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    Dishonour Of Cheques Given Against Cash/Unaccounted Loans- Complaint U/S 138 Of Negotiable Instruments Act Not Maintainable: The number of cases filed under Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2023/11/17

    Initial Interest Confusion in Pharmaceutical Trademarks: The Hon'ble High Court of Delhi recently addressed the nuanced concept of initial interest -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/17

    Whether Interpretation sub-rule (3) of Rule 3-A of Order XLI of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 is permissive Rather Than Mandatory?: The provisions of Rule 328 of the J&K Motor Vehicles Rules, 1991 -Dinesh Singh Chauhan- Posted: 2023/11/17

    Untold Caste Tales: Indian SC Chamar Lives Amid Devta Customs With Special Reference Through Mandi, Kullu, Shimla And Kangra Regions Of Himachal Pradesh: The intricacies of India's social fabric have long been interwoven with a complex web of caste -Vishal Banga- Posted: 2023/11/16

    Insurance Claims Fraud: Legal Frameworks And Prevention Measures: Insurance claims fraud is a growing concern for the insurance industry, resulting -Reet Parihar- Posted: 2023/11/16

    Adoption in Islam: Islam places a significant emphasis on the preservation of a person's identity -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/16

    Air Pollution And Urban Migration: Is There A Link: In recent years, researchers have focused their efforts on determining the causes of urban environmental -Ishika Agarwal- Posted: 2023/11/16

    Gappling With Menace, Called Noise Pollution: Air pollution has emerged as a critical issue in many urban areas -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/16

    A Comprehensive Analysis Of Independent Directors: Unveiling Their Effectiveness In Fostering Corporate Growth: India is the fifth largest economy in the world wherein the contribution of companies plays -Pragati Rajak- Posted: 2023/11/16

    A Clock Tower Case Validating Res Ipsa Loquitor: The clock tower of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, in Chandni Chowk collapsed, resulting in the death of Subhagwanti. -Gyanendra Pandey- Posted: 2023/11/16

    India That Is Bharat: Our constitution starts with "India, that is Bharat". -Abhay Shukla- Posted: 2023/11/16

    No Grounds For Improper Intervention Of The State In Religious Affairs: The Madras High Court recently issued a directive to the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious -Yokheswara M D- Posted: 2023/11/16

    Media Trial In Age Of Justice: The media's role in shaping societal opinion is undeniable, with the strength to influence perspectives -Abhay Shukla- Posted: 2023/11/16

    Codifying Statutes: Codifying statutes is the process of organizing and grouping a jurisdiction's laws and regulations -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/15

    Legal Implications Of Smart Contracts In International Business Transaction: The advent of blockchain technology has ushered in transformative changes across industries -Lakshya Joon- Posted: 2023/11/15

    Administration Tribunal In India: In Administrative law, the term 'tribunal' is used in a significant sense -Neetu Choudhary- Posted: 2023/11/15

    The Crucial Role of Trade Dress in Trademark Disputes: The recent legal precedent concerning the dispute over the trade dress of "Good Day Butter Cookies" -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/15

    Lily Thomas vs Union of India: As the wife of Mr. Gyan Chand Ghosh, Sushmita converted to Islam -Swastik Suvam Swain- Posted: 2023/11/15

    History And Development Of Trade Union In India: A trade union, as defined by the Trade Unions Act of 1926 (previously known as the Indian Trade Unions Act) -Sanskriti Jaiswal- Posted: 2023/11/15

    Common Defects in FIR: In most countries, the police file FIR (First Information Report) which is a legal document -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/14

    Study Of Abortion Laws And MTP Act Through The Lens Of Women's Rights: In order to encourage greater preference for and access to safe abortions in India -Samarth nair- Posted: 2023/11/14

    The Role Of Indian Judiciary In Upholding International Principle Of Environmental Law: Indian Judiciary which is the most powerful body protecting environment by providing different sort of Legislation -P Suraj Reddy- Posted: 2023/11/14

    Vishaka v/s State Of Rajasthan (1997): A Pioneering Case In Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment In India: In India's growing economy, the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace -Jannat Chuchra- Posted: 2023/11/14

    FIR as Dying Declaration: The expression, First Information Report is always understood to mean information recorded -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/14

    Sovereign Investors And National Security Exceptions In WTO And Investment Law: Design will be employed to gather a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between sovereign investors -Vishnupriyan- Posted: 2023/11/14

    Problem of Child Soldiers in South Asia: The problem of child soldiers in South Asia is a complex and deeply troubling issue -Nandika Joon- Posted: 2023/11/13

    Transnational Insolvency And Conflict Of Laws: With the onset of globalization in the latter part of the 20th century -Amlan Panigrahi- Posted: 2023/11/13

    A Constitutional Conundrum: The Uniform Civil Code Debate In India: In the kaleidoscopic tapestry of India's legal landscape, where diversity and tradition -Diya Saraswat- Posted: 2023/11/13

    Wrongful FIR And False FIR: Remedies: When it comes to registering an FIR at a Police Station, sometimes things can get quite tricky. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/13

    Status Of Right To Free And Compulsory Education Act, 2009 In Entire State Of Himachal Pradesh: Everyone has the right to education. Education should be free -Vishal Banga- Posted: 2023/11/13

    Role Of Alternative Dispute Resolution In Resolving Family Disputes: Family is said to be the basic unit of society, which develops society through the chain of relationships. -Pranav Bajaj- Posted: 2023/11/13

    Interplay Of Prima Facie Case And Irreparable Loss In Interim Injunctions: intricate dynamics surrounding the significance of irreparable loss and damages at the interim injunction stage -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/13

    The Dynamics of Trademark User Amendment: The legal landscape surrounding trademark disputes often hinges on meticulous pleadings -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/13

    Non-Use and Rectification of Registered Trademark: legal case involving the cancellation of the registration of the trademark -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/13

    Jurisdictional Challenges with Respect to Leave under Clause XII of Letters Patent: The intricacies of jurisdiction often come to the forefront in legal battles -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/13

    FIR: Cancellation, Withdrawal and Quashing: Officer-in-Charge of a Police Station or for that matter any other Senior Police Officer -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/12

    Health Care Excluded From CPA 2019: Has the medical services not been specifically and consciously excluded from CPA 2019 by the parliament? -Dr Shri Gopal Kabra- Posted: 2023/11/12

    CCI's Jurisdictional Issues And Remedies: A Comprehensive Analysis: The Competition Commission of India (CCI) plays a vital role in upholding fair competition and preventing anti-competitive practices -Himanshu Mishra- Posted: 2023/11/11

    FIR By The Accused Person: FIR (First Information Report) may be lodged by an accused person himself.-Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/11

    IPC 1860 Joint And Group Liability Common Intention And Common Object: Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention. -Sakshi Singh Parihar- Posted: 2023/11/11

    IPC 1860 General Principals Of Criminal Liability: Actus Reus And Mens Rea: "actus me invito factus non est mens actus" - An act done by me against my will is not my act at all-Sakshi Singh Parihar- Posted: 2023/11/11

    Marital Rape In India: Exposing The Grim Reality: In Indian culture, marriage is viewed as a sacred institution that should be based on respect -Shailja Singh- Posted: 2023/11/11

    Rise of SPAC: Transformation from Private to Public Trading Company: In the contemporary years, appreciable upsurge of Special Purpose Acquisition Company -Sakshi Agrahari- Posted: 2023/11/11

    Disclosure Of Information Of Case Diary And General Diary/Station House Diary Under RTI Act-2005: Section 8 (1) (h) of the Right to Information Act - 2005 prohibits revelation of such kind of data -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/11

    Comparative Analysis of the Birth of Labor Rights: A Historical Examination: This comprehensive comparative analysis explores the intricate evolution of labor rights -Harsh Srivastava- Posted: 2023/11/10

    Investment Concept Under International Investment Law: International Investment Law is a multifaceted and dynamic field that governs the legal framework -Abhijeet Ujjwal- Posted: 2023/11/10

    LGBT Community In India: A Stigma Or An Ashirwaad?: In India, the constitution guarantees right to equality to citizens residing on its territory -Vishal Banga- Posted: 2023/11/10

