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The role of NGO's in safeguarding Women and Children

This article crystal clearly deals with the role of NGO's in safeguarding women and children

It is said that:
The seeds of success in every nation on Earth are best planted in women and children.

In India, women and children have the availability of equal rights but people, violate such rights that causes crime against them. It's the crucial issue that India is facing for an extended time. Due to the increasing violence their minds are consumed by concern and fright, that affects their growth and development. Though the nation is developing in terms of economy, still in some places they are not receiving the dignity and respect they deserve and are looked down. Each day, we hear and see a bit of latest news concerning the terrible crimes against women and children.

This is the situation, every parent needs their child to study and to create his or her future superior, but it's noticeable that in an unprivileged society, few children who are below fifteen years old are working in a various chemical manufacturing factory or like labour in a construction project. They're not given the required education, nor a better place to learn, to play, to create their childhood fascinating. And on the opposite hand, we've seen individuals still discriminate mother giving birth to a boy child.

This is twenty first century but still our country is developing in this field. There are many people who are just letting women down in our society. Female infanticides, female foeticides , dowry system, violence, discrimination and many more. Besides that, women keep on proving herself to the world and become a inspiration to other women like our Honorable Kiran Bedi, the first women who joined the Indian police as an officer, Kalpana Chawla was the first women of Indian origin in space, Indira Gandhi, the first women Prime Minister of India, and so on.

The violence against women and children is mushrooming at a direful rate each single day. A number of the expressions of violence aren't considered crimes owing to Indian culture and values. They go unreported and unsupported.

Meaning of Social Worker:

Life becomes harder for us when we live for others, but it also becomes richer and happier. - Albert Schweitzer

Social workers are professionals who aim to reinforce overall well-being and help meet basic and complex wants of communities and other people. Social workers work with many different populations and different kinds of individuals, significantly focusing on people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in impoverishment.

Men are rich only when they give. He who gives great service gets great rewards. Social work could be an active profession that strives to assist individuals and families deal with their different issues. The precise work that social workers perform depends on their specific field. Lets take an example, a child Welfare social worker, or case worker ,or spend each day in dealing with foster children, bio-parents and therefore the juvenile courts.

Specifically, child protecting Service (CPS) case workers are authorized to remove children from unsafe homes and place them in state custody. They are doing this as a result of noticeable neglect, abuse, threat to harm and question of safety. Several clients come from lower socio-economic levels and struggle with impoverishment condition, homelessness and abuse. Whereas on the other hand, permanency case workers deal with children and youths in permanent foster care. They work to seek long term care provider or individuals to adopt their client's children.

Meaning of NGO

The expression, of Non- Governmental organization can be defined in the following terms:
A Non-Governmental Organization is a social service organization working towards a better and stronger society. True to its name, perseveres to bring a positive change by uniting folks that share a common vision of a developed India, and pay back to the society that helped us. All huge missions have humble beginnings and then is it's endeavor. Our mission is to handle problems like impoverishment and mental object that are threatening and weakening our country's progress.

A country like India, that is the world largest democracy, the largest country in terms of land and also the most inhabited country within the world, the relevancy of the organization as a concept in theory and in practice, as a vibrant means that ensures the concern of the citizen of this country to derive protection in terms of the rule of law, will hardly be over emphasized. The constitution of India, provide an extraordinary and valuable fundamental rights for the protection of the rights of the citizen. It's these rights that include the directive principles of state policy that are relied upon by NGOs in their crucial role in supporting the citizen for the enforcement of their rights in India.

They aim to achieve, eradicate economic condition, to get rid of child labour, uplift and instill confidence among the weaker sections of the society. NGO services specialize in assessing individual strengths and needs; setting personal goals and it provides surroundings that encourage overall growth and development of the society.

The role of NGO's in development of Women

Women empowerment has been the first focus for each government and most NGO's. Voluntary action promoted by NGO's engaged in development play a pivotal role towards rural development that is dependent upon the active participation of the volunteers through Non-Government Organizations (NGO).

The various roles of NGO's towards women empowerment are given below:

  • Educating the rural women
  • Efforts organizing the rural women
  • Supplementation of presidency efforts
  • Mobilizing the optimum resources
  • Building numerous model and experiment
  • Promoting rural leadership
  • Guarantee women participation in women empowerment
  • Promoting technology in rural areas
  • Representing rural women
  • Observation and analysis
  • Impact assessment
  • Providing effective and economic training to rural women

The role of NGO's in development of children

NGOs like save the children and youngsters, additionally fight for stronger anti-child labour laws through providing compelling proof that forms the basis of legislation. Legislative victories embody the child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act that was made strong with the NGO's intervention.

Despite having the world's largest education system, India faces low acquirement because of low enrollment, and high dropout rates.

Community Healthcare Workers (CHW's) are trained to present immediate health care to mothers, newborn and pregnant women
Pushing for better and higher implementation of policies.

Educating communities regarding natal checkups, hospital deliveries, breastfeeding , and access to drugs and nutrition
Supporting India's health and providing nutrition

Cooking and preparation demonstration, fixing health camps and providing nutrition and rehabilitation to malnutrition children's.

A general suggestion to any or all NGO's is that they will operate effectively if they have a selected area of focus. This is often as a result of, an NGO's that merely focuses on all aspects of the society cannot be at experience in any of those aspects. Therefore, the NGO's cannot perform to it's fullest capability. Whereas if the NGO's concentrates solely on one particular area of focus, then it'll be able to give its fullest potential towards resorting that issue.

Women empowerment does not solely mean the empowerment of feminine adults. Women illiteracy, and lack of empowerment in women persists within the society as a result of these women weren't educated when they were young. So complete women empowerment must be achieved, then the girl child need to be educated. Solely then the future have the long run nation with empowered women population.

Additionally to their projects and programs, so as to remain attached to their missions, NGO's centered towards women and children development and should have internal sensible governance that contributes towards transparency and accountability. Then will folks be part of their missions and conjointly support them financially.

All the women and children centrical NGO's should have a strategic approach which will expand their scope towards reaching women, children and empowering them. Only a strategic approach can create quicker results.

The NGO's are indefatigably operating for the protection of women and children who are pushed into child labour, youngsters facing abuse within the community, child trafficking, women and children suffering from a disaster or emergency situation. It rescues the women and children facing numerous forms of harms abuse, neglect, exploitation, violence and physical abuse. Execution of programmes in India's remotest places, the NGO's are driven by the premise of guaranteeing happy and safe childhoods for all women and children. Towards this goal, the partners with civil society organizations, child-led initiatives, governments and alternative key stakeholders.

Save the Children's campaigns have reduced mortality, chronic deficiency disease, child trafficking, and has hyperbolic access to education. These are a part of a holistic approach to engage governments, civil society and community. of these initiatives need significant investment and infrastructure around the clock and there's always a cause the NGO's is indefatigably operating for.

Award Winning Article Is Written By: Ms.Pranali P Ganachari
Awarded certificate of Excellence
Authentication No: AP111783076933-27-0421

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