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Why Corporate Sector Are Granted Exemption From Right To Information Act

Right to information has proven to be strong weapon in the hand of common man. Earlier there was no any means for citizen to unfold the irregularities and corrupt practices prevailing in Government organization.

One has to run days and days to get his work done. It was normal practices to bribe some body so that his application could be expedited. This can be commonly understood by this example. If one had to get Driving license, he had to process his application through some broker. It is one of the example.

It was felt that some check has to be there. RTI (Right to Information) has played important role in reducing the irregularities and corrupt practices prevailing in Government Sector. Now any citizen can obtain information from a government organization. The Government officials are not immune?

They are prone to questions of Citizen. At least , the people , who are working in Government Sector, do have fear of RTI. They are aware that a sword , namely RTI is hanging on their head. This fear is to be there for the sake of public interest.

But what about private sector? What about Corporate World? Are private sector immune to corrupt practices? Are these irregularities not prevailing in Corporate World? In fact irregularities and corrupt practices are more prevalent in private Sector.

In Corporate World, there is no any norm of work hour. No time schedule is fixed for leave. Private sector is mostly individual centric. They are solely guided by individuals or family members of a particular family. Hence are guided by whims and fancy of those few people.

Its not as if all the private organization are bad. But the kind of fear , which is there in the mind of Government officials, is absolutely missing in corporate world.

Its normal practices to cut the salary of employees, if they are taking leave. Though some rules and regulations are there for workers. Like Labor Laws has came to rescue such factory workers.

There is no any working schedule. There is no fixed holiday. The flow of cash is not regulated. However most of the employees in the corporate world are being exploited. Even they are not allowed to form any association address their grievances. The result is extreme exploitation of employees who are working in Corporate World.

It is high time that private sector should also be bought within control of RTI. It will enhance transparency in working culture in Private Sector also. The corporate culture will become more suitable to their employees in case they are also brought under supervision of RTI (Right to Information Act).

Written By: Ajay Amitabh Suman, Advocate, Delhi High Court

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