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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Law Firms

Artificial Intelligence is a tangled issue that is found to be affecting almost every other sphere in today's era. The core idea behind this terminology is a machine that can think and act like humans- making and practically applying its own decisions by properly formulating and using a typical thought process.

This technology is affecting our daily lives in a positive manner and has the potential to immensely modify the manner in which humans would interact with each other and also in the digital world. It has now come forth in the market and is making its way through the industrial spectrum as it is noteworthy that a significant number of industries today - not specifically related to technology but covering all the other dynamics, are welcoming AI.

This being said, the legal industry may not have been among the first to embrace Artificial Intelligence, it sure has a lot of potentials to benefit from this technology and turn it into a perk for their advantage. At present, a notable usage of AI can be seen by its implementation in legal areas such as 'e-discovery', 'legal research', 'compliance', 'contract analysis', 'documentation', and 'due diligence, etc.

It requires tremendous effort by the side of the lawyers so that they can give their best and create the best arguments in favor of their client so as to secure a win in a court. One of the most important aspects is the legal counsel that is given by the lawyer to the client who barely understands the legal terms and technicalities. This process is tiresome and time-consuming at times. Here, the assistance of AI can be sought to decrease the amount of time consumed in this process- the drafting of contracts and arguments, filing of evidence(s), researching legal precedents, etc. can be all completed through this technology.

Now, if we delve into the international perspective related to the usage of Artificial Intelligence in the legal system, recently, a company from the USA created the world's first AI legal system named 'ROSS Intelligence' that has been widely encompassed by legal researchers. Through ROSS, the company has tried to make legal research tasks more efficient and agreeable.

With lawyers putting in less effort than before and achieving far more positive results as well as this technology catering more to the specific needs of the lawyers and their clients shows that the use of Artificial Intelligence like this can be of great advantage as simulating certain intellectual progressions of the human mind, AI enables the computers to effortlessly complete several basic job functions.

Talking about the present conditions, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a technological revolution that has resulted in several long-term structural changes in the advancement and progression of industries of all kinds, because of the disruption caused by this virus. In the field of law, there is an increase in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence as this is ensuring better client service and boosting productivity at present when most of the law firms, as well as the court of law, have sought to work from home in this situation.

Using AI technology provides an option to explore diverse ways of working for a lawyer who may have abruptly switched to work from home. The Courts, both in India and other nations have switched to online platforms to continue with the proceedings as it is impossible to do the same physically like before due to the pandemic. The courts have suspended in-person oral arguments and have switched to remote appearances, through video sessions as well as telephonic and other electronic means.

This is why the inclusion of AI at present is bringing about a massive change in the legal industry worldwide. There have thus been several moments of realization of the power and impact of today's advanced technology and its ability to simplify several legal procedures in a financially viable, efficient, and effective way.

Articulating the application and impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Indian legal system, can prove of great importance as the Indian legal regime is vast and changing constantly, and through advanced AI technology, lawyers can get exceptional insights into several legal purviews within no time. For instance, a research platform supported by Artificial Intelligence can provide useful results within seconds and can also regulate the required expenditure for quality legal research. This can provide lawyers with highly efficient and advanced legal tools so as to serve their clients in a better way.

The scope of AI in Indian law firms is capacious as the Indian legal sector has seen little innovation in terms of technology as a number of lawyers still stick to the traditional research and working methods which are often found to be exasperating, pricey, and also cumbersome. Artificial Intelligence can successfully play a big role in changing the modus operandi of lawyers in India and provide a new approach towards Indian laws and their interpretations.

Several Indian Startups such as Case Mine, Manupatra, SCC Online are working towards making the lives of the lawyers easy by providing a smooth online platform created on the basis of AI technology that helps them conduct research for their cases. These often go beyond simple Keyword-based search and make the research work even more coherent. It can be thus said that it has become imperative for the Indian law firms to realize the competitive blessing by understanding the requirements of the client and then using the technology for legal research and other work.

Also, the Indian Judiciary has recently shown an inclination towards AI-based operating systems proving to be more efficient. For instance, The Supreme Court of India has launched an official AI-driven application [SC Vidhik Anuvaad Software] specially created by machine learning translation technology by Artificial Intelligence. Concluding, it can be said that AI-based software and programs can reduce a lawyer's time and effort considerably and can push the law firms towards a more result-oriented outcome benefitting the clients and thereby themselves.

The benefits of AI-based systems are so immense that even the cost is overwhelmed by benefits, described the teams and clients as it becomes important for everyone to participate in this progression of their roles and use it to the best of its abilities so as to develop the legal system in India.

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