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Women Laws in India and Domestic Violence

Various aspects on Domestic Violence, Eve teasing, Women Suffrage, Rape law, Bride burning, Gender Inequality, Women's rights, Sexual Harassment
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Women laws in India


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Violence Towards Woman

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Gender Inequality

Gender Equality: Gender equality, also known as sexual equality, is the state of equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision-making; and the state of valuing different behaviors, aspirations and needs equally, regardless of gender.
Gender Justice: A Comparative Study of U.K., U.S.A., E.U. and India: Over the centuries, as traditional patriarchal customs and laws became more deeply entrenched, women’s lives.
Gender justice in India
Gender Justice and Indian Labour
Do We Need Gender Biased Laws: Domestic Violence Act
Uniform Civil Code Towards Gender Justice
The Role of Education Sector in Removing Gender Inequality

The blind mother: Related to women issues and legal rights - Tempted away from grey complexity to the drama of stark contrast one could title our land as the historical volumes of sexual discrimination

Gender Inequality: Man and woman are both equal and both plays a vital role in the creation and development of their families in a particular and the society in general

Arrest of Fair Sex Fairly: Under Article 14 of Indian constitution men and women are equal but simultaneously Article15 (3) empowers the state to make provisions in favour of women

Women's Human Right: More Said Than Done: human rights for women, as for all individuals, are protected in international law. The international community has tried to play

Changing Facets of Sexual offences: This article mainly aims at the man's illicit temptations, which makes

Accomplice Evidence in Sexual offenses: In sexual crimes, the other person usually the woman, may or may not be an accomplice, according as she is.

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act: The need, nature ,structure and purpose and the initiative of the legislation along with the reasons of it being proven

Recognition of Equality Marriage: Each individual's journey through life is unique. Some will make this journey alone, others in loving relationships may be in marriage or other forms of.

Rape -Texual or Psychological: The need to change Section 375 of the IPC, 1860: Is Rape merely a word described in section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, to be interpreted stricto senso

The Domestic Violence Act: Constitutional Perspectives: Domestic violence is sadly a reality in Indian society, a truism. In the Indian patriarchal setup.

The Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act: Indian women have always been considered to be downtrodden section of the society. Men have always treated women

Changes brought in the position of women: The Constitution of India provides that every person is entitled for equality before law and equal protection of the laws and thereby prohibits

Cruelty as a Matrimonial offence under Muslim Law: The general notion of cruelty is very subjective- depending on time, place, persons and other factors also. The legal concept of

Rape law in India and World: Rape is a heinous crime in our world. Now a days all civilized country enacted their own law on this topic

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