -Hari Shankar Singh- Posted: 2024/02/17

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    The Trend Of Patent Registration in Booming Health-Tech Industry: Post-Covid 19 Era: In the wake of Covid-19, the importance of Intellectual Property Rights -United & United- Posted: 2024/02/15

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    Mandatory Timelines for filing evidence in support of opposition under Rule 50 of Trademarks Rule 2002: Concerning the adherence to mandatory timelines in trademark opposition proceedings.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/15

    Amendment Restrictions in Patent Specifications: Limitations imposed on amendments to patent specifications beyond the scope of the original claim.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/02/15

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    Mediation: An Efficient Method For Resolving International Intractable Conflicts: Intractable conflicts are the conflicts which have not been resolved for a very long time and such conflicts -Kinjal Suchak- Posted: 2024/02/15

    Effectiveness Of The ICC In The Prosecution Of The International Crimes: All human being are to be free from any harm in the society and no one -Anton- Posted: 2024/02/15

    Doctrine Of Last Opportunity: What would really be rashness would depend upon varying circumstances -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/15

    Compensation For Rash And Negligent Driving: In the instant case truck hit the scooterist from the wrong side who died leaving -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/02/15

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    In The Changed Social And Economic Scenario Does Wife's Demand For A Separate Residence Amount To An Act Of Mental Cruelty?: In the changed Social & Economic Scenario does Wife's demand for a separate residence amount to an act of mental cruelty? -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2024/01/29

    Rajesh Exports Limited: A Comprehensive Overview of Global Leadership in the Gold Industry and Corporate Governance Practices: Rajesh Exports Limited was established in 1989. The corporation is a world leader -Bhumi Tejra- Posted: 2024/01/29

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    Understanding Res Judicata under Section 11 of CPC: Key Elements, Case Laws, and Exceptions: The doctrine of Res Judicata is a legal principle that prevents the same matter from being relitigated -Sajjan Prasad Chaurasia- Posted: 2024/01/28

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    Defending the Right to a Healthy Life: A Case Analysis of Murli S. Deora v. Union of India and the Landmark Ban on Public Smoking in India: Murli S. Deora v. Union of India which stipulated a ban on public smoking all over India -Gargi Pant- Posted: 2024/01/26

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    Fundamental Of Contract: Offeror/ Proposer/ Promisor - Offeree/ Proposee/ Promisee And Consideration: A contract comes into existence when the offer by the offeror/ proposer is accepted by offeree/ proposee.-Ashish Kumar Verma- Posted: 2024/01/21

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    Transfer of Criminal Cases: The decision in A.R Antulay case was not rendered in the context of the competency -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/01/16

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    Artificial Intelligence in Policing: Use And Drawbacks: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the scientific study of machines and computer systems -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/01/13

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    The Unsettled Flaws in The Laws: Analysis of Fast Track Mergers Laws in India Post 2023 Amendment: Rules regarding of Fast-Track Mergers (FTM) Regulations in India. Without a prescribed timeline for regulatory -Suyash Kant Shukla- Posted: 2024/01/12

    Bhartiya Nyaya Sanhita, 2023: An Analysis Of Legal Reforms, Coherence Challenges, And The Quest For A Progressive Penal Code: The Bhartiya Nyaya Sanhita, 2023 ("BNS"), came into effect, replacing the antiquated Indian Penal Code -Aditya Kaul- Posted: 2024/01/12

    The Locus of Pre-Grant Patent Opponent in Patent Examination Process: One of the challenges surrounding patent law revolves around the locus of a pre-grant patent opponent -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/01/12

    Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, 2023: Unveiling Reformative Strides And Contemplative Critiques In India's Criminal Justice Landscape: 163 years after the enactment of our first substantive criminal law, a proposal is underway -Aditya Kaul- Posted: 2024/01/11

    Major Changes Under Bhartiya Nyaya Sanhita Bill, 2023: On 25th of December 2023,the Bhartiya Nyaya(second) Sanhita Bill 2023 received the assent of the President of India. -Shashwat Gupta- Posted: 2024/01/11

