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Rape Culture - The Rules We Know, The System We Don't

She Died Screaming And Scratching Those Rapists Faces. And Her Family Will Die Many Times While Finding Justice In Court

Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? Of course. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. Women don't get raped because they were drinking or took drugs. Women do not get raped because they weren't careful enough. Women get raped because someone raped them.With the advent of 21st century where we are considered to be technologically advanced we still witness such brutal and heinous crimes around us. Out of everything RAPE should be the last thing we must be hearing of. It is very sad to see people moving with last minute sympathy than actually trying to change the regressive system which not many are not aware of.

Statistics say that India on an average recorded 88 rape cases daily in 2019 . Even after witnessing many shocking incidents over the years, starting from Nirbhaya rape case (2012), Unnao Rape Case (2017), Kathaua Rape case (2018), Hyderabad Rape / murder case (2019) to Hathras Gang rape case this year. These events chalk out the unwanted marginal reality of the sexual exploitation of women in our country.

It's pretty evident that the Indian law or rather the Indian Penal Code Had Been following a regressive path / system of justice, Which Indeed was changed after Nirbhaya Case. But That also wasn't sufficient enough to stop rapes in this holy land. Isn't it ironical that India is the same nation where people worship Goddess considering them All-Mother, a symbol of equality, power, prosperity but still commit these insane crimes.

Well the question arising here is that we know the rules, the provisions under IPC and CRPC, but how far are we successful in doing so! How far have we been able to give justice to the victims! These questions overshadow the main question which must be questioned is How far is our Indian Judicial System efficient to deliver justice in these type of cases and situations!. We all have witnessed the controversial cloud around the accused of the Nirbhaya Case.

I can openly say for the past 8 years those retarded people were enjoying in prison, at least they had a life to live. This very particular aspect proves my argument. Was the Indian Judicial System so clueless and helpless that it took them 8 long years to deliver justice. It altogether seemed that the convicts knew more of law than the learned sitting out there.

These statements clearly points out the fact that we really need a revamp in this procedure or aspect of this system. Quick actions and strong actions must always be taken and and encouraged. I very well remember The Bravery of Telangana Police who encountered all the four accused of the Dr. Priyanka Reddy rape case. But to the dismal many criticized this move demanding justice for the convicts. What else people could have done, when people do the right thing, they stand wrong in front of everyone. All people want is girls getting raped and they do a candle march and shed tears but none want to have justice, try to do justice at least. And when someone unlike the Telangana Police does, they criticize.

Now, writing of another prevailing thing which forms the main concept of this research paper is Rape culture. It is very astonishing to see that how people normalize this in accordance to the societal norms. The patriarchal structure which empowers one gender needs to be changed. Its astonishing to see that due to this particular culture narrows down to the thought that rape is caused due to the victims behaviour and the girl or women should mend the ways to avoid such instances.

It does more harm than good. Rape Culture blames victims, which allows impunity for perpetrators and blaming victims doesn't just fail to prevent rapes as it also constraints women lives and limits their opportunities. But even the fact that men can also be raped and sexually assaulted cant be left out.

In Conclusion, I would like to say that what we exactly need to do is to change our minds, our mentalities, the regressive norms and thoughts must be changed. Coming with that the system or the path / process of justice to the rape victims also must be changed to set an example. As problems always need to be solved through the root.

People who rape and commit these crimes must be shot down immediately or else hanged as soon as caught by the police. Imprisoning them is like giving an general aide to them. To ensure these forms of punishment the forms of capital punishment must be brought back to action and even gender neutral laws also must be implemented as a part of changing the regressive laws.

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