    Legal Dimensions Unveiled: Navigating the depths of Input Tax Credit (ITC) in GST: In the realm of GST artful dance, Legal strides and ITC enhances. Compliance waltzes, strategy's chance -Palak Garg- Posted: 2023/11/10

    HDFC Merger: A Complete Analysis: A merger of companies refers to the consolidation of two or more separate companies -Kumar Harsh- Posted: 2023/11/10

    Good Management Can Improve The Working Of Courts And Dispensation Of Justice: In the realm of legal processes, the role of management practices should not be underestimated. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/10

    Relationship Between Management And Law: The relationship between management and law in the organizational framework -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/9

    A Profound Reflection On Gender Justice And Uniform Civil Code: Bridging the gap made by gender injustice is the challenge of decade that needs to be addressed -Janaan Naseeb- Posted: 2023/11/9

    Cases Related To Section 96 Read With Order XLI Rule 31 Of Civil Procedure Code: The original plaintiff, Pragmalji, who passed away while the appeal was pending -Versha Jha- Posted: 2023/11/9

    Regulation Of Child Labour Under The Child Labour Act,1986: The government passed the Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Amendment Act -Malvika Choudhary- Posted: 2023/11/9

    The Significance attached to a Well-Known Trademark: In the recent case before the Hon'ble Division Bench of the High Court of Delhi -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/9

    A Comparative Study of Disputes Related to Automotive Industry in India: The Indian automotive industry is one of the largest and most dynamic sectors -Tushar Arora- Posted: 2023/11/9

    Sources Of International Law: International law promotes peace and order globally. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/9

    Net Neutrality With Special Emphasis On India: The Internet has changed the world and society more than ever.-Shashank Pachauri- Posted: 2023/11/9

    Reckless Driving in New Jersey: Understanding the Law and Penalties: New Jersey roads, bustling with life, can sometimes witness reckless driving behaviors -James- Posted: 2023/11/9

    The Death Penalty And Its Effects On Indian Law: The accused may face a variety of penalties under Indian law depending -Harshit Jaiswal- Posted: 2023/11/9

    X V The Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department Govt Of Nct Of Delhi: Case Analysis: D.Y. Chandrachud, A.S. Bopanna, and J.B. Pardiwala opined that the Delhi High Court's understanding of the legislation -Supriya Raghuvansh- Posted: 2023/11/8

    A Critical Analysis On The Commission Of Sati (Prevention) Rules Of 1988: Sati is a term that creates a huge impact on the society where a widow sacrifices -Ratnika Pathak- Posted: 2023/11/8

    Sedition Law in India: Balancing National Security and Free Speech: The sedition law in India, summarize in Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code, -Prince yadav- Posted: 2023/11/8

    Gender Equality Under The Constitution Of India With Special Reference To Equal Employment Opportunities: Indian women have always received separate treatment. Women were still seen -Ashish Verma- Posted: 2023/11/8

    Revisiting the Microsoft Antitrust Showdown: United States v/s Microsoft Corp: A case study on how Microsoft leveraged its position to monopolise the web browser market. -Aditya Kumar Saraswat- Posted: 2023/11/8

    Witness Protection: A Prerequisite To A Fair Trial: Witness cooperation with law enforcement and judicial agencies is essential -Zarana Acharya- Posted: 2023/11/8

    Dissecting The Art Of Technologically Curated Families In Contemporary India: The term Assisted Reproductive Technologies encompasses a diverse array of methodologies -Aditi Mohapatra- Posted: 2023/11/8

    Design and Enforcement of Personal Income Tax in India: The Indian tax structure has evolved over time to accommodate the government's expanding financial needs. -Riya Sagar- Posted: 2023/11/8

    What Are The Benefits Of Maintaining Books Of Accounts?: The practice of a company keep track of its financial transactions is as old as trade itself -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/11/8

    Trafficking Of Women Across Borders: Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons, is a crime -Yusuf Shahab- Posted: 2023/11/7

    The Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substances, Act, 1985: India's War On Drugs: As a citizen, you have a role to play in India's battle against the menace of drugs -Deepti Rathore- Posted: 2023/11/7

    Cross-Examination Craft: The process of cross-examining a witness in a courtroom is an essential legal procedure -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/7

    Self-Incrimination And The Right To Counsel: Miranda v. Arizona is an important case decided by the US Supreme Court in 1966 -Ashwarya Pandey- Posted: 2023/11/7

    The Quandary of Automatic Stay Vacation in Indian Courts: The judicial landscape in India has been significantly shaped by landmark judgments -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/7

    Trademark Infringement in Export from India: The case of ROYAL STAG with Device of Stag -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/7

    The Role of Local Commissioners in Patent Infringement Cases: The role of Local Commissioners in legal proceedings has been a subject of debate and contention -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/7

    Inordinate Delay in Pronouncement of Judgment on Interim Application: The subject matter of this analysis revolves around a Letters Patent Appeal filed against a judgment -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/7

    Educated Customer and Trademark Confusion: The case at hand involves an appeal filed by the plaintiffs/appellants under Order 43 Rule 1(r) -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/7

    A Bigamous Hindu Marriages: Implications For Law, Society, And The Economy: legal and social aspects of bigamy in India, with a focus on both traditional and modern trends -Harshit Jaiswal- Posted: 2023/11/7

    Digital Protection of Children: Analyzing the Synergy Between India's IT Act and POCSO Act: In the era of the digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives -Anmol Bansal- Posted: 2023/11/7

    The Benefits of SPACs for Startups and Private Companies: As per New York time in its article dated 27th Feburary,2023 quoted that SPAC -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/11/6

    Data Privacy And The Challenges Of Digital World:India's Constitution recognizes privacy as a fundamental right in Article 21 -Sakshi Tripathi- Posted: 2023/11/6

    What are the Roles of Registrar of Companies (ROC) in India?: In India, registering a company is a complex procedure. -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/11/6

    The Impact of Latin on Law: Latin comes from ancient Rome. It's an old, respected language. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/6

    Evidence Taken By Court: Section 46 of Guardians and Wards Act does not control s 13 so as to enable District Judge -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/11/6

    Is International Law Really A Law?: A controversy exists in jurisprudence and legal philosophy regarding the true status of international law. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/6

    General Defences: Sovereign Immunity: Sovereign immunity, a legal doctrine that grants immunity to states from civil and criminal jurisdiction -Abhash Yadav- Posted: 2023/11/6

    UN Security Council and India: The main bodies of the United Nations are there to maintain international peace and security. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/5

    An Analysis Of Hotels Can Not Escape Valet Parking Liability: What does it mean to be careless when hosting? It refers to the incapacity of a place or hotel -Animesh Nagvanshi- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Cryptomining: Environmental Impact: Popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been known to cause environmental -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Debate On Judge's Irregularity With Special Reference Through Recent Judgement Of Joseph Thomas v/s State Of Kerala: The judiciary is an integral part of our legislation, without enforcement it cannot be pertinent -Vishal Banga- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Roscoe Pound's Theory of Social Engineering: Roscoe Pound is a legal scholar whose name is often intertwined with social engineering theory. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/5

    What Are The Power And Duties Of Directors In A Company?: Strategic Decision-Making: Directors have the power to make strategic decisions -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2023/11/5

    What Are The Procedures For Appointment And Removal Of Directors In A Company?: Nomination and Election: Directors can be nominated or elected based on the company's articles of association -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2023/11/5

    What Is The Position Of Directors In A Company?: The position of directors within a company is a pivotal one, involving various responsibilities -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Who Are Directors Of A Company?: Directors are individuals elected or appointed to oversee the management and operations of a company. -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Critical Analysis Of Media And Privacy: This article delves into the intricate relationship between media and privacy is governed by a web of laws -Sandeep Harish- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Right To Legal Aid: A Fundamental Right And DPSP: The right to legal aid is a cornerstone of justice and a fundamental human right -G.N.V.S.S.Padma Aashritha- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Multiple Dying Declarations: Principles To Be Considered By A Trial Court: Abhishek Sharma v. State (Govt. of NCT of Delhi) -Sahil Modi- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Right of Accused to Assert Innocence at Investigation Stage: The Bombay High Court recently emphasized the accused's right to assert innocence during -Sahil Modi- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Expanding Liability in Sole Proprietorships: Beyond Just the Proprietor!: Case Name: Saardar Bhupinder Singh v. M/s Green Feeds Through Its Partner Vipin Kumar -Sahil Modi- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Many Faces Of Violence In Kashmir: The reality of Indian democracy is most conspicuously exposed in Kashmir. -Simran Singh- Posted: 2023/11/5

