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Mental Adolescences

The reason is not known of the mental illness of the thousands or lakhs who are said to be psycho or misbalanced or insane lunatic, split personality disorder, multiple personality disorder, hallucinating, serial Killers ,serial rapist ,criminals, psychriats. But all I know about their activities happening and will happen, About their existence in the Earth. No subject can give a definite cause of action for the outcome of this outrageous work.

No definition will ever be perfect stating the order of the person. But all is what known as a reactions which comes out as the outcome of the character of this people. The jurisprudence behind the sources is not always clear describing them. So, for the types of mental illness it is been able to figure out are:
  1. Clinical Depression.
  2. Hyperactivity Disorder. (ADHD)
  3. Bipolar Disorder.
  4. Dimentia.
  5. Anxiety Disorder.
  6. Schizopherenia.
  7. Autism.
  8. OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder)
  9. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)
  10. Eating Disorder.
  11. Dissaociation and Dissociative Disorder.
  12. Addiction Towards intoxic Substances.
  13. Porn Addiction.
  14. Guilty Pleasure.

Well, these are not only enough types that can be described as the best research for those categories. Most effort, should be made in order to characterize these disorder. The symptoms are sometime associated with these disorders. hence we can have a brief idea with the growth of stress in personality,class,status does a becoming a common factor.

Benevolent, Cruel, obsessiveness, possessiveness and never a sign Of a normal person again there are instances when things going absolutely wrong with the development of world wide web with erotic porn contents and consumption of intoxic substances.

By birth abnormalities were not much a problem as such in the society. Hence, society used to take care to special categorized type of people but when it is the disorder continue emerging within the people the society even becomes in toxic. It is not only a worst poisonous element to the society but it gives the faith from inside. Throughout the suiciders are growing day by day, the attempt suicide order also ranging high. This is commonly in the age factors of the people. People aged even 14 years to 38 years are prone to come under the circumstances to quit or get rid of the problems without facing it or getting into struggles.

Why is it so? this is an important factor research should be made through out the world why is it so much to get hypertension and losing the mind before life ends?
People should understand the standard of living. This is never equal nor it will be ever equal to the society. Rich people will be richer and poor can be poorer. The class division in today's makes an impact in the mentality of the people makes the disorder.

The distinguished feature is neither for any betterment nor for the destruction of the Society Laws. This is the tradition which does not have never ending line. These Substantial factors can not make the impact which compels the people either to loose their mind, going in depression, stress, Sometimes traumatized.

As a part of Quantum Authors theory, I can only request my acquaintances and my dear readers that to accept the things as it is. If being alive is the fundamental right for us then people do falling in those types of category have the same fundamental rights and privileges to enjoy the same life as a normal citizen of the country. As a part of the reason for prolonged suffering is expenditures differences happened between middle class mental disorders patient and rich class patients.

Again, when there is a ruling for the rich section all types of patients there are in the medical Intensive Care in the treatment of private medical hospital spending use and a large amount of money in the same way people coming from the poor background on middle class background will always depend on medical aid, Government help, subsidized from any free services This is where, sometimes the prolonged illness takes the sustainable courses for the mediocrity.

It imbalances the proper nutrition, care, medicine, treatment during the time of treatment and in between which makes the scarcity of adequate supplements only because of loss of finances.

The family members of middle class people whose family in the troubled situation going through all these symptoms and disorders runs lack of money and finances.They finds it costly, expensive when to be treated by their own hard money. Sometimes they have to sell their property to make their family member come back to the normal position.To reach the medical expenses it is a burden for the middle class people.

Adequate food, Clean Clothes, fresh water, sound sleep, medicine are necessary items but not been able to met by many poor class patients who goes through the mental imbalances.The intensive care unit is one of the major issue of not giving the proper hospitality to these patients.

So, in this situation, being a responsible citizen I do request all kinds of administration, And the Government as well as Private organizations to come forward to eradicate the crucial problem making life miserable of pain I pray,hope and worry about about those patients and family members going through the situation.

Life pre and post pandamic are totally different. We all are going through a war zone giving our best potential way to come up with solution. This is only possible when association like Anti -Suicide squad, Anti-Drugs, Anti-psycho, Mental Asylum, Asylum, Rehabs are all set in form to fight back the grounds.

The Psychiatrists, Doctors, counselor the best person giving orderly results for these threats. IN this pandamic the hospital beds which were limited, People died each days somehow also did ignore these categories result in loosing the lives of civilians.

Another part of superstition also develop in many Asian country where it symbolizes with Black magic, effect of certain community of people or any kind of hidden illuminati programs.De-facto is different.

With the kind gestures of Government, Medical houses, Institutions, Researchers, people are getting back to their regular life.

More awareness and consulting will create ease to the concern. Whatever the situation is humanity should be at his best. No matter of any case, creed, community or country this is a global problem emerges make us believe that together with practice united we will care for each other.

Hope for the best for the society it is a small token of submission from my end.

Award Winning Article Is Written By: Ms.Trisha Chakraborty (Cherry) - Forensic Expert, Lawyer Of India
Awarded certificate of Excellence
Authentication No: SP125402221564-11-0921

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