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UP Population Control Bill: A Step Towards The Goal

Higher the population lesser the distribution of resources among people, India is a country with population of 1,393,864,619 based on World meter elaboration of the latest United Nations data. India population is equivalent to 17.7% of the total world population [1].

Since the time immoral higher number of populations is the main issue and concern of our nation, in the wake of this issue government of India had taken various steps with the help of campaigns, advertisements, public progammes, ambassadors and many more in the list but somehow the goal is still not fulfilled and we are still in the way to it.

Chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath said that rising population is the root cause of major problems including inequality. The state's law commission has also prepared a population control bill, which promises perks to government employees who follow population control measures [2].

Particularly, according to World meter the population of Uttar Pradesh as in 2021 is predicted at 24.1 Crores [3]. "Let us, on this 'World Population Day', take a pledge to make ourselves and the society aware of the problems arising from the increasing population," Aditya Nath said in a statement [4]. Chief Minister Yogi announced it officially on July 11, 2021, about the drafting of UP Government 2 child population control bill and will be drafted by July 19, 2021, within 9 days. To control the birth, Uttar Pradesh Government State Law Commission official website has come up with UP Birth control policy with implementing Jansankhya Niyantran Kanoon now.

Ahead of elections, Yogi Sarkar Vidhi Ayog presents 2 child policy in UP Govt Population Control Draft Bill. With the limited resources, the step has to be taken for birth control, stabilization, and welfare. Uttar Pradesh Elections are just a few months away and the government proposed a UP 2 Child policy in the state. The UP-Population Control, Stabilization, and Welfare Draft Bill 2021, has been passed under Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission UPSLC official website. The main catchy point which has been made under the Uttar Pradesh Two Child policy population bill is that whoever will not follow the policy norms will not get Government jobs. This 2 Child policy in UP Government Employees is only for married couples. There have been many incentives for those couples who have two children whether it is a boy or girl. Also, for those couples who have a single child whether boys or girls. Not only UP but also Assam took this decision too in the state.

UP population control Bill Draft states many minute details which are to be taken into consideration. Moreover, it is still a Draft bill and many modifications would be done before the final release by upslc upsdc gov in Law commission website:
  • If a couple have a baby on 1.1.2021 and gave birth to their second child by 1.1.2023 then the couple is not under the contravention (violation) under this law.
  • If any couple have a baby on 1.1.2021 and gives birth to two more babies in second pregnancy then also they are not under any contravention.
  • If any couple have two babies from first pregnancy on 1.1.2021 and gave birth to two more babies out of from second pregnancy on 1.1.2023 then the couple is under contravention.
  • This clearly means you will violate this policy of UP government.
  • If any couple has no baby from their marriage and they adopted two children then the couple in not under any contravention.
  • If couple had no children from their marriage but adopted more than two children then they are under contravention.
  • If couple had two children out of from their marriage and adopted one child then they are not in under any contravention.
  • If couple had two children and adopted two or more children then also, they are under contravention of 2 child policy in UP.
  • AN Mittal is State Law Commission Chairman Justice of Uttar Pradesh. He said that government will not allow wasting taxpayer's money on those who are having more than two children. With limited resources, even citizens should also be aware of the fact that why birth control is important and why it is necessary [4].

With the pros determining cons is essential as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has written to the Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission, seeking removal of one-child norm from the draft of its Population Control Bill. In a two-page letter, the VHP said that it agreed with the objects of the Bill but certain sections need to be reconsidered as they go "beyond the said objects". The organization said one-child policy norm in the draft proposal is likely to lead to furthering of the imbalance between different communities and contraction of the population as well.

The VHP leader said the population in a society stabilizes when the average number of children born to a woman in her reproductive life is marginally above two. This happens when the TFR is 2.1. At this level of TFR, on an average, there are two children born to replace the two parents and the additional 0.1 child provides for the possibility of some children dying before reaching the reproductive age and similar other wastage, he said. One-child policy will lead to contracting of population and that would not be beneficial — socially and economically — beyond a certain point.

Explaining this, the VHP leader said that in a contracting population, the ratio between the working-age population and the dependent population gets disrupted. There is a rise in the number of persons that each working age person has to take care of [5].

On the proposed population policy, the state government said efforts will be made to increase the accessibility of contraceptive measures issued under the Family Planning Programme and provide a proper system for safe abortion, Through improved health facilities, efforts will be made for population stabilization by providing accessible solutions to impotence/infertility and reducing the newborns' and maternal mortality rate, it said in a statement said. One of the key points in the new policy is to make comprehensive arrangements for the care of the elderly, apart from better management of education, health, and nutrition of adolescents between 11 to 19 years.


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