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Will the Health And Welfare Management effective in India during the Corona Virus lock down?

Corona a Review (2020 -2021)

People of all ages may be infected by the new Corona Virus. Older people and people with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases appear to be more vulnerable to Corona Virus attack:
  1. People should maintain a social distancing at least one meter distance and
  2. wearing a mask by covering the nose completely as normal practice and
  3. often wash hands with soap & water thoroughly or use Sanitizer hand rub
  4. Isolate yourself & Stay home quarantine if you have symptoms such as fever, cough, headache until recovery
  5. Download Arokiya sethu app & be updated the health care instruction
  6. avoid handshakes & hugs during any meeting to reduce the transmission of the disease
The Government of India has started educating the public with aforesaid health advice while being the first wave of coronavirus in March 2020.

The three week National Lock down has been introduced by the government of India to break the Corona virus infection chain across the country and lock down has been turned off by April 14, 2020. The government of India has taken several steps to improve the precautionary measures and give relief to the general public.

Some important steps listed are
  1. The government said it plans to setup a chain of 20 lakh retail shops Suraksha Stores across India and promised to provide daily essentials to citizens
  2. The Human Resource Development has launched a web portal to monitor and record the initiative taken by the ministry in combat with Covid-19
  3. The government announced LPG refills for free for 3 month to cover 8.3 crore poor women.
  4. The government decided to double the collateral free loan for self entrepreneur women from 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs
  5. The Government has increased the wages hike for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act from Rs. 182/- to Rs. 202/- per day.
  6. The employees could withdraw a three month salary from Employees Provident Fund account for managing the corona virus crisis.
  7. PM-Kisan scheme has been announced for helping 6 crore farmers across the country and aid upto Rs.13855 crore gone towards the first installment of PM-KISAN.
  8. Finance ministry has announced a relief package worth Rs. 1.70 Lakh crore for waking of the Covid-19 outbreak
  9. 1400 crore rupees financial aid has been given to old age people, widows and disabled people under the National Social Assistance program.
  10. Government has given Rs.500/- for nearly 20 crore women under Jan Dhan account and there was total disbursement of Rs 9930 crore funds issued by the ministry of finance.
  11. There was 3066 crore rupees financial assistance has been given to the workers under the Building and Construction worker�s fund.
  12. The government has provided medical insurance coverage of Rs. 50 Lakhs per person to health workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic.
  13. The government has released over Rs. 30000 crore for assisting various sections of society during the corona lockdown.
  14. The government decided to release 12 million Metric Tons of food grain from April to June quarter of 2020 under PM Garib Kalyan Ann Youjana during the coronavirus crisis.

Loopholes in the Current Welfare Distribution system

The Government of India has taken positive steps to give appropriate relief to the public during the Corona Lock down but, however there was a huge loop hole in the distribution system where these reliefs are misappropriated by various people. There were large SCAMs taking place in the PM KISAN scheme during the corona pandemic, and there were 50% illegal people who acquired the farmers benefit to their account and the same is explained in the link below.

It is only an example of an identified scam and there may be a number of unidentified scams and this article has no scope in this article, but to catch hold the audience about the need for a proven "Poka Yoke" distribution with zero errors like other developed countries.

The Government of India & States in Union has no other option to rely on the State distribution system to issue these the social assistance and where the politicians and executives have individually or jointly misappropriated the funds to the extreme and government still rely on these executives reports and reportedly 50% of relief has not reached the affected. The Government�s large relief plans to the general public have been swindled by various anti-social elements across the country and the public has been desperately looking for relief but disconnected from the distribution system.

Improving the Welfare Distribution System:

The government of India has to come up with a specific public welfare distribution system by implying an electronic card with a traceable record like other developed countries. The Government of India does not have any firm distribution system like Social Insurance Number like Canada, also the state does not have any firm distribution system like health card like Ontario health card to trace the benefits issued to the Citizens electronically and those were connected to Revenue Departments for verification and allotments.

The Government relies on the manual based distribution system which was followed generation and where the corruption and scam are inevitable but the governments continue to use the manual based distribution system by distributing the same by just taking any of the identity records from the government like aadhaar card, passport and other state issued identity card and those were no were connected with the Revenue agencies.

The citizens of India have to beg for relief by waiting in the long Q and have to pray to god grace for obtaining corruption free executives and scam free politicians to get their relief. They have to write a letter to the Prime Minister / Chief Minister officer for further grievance if they have been denied for such reliefs and most of the people are not able to go for grievance because those complaints were handled by the alleged executives and politicians, who may take adverse action against the complainants.

Need of enactment of New Law for Corona:

By keeping such a large loop hole in the relief distribution system, the Union and state yet relies on the executives and politicians to control the corona virus and where these executives has further harassing the public and merchant by invoking the section 144 of Code of Criminal procedures to control the spread without realizing the painful life of the general public, like merchants and employees who has lost their source of income. The purpose of section 144 was to control unlawful assembly and rioting under the code of criminal procedures; that could not be invoked against the unarmed general public who desperately needed the support from the government to survive against the deadly virus.

The objective of this study is to evaluate the corona control & relief measures of the government by comparative law aspects, thereby enacting a law by the government to determine the steps in implementation of Lock down and enact the country with specific relief acts. This research has given details about the various social-economic practices and constraints in achieving the removal of Virus from India. The Government of India may expect to initiate a Specific Corona bill in parliament for specific Corona Control Act or Corona Relief Act and stop relying on the Code of Criminal Procedures since the same has been created for different purposes and may not fit into.

The Government of India has no other option to rely on these executives for controlling the corona spread as well as distributing the relief to the affected, whereas they might be less effective on work load and sometimes, they misuse the given powers. The Government has to carefully differentiate the two different groups of executives for dealing the control measures & for distribution of reliefs to the public by enacting the required laws, otherwise the government significantly becomes inefficient against the Corona Virus war.