    No Place To Go: Rising Crimes Against Women In Jammu And Kashmir: The Kashmir conflict has been beset by large scale usage of sexual violence by multiple belligerents since its inception. -Simran Singh- Posted: 2023/11/5

    State Liability For Torts: Before 1947, the King of England and India couldn't be sued in his own courts because of the sovereign immunity -Md. Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Swadeshi Cotton Mills v/s Union of India: A critical Analysis: Swadeshi Cotton Mills vs. Union of India was a historic legal case in India in which issues regarding the right to property -Ayush Shrivastava- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Understanding the Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019: Implications, Controversies, and Legal Perspectives: The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 allows illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to become Indian citizens. -Gursimar Kour Sudan- Posted: 2023/11/5

    International Criminal Court And India: The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an independent, global group -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/5

    A Conceptual Analysis Of Preventive Detention: There is nothing more foreign to a civilised and democratic system than preventive detention -Aanandita Tandon- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Analysis On The Effect Of Judicial Control Over Delegated Legislation: The renowned four pillars of Indian democracy are the legislative, the judicial -Abhilipsa Kar- Posted: 2023/11/5

    Critical Note On The Court Order: Defamation Suit Of Himalaya Wellness Corporation: Did the court have a necessity to hear the defendant's side against the allegations of defamation -Yokheswara M D- Posted: 2023/11/3

    Unraveling The Legal Web: State Liability In Indian Contracts: A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is enforceable by law. -Manpreet Kaur- Posted: 2023/11/2

    Criminal Psychology Of Serial Killers: The emergence of serial killers has posed a significant challenge to the legal system in India. -Shreya singh- Posted: 2023/11/2

    International Court of Justice: The International Court of Justice (ICJ) serves as the principal judicial body of the United Nations -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/2

    Need to review IMA v V P Shantha that put medical professionas under CPA: The medical services were equated with other commercial services. -Dr Shri Gopal Kabra- Posted: 2023/11/2

    The Twin Requirement of Commercial Dispute: The opportunity to review the directives issued by a Hon'ble Single Judge of the High Court -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/2

    What is Due Diligence for Startups in India?: Due diligence is an inquiry or audit conducted before a transaction -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/11/2

    Constitutional Bench: Under Article 145(3), "any case involving a substantial question of law -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/2

    IHL: The Last Line of Defence for Human Dignity: If we start with defining the International Humanitarian Law -Deepak Mishra- Posted: 2023/11/2

    Salient Features Of Apprenticeship Act: The actual meaning of the word apprentice is that it means a person who is learning a trade or profession -Gogulram- Posted: 2023/11/2

    Is Homosexuality A Taboo In India: Natural sexual offences are those offences which are committed in order of nature. -Gargi - Posted: 2023/11/2

    Service of Summons of Suits through Email and Mobile: The advent of the digital age has revolutionized various aspects of human life -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/2

    The Dichotomy of Alternate Remedies and Interim Relief in High Court Admissions: The interplay between the admission of a matter before a High Court -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/2

    The Interplay Between Section 124 of the Trademarks Act 1999 and Stay of Suit Proceedings: The filing of a rectification petition before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/11/2

    Uniform Civil and the Challenges In It's Implementation: The Uniform Civil Code, or UCC, has been a topic of contention for decades -Abha Ajikumar- Posted: 2023/11/2

    Differences Between De Jure Recognition And De Facto Recognition And Withdrawal Of Recognition: De Jure Recognition, often called formal recognition -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/1

    Or To Be Read As And/Nor: How The Supreme Court Interpreted Lapse Of Land Acquisition Proceedings Under The New Act: The lacunae under Section 24(2) of the Land Acquisition Act, 2013 -Sakshi Aggarwal- Posted: 2023/11/1

    Preserving Our National Treasures: Climate Adaptation Strategies and Conservation Measures for National Parks: National parks are not only natural sanctuaries but also invaluable repositories -Zoya Abid- Posted: 2023/11/1

    Differences between De Jure Recognition and De Facto Recognition And Withdrawal of Recognition: De Jure Recognition, often called formal recognition, is official -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/11/1

    Or To Be Read As And/Nor: How The Supreme Court Interpreted Lapse Of Land Acquisition Proceedings Under The New Act: The lacunae under Section 24(2) of the Land Acquisition Act, 2013 -Sakshi Aggarwal- Posted: 2023/11/1

    Marital Rape: Should Exception 2 Be Eliminated From Section 375 IPC: Sexual intercourse with a woman against her will, without her consent, by coercion, misrepresentation or fraud or at a time -Anshaj Srivastava- Posted: 2023/11/1

    Evolution If Divorce Perceptions: A Cross Cultural Analysis: Divorce is a miscellaneous phenomenon, deeply associated with cultural norms -Asna Parveen- Posted: 2023/11/1

    The Relevance Of Dissent Views In Judgments Of Constitutional Courts And The Decreasing Trend Of Them In India: The constitutional court plays a very important role in maintaining and ensuring the rule of law -Rohit Sharma- Posted: 2023/11/1

    The Essential Role of Artificial Intelligence in Today Patent Ecosystem: Preserving intellectual property rights is vital for fostering innovation across a myriad of fields -Kush- Posted: 2023/11/1

    Employment Of Children And Young Persons Under The Tamil Nadu Shops And Establishment Act, 1947: Poverty and High Unemployment Poor children and their families may rely upon child labor -Jonah Elisa Shiny Abraham Lincoln- Posted: 2023/11/1

    Strategies And Defences In Hostile Takeover And Anti Takeover Measures: Strategies and Defences in Hostile Takeovers and Anti-Takeover Measures: A Comprehensive Analysis within the Framework of Mergers and Acquisition -Deergha- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Uniform Civil Code In India: Dispelling Myths And Analyzing Judicial Approaches Towards Personal Laws And Constitutional Principles: This comprehensive paper explores the complex issues of India's dispute over the Uniform Civil Code -Shejal Sharma- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Writ Of Coram Nobis: Writ of Coram Nobis, often simply referred to as "Coram Nobis,"-Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/31

    IP As A Market Tool And Its Relation With Competition: Intellectual property rights grant the owners exclusive legal rights -Adv Anusha Unnikrishnan- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Methods Of Data Collection Under Research Methodology: employs methods taken from other disciplines to generate empirical data to answer research questions. -Adv Anusha Unnikrishnan- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Requirements And Procedure For Filing Of A Trademark Application In India: trademark means a mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services -Adv Anusha Unnikrishnan- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Biswanath Prasad Radhey Shyam v/s Hindustan Metal Industries: December 13, 1978: Biswanath prasad radhey shyam and Hindustan metal industries both were carrying business of manufacturing -Adv Anusha Unnikrishnan- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Compulsory Licensing Of Pharmaceutical Patent As Flexibility: TRIPS agreement enforces the member countries to grant patents to Pharmaceutical companies -Adv Anusha Unnikrishnan- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Keshavan Madhava Menon v/s The State of Bombay: The petitioner, who held the position of Secretary at People's Publishing House India Ltd -Parishudh Brise- Posted: 2023/10/31

    The Shreya Singhal's Case: A Constitutional And Technological Approach To Freedom Of Speech And Expression.: -Vishal Banga- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Artificial Intelligence Its Pros And Cons With Regard To Indian Legal System: Artificial Intelligence Its Pros And Cons With Regard To Indian Legal System -Sreyansh Chhari- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Qui Facit Per Alium Facit Per Se and Respondeat Superior: The Latin phrase, "Qui facit per alium facit per se" essentially translates to "One who acts through another -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Publication Divorce in New York: A Last Resort: Divorce can be a complex and challenging process -Charles Mathew- Posted: 2023/10/31

