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    This is Exactly How the Copyright certificate looks Like Issued by Copyright Office

    Copyright Certificate - Registrar of Copyrights - Government of India

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    Is a copyright in India recognized worldwide?

    Copyright in India is recognized virtually worldwide under the Berne Convention and the applicable law of its member nations.
    Here is the list of countries where your copyright stands valid when registered in India.

    Can Choreography be Copyrighted If yes how?

    Choreography is the art of arranging or designing of ballet or stage dance in symbolic language. It is a form of dramatic work. In order to qualify for copyright protection it must be reduced to writing. There are various systems used for the purpose; the shorthand notation of Benesch the longer more academic and elaborate Laban system or even a choreographer’s personal notes in his own invented system.

    Can Scenic arrangement or acting have Copyright Protection if yes explain?

    Scenic effects or stage situations must be reduced into some permanent form in order to secure Copyright protection The term otherwise will include representation of scenic effects in drawings in which case they can also be considered as artistic work. Costumers used by actors if represented in the form of drawings can be treated as artistic works. A dramatic work does not include a cinematograph film because it is a separate subject matter for copyright. Copyright subsists not only in the actual words of the work but in the dramatic incidents created, so that if these are taken there may be an infringement although no words are actually copied.

    In Tate v Fullbrook Fawrwell, LJ. observed Scenic effects taken by themselves, and apart from the words and incidents of the piece are not the subject of copyright because they cannot be the subject of printing and publication...Nor do I say that scenic effects may not be protected as part and parcel of the drama; scenes do, of course form parts of a drama and it is the dramatic piece as a whole that is protected by the Act.

    It is essential, however, to such protection, that there shall be something in the nature of a dramatic entertainment, for a mere spectacle standing alone is no more within the Act than a singer who sings in character costume is within it. The scene can only be protected as part of a whole which is within the Act, and as such carries a statutory protection, there must be matter capable of being printed and published, and the plagiarist must copy a material part.

    Can Gags be Registered under Copyright Law?

    Gags are an actor’s interpolations in a dramatic dialogue. They are changed from time to time and are not a permanent part of the play and there is no certainly about the subject-matter. Gags are, therefore, not subject-matter of copyright protection.

    Can we get Copyright Registration of a Ballet?

    The elements of a ballet are the music, the story, the choreography, the scenery, and the costumes. It is thus a composite work. Such a work could be the subject-matter of copyright.

    Can we get Copyright Registration of a Drama or film based on a newspaper article?

    The form, manner or arrangement of a drama and movie are materially different from a newspaper article and by the very nature of the media there is fundamental and substantial dissimilarity in the mode of expression of the idea in a newspaper article and in a stage play or in a movie.

    In Indian Express v Jagmohan AIR 1985 Bom 229, the defendants made a stage play and a movie based on the central theme of certain articles published by the plaintiff, namely, purchase of a woman by name Kamal by a journalist to highlight the flesh trade flourishing in some parts of the country. The article published contained an autobiographical account of the part actually played by the author in the affair and he had presented the whole affair in his own style. In the drama and movie the emphasis was on human bondage, particularly of Indian women. It was held that the stage play or the movie was not an infringement of the copyright in the articles.

    It was further held that there is no copyright in an event which has actually taken place. The plaintiff, however, succeeded on the issue of defamation and libel and the defendants were ordered to delete from the script and the film those portions which were held to be defamatory and libellous.

    Can Television programme-format or Title be subject of Copyright Registration?
    The format of a television programme (talent quest programme) its title Simply Lucky and various catch phrases used in the programme were held not to constitute a dramatic or literary work to be entitled to copyright protection and consequently copying of these features did not constitute infringement of copyright.

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