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Path Towards Paperless Courts

In this modern world of technology the one�s who does not change with time is blotted out. As the only constant thing in this universe is change. During this strenuous time of Covid-19 people have to adapt to the environment to sustain such is the significant adaptation brought by the Supreme Court of India by developing a software to make all its benchs go Paperless.
The Supreme Court has launched 3 Software platforms considering current position of the court system in India where most physical hearings are difficult considering the inconvenience caused due to the novel corona virus which has not only terrorized the population but also the infrastructure of the Supreme court.

The Software are as follow:
  • CSI-Interact
  • SUPACE (Supreme Court Portal for Assistance in Court Efficiency)
  • SUVAS (Supreme Court Vidhik Anuvaad Software)
  1. CSI-Interact
    CSI-Interact is the software being developed by the Computer cell of supreme court. This project is currently in Testing Mode and shall be revealed soon.
    Objectives of the CSI-Interact
    • Help Judges access files, annexures to petitions.
    • Judges can make soft notes on computer itself which will not be accessible to other.
  2. Key Features of the software
    • Scanned copies of pending cases
    • E-filling of fresh cases
    • IT Hardware
    • MPLS Network with dual redundancy
    • Security Audit
(For layman in the field of network technology the 4th feature MPLS Network with dual redundancy merely translates as it speeds up the traffic flow and is much better technique in Telecommunications Network)

The above mentioned feature will make the human touch minimalistic in the court proceddings and will help the court in disposal of cases and quick decision making.

And as the Computer Cell of Supreme court is busy in perfecting CSI-Interact software through updates.

The Artificial Intelligence Committee of Supreme Court of India headed by Justice Lavu Nageshwara Rao (Former Additional Solicitor General of India) had the virtual launch of their AI portal SUPACE(Supreme Court Portal for Assistance in Court�s Efficiency)

The main aim is to aid judges with legal research.

Objectives of SUPACE
  • It�s a useful tool which amasses Relevant facts and laws and makes them easily available to a judges.
  • It processes the facts making them available to judge it isn�t developed for taking decisions

This tool will only be used by Judges of Delhi and Mumbai High Court who are concerned with criminal matters for trial and experimental basis.

Due to the introduction of SUPACE the following matters will become more efficient:
  • The reduction of delays and pendency of cases will give a helping hand to the judiciary and Thus will save time.
  • A more Streamlined and cost effective and time bound means to the fundamental right to access to justice will be possible due to AI
  • It will make the service delivery mechanism transparent and cost-efficient

SUVAS is short for Supreme Court Vidhik Anuvaad Software:
It�s a machine learning tool trained by AI to be used for the main purpose of translating Supreme Court Judgement into Nine Vernacular languages.

The Nine Languages Are As Follow:
  1. Bengali
  2. Malayalam
  3. Gujarati
  4. Punjabi
  5. Telugu
  6. Tamil
  7. Kannada
  8. Marathi
  9. Hindi
The disadvantage of these above mentioned software is that it does the work of the human mind in more efficient way thus creating redundancies in jobs and Thus resulting in unemployment.

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