    Doctrine of Waiver: The Doctrine of Waiver is about voluntarily giving up known rights or privileges -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Doctrine of Basic Structure: The words "Basic Structure" are nowhere defined in India's Constitution.-Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Delhi Firecracker Ban: Law v/s Traditions: In a world marked by the clash of tradition and modernity -Anmol Bansal- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Summarize case: A Landmark case in India legal history: A.K. Gopalan v/s State of Madras: The Indian Supreme Court heard the A.K. Gopalan V. State of Madras case -Yashika Chourasia- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Divorce New York No Fault: Divorce is never an easy journey, but for residents of New York -Charlotee- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Why is forming an Indian subsidiary not as tough as you think?: India is a country that attracts a lot of private equity and foreign direct investment -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Fostering Equality: Advocating for LGBTQ Adoption Rights in India: In the kaleidoscope of India's rich tapestry, diversity is not merely -Nisha Ola- Posted: 2023/10/30

    The Process Of Property Division In Divorce Cases: One of the main and frequently tense aspects of divorce procedures is property split. -Johnson- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Doctrine of Pith and Substance: Doctrine of Pith and Substance which means true nature and substance, -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Media Coverage In Cases Of Child Sexual Abuse: An Analysis: Profound influence of mass media on addressing the pressing issue of Child Sexual Abuse -Prime Legal- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Evidentiary Value Of DNA Test And It's Pros And Cons: The techniques require the great care & caution. Precautions are required to be taken to ensure preparation -Shahid Ahmad- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Share Transfers: The Process of Registration and Shares Forfeiture: The "Transfer of Shares" refers to the process of transferring ownership -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Unveiling The Share Certificates: Object, Effects And Duplicates: A "Certificate of Shares" is a physical or electronic document issued by a company to its shareholders -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2023/10/30

    Allotment and Statutory Restrictions: An Informed Approach: "Allotment" refers to the process by which a company allocates and assigns shares or securities -Shashwata Sahu- Posted: 2023/10/30

    The Judiciary In India: Its Concept And Functions: The judiciary represents a distinct realm, embodying the cradle -Neeraj Kumar Rohilla- Posted: 2023/10/29

    Article 12 Of The Indian Constitution: Definition Of State: The third Chapter of the Indian Constitution provides certain fundamental rights -Pritam Kumar mandal- Posted: 2023/10/29

    Balbir Singh vs Ganga Ram Hospital: Singh Makol who is alleged to have been victim of medical blunder committed by Dr. J.S. Makhani, Senior Orthopaedic Consultant -Rohan verma- Posted: 2023/10/29

    Marriage And Divorce Of Muslim Law: Marriage is called out Nikah (union of sexes) -Pranjal Prajapat- Posted: 2023/10/29

    About Uniform Civil Code (UCC): Uniform civil code is a concept of single set of civil laws which is applicable to all citizens -Divya Soni- Posted: 2023/10/29

    School and Source of Muslim Law: Muslim law is divine law as opposed to man-made law which is passed by legislatures. -Hemlata Nagda- Posted: 2023/10/29

    G.I. Tags in India: Preserving Cultural Heritage and Promoting Cultural Heritage and Promoting Economic Growth: Geological Sign (G.I.) labels in India, which have demonstrated -Anukriti- Posted: 2023/10/29

    Understanding S.114-A of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872: Rape is an unlawful sexual intercourse committed against the will of the victim. -Bammidi Preethy- Posted: 2023/10/29

    Comprehensive Social Security: Benefits Under The Employees State Insurance Act, 1948: The Employee's State Insurance Act of 1948 was passed on 19th February 1948 -Mandarapu Moukthica- Posted: 2023/10/29

    Comparative Analysis Of Dying Declaration Under Indian Evidence Act , 1872 & Federal Rules Of Evidence Under United States Of America Law: The concept of dying declaration holds immense importance in the Indian legal system -Raghav Sharma- Posted: 2023/10/29

    Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha: Set up more than 20 years ago, the Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/29

    An Introduction to Private International Law: Typically, cases brought before municipal courts predominantly involve matter with intrinsic connections. -Karnaja Naik Nimbalkar- Posted: 2023/10/29

    Limitations Of The United Nations: There are arguments that suggest the UN may not possess complete independence -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/29

    G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration: The G20 Summit's draft document encompasses a broad spectrum -Prime Legal- Posted: 2023/10/28

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    Article 21 Bestows Upon Every Individual The Sacred Right To Breathe In The Embrace Of A Pristine And Untainted Environment: The preservation of life and individual liberty as guaranteed by the fundamental rights -Prime Legal- Posted: 2023/10/28

    The Absence Of Specific Labor Laws For India's Gig Economy Has Resulted In A Challenging Situation For Cab Drivers: The gig economy has transformed work options in India, with prominent online platforms -Prime Legal- Posted: 2023/10/28

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    Global Drug Trafficking: An Overview: Drug trafficking is the major issue internationally and domestically.-Mohammaduzef Diwan- Posted: 2023/10/28

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    Uniform Civil Code: Bridging The Divides Or Deepening The Differences?: Article 44 of the Indian Constitution underscores the State's responsibility -Rohit Gome- Posted: 2023/10/28

    LGBTQIA Rights In India: An Ongoing Debate: LGBTQIA stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer -Vaishali Samadhia- Posted: 2023/10/28

    Roadblocks Or Pathways? Assessing Women's Rights Under The Uniform Civil Code: India, that is Bharat, had just completed the G-20 summit -Srishti Kamal- Posted: 2023/10/28

    Dealing with Unidentified Counterfeiters on E-Marketing Platforms: The rise of e-commerce has revolutionized the world of marketing, offering businesses -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/10/28

    Carry On Business Under Section 20 (B) CPC And Cause Of Action Under Section 20 (C) CPC In The Context Of Defendant's Activity Through Website: In a recent case before the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/10/28

    Difference Between PAN Card and TAN Number: An individual must understand the key differences between Tax Account Deduction -Ishita Ramani- Posted: 2023/10/27

    Treaty And Termination of Treaty: A treaty is an agreement or contract entered into between two or more states -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/27

    Strict Rule of Interpretation of Penal Statute: Prevention of Corruption Act: Interpretation of Statute means to understand the meaning of the statute -Nistha Savar- Posted: 2023/10/27

    Process Of Winding Up Of A Company: Winding up is a proceeding using which the dissolution of a company -Pragya Kriti- Posted: 2023/10/26

    Pacta Sunt Servanda And Rebus Sic Stantibus: In international law, there's a Latin saying - "Pacta sunt servanda," -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/26

    Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989: A Tool for Transformative Constitutionalism: The first task of the Constituent Assembly of the Republic of India -Somitra Vardhan Dubey- Posted: 2023/10/26

    The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022: Section 2 (4) of the Bill defines data as "a representation of information -Pratheeka Varanasi- Posted: 2023/10/26

    The Digital India Act, 2023: The Digital India Act, 2023 (DIA), is being formulated with an aim to replace the existing Information Technology -Pratheeka Varanasi- Posted: 2023/10/26

    Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011: Rule 2 (e) of the SPDI Rules define data as defined in clause (o) of sub-section (1) of section 2 of the Act. -Pratheeka Varanasi- Posted: 2023/10/26

    No Place To Call Home: Examining The Legality Of Slum Demolitions Carried Out For The G20 Summit: The 18th G20 Summit took place in New Delhi on 9th and 10th September 2023.-Navya Pandey- Posted: 2023/10/26

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    Live In: A License To Assault?: Marriage is a socially and legally sanctioned union between a man and woman -Avani Kanswa- Posted: 2023/10/26

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    Right To Be Forgotten: In the present age where all data is accessible at a tick it is crucial safeguard one's protection -Vaibhav Srivastava- Posted: 2023/10/23

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    Creating Respectful Workplaces: Complaint Committees Under The Posh Act, 2013: The POSH Act, or the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace act -Divyanshi Gautam- Posted: 2023/10/21

    Presumption Against the Violation of International Law: The guiding principle is that statutory provisions align with international law. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/21

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    Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta: In the universe of legal judgments, ratio decidendi, which means "the reason for the decision" -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/21

