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Difference Between Lockdown v/s Curfew

What is Lockdown:

Lockdown is an emergency system under which private and public offices, private establishments, and public transport are completely closed. it is not legal-term, but is the term which is used to define the action taken by government It is a temporary system adopted by the government.

The basic objective of this system is to increase the social distancing to check the outbreak of any contaminated disease etc.

What is Curfew:

A curfew is a strict order issued by the administration to keeps people off the streets. Generally, it is applied during rioting or other such possible situation. Markets, schools, colleges are closed and other services are suspended during the curfew.

Curfew is announced according to the state regulations and in emergency situations. If someone does not compliant with this order he/she may be fined or arrested by the police. During the curfew, people are forced to stay inside home for a set number of hours.

Difference Between the Lockdown & Curfew:

  1. During lockdown, essential services like banks, ATM services, post office, hospital are open for general public, but during curfew, all the essential services such as markets, schools, colleges and banks remain locked for a specific period of time but in
  2. Lockdown is set for long terms is in months but Curfew is set for short terms in hours.
  3. Lockdown is declared very rare during pandemic disease like Covid-19 which order is issued by district collector or Chief Medical Officer (CMO), were as Curfew is declare frequently which order are issued by District Magistrate or Police commissioner or executive magistrate who has power to impose curfew u/s 144 of criminal procedure code,1973.
  4. Coverage area of Lockdown is more compare to curfew, as we have seen Lockdown is imposed in whole country were as curfew is imposed in specific area for specific time.

Written By Vishal Soni.

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