    The Doctrine of De Minimis Non Curat Lex: The Doctrine of De Minimis Non Curat Lex implies that the law does not concern itself with trifles. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2024/01/11

    Critical Analysis: Whether Special Leave Petition Is Maintainable In India?: Special Leave Petition (SLP) is a provision that holds a prime place in the Indian judicial system. -Pawanii Thukral- Posted: 2024/01/11

    The Evolution Of Corporate Law In India: The development of corporate law in India has a rich historical trajectory -Jyoti- Posted: 2024/01/11

    How To File RTI Application?: The full form of RTI is the Right to Information, which is governed by a revolutionary law -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2024/01/11

    Mistake of Styling a Candidate Variety as 'New': A Remediable Oversight: The issue surrounding the mis classification of a candidate variety as 'New' instead of extant variety, -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/01/11

    Your Gateway To Exceptional Real Estate Experiences: Established with a vision to redefine real estate Law service standards -Ccalegal firm- Posted: 2024/01/11

    The Man Who Could Read Minds: Dr Maximilian Langsner: In moments where traditional scientific methods prove fruitless -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/01/10

    Cruelty: A Comprehensive Analysis of Dastan v/s Dastan and the Evolution of Hindu Marriage Law (1955-Now): The era of 1955 is the most crucial for the Hindu. Pre- era of 1955 -Saiyam Dua- Posted: 2024/01/10

    What Is Adjournment And How To Take Adjournment, If First Appearance In Court As An Advocate?: Adjournment refers to the temporary suspension or postponement of legal proceedings -Robinsh Kumar- Posted: 2024/01/10

    Examining Accountability: Judicial And Executive Responsibility For The Acts Of Their Servants: The relationship between individuals who enforce and uphold laws plays a role -Akshat Aggarwal- Posted: 2024/01/10

    Legalities Surrounding Hit and Run Cases in Motor Insurance in India: India having the highest no. of road crash deaths and injuries in the world -Tushika Asthana- Posted: 2024/01/10

    Analysis of Trademark Infringement: Biryani King Vs. Biryani King XXXL: The case at hand involves a dispute between a plaintiff claiming ownership over the registered mark 'Biryani King' -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/01/10

    Institutional Mediation: Evolution, Impact on Indian Law:Institutional Mediation is a process of dispute resolution. -Diva Singh- Posted: 2024/01/9

    Menace of Gunpoint Marriages: A Deep Dive into Bihar's Inhuman Practice: Gun point marriage refers to marriage performs forcefully between bride and groom. -Ravi Ranjan Paswan- Posted: 2024/01/9

    What is Farmer Producer Organization in India?: New guidelines for Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) were published by the Ministry of Agriculture -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2024/01/9

    The Digital Frontier: Assessing the Legal Landscape of E-Banking in India: Does the legislation pertaining to e-banking in India -Ama Legal Solutions- Posted: 2024/01/9

    Debt Resolution in India, Canada, United Kingdom and Dubai: The debt resolution procedures for individuals in India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Dubai.-Rahul Gour- Posted: 2024/01/9

    What Is Money Laundering With Example And Cases In Simple Terms?: Money laundering is a process through which individuals or entities disguise -Robinsh Kumar- Posted: 2024/01/9

    Evidence Admissibility: Legal Perspectives on Search, Seizure, and Constitutional Rights in India: The admissibility or otherwise of a piece of evidence has to be judged -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/01/9

    Anticipatory Bail in Legal Cases: Investigation, Defendants' Rights and Fair Proceedings: Investigation of the case not to be hammered by granting of anticipatory Bail. -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/01/9

    The Principles Of Proportion Between Crime And Punishment: The principle of proportion between crime and Punishment was a principle -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/01/9

    Trademark Infringement and the DIABLISS v/s. DIABEAT Case: The realm of intellectual property rights is vital for fostering innovation and ensuring fair competition. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/01/9

    How Implementing A Uniform Civil Code Could Bridge Legal Divides In India: Uniform civil code refers to a common set of law which apply to all the citizen -Kumari Ankita- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Menstruation Leave In India: Mensuration period is a time period in which women of age between 13-45 having bleeding -Kumari Ankita- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Beyond Algorithms: AI's Role in the Legal Profession: Look around, and you'll discover artificial intelligence quietly embedded in our daily lives.-Niket Singh Kotwal- Posted: 2024/01/8

