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Violence Against Women

Now a days, crime rate is increasing rapidly not just murders or theft but violence against women have been a major concern for years now, and this has hyped up during the lockdown period. A lot of women were facing daily harassment from there husband or in- laws or from others, some were brave enough to speak up for themselves but some were not. Daily violence cases were getting registered and seeing this government and NGOs took many initiatives which helped a lot of girls or women. There are different types of violence which a female suffers on a daily basis. In which one of the violence is:

Domestic Violence

It is also known as domestic abuse or partner violence. It includes all physical, economic, psychological, emotional and sexual violence or many threat of actions that influence another person. It is one of the most common form of violence face by women and girls worldwide.

Sometimes women were forced by their partner to take part in sexual act without their consent. They also had to face physical violence by their partners or even in-laws such as hair pulling, slapping, biting, and many other things.

About 28.4% of pregnant women also suffer domestic violence. They are abused and bitten regularly if they gave birth to a girl child. In need of boy child the partner forces to have babies until they get a boy. Sometimes they even get sex checked of the unborn baby and if it is a girl they forces the mother to get abort and these things make them not only physically but also mentally weak.

Domestic Violence includes these:

  1. Economic violence:
    Economic violence is a type of violence committed by individuals or groups preying on economically disadvantaged individuals. When a person tries to control financial resources or access to money or employment or forbidding there partner to do any kind of job as it will hurt there male ego. Economic abuse may continue even after women had left the relationship.
  2. Psychological violence:
    When a person tries to threaten the partner by initimidation, by physical harm, by harming children, by harming mental health, as violence leads to mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, self-harm and sleep disorders. Due to this, women had to face loss of confidence and feeling of helplessness from their partner, which constitutes to psychological violence.
  3. Emotional violence:
    After being in a relationship a person needs emotional attachment with his / her partner, but when the partner will not give emotional support or undermining a person self-worth through constant criticism, or by name calling, doing verbal abuse. Verbal and mental abuse is unlawful under India penal code (IPC) Act, the section covers any physical or emotional harm caused to a married woman by her husband, If the partner is found guilty he/she can be imprisonment of three years or more or liable to heavy fines, constitutes to emotional violence.
  4. Physical violence:
    When a person tries to harm his partner by beating, hair pulling, punching, abusing, slapping or any other type of physical forces. There are so many women who have to face physical violence and sometimes they were beaten to death and were sexually assaulted which has high risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, can constitutes physical violence.
  5. Sexual violence:
    In this person is abused by their partners to take part in sexual act without their consent which comes as torture to them and it is known as sexual violence.

Current Situation In India

In the pandemic situation of COVID-19 there is a disproportionate impact on women as they are facing massive jobs and income losses. Around 15.4 million of women losses their jobs and become unemployed between March 2020 and April 2021 as women are also not allowed to access technologies. In India, about 63% of women use mobile phones but only about 21% of them use phone internet as they are denied to access the technology.With online classes, work from home they access the phone use governed by male relatives.

Many women who owned their small business, largely operate in consumer facing sectors such as food-processing, textiles, handicrafts. They also had to face huge loss during COVID-19. Women also had to face mobility restrictions. Before COVID-19, about 54% of women are allowed to go outside or market places alone.

About 48% women in rural areas are allowed to visit places outside their villages by themselves. Women now need to be strong to come out from their home and that can only be possible when they will stand for themselves and grow themselves by breaking some unnecessary society norms which tells them not to be dependent.

Women are expiriencing domestic violence in a very crucial way as the crimes and violences on women are increasing day by day. There is a rapid increase in the complaints of domestic volence in May 2020.

As per some statistics, at least one in three women (35%) experiences some form of violence during their lifetime. Violence against women and girls is a hidden global crisis which knows no boundaries of geography or culture. Poor women and girls are most likely to expirence it and they are so helpless that they are not even able to stand for their rights.

One of the most widespread violations of human rights are the violation against women and girls takes many different forms, including domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment, child early and forced marriage, sex trafficking, so called female genital mutilation. It is one of the most widespread violations of human rights and has long-term devastating effects on the lives of women, their communities and wider society.

Violence on women on a Massive Scale

  • 35% of women will expirence violence at the hands of their current or formal partners in their lifetime, up to 70% according to national studies
  • Around 650 million women alive today were married as children.
  • 200 million women and girls have under gone female genital mutilation.

Its time to stand for our self and remember our worth. Women need to realize that taking stand of self and becoming independent is not a crime. Its time to step out from a male dominant society and build our own empire. The violence against women will only stop when women will help themselves, no other person can do enough which a girl or women can do for self. Rapid increase in crime affecting the society a lot and It is time to say, "enough is enough". We want violence against women to end.

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