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How to be a good Advocate

Before turning into one (a very good legal professional), one ought to be acknowledged who's a legal professional and on what deserves he ought to stand. A legal professional is one that defines, interpret, replace and elaborates the genuine nature substance of provisions of law � ongoing legal guidelines or legal guidelines with a purpose to would possibly come into pressure and in no way contempt any authority.

In the equal way a legal professional assists the administration's (may be any court, commission or any authoritative body) in arriving at a truthful accurate judgement.

As penned through Justice P.N. Sapru that justification the life of recommend is that every facet to the talk ought to be in a role to offer its instances earlier than an unbiased tribunal withinside the fine and handiest way possible.

A correct legal professional isn't who is right in pleading and drafting however additionally correct in information the general curriculum of communique whether or not it's far with a patron or with a judge or a few fellow practitioners. One who can without difficulty inform or can train different withinside as the equal way he desires to. Just like parents teach their kids through their very own experiences.

And as in keeping with the brand-new idea which elaborates training for all and fundamental norm of legal professional is having sufficient know-how or as case can be or he can technique all and sundry together along with his energy of know-how, the fundamentals of the equal may be:
  • communicate certainly and optimistically to symbolize the challenge remember in any situation,
  • pay attention actively and reply correctly now no longer immediately,
  • study now no longer simplest phrases however additionally expressions of competition fluently for each satisfaction and information,
  • write/draft certainly and with self-belief in any given genre,
  • use spelling rules, phonics and grammar accurately, and
  • be capable of proft study their very own paintings as also after make amendments and improvements.

This article outlines the practicality of the pleading in the legal profession, as well as the legal ethics, defines discipline and core principles that every defence lawyer should have.

It also emphasizes on the importance of legal language in law field for achieving the par skills and capturing the opportunities against the facing irrational myths rooted in legal culture, seize skills and opportunities.

It supports all the original facts, the main source of the law, and all insertions, substitutions, changes and precedents that determine the existence and validity of the law through experience.

A Good Defender's Disciplines
  1. Must be a positive thinker (the results can be imagined):
    the last thing at the beginning, a good defender is always aware of the supporting disciplines i.e., outcome, what possible solution can be taken out of previous events?
    The total beneficial decision has to be made and it can only be seen when we can think about the outcome of a particular situation. Like the reaction of another proverb.
  2. Must be a suitable communicator:
    the most important attribute of a lawyer is communication. Lack of communication can lead to drastic changes in any conversation and if a lawyer communicates incorrectly, it does not suit its personality as he has to be transparent and trustworthy.

    Under the Advocates Act of 1961, seniority exists (sections 17 and 21 of the Act): It exists because of understanding that leads to communication skills while reducing the risk of conflict.

    Responsibility to listen to others � the key, because we have two ears and one mouth to interpret. Listening more, speaking less and more effectively and to the point.
  3. Should be Well in Drafting:
    We all are already familiar to principles and norms of a good draft i.e., clarity, conciseness, completeness, clear and firm thinking, logic and to the point paras. But how to write - what words should be chosen to work out the same thing we want?

    This is known from the previous two points:
    Thinking / Imagining the Results and Communicating Correctly as if we already know that these particular words will give us a beneficial result and based on the right communication that we know the correct facts, it is easy to choose the cherished words. Hence, you can write best.
  4. Defense ability
    is one of the most important characteristics of a lawyer. Adjudication of the case depends only on the wording and statements in each case, because if the allegations are incorrectly worded or stated, the case may become trivial or ambiguous and lead to disadvantage.

    Allegations basics:
    • Defense lawyers always talk about facts, not the law, because the law cannot be changed overnight or arbitrarily,
    • It must be based on important and relevant facts, so that the facts can be easily narrated and partially stated (Order VI, Rules) 2, C.P.C),
    • Must be consistent with its meaning, and can be changed when necessary or disputed, but does not affect the same interpretation, so it cannot be rejected.
    Satyavan Harnamdas vs. Santok Singh 1986 PLJ 531 (P&H),
    Harjevan Govind Bhai vs. Sushil Kumar Mulchand, 1986 MPLJ 672.
  5. Good to Convince others:
    In order to convince the complainant's understanding or needs in the most convenient way, you need to have enough knowledge of the topic to make your argument valid. For example, the seller exchanges his own assets or items for profit and convinces the buyer that he will get what he wants.

    This is not just art; it is also a mechanism for regulating the flow of desire. Just as a lawyer persuades the judge in accordance with the law, the facts and his ability to prove one of the decisions contribute to justice, just as the decision itself persuades himself.
  6. Legal and ethical knowledge
    the legal profession is bound by laws, ethics and moral standards, and distinguishes between lawyers and normal people.
    A good advocate knows all his rights and obligations,
    which corresponds to the right to freedom of speech and expression, and has the obligation not to ignore the administrative power,
    the right to charge fees, and the duty to represent the client in his best interest (client-attorney privilege).
    right to represent with the obligation not to provide information for the other party to benefit the other party's behavior,
    the right to challenge with the obligation not to communicate or negotiate directly with the other party,
    the right to be recognized as a lawyer with obligation to not mis-represents himself in regards to the colleagues (that he has been a Judge or President or Member of Bar).

    Apart from rights and duties, should be aware of the rules, regulations and penalties for non-compliance with certain laws: The Lawyers Act 1879, the Indian Lawyers Act 1926, the Advocates Act 1961, the Contempt of Courts Act 1971, etc.
  7. Understand the nature of socialization and society:
    the concept of gender and the difference between sex and gender, as well as the concepts related to equity and equality, are known to all authorities, but lawyers know how to become part of the same society that is born or acquired in human culture.

    Socialization is one the word means social and cultural life. Continuity can be achieved because bonds encourage active socialization, and we all know their importance to lawyers. It provides a direct way to hold hands while promoting social well-being and development.

Being an advocate is an art, everyone can't hold the same pen in identical manner as alphabets are uniform for all but handwriting of every individual is different and the actual wording of the statement depends on personal behavior, which is the same in the legal field without any doubt. Anyone can become an artist, but only a few people can become professionals; as I said, defense is an art, but becoming a good lawyer/jurist is a mechanism in itself.

This is not to say that one is best in terms of experience, work, effort, behavior, lifestyle and morality, named after him and created an idea that he is close to perfection, and when he reaches that level, he will spread the aura of the whole heaven to support his work. He becomes an integral part of this basic infinite loop.

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