    The Stockholm Declaration of 1972: Pioneering Principles for Environmental Law and Global Responsibility: The year 1968 marks a watershed in the history of environment management. -Divyanshi Shrivastava- Posted: 2024/01/8

    The Centre-State Relations In India: Part 11 of Indian constitution focus on Central state relationship covering legislative administrative -Divyanshi Shrivastava- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Shaping Legal Progress: Functions of Law Commission of India: The Law Commission of India is an important institution entrusted with the responsibility -Robinsh Kumar- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Indian Legal System And Access To Justice: Foundation And Functions Of Its Legal System: To no one we shall sell, to no one we shall deny or defer right or justice. -Kashish Khandelwal- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Towards a Sustainable Globalized Future: Harmonizing Development and Ecology: Globalization refers to a complex and multifaceted process that encompasses -Satwinder Singh- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Analysing Adhesion Contracts And The Discrimination They Cause: With the increase of globalization and world economies -Rishika Anand- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Unraveling The Truck Drivers Protest Against The Latest Legislation: New criminal law Bharathiya Nyaya Sanhitha (BNS) has stirred controversy , concerning its impact on the truck drivers.-Venkat Sai Krishna- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Role And Function Of United Nation Security Council In Maintaining Global Peace And Harmony: The United Nations was established in 1945 in the wake of the devastating impact -Geetika Rathore- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Analysis Of Right To Strike Under Indian Labor Laws: The synergy between capital and labor is the basis of complex industrial structures -Geetika Rathore- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Dispute On Immovable Property Causing Breach Of Peace: Conflicts over immovable property, such as land, water, crops, and other products -Vivek Kumar Singh Advocate, Allahabad High Court- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Under Delay In Deciding Bail By Executive Magistrate: Executive Magistrate should not forget that they are also expected to act -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Critical Analysis On The Application Of Rule Of Law In India, UK And US: Origin of Rule of Law: ROL signifies the importance of law and gives law a supreme position -Vagmi Patel- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Charge Sheet: Quashing Of FIR: The court in exercise of inherent power s u/s 482 Crpc -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/01/8

    Comparative Study Relating To Judicial Separation According To Different Religions In India: According to Merriam Webster's 'Dictionary of Law', the term 'marriage' has been defined as "the state of being -Shagun Bhan- Posted: 2024/01/7

    Ajaib Singh vs Sirhind Coop: The provisions of Article 137 of the Schedule to Limitation Act, 1963 -Ankita Paldiya- Posted: 2024/01/7

    Immunity For Victims In The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956?: The provision of "immunity for victims" in the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 -Robinsh Kumar- Posted: 2024/01/7

    The Procedure For Electing The President Of India: According to the Indian Constitution President is the constitutional head of the country -Mukesh Jana- Posted: 2024/01/7

    What Individual (Client) Do After Police Take For Remand?: What Individual (Client) do after Police take for Remand? -Robinsh Kumar- Posted: 2024/01/6

    How Defamation Law Differentiates Libel and Slander: Explained-Defamation Act, 1952 And IPC Section 499: Defamation is defined under the law of torts as the injury to the reputation of an individual. -Patenge Chathrapathi- Posted: 2024/01/6