    Creating Respectful Workplaces: Complaint Committees Under The Posh Act, 2013: The POSH Act, or the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace act -Divyanshi Gautam- Posted: 2023/10/21

    Presumption Against the Violation of International Law: The guiding principle is that statutory provisions align with international law. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/21

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    Easier To Fool Than To Convince On Being Fooled: A Legislative Analysis On The Drugs And Magic Remedies Objectionable Advertisements Act, 1954: A unique characteristic of the belief that Indian people -Ravani Ukti Nayudu- Posted: 2023/10/14

    Evaluation Of The Involvement Of State In Law Of Contracts: The basis of control of the State is particularly unclear, considering -Varshini viswanath- Posted: 2023/10/14

    Administration In Drug Control And Mechanism: Worldwide about 0.5 millions deaths are attributable to drug use -Jeevika.R- Posted: 2023/10/14

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    Differences Between Right In Rem And Right In Personam: Right in Rem is available against the whole world, whereas Right in Personam is available against a particular person. -Md.Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/10/14

    Trademark Infringement Lawsuits: Examining the Significance of Delayed Injunctions: Trademark infringement lawsuits are the frontline defenders of brand integrity and intellectual property rights. -Yamini Mahawar- Posted: 2023/10/14

    The Principles Of Police Interrogation And Human Rights: A Critical Analysis: A police officer is the most appropriate person to approach in an emergency.-Arunadhita- Posted: 2023/10/14

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    Mangala Waman Karandikar (D)TR LRS v/sPrakash Damodar Ranad: Sections 92 and 95, which deal with the exclusion of evidence of oral agreements -Arunadhita- Posted: 2023/10/14

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    Analysis Of Section 3(I) Of The Patent Act And The Distinction Between Diagnosis And Diagnostic: The recent case before the Hon'ble High Court of Madras concerning Section 3(i) of the Patent Act -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/10/14

    Terminal Patient: A Legal myth A Medical Dilemma: A patient to be legally recognized as terminal should meet the following -Dr Shri Gopal Kabra- Posted: 2023/10/14

    Do Animals Have The Right To Life? And Ethics Of Animal Testing And Animal Agriculture In India?: With the use of important rulings, this paper examines Article 21 of the Indian Constitution -Thakur- Posted: 2023/10/14

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    Defamation And Freedom Of Speech And Expression:Defamation is the "communication of a false statement that harms someone's reputation". -Ajaypal- Posted: 2023/10/11

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    Treatment Of Psychopathic Offenders And Criminal Activity Reduction: The paper is an analytical study which revolves around Psychopathic offenders -Sumiran Srivastava- Posted: 2023/10/11

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    Under The The Maharashtra Police Act, 1951: Chapter VI of the document outlines Executive Powers and Duties of the Police -Harshavardhan Prakash Deshmukh- Posted: 2023/10/5

    Special measures for Maintenance of Public Order and Safety of State under the The Maharashtra Police Act, 1951: Chapter V of the document outlines special measures for maintaining public order and the safety of the state.-Harshavardhan Prakash Deshmukh- Posted: 2023/10/5

    Police Regulations under the The Maharashtra Police Act, 1951: Chapter IV from sections 33 to 46 of the Maharashtra Police Act 1951 deals with Police Regulations.-Harshavardhan Prakash Deshmukh- Posted: 2023/10/5

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    Child Custody Battles: The single most important component in inclusive growth is being a child. -Kaushik krishnan- Posted: 2023/08/8

    Breaking the Silence: Marital Rape in India: According to "Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code", having intercourse with one's spouse -Atul Kumar Singh- Posted: 2023/08/8

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    POCSO Act, 2012: Misuse and Loopholes: To protect and safeguard the children from the paedophiles and other unscrupulous members -Md. Imran Wahab- Posted: 2023/07/19

    Data Profiling in the Era of Data Privacy: Challenges, Risks, and Best Practices: In the digital age, data profiling has become an integral part of many organizations' -Aditya Maurya- Posted: 2023/07/19

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    High Court Judges Appointments: Overpowering the judiciary is not a new phenomenon. Post-independence -Justice (Retd.) Basu Deo Agarwal- Posted: 2023/07/19

    Unity Through Uniformity: Unity in diversity' is centuries old adage. Politicians frequently refer this proverb to pacify various communities and for other political mileages -Justice (Retd.) Basu Deo Agarwal- Posted: 2023/07/19

    Decriminalizing the Sex Trade: The Case for Legalizing Prostitution: The Latin term prostituere, which meaning to expose publicly, is where the word "prostitution" -Ashish Mishra- Posted: 2023/07/19

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    Annulment Of Marriage: Power of High Court: Expression of choice in accord with law is acceptance of individual Identity. -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/07/19

    The Diverse Facets of Corporal Punishment among Children and Legislations: Corporal punishment, or simply physical punishment we all have at least once -Aditya Dwivedi- Posted: 2023/07/18

    Article 142: Magic Wand for Supreme Court to do Complete Justice: The Constitution of India has given specific powers to the Legislature, Executive & Judiciary. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2023/07/18

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    Executive Power u/s 432 to 435 crpc: The criminal procedure code 1973 empower the Government to suspend -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/07/18

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    G.V Godse: AIR 1961 SC(600): Imprisonment for life generally means that the convict will be punished -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/07/18

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    Section 6 Of Commercial Court Act 2015, Not In Negation Section 62 Of Copyright Act 1957 For Invoking Territorial Jurisdiction: Section 6 of the Commercial Court Act 2015 and Section 62 of the Copyright Act 1957 are in conflict. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/07/18

    Classification Of Goods Is Not Decisive For Evaluating Trademark Confusion: In the realm of trademark law, disputes often arise when two parties -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/07/18

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    Five Golden Principles For Proving Criminal Offences On The Basis Of Circumstantial Evidence: The circumstances from which the conclusion of guilt is to be drawn should be fully established. -Soumya Kundu- Posted: 2023/07/18

    Shambhuram Yadav v/s Hanumandas Khatri: Professional Misconduct Case For Suggesting Client To Bribe Judge: The field of advocacy is honourable. The individual in society who is most responsible, -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/18

    Mahipal Singh Rana, Advocate v/s Uttar Pradesh: Highlighting The Need Of Regulating Legal Profession: The case discusses the urgent necessity for revision or modification of a number of Advocates Act, 1961 -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/18

    Re: Prashant Bhushan: Contempt Case For Tweets Made Against Hon'ble Chief Justice Of India: The case is one of the most prominent ones that the nation saw in 2020. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/18

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    Understanding Coparcenary Rights and the Dayabhaga School: A Comprehensive Analysis of Hindu Inheritance Law: Dayabhaga school is built on vajnayalkya smiriti, which jimutvahana interprets.-Sundaram Parashar- Posted: 2023/07/13

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    Concept Of Industry, Industrial Disputes And Workmen: The industrial disputes act extends to the whole of India. It came into the operation -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

    Advantages of Registered Trade Union and Immunity given to trade union: A trade union has to perform a several trade function to achieve its objectives. -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

    Cancellation of trade union section 10: Powers to withdraw or cancel the registration of trade union is given to the registrar.-Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

    Registration Of Trade Union, Remedies In Case Of Non Registration And Cancellation Of Registration: Section 3 to 9 of the trade union act 1926 deals with the provision of registration -Mohd Aqib Aslam- Posted: 2023/07/11

    Case Analysis of Satish Chandra Yadav v. Union of India, 2022: The appellant in this case was serving as a Constable with the CRPF. -Chhavi Priya- Posted: 2023/07/11

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    Bodh Raj vs State of Jammu & Kashmir, 2002: The case Bodh Raj & Ors v. State of Jammu & Kashmir deals with the aspects -Harshith Sai Boddu- Posted: 2023/06/30

    Evaluation of Women's Right to Property under the Hindu Law: Women's succession rights and examination of the same -Harshith Sai Boddu- Posted: 2023/06/30

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    Safeguarding Innovation: The Significance And Need Of Intellectual Property Rights: Everyone wants to earn money from their respective embedded -Harsh Srivastava- Posted: 2023/06/13

