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Constitutional Law Articles

Constitutional Law Articles

  1. Federalism
  2. Privy Council
  3. Maneka Gandhi
  4. Constitutionalism
  5. Law and Religion
  6. Revisional Power
  7. Right To Circulation
  8. Freedom of Religion
  9. Law And Democracy
  10. Creation of New States
  11. Memoirs of A Funeral Slave
  12. Nature of Indian Constitution
  13. State Under Indian Constitution
  14. Anti-defection law the challenges
  15. UCC based Indian civil code
  16. Remedial and Penal Statutes
  17. Protective Discrimination
  18. The Concept of Secularism in India
  19. Constitutional Disability-way forward
  20. Executive: Civil & Criminal Immunity
  21. Secularism and Constitution of India
  22. Angioplasty of Separation of Powers
  23. Sting Operation: Scope & Limitations
  24. Separation of Power in India & USA
  25. Article 35A: Necessity but not Charity
  26. Administrative Law Separation of Powers
  27. Emergency Provisions: Effects and Impact
  28. Public Interest Litigation - A Critical Evaluation
  29. Management of Water and Water Laws In India
  30. hree types of emergencies under the Indian Constitution
  31. Protective Discrimination & Tribal Welfare
  32. Should India have a Uniform Civil Code?
  33. Basic Structure of Constitution - Myth or Reality
  34. Prospective Vs. Retrospective
  35. Creamy Layer: The Mandal Commission View
  36. Constitutional Right to Speedy Trial
  37. Federalism in India
  38. Abuse of Administrative Discretion
  39. Evolving Facets of National Security
  40. Sedition Law & Freedom of Expression
  41. Renovating the Bridge
  42. Law And Social Change
  43. Reservations In India
  44. Right to Free Legal Aid
  45. Article 21 - the omnibus article
  46. Formation of New States In India
  47. Indian Constitutionalism
  48. Right to Sleep and it
  49. Theoretical Perspective of Communalism & Secularism
  50. Exercise of Legislative Powers by the Executive under Art.356
  51. Schedule X of our Indian Constitution-a myth or a reality
  52. Concept of Welfare State and Its Relevance in Indian Scenario
  53. State Liability on Administrative Action reference to Civil Rights in India
  54. Relation Between Part III And Part IV of Constitution of India-Changing Trends
  55. Reasonable Classification under article 14
  56. Electoral reform: An approach to effective democracy
  57. Interpretation of Statutes - The Purposive Approach
  58. Role of Preamble Interpretation with Indian Constitution
  59. Emergence of Article 31 A, B and C and its validity
  60. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, The Father of Indian Constitution
  61. Right To Privacy Under Article 21 and the Related Conflicts
  62. Contemporanea exposito est optima et fortissinia in lege
  63. Coalition Government and its Impact on Indian Federal Structure
  64. Constitutional Validity of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act
  65. Fee Structure vis-a-vis Private Unaided Educational Institutions
  66. Constitutional Validity of the 93rd Constitutional Amendment
  67. Strict Scrutiny Test in Constitutional Adjudication: Indian Experience
  68. Separation of Powers and Its Development with Special Reference to India
  69. Various Aspects of Public Interest Litigation In India
  70. Vulnerable Groups in India - Status, Schemes, Constitution of India
  71. Critical Appraisal to the Existing Framework of Freedom of Speech and Expression In India
  72. The Public Interest Disclosure and Protection to Persons Making the Disclosures Bill, 2010
  73. Changes in Indian legal System with the introduction of Public Interest Litigation
  74. Whether Indians In Pressing Need For Negative Voting: Analysis of The Concept And Feasibility In India

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