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Why we should all be feminists?

Women or any other gender that are no lesser than men are considered to be weak by the majority of the society just because they are all not men. In the society where it has made us to believe that it�s the women who is responsible of any vulnerable behavior of a man, I think knowing the importance of feminism in today�s world is much needed to a society.

Research Objective
The paper explains what�s feminism and why it is important for every individual to be feminist. This paper will also help getting the idea of the types of feminism and the impacts of it.

Research Methadology
Descriptive and analytical methods have been followed by the researcher throughout the paper and as the secondary source books and other articles along with website has been referred for the accomplishment of the research paper by the researcher.

Feminism can be one of the most hated and misunderstood topics in today�s world. The reason is none other than the patriarchal men hate seeing women rebellious about their rights and ignorant of the fact that they�ve to be submissive under a man. Keeping in mind that this is a very sensitive topic lets understand the definition of what Feminism exactly is;

feminism (noun) the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Basically, feminism is a movement that aimed the ideologies of social, political, economic and personal equality among all sexes. It�s an effort to change and fight the stereotypical believes of the society that serves injustice to women and other genders along with men.

Types Of Feminism

Liberal Feminism: Liberal feminism, also called mainstream feminism, is a main branch of feminism defined by its focus on achieving gender equality through political and legal reform within the framework of liberal democracy.

Radical Feminism: Radical feminism is a perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts, while recognizing that women's experiences are also affected by other social divisions such as in race, class, and sexual orientation

Cultural Feminism: Cultural feminism is a variety of feminism which emphasizes essential differences between men and women, based on biological differences in reproductive capacity. Cultural feminism attributes to those differences distinctive and superior virtues in women.

Socialist and Marxist Feminism: Marxist feminism is a philosophical variant of feminism that incorporates and extends Marxist theory. Marxist feminism analyzes the ways in which women are exploited through capitalism and the individual ownership of private property

Ecofeminism: Ecofeminist thinkers draw on the concept of gender to analyse the relationships between humans and the natural world.

Why Is Feminism Important To Women?

Feminism is important for women since it makes us realize a women does not belong to her house and her kitchen, and a women�s duty is not just to take care of the family but she also has to conquer the outside world without feeling any lesser than a man. Feminism have given education and profession to thousands of women who thought would end up in kitchen as most of their mothers did. It is believed that only men are capable for balancing the outside world such as financial, social, economic and political stuffs.

Women are often told to be beautiful, soft, sweet and since cannot handle things that are rough outside the world as it is considered stereotypically, is another way of keeping her under control. In similar words we can also name it as Benevolent sexism. A Benevolent sexism is something that is told to women which seems positive but isn�t. For example; �You are a mother you wont be able to handle work since being a mother itself a tough job�. The statement states indirectly that she is incapable of handling the work since it is already her only duty to look after her children. Regardless of all this society still thinks women has attained equality when even now women�s family have to give dowry for marrying their daughter and when she has her husband�s name after her as if she is his property. A women�s relationship status is considered important to her career and will be affected by her personal life since it is considered more important serving men than serving herself that�s why she is addressed �Miss.� before marriage and �Mrs.� after marriage whereas for men their personal life doesn�t affect their career that�s why they are only addressed as Mr. and nothing else. Even working women is being claimed that she was given freedom by her family or her husband at least to work where the choice isn�t even theirs to give. People still believe that its normal to take control over a girl�s life and not on a guy. Most importantly how can even people claim that women attained equality when she does not even get paid for the same position where a man is getting paid mor e than her? In worst cases such as rape where the victim is totally blamed for the actions for the culprit just because she is a voicing the excuse that she asked for it since she wore short dress or since she walk alone. How long are we going to ask our girls to be safe and not ask guys to behave properly? How is it a girl�s responsible if it�s the guy who cannot behave themselves around women? We are justifying crimes by claiming the nature of the men when it�s is not.

Why Is Feminism Important To Men And Other Genders?

Feminism is also important for men because it completely bursts the stereotypical believes that only the man of the family have to work or a man has to be physically and mentally strong in order to show masculinity. Not lying but a lot of this patriarchal believes have put men under various pressure of toxic masculinity. Feminism lets a man be himself in anyway without getting interrupted by patriarchal ideas where he can also be a normal human who shows emotions. Just

like girls are being raped brutally or being involved in domestic violence men and other genders such as transgenders are also being a victim of it. They are not allowed speak up cause according to the patriarchal society, male rape or trans rape victim doesn�t exist and it is impossible for a man to get raped. And here feminism does the real work by shading the light to the unspoken truth that happen to men and others.

What Is Toxic Feminism?

The toxic feminism is something where feminism is completely misunderstood or following the stereotypical and ideas of patriarchy. Toxic feminist might be responsible for misleading the feminism. Toxic feminism induces the idea that women are superior than men or not to respect men or sometimes purposely being ignorant about the male victim�s issues. Toxic feminist also happens to take advantage of rapes and other violence in order to threaten male victims if they deny to do so as they�re said to. Just like toxic masculinity can be a major threat to women, toxic femininity can also be a major threat to men.

What Can Be Done Regarding Toxic Femininity And Masculinity?

In order to lessen these the only way is to stop making or imposing gender based roles, there is no gender for any work o roles, it doesn�t always have to be mothers when it comes to parenting and father when it comes to working.

Why We Should All Be Feminists?

It�s important that we all are feminists because feminism has never bought a war on anything with the intention of suppression anyone except it demanded the equality and freedom of choices of the individual irrespective of gender, cast and race. Written By: Laminsha Nizam

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