    AI: An Asset Or Threat To Justice: The world has become dynamic due to the day-to-day innovation and their applicability -Ujjwal Tripathi- Posted: 2023/06/13

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    The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Its Impact On IP Law: Numerous industries, particularly the creative sector, have been transformed by artificial intelligence -Anil Shete- Posted: 2023/05/1

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    Procedure To Obtain Indian Citizenship: Subject to the provisions of this section and such other conditions and restrictions as may be prescribed -Ankit Tiwari- Posted: 2023/04/29

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    Public Services And Their Contributions: Public service is one that the government provides to people living within its jurisdiction -Shruti gupta- Posted: 2023/04/10

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    Election Manifesto And Its Impact On Law And Order, Constitution And Economy: Elections are an integral part of India's democratic process. Political parties use these documents -Anuj Chaturvedi- Posted: 2023/04/10

    Failure Of The League Of Nations And The Establishment Of Un Charter: The League of Nations came into existence on 10 January 1920 by the Paris Peace Conference.-Vaasawa Sharma- Posted: 2023/04/9

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    Human Trafficking In India: A Study: Human trafficking has been a problem in civilization for centuries. -Astitva Kumar Rao- Posted: 2023/03/25

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    Determination Of Lease: In India, transfer of property is not possible for every individual because of financial issues -Shreya Patil- Posted: 2023/02/8

    AIR: Prevention And Control Of Pollution, Act 1981: State Government to designate air pollution areas and to prescribe the type of fuel -Shreya Patil- Posted: 2023/02/8

    Processes Of Social Change In India: Social change is a term used to describe variations in, or modifications -Shreya Patil- Posted: 2023/02/8

    The Impact Of Data Protection Laws On Business Management In India: Data protection laws have become increasingly relevant in today's digital age -Ekta Jain- Posted: 2023/02/8

    The Wide Time Gap Of Prior Art Is Directly Proportional To The Inventiveness Of A Patent: Filed against order dated 29.12.2021 passed by the Controller of Patents and Designs, Patent-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/02/8

    Way Forward For Young Lawyers In Legal World: In the last analysis, the law is what the lawyers are. And the law and lawyers are what the law schools make them. -Utsav Mishra- Posted: 2023/02/8

    Passive Euthanasia: Its Legality: Euthanasia is ending a patient's life to limit the patient's suffering.-Shubham Agarwal- Posted: 2023/02/7

    Questioning The Issue Of Intellectual Property Rights Where Artificial Intelligence Is The Author: An Overview: The concept of artificial intelligence has been an emerging issue of discussion and has gained massive momentum -Vrinda Gaur- Posted: 2023/02/7

    Comparing Two Countries In The Violation Of Human Right The Country Names Is Brazil And India: Brazil is also a constitutional country which has multi party and republic Government -Sandhya Rajawat- Posted: 2023/02/7

    Human Rights Awareness: Human right violation with anyone. Generally it happens in India -Sandhya Rajawat- Posted: 2023/02/7

    Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code And The Homebuyers: As per the recommendations of Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee -Bhargavi Nimje- Posted: 2023/02/7

    Appointment Of Key Managerial Personnel By Private Companies: In the year 2005 the government of India constituted an expert committee headed by Dr J.J. Irani -Shashank Rohira- Posted: 2023/02/7

    Case Analysis: M.C Mehta Vs. Union Of India (Vizag Gas Leak): The Oleum gas leak was one of the most horrendous incidents. -Drishti kanakia- Posted: 2023/02/7

    Strike: Definition, Reason And prohibition: Strike is collective stoppage of work by the employer in order to bring pressure upon the management or other employer. -Ankit kumar yadav- Posted: 2023/02/6

    Exploring The Key Highlights And Implications Of The 2023 Indian Budget: Balancing Economic Recovery And Fiscal Challenges: The Indian budget of 2023 was presented on February 1st, 2023 by the Minister of Finance -Shail vishnoi- Posted: 2023/02/6

    The Future of Music Copyright Law in the Digital Age: Music copyright law has been an important aspect of the music industry for decades. -Shail vishnoi- Posted: 2023/02/6

    The Concept Of Dower Under Muslim Law: In Muslim Law, Dower means sum of money paid by husband -Sharda- Posted: 2023/02/6

    The Use Of Facial Recognition Technology By Law Enforcement And Its Impact On Civil Liberties: Facial recognition technology has been widely adopted by law enforcement agencies -Indrajeet Singh- Posted: 2023/02/6

    Freedom Of Press In Today's Era: Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India guarantees the freedom of expression -- Posted: 2023/02/6

    Formation of Coparcenary: Under Mitakshara and Dayabagha: Coparcener means a person belonging to the family and is legal heir -Garima Singh Raghav- Posted: 2023/02/6

    Right To Information v/s National Security: An In-Depth Anatomization Of The Official Secrets Act, 1923: After India acquired independence in 1947, the Official Secrets Act -Raghav Singh Rawat- Posted: 2023/02/6

    Temporary Injunction, Order 39: Have you ever considered what might happen if someone attempted to destroy or infringe -Ena Shrivastava- Posted: 2023/02/6

    Judicial Authority To Refer The Parties To Arbitration, Section 8 Of Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996: Section 8 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 -Ena Shrivastava- Posted: 2023/02/6

    Understanding the Key Reasons Behind the Travel Ban in UAE and Possible Solutions: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations -George Mathew- Posted: 2023/02/6

    What Does Feminism Mean to Indian Society?: societal standards that influence the region's acceptance of women's rights.-Tanya Singh- Posted: 2023/02/6

    Female Genital Mutilation: A Tradition or Brutality?: Philomena, a seven-year-old Kenyan was overjoyed when she -Kashish Bansal- Posted: 2023/02/5

    The Concept of Rule of Law: The concept of rule of law was propounded by Edward Coke and latter it was developed by AV Dicey -Sharda Yadav- Posted: 2023/02/4

    Fair Comment as a Defence in Defamation Case: Tort as a branch of law consists of various 'torts' or wrongful acts whereby the wrongdoer violates -Priyam Soni- Posted: 2023/02/4

    Adequacy of Consideration: Consideration is one of the essentials of forming a valid agreement. -Priyam Soni- Posted: 2023/02/4

    Analysis of the Juvenile Justice System in India: Juvenile justice refers to the set of policy, system of laws and procedures -Upanshu Shetty- Posted: 2023/02/3

    Safety Concerns vs Women's Rights: Examining the Late Night Entry Ban in Indian Hostels: In recent years, the issue of women's safety in India has gained significant attention -Himanshu Verma- Posted: 2023/02/3

    Relevance of Brand Name in a Suit for Infringement of Design: Matter Suit pertains to Infringement of Registered Design -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/02/3

    Trademark Infringement And Their Defenses In India: Infringement occurs when other person uses a trademark that is same or similar to registered trademark -Vishal Bhardwaj- Posted: 2023/02/3

    Influence Of Advertisement On Consumer Behaviour: Marketers invest in various media platforms to influence consumer behaviour (CB) -Adv.Aishwarya Pradeep Bhakta- Posted: 2023/02/3

    Latest Cases Analysis Of Indemnity, Guarantee, Bailment, Pledge, Agency And Partnership: Indemnity is defined as a mutual contract between two parties where one person promises -Pratyush Mailapur- Posted: 2023/02/3

    Considerations for Quash u/S. 482 CrPC: The power of quashing should be exercised sparingly with circumspection -Phebe- Posted: 2023/02/3

    Grounds for granting Anticipatory Bail and it's Rejection: Cases involving non-bailable offence, on apprehension of arrest, even after filing of chargesheet and issuing -Phebe- Posted: 2023/02/3

    Development Of International Law: An Overview: What is true of law in general, also holds true of international law -Mahesh- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Section 87 Of The Arbitration And Conciliation Act: The three judge bench of R F Nariman, Aniruddha Bose, and Ramasubramanian -Johana George- Posted: 2023/02/2

    All About Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022 (DP Bill): DP Bill appears to be intended to establish a framework regulating the processing of "digital personal data" -Aishwarya Gupta and Kinkini Chaudhuri- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Contribution Towards Innovation In Improving The Norms Of Corporate Governance Within The Organisations: The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and the Securities and Exchange Board of India -Vedika Agarwal and Kinkini Chaudhuri- Posted: 2023/02/2