The outcome of the research would be an asset for Union and State for its effectiveness and completeness to enact specific acts for the citizens.

Statement of the Problem
India is the second most populous country and having fifth of the world�s population, the seventh largest country by land area, sharing land borders with China, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Srilanka. The country has a population of about 137,05,08,600 as per the government data in 2020. The population of the country has increased from 0.6 billion to 1.2 billion, between 1975 to 2010; and the population is estimated to take over China's population by year 2024. More than 50% of the population in India is below 25% age and the largest youth force around the world compared to any other country in the world. The population involved in different economic activities helps India assess the growth of the country's economy since, the primary occupation is identified as Agriculture, Textile, Animal Husbandry and the secondary occupation is identified as Manufacturing, Construction etc.

The large population of the country has been seen as a blessed energetic force and second largest economy developing country in the world but, at the same time the increase in population has an array of negative impacts such as high competition, habitat loss, global warming and adverse effects on health.

Reasons for Common Virus Spread:

Air borne diseases such as viruses and bacteria can easily spread in the denser population than any other country. The crowding population and changes in the environment due to over-exploitation of resources can lead to less antimicrobial resistance in human and life threatening situations.

The contaminated water is one of the fastest ways of spreading the viral fevers to the public all over the country and the government strives to eradicate the water contamination. The government of India has tried to give proper drinking water for the entire population but however there are a huge number of people dying each day due to exposure to contaminated water and water distribution is continuing to be one of the biggest challenges to the government.

Needless to say, the huge population explosion leads to an increase of industries, an increase of vehicles and, thus, resulting in toxic air contents and gradually affecting the respiratory system of humans and developing diseases such as asthma, congestion etc. The decrease in oxygen level in the air can cause throat inflammation, cardiovascular diseases etc.

The exploited population in cities, towns has largely carry forward their operations during the first wage and significant population of the people has ignored the continuous health instruction for social distancing and gathered in mass in public markets and other areas.

The Government of India has taken several initiatives to control the population during the 2000, but has not been successful due to unstable governments and political changes, followed with policy changes and has grown the population for a tune of 1.38 Crore. Though the country has continued to develop in the economy, the people of India are facing larger health care issues since the country does not carry the resources such as doctors, nurses and health care facilities to serve the people. The country has continued to follow the epic policies of British India such that Health care falls under the state administration and whereas the Central government has no significant Health Care and can cope with the state wide policies, insurances and welfare schemes.

Massive Spread of Virus

In such a scenario, the Corona Virus has been identified as the first Corona Patient, a 20 year old female has presented herself in General Hospital Thrissur, Kerala, on January 27, 2020 a 20 year. The Kerala State government has announced the lockdown in March 2020 and thereafter there were five cities including Mumbai, Chennai, Thane, Delhi and Ahmedabad reported with corona cases. The government has taken lockdown measures to reduce the corona and the infection decreases from 90000 cases to 15000 cases from September 2020 to January 2021.

The Government of India has started the vaccine program from 16 January 2021 and has vaccinated 40, 298, 750 people till date. There were several states in the country that came across the election in the first & second quarter of 2021, whereas the government has relaxed the lockdown for election canvass and campaign. The second wave of virus spread began March 2021 and there were hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and other medical facilities and India recorded 326098 new cases & recorded 3890 deaths on 15 May 2021 and India led the world in new cases. The very long waiting for the treatment and inadequate oxygen supply in the Government hospitals have become major causes of death rate in India.

In the healthcare distribution system both State & Central governments have to join hands for effective management for a combine distribution system for citizens like UK & Canada, an innovative approach is needed for efficient information dissemination, implementation of a new health care distribution system, and acquisition of better resources by increasing the number of medical practitioners and health care professionals in the country. The study is seen as an effort to gauge the performance outcome of the Health Care system and welfare distribution through an evaluation of their functions and suggesting the government with alternate ways by acts & policies for better administration and effective health care distribution and enforcements.

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of the study is to gauge the situation of the Corona affected cities, towns and villages in southern India and take a detailed survey with farmers, merchants and the general public about the functions of corona control measures and the relief distribution system. The aforesaid data obtained from farmers, merchants and general public, has been consolidated under one umbrella. The same has been taken before the Legislatives, Executives and Judicial for needful enactment of law, for needful corrections in the existing system by referring to International laws, acts and rules across the world.

Union & State correlation in controlling the corona virus spread in India to achieve the relief for general public, has to consider the field research date while executing the controlling measure of the virus spread & issuing the relief to the affected and thus, the government has to come up with an enactment of law, not only to protect the general public (farmers, merchants & public) from the corona virus but also provide security to generate income for their families during the corona lock down and whereas enactment of specific laws that fit for all are needful.

The study would seek to find theoretical support for the research hypothesis, which states that National Health Services implementation during lock down undermines the requirement of specific laws and, for implementation of the new mistaken proven health care & welfare distribution systems for equity in fighting against the deadly CoronaVirus disaster and over come from the economic recession.

Question of facts:
The study, while finding theoretical support to the research question stated above, will also find possible answers to the following:
  1. Is India required to enact Specific laws to Control the Corona-virus like Other developed countries?
  2. Does the Health & Welfare distribution is effective in delivering the relief to the farmers, merchants and public during the lock-down?
  3. How can the Government help the common man in generating income to their families by restructuring their functions by new acts, policies?
The conclusions and recommendations are drawn from the critical literature review and presented before the Hon'ble Prime Minister & Chief Ministers of the state and their Cabinet Ministers with specific purpose to enact a law with appropriate distribution system during the corona pandemic. They outline the outcome of the critical analysis tool used in the current research.

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