Invitation To Write Articles For Legal Service E-Journal

The convening committee of Legal Service e-Journal invites Lawyers, Judges, law Students, Academicians etc, to submit articles on legal subjects, as per the guideline and parameters enclose here to. Interested members / writers may submit there articles for publications using the online submit form. For any clarifications, please refer to enclosed 'Guidelines and Parameters for Articles to be published in Legal Service e-Journal. For previously published articles, please refer to following link -

Guidelines And Parameters For Articles To Be Published In Legal Service India E-Journal:

The acceptance of Article process is and will be highly qualitative and competitive. The only way for the manuscript to succeed for publication is that it should be original, penned after meaningful research, analysis of the data and information and expressed clearly in simple, flawless and unambiguous manner, to bring out the best.

These guidelines are communicated to all authors and offers them the opportunity to revise and resubmit the Article in case of Discrepancy.

  1. Submission of Article:

    all Articles must be submitted through online form submission:

    What are we looking for?

    a. Original, well researched, analyzed, reasoned and outstanding contributions legal thinking.
    b. Work that will stand the test of time.
    c. Highly specialized work that makes an excellent contribution to the issue subject and helps in laying down the next brick in legal and social dynamic
    d. Work that will make worthwhile reading for the general reader who may not be an expert in the field of law and students of law.

  2. Which Type of Articles Legal Service e-Journal will NOT publish?

    a. Articles amounting to replies to previously published articles
    b. Articles that are promotional in nature.
    c. Articles submitted merely to get a Link back.
    d. Articles about the funding in conduct of legal research.
    e. Moral and political philosophy that is only distantly related to law; if it is to be published, it must take a significant contribution to legal studies.
    f. Anything previously published in another journal, unless the permission of that Journal is duly obtained. Anything that may be contemptuous or against the aims and objectives of Legal Service
    g. Book reviews, unless they are extended, analytical articles discussing books on the subject of law.

  3. Submission and Format Guidelines

    a. All Articles should be in English

    b. Articles should be submitted electronically via the Submit Form:
    Please note that the Journal will not accept submissions of articles received by any other means.

    c. All references should give the superscript no at the top and end notes at the end of the Article in chronology

    d. Articles should be typed in:
    i. MS Word/Notepad
    ii. Times New Roman
    iii. 13 pts
    iv. 1.5 line spacing
    v. l" margin on all sides
    vi. Headings and sub headings should NOT be in capital letters (caps-lock) must be bold

    e. All paragraphs should be indented

    f. There should be one line gap spacing after the paragraph

    g. All quotations within the text should be enclosed within single quotation mark after leaving a margin and should be in Bold.

  4. Permissions
    In order to reproduce any third-party material in an article, including figures or tables authors must obtain permission from the copyright holder and comply with an requirements the copyright holder may have pertaining to this reuse. When seeking reproduce any kind of third-party material authors should request the following:

    a. non-exclusive rights to reproduce the material in the specified article and journal;
    b. electronic rights, preferably for use in any form or medium;
    c. the right to use the material for the life of the work; and
    d. world-wide English-language rights.

  5. Third-Party Content in Open Access papers:

    If you will be publishing your paper under an Open Access license but it contains material for which you do not have Open Access re-use permissions, please state this clearly by supplying the credit line alongside the material.

  6. Certificate of Originality and Copy Right:

    Every Author shall provide a Certificate of Originality and that the Article is his/her original work and that the Legal Service shall have the exclusive copy right in the Article after publication in Legal Service e-Journal.

  7. Subject Category: All the Articles will be submitted clearly stating one of title following Subject Category

  • Accident Claim and Compensation
  • Acquisition of Land
  • Administrative Law
  • Arbitration
  • Banking and Loan Recovery
  • Company
  • Constitution
  • Consumer Protection
  • Contempt
  • Contract
  • Criminal including Detention and National Security
  • Electricity
  • Environmental Law
  • Intellectual Property — Trademark, Copyright
  • International Law
  • Personal Law — Hindu, Muslim, Christian
  • Procedural
  • Professional Law — Advocates, Architect, Chartered Accountant, Media
  • Practitioner
  • Rent Control and Eviction
  • Service law including Court Martial
  • Statutory Interpretation
  • Taxation — Direct and Indirect
  • Transfer of Property
  • And any other Branch of law.

8. Procedure:

a. The Editorial Board consists of four Experienced Legal Experts as members of Board

All articles received by legal Service will be reviewed by our editorial Board.

The editorial Broad may refer the Article back to the Author for reconsideration or reformulating the same.

Articles approved by the Editorial Board will only be published.

the members of the Board may refer the article back to the author for reconsideration, if there are major changes in the article, to give an option to the author to agree with editing of the Article.

The selected Articles will be Published:

  1. Subject wise
  2. Based on Date of publish wise

b. Editorial Board:

  1. Sri.Tarun Choudhury, Supreme Court Advocate
  2. Mrs. Shanta Chhetri, Member of Parliament
  3. B.B.D. Choudhury, Advocate - Pune
  4. Tapan Choudhury, Supreme Court Advocate

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