    The Capital punishment systems in India!: Capital punishment is not about whether people deserve to die for the crime they committed -Hinesh Navratan Rathod- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Principle of Natural Justice in the process of Examination of Patent: Trademark, while the Respondent is the controller of the Patent who has passed the impugned Judgment.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Dichotomy between Amendment of Claims of Patent and Specification of Patent: The Appellant is the Applicant for the Patent while the Respondent is the Controller of the Patent which has passed the impugned Judgment.-Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency: An Overview: Corporate restructuring refers to the process of reorganizing a company's structure -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Intellectual Property Protection for Companies: An Insight: Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/02/2

    An Overview on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are two important concepts -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Securities Market and the Laws Regulating it in India: The security market refers to a platform where securities such as stocks, bonds -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/02/2

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    Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights: An Overview: Corporate governance refers to the system of rules, practices, and processes -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Constitutional Fairness Vis-A-Vis Eviction Drive, A Case Study With Respect To Assam: Eviction is the activity and action of the expulsion of someone from his or her property. -Abu Salim Choudhury- Posted: 2023/02/2

    Trademark Right And Design Rights Are Mutually Destructive To Each Other: The requirement of Section 19 of the Designs Act 2000 (India) would be satisfied -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/02/2

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    Arbitrability Of Space Disputes: Until recently, only a few countries had access to outer space -Pragati dwivedi- Posted: 2023/02/1

    Court Marriage And Registration: Solemnization of Court Marriages in India takes place under the Special Marriage Act of 1954 -Shivangi Desai- Posted: 2023/02/1

    A Detailed Analysis on the Different Types of Merger: A merger is a combination of two or more companies into a single entity. -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/31

    A Brief Analysis on the Process of Mergers & Acquisitions: Mergers and Acquisitions are are considered to be a major restructuring of the company -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/31

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    IBC v/s SEBI: A Comprehensive Analysis: Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) is a law passed by the Indian government in 2016 -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/31

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    Music And Entertainment Law: Trademarks: Section 2 (1) (zb) of the Trademark Act, 1999 defines a trademark in India. -Satyam Chaudhary- Posted: 2023/01/31

    What Makes Mergers Unsuccessful?: A merger in simple terms is amalgamation between two companies. -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Are Mega Mergers Incompetitive?: Mega mergers, also known as large-scale mergers and acquisitions (M&A) -Gaurav Jonnagadla- Posted: 2023/01/30

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    Deepwater O&G Prospects And Development Constraints With Solutions: Deepwater oil and gas exploration and development in India -Kokila Beriya- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Responsibility Of Media Towards The Truth: In the East, as in the West, newspapers are fast becoming people's Bible, Koran, Zend-Avesta and Gita all rolled into one -Kishori Goswami- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Constitutional Validity Of RCR Under Hindu Law: Concept of Restitution of Conjugal Rights, a matrimonial remedy available in the Hindu marriage act 1955 -Mehwish Khalil- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Male, Female, Or Other: How Does It Affect Justice?: Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India.-Isha Jain- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Anticipatory Bail Concerning Uttar Pradesh: Section 438 of the Code lays down the mechanism for granting bail -Harshita Bisht- Posted: 2023/01/30

    Challenges In Maintaining Peace And Recent Developments In Promoting Peace: In the words of author V.S. Naipaul, India is a country of a million mutinies -Kinkini Chaudhuri- Posted: 2023/01/29

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    The Idea Of One Nation One MSP Amidst The Concept Of Federalism: Agriculture is the "Art and Science" of cultivating the soils, growing crops and raising livestock -Prateek Upadhyay- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Identifying Unrecognized Forms Of Abuse And Violence In Domestic Spaces: Domestic violence burdens all facets of society and has a subtle but significant impact -Kinkini Chaudhuri- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Information Technology Act, 2021: India had framed Information technology act -Jivesh Nandan- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Analysis of The Mediation Bill 2021: There are such techniques, and the parties attempt to settle their conflicts outside of the courts -Srishti Shukla- Posted: 2023/01/29

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    Human Trafficking In India: Human trafficking has become a serious global issue of unforeseen proportions of the twenty-first century.-Debakanta Mohanty- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Bolton v/s Stone: Stone resided in a residence close to Cheetham Cricket Ground.-Debakanta Mohanty- Posted: 2023/01/29

    Jurisdiction of Civil Court in Civil Suits Filed by Borrowers Against Lender Banks and the RDB Act : Stand explained in the case of Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd v/s VCK Shares And Stock Broking Services Ltd: legal right of the borrower to initiate proceedings before a Civil Court -Uttam Kumar Gupta- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Codification And First Law Commission: The literal meaning of codification is: an act or process of reducing to a code or system -Isha Narayanan- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Special Law over Personal Laws: Whether the marriage of a Muslim Girl of 15 years of age performed by following personal law will be a Valid marriage -Rohan Raj- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Jamtara: The Hub of Cyber Crime: Jamtara is new district created by separating from Dumka district -Syed afreen hussain- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Clamour For Uniform Civil Code: All communal dispute will be end, when Uniform Civil Code become brand -Yashjeet Singh Mehta- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Inter-country Adoption: An Instrument Of Child Trafficking: Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling of our time.Condoleeza Rice -Yash Singh Naruka- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Energy Justice: Conceptual Insights And Practical Aspects: The term "energy justice" refers to the pursuit of social and economic fairness -Hanna Robin Vettoor- Posted: 2023/01/28

    Arbitration: A Better Approach Of Dispute Settlement In India: Judiciary is one of the best and oldest judicial system -Abhilipsa Kar- Posted: 2023/01/27

    Rape Culture In India: Rape is among the most common crime against women in India.-Divya Bisht- Posted: 2023/01/27

    Bailment And Finder Of Goods As A Bailee Under Indian Contract Law: When some goods are misplaced by the original owner and subsequently found -Nonit Nath- Posted: 2023/01/27

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    Extra Commercial Borrowing In India: India is one of the world's largest economies, ranking fifth after the United States, China, Japan and Germany. -Manish Raghav- Posted: 2023/01/27

    Globalization of Commercial Law: The globalization of commercial law refers to the process by which commercial laws -Abhyudaya singh- Posted: 2023/01/27

    Concept of Diminishing Marginal Utility: The law of diminishing marginal utility is an economic principle -Abhyudaya singh- Posted: 2023/01/26

    India's Stance On International Efforts To Combat Terrorism And Its Impact On Global Politics: India has long been a victim of terrorism, both domestically and internationally. -Abhyudaya singh- Posted: 2023/01/26

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    Relevance Of Death Penalty In Contemporary Democracy: India: Capital punishment is the legally authorized killing of someone -Tohied Sharief Malik- Posted: 2023/01/25

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    Legal implications of Computer-generated paper: Signature Required?: In a country which is speeding up on becoming a paperless economy and Digital banking -Yashmita Pandey- Posted: 2023/01/25

    Maintainability of Appeal under Order 43 Rule 1 CPC against rejection application under O 7 R 11 CPC: Bhushan Oil and Fats Pvt. Ltd. Vs Mother Diary Fruit and Vegetables Pvt. Ltd. -Ajay Amitabh Suman- Posted: 2023/01/25

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    Overview of Supreme Court of India on MSME Act In Recent Judgement: The Supreme Court of India recently held that the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act -Siddhartha Mishra- Posted: 2023/01/24

    Rights And Exploitation Of Refugee Women: The greater part of its history has treated me as a slave -Khushbu Rafiq- Posted: 2023/01/24

    Fair use and copyright on YouTube: YouTube is a website where people from all over the world -Khushboo Agarwal- Posted: 2023/01/24

    Role of Technology in Transnational Organised Crimes: Technology has created a dynamic, rapid and complex world which is globally expendable -Chetanya Sharma- Posted: 2023/01/24

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    Builders and Developers: How to Recovery Advance paid to them: The concept of advance payment or deposit is part of a contractual relationship between a buyer and a seller -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2023/01/24

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    Human Life Value (HLV)-Is This Concept Understood And Practiced While Taking Life Insurance?: The human-life technique is a formula for determining the amount of insurance -Abhisek Sahu- Posted: 2023/01/23