    BJP's Ascent, Congress's Descent: The Rahul Gandhi-Modi Faceoff and India's Democratic Horizon: India's political scene is like a wild rollercoaster these days. -Tarun Choudhury- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Liability Of The State: Tort Actions And Legal Accountability: Tort originates from the Latin word "tortum" which means to twist. -Prachi Solanki- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Optimizing Appeals: Understanding the Admission of Additional Evidence at Appellate Stages in Legal Proceedings: Application for taking additional Evidence on record at an appellate stage -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Copyright Of Photography In Intellectual Property Rights: This study investigates copyrights in photography and image capture -Y. Sai Mohan- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Entrenchment in Articles of Association (AOA): A company's articles of association outline the procedures that result -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Navigating The Legal Terrain: An In-Depth Analysis Of Judgments Related To The Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act: Sexual harassment in the workplace has faced persistent global and national efforts -Sai Ikshitha Korada- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Vicarious Liability: Exploring Accountability and Responsibility in Legal Relations: Vicarious liability, a fundamental doctrine in the realm of tort law, is a legal concept -Sai Ikshitha Korada- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Redesigning Agricultural Approach To Millet Production As A Key For Sustainable Development In Budget 2023-2024: Budget 2023 largely emphasizes promoting the use of technology -Dilpreet Kaur- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Analysis of Doctrine of Fruit Of Poisonous Tree In Various Common Law Countries: The fruit of the poisonous tree is used in the context of admissibility of evidence collected -Rishika Singh- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Social Media And Electoral Integrity: Social media refers to online platforms and websites that enable users to create -Mukesh Jana- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Case Law Of: Ashok Kumar v/s Delhi Administration: One petitioner named Ashok Kumar was in the Central Jail of Delhi regarding accused -Srinibas Praharaj- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Balancing National Security And Human Rights: Striking a balance between national security and human rights is a complex -Swathika Kadieswaran- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Admissibility Of Child Witness: Legal And Psychological Aspect: Admissibility of the evidences obtained from a child which also includes the difficulties -Rituparna Panda- Posted: 2024/01/6

    Upliftment Of The Under Privileged Children: We live in a society where the number of underprivileged children are enormous. -Dilshad Alam- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Case Analysis Of Tehseen Poonawalla Vs Union Of India (2018): After the sudden increase in the number of Mob Lynching and the numerous incident of lynching -Dilshad Alam- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Climate Change Litigation In India: Navigating Legal Responses To Environmental Challenges: I have long understood that climate change is not only an environmental issue it is a humanitarian -Harsha Rao Bharti- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Cyber Law And Emerging Use Of Artificial Intelligence: The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing quickly -Dikshant Dogra- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Defense Strategies Against Fake Dowry Cases?: What are the Defense Strategies against Fake Dowry Cases? -Robinsh Kumar- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Evidentiary Challenges In Gender Based Violence: Gender-based violence (GBV) is a pervasive global issue with severe consequences for victims -Manisha Sreenivasan- Posted: 2024/01/5

    The Intersection Of Patent Law The Pharmaceutical Industry: Balancing Innovation And Access To Medicines: In today's rapidly evolving world of pharmaceuticals, patent law plays a crucial role -Astha Sharma- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Cyber Kidnapping Laws In India: Protecting Against Online Threats: The digital age has brought countless benefits, but with it comes the dark side of cybercrime.-Astha Sharma- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Cause Of Action And Jurisdiction Of A Writ Court: The matter before the Hon'ble High Court of Madras revolved around the intricate -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Due Diligence Requirements For E-Marketing Websites: The digital marketplace has provided numerous opportunities for businesses and consumers -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Insolvency Laws: Developing Responsible Corporate Borrowing Behaviour: While Rome wasn't constructed in a day, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were demolished in a single day. -Lakshya Gupta- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Cross-Border Loan Default: In a globally interconnected economy, commercial activities and financial transactions -Rahul Gour- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Status Of Health Care Services In Consumer Protection Act 2019: An Appraisal: Consumer Protection Act 2019 has repealed the earlier 1986 Act in which medical services -Dr Shri Gopal Kabra- Posted: 2024/01/5

    Decoding Capital Punishment in India: Analyzing State of Punjab v/s Dalbir Singh: In this case, respondent/accused Dalbir Singh was a constable in 36th Battalion -Parth Verma- Posted: 2024/01/4

    Organised Crime And Juvenile: An Insightful Analysis With Special Reference To Juvenile Justice Act: Juvenile delinquency is a severe offence that harms the social order in any society. -Nainshree Joshi- Posted: 2024/01/4

    How To Surrender IEC License Online?: Many times it happens that when a person starts a business, he does all the necessary compliances -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2024/01/4

