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Crime and violence against women in India

This article basically deals about the crimes against women . How the women are subjected to crime  ,violence ,rape, sexual abuse, torture , dowry deaths psychological harassments , abetment to suicide and many more. Data on crime in India are published by the National crime records Bureau (NCRB). Crimes against women in India are gradually increasing as reported by the NCRB. Gender based violence has become a serious issue to such an extent that it has been catalogued as high impact health problem by the World Health Organization. Women are one of the most vulnerable groups in terms of violence.

As we all know that India is the second most highest population country after china. Nowadays crimes against women are becoming  a major issue. This is all because of the patriarchal  or male centered society where people think that a women should always remain within the four walls of their houses and should not raise any voice against injustice prevailing. In India, the sex gender system operates exposing girls and young women to different forms of violence which includes infanticide, kidnapping, sexual harassments, murder, homicide which restricts women from leading a dignified life.

According to the report by the National crime records bureau, every hour, at least two women are sexually assaulted  and every six hours , a young married women is beaten to death, burnt or driven to suicide. As a result of such heinous crimes and violence women undergoes unbearable sufferings  like self isolation, unemployment, income loss and fail to provide child care which is a grave concern. The notion that women are weak and dependent on men is deeply ingrained in our society.

In conclusion , violence against women creates a sense of insecurity and fear in the community. this problem can be solved by providing  comprehensive care  pro actively. A multi -dimensional and multi agency  team including  access to  psychological support  is to be  made available  to deliver care under one roof. And also implementing certain primary prevention programmes such as gender sensitization and sex education in all schools and colleges and also making women self aware about their rights so that they can be courageous or brave enough to fight for justice . Its now high time to break the silence  and to provide respect which they deserve and to provide them an environment free from discrimination.

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