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    Brand your Business with Trademark: Trademarks are an important aspect of branding as they help businesses to protect and promote their brand identity.-Prakasha And Co- Posted: 2023/01/23

    Rejection of Plaint Order 7 Rule 11: Saleem Bhai v/s State of Maharashtra 2002: Under order VII Rule 11 of the code of civil procedure,1908 (C.P.C.) -Aditya Awasthi- Posted: 2023/01/23

    Case Analysis: Bishwanath Prasad Singh v. Rajendra Prasad (2006) 4 SCC 432: A Mortgage is the transfer of an interest in specific immovable property -Ujjwal Mittal- Posted: 2023/01/23

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    Domestic Violence and Live-In Relationship: The family which was once thought to be an arena of love, affection -Shagun Mahendroo- Posted: 2023/01/22 The Indian Constitution is a federal Constitution -Chhavi Priya- Posted: 2023/01/22

    Analysis of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act,1967: The Constitution (Sixteenth Amendment) Act,1963 -Gungun Jain- Posted: 2023/01/22

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    Discharging and Quashing in Criminal Cases: In criminal cases, it is crucial to consider all available options for the accused -Kishan Retired Judge- Posted: 2023/01/22

    Exceptions To Strict Liability: There are circumstances when someone may be held responsible for injury -Nitin Kumar Ravi- Posted: 2023/01/22

    Involvement of Women In Crime: Women Offenders: there is a high growth rate in crimes among women that's developed in recent times -Sankeertana Kavuluru- Posted: 2023/01/22

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    Protection Of Personality Rights: Delhi High Court Order In Amitabh Bachchan v/s Rajat Negi: In the recent order of the Delhi High Court in the matter of Amitabh Bachchan vs. Rajat Nagi -Anushka Singh- Posted: 2023/01/15

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    Marital Rape: A Sanctioned Sin: A man is a man; an act is an act; rape is a rape, be it performed by a man the "husband" on the woman "wife". -Justice M. Nagaprasanna -Mridulika Pandey- Posted: 2023/01/21

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    Private Defence: In the current rapidly developing and globalizing world crime rates are very high -Gnanith Asokar- Posted: 2023/01/20

    Shreya Singhal v/s Union Of India: One of the most important element for a healthy democracy is establishing a space -Gnanith Asokar- Posted: 2023/01/5

    K.D. Kamath & Co. v. CIT (1971) 2 SCC 873: A firm which consists of six partners -Gnanith Asokar- Posted: 2023/01/20

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    Affidavit Order 19 Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908: The term "affidavit" is not defined in the Code, it generally means "a sworn statement -Kimika Bhardwaj- Posted: 2023/01/20

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    Registration of Trade Union in India: A trade union in India is registered according to the provision of the Trade Unions Act, 1926.-Savita Yashvant Kale- Posted: 2023/01/19

    Doctrine of Ultra Vires: Every company has an objective of performing its core business activities -Dharmashoka Panda- Posted: 2023/01/19

    India Needs Judicial Reforms: A powerful independent judiciary is of great importance for any democratic country. -Hinesh Navratan Rathod- Posted: 2023/01/19

    War Of Worlds In The Course Of Indra Sawhney's Case: The topic of reservations has long been a source of controversy in India.-Ojasvi Rana- Posted: 2023/01/19

    Evolution Of The Concept Of Lifting Of Corporate Veil & Recent Developments: A company is a juristic person and has a separate legal entity -Vanshika Srivastava- Posted: 2023/01/11

    History Of The Collegium System and The National Judicial Appointments Commission & Recent Developments Between The Executive and The Judiciary: On 2nd December 2022, an unexpected bedlam was caused between the Executive and the Judiciary -Neeraj Anand- Posted: 2023/01/11

    China's Belt-Road Initiative And Investment Strategies: A Two Pillar Approaches To Afghanistan: Chinese investment in Afghanistan is part of the Belt and Road Initiative -Habibullah Ibrahimy- Posted: 2023/01/11

    Role Of Expert Evidence In International Commercial Arbitration: Expert Evidence means the evidence which is reasonably required to resolve the proceedings -Shubham Agarwal- Posted: 2023/01/10

    Intersection Of Right To Freedom Of Speech And Expression And Right Privacy With Special Reference To The Role Of Media: In the present scenario, the role of media is expanding far and wide. -Abhinav Saran- Posted: 2023/01/10

    Privacy Policies, Data Utilization and the Lot: A privacy policy is a declaration or legal document that explains how a party (the website) collects -Kevin Kennedy- Posted: 2023/01/10

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    Indian Sedition Laws: The Need For Emancipation From Colonial Overlord’s Laws: The use of sedition laws in recent years has reignited debate about their undemocratic nature -Shobhit Rawat- Posted: 2023/01/9

    Marriage in India: A Contract?: Marriage is considered as one of the most important social institutions -Srishti- Posted: 2023/01/9

    Period of? Parole to be excluded from sentence while considering the 14 years of actual imprisonment for Premature Release: Period of Parole to be excluded from sentence while considering the 14 years of actual imprisonment for Premature Release. -Inder Chand Jain- Posted: 2023/01/9

    Critical Analysis Of Manohar Lal Sharma v/s Union of India (Freedom of Press) And Such Related Cases in The Light of The Related Topic: In today's society, when everything is dependent on mobile devices -Saranya- Posted: 2023/01/9

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    Practical Problem and Insolvency Laws: Parliament passed the Code to simplify the complex procedure of liquidation -Shivangi Dubey- Posted: 2023/01/6

    Right To A Succession Of Property To Hindu Female: Before the enactment of the Act[1], there were limited rights of a Hindu female -Shivangi Dubey- Posted: 2023/01/6

    Euthanasia: A right professing Death over Life: I think those who have a terminal illness and are in great pain should -Deepti Dwivedi- Posted: 2023/01/6

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    A State Of Livelihood For Everyone: Refugees, Asylum Seekers And The Stateless Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic: The Wuhan originating virus is spreading in almost all the corners of the world -Kinkini Chaudhuri- Posted: 2023/01/5

    Applicability And Scope Of Section 45 Of Prevention Of Money Laundering Act, 2002: Section 45 of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act,2002 -Koustubh desai- Posted: 2023/01/5

    Human Trafficking: The Act Of Stealing Lives: Human Trafficking is the trade of humans for forced labor, services -Priyansha Yadav- Posted: 2023/01/5

    Amendment to the Constitution of India: The legislature is the organ of the government responsible for making the laws -Rahul shamota- Posted: 2023/01/4

    Jail Privatization: Jail Privatization refers to the practice of outsourcing the management and operation of correctional -Chirag Yadav- Posted: 2023/01/4

    Rape Against Men?: Rape is defined as sexual violence or sexual activity committed against women -Syedah Naureen Fatima- Posted: 2023/01/4

    Supreme Court Case Analysis: Demonetization Decision Valid, upheld by 4:1 Majority, Vivek Narayan Sharma vs Union of India: holding the notification invalid on a legal basis (not on an objective basis).-Ishan Gupta- Posted: 2023/01/4

    The Nuremberg Trials: Dilemma of Justice: Joseph Stalin once said, A single death is a tragedy, a millions deaths is a statistic.-Abinash Ray- Posted: 2023/01/4

    Deliverance of Justice by Tribunals: A Balancing Act: India is a vast country with over 1.3 billion people.-Abinash Ray- Posted: 2023/01/3

    Responsibility Of Media Toward The Truth: Freedom of press is a very important aspect of any democratic country -Kishori Goswami- Posted: 2023/01/3

    An analysis: NFTS And Copyright Law In India: The 21st century is a complicated era that has redefined core aspects of human civilization -Ashish Kankarwal- Posted: 2023/01/3

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    Moonlighting: Path Of Improvement Or Violation Of Ethics: As there is a rapid growth in the economy all around the world, so is the increase in inflation -Upscale Legal- Posted: 2023/01/3

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    Dowry: A Threat to Women's Dignity: Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Any young man, who makes a dowry a condition to marriage -Veidant Prakash- Posted: 2023/01/2

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