    Lodging Of FIR And Cause Of Action For Suit Under Section 60 Of The Copyright Act, 1957: The intersection of intellectual property rights and criminal law has given rise to complex legal questions -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/01/4

    Understanding the Legality and Implications of Wagering Contracts in Law: When a promissory note is executed for payment of debt arising out of a wagering transaction -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2024/01/4

    Understanding American Realism in Jurisprudence: In the early 20th century, a new strain of legal thought called American Realism -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2024/01/3

    The Cornerstones Of Fairness: Principles Of Natural Justice: Cornerstones of fairness known as the principles of natural justice -Sakshi Beniwal- Posted: 2024/01/3

    Civil Protective Order In New Jersey: In the realm of family law and personal safety, Civil Protective Order -Jamesvvegita- Posted: 2024/01/3

    Suppression of Fact and Its Ramifications in a Patent Infringement Suit: A patent, being a monopoly right granted by the state, is anchored on the principle that the patentee -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/01/3

    Resignation By A Company Director: Law And Practice - A Comparison Of The Position In India And The United Kingdom: The directors are responsible for the company's overall health and for the interests of the shareholders -Aditya Dubey- Posted: 2024/01/2

    There Can Not Be Copyright Infringement If Similar Theme Presented Differently: The crux of the legal dispute revolves around the alleged infringement of the Plaintiff's copyrighted script -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Appointment Of KMP In A Company: A new concept of "Key Managerial Personnel" (KMP) was created by the Companies Act of 2013 -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2024/01/2

    The Role Of Intellectual Property Lawyers: In the rapidly evolving landscape of innovation and technology, intellectual property -Lead india- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Across State Lines: Are Extraterritorial Abductions Legitimate Instruments To Fight International Crimes And Terrorism Or Threat To The Protection Of Human Rights And The International Legal Order?: The battle on global psychological oppression has as of late been utilized to legitimize -Prime Legal- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Cases Of Fraud, Forgery And Corruption In Banks And Financial Institutions In India: As the foundation for both economic growth and financial stability, the banking -Prime Legal- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Dispute Resolution in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are pivotal for infrastructure development, merging public resources -Prime Legal- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Artificial Intelligence And Liability Laws: This explores the intricate relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and liability laws -Prime Legal- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Socio-Legal Aspect Behind Enactment Of The Jan Vishwas (Amendment Of Provisions) Act, 2023: Socio-legal research identifies the problems likely to arise in the future for decision, and indicates -Srinibas Praharaj- Posted: 2024/01/2

    NIA: A Pan-India Remedy For The Eradication Of Pan-India Evil: After the horrific incident of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, it revealed the failure of intelligence -Srinibas Praharaj- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Recent Judgments And Implications Of The SC/ST (Prevention Of Atrocities) Act, 1989: The SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, designed to protect the rights of Scheduled Castes -Prime Legal- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Animal Rights and Cruelty to Animals Act: Four of the world's thirty-six biodiversity hotspots are found in India -Prime Legal- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Prevention Of Child Abuse: There can be no doubt that a girl child is a Minor but may be a time has come -Soumya- Posted: 2024/01/2

    Indian Young Lawyers Association v/s The State Of Kerela: Sabarimala Temple Case: Women in our society have historically faced challenges in achieving equal status -Tanisha Bandil- Posted: 2024/01/1

    An Analysis Of The Dispute Between Israel And Hamas: Beginning around 1947, various changes have occurred in the "Israeli-Arab" -Poem- Posted: 2024/01/1

    Article 323-A: Administrative Tribunals Under The Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985 (Along With The Tribunals (Amendment) Act 2006: There has been a phenomenal increase in the functions of the government -Satwinder Singh- Posted: 2024/01/1

    The Need And Scope Of Overhauling The Indian Evidence Act,1872: India's evidence law is a crucial component of the justice system in India. -Ark Sharma- Posted: 2024/01/1

    Issues Faced By Migrant Workers In India: In the vast socio-economic landscape of India, migrant workers constitute a significant demographic -Ark Sharma- Posted: 2024/01/1

    Ambiguity In Law: The practice of law is considered to be a vocation in the language.-Ark Sharma- Posted: 2024/01/1

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