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Victimization Of Women In Cyber World

Victimization of women in cyber world

In today's world internet is becoming daily need for life. Nowadays people are exploring the internet and making their life easy and comfortable. Internet is the fastest mode of the transport and has spread it sphere. India has stepped into digitalization which has bought technology power. People can talk to any person whether it is known or unknown. The rise of the internet has sparked a debate about how online communication has effect social relationships. As it is said. Every Good Side Has Its Bad Side Too.

People of all genders has experience violence and online abuse, But the abuse which is experienced by the women is often sexist or anti- feminist in nature. Online threats and violence are often sexualized. and these violations are violation of their human rights including right to freedom of speech and expression, right to equality, right to life, participation, assembly and association.

As indicated by the recent research by NCRB (National crime records bureau data) has been steadily increasing each year. This article throws a light on cyber- crime and legislative intervention measures and gives precautionary measures specifically to curtail cyber- crime against woman and children.

Women had been victim of many types of harassment since the traditional era. Violence against women is a violation of human right. Domestic violence. A universal issue with severe impact on survivors. Domestic violence, Sati Paratha acid attack, rape, eve- teasing, dowry death, sexual harassment, molestation, kidnapping, female infanticide. As the COVID-19 pandemic has strengthen the social and economic stress. This form of violence result into widespread Gender based discrimination. based violence is increasing aggressively. The increasing rate of cyber- crime against women has been increasing day by day.

This has led to the development of insecurity within women. Its effects are worse on them. And on the society as a whole when we look into the broader picture. Acc. To famous Journalist Swapna Majumdar, Violence against women is nonspecific. The fact is that violence against women has become an acceptable norm of life because women accept violence as apart of normal life until it becomes intolerable, said by Majumdar 2003.

We celebrate women's day on 8th of march every year showing respect and love appreciation towards women. In India women are worshipped as (goddess) Devi. Women's are worshipped at religious places on festivals. But reality they are exploited in various ways. And have always been victim of physical, psychological and sexual exploitations. The more common and frequently reported cyber- pestering against women in India are cyber stalking, cyber morphing, sending obscene, defamatory, annoying messages, emailing blackmailing. therefore cyber- crime is increasing day by day.

Forms of cyber offences against women.
In basic terms, cyber- crime against women is illegal activity that uses computer. The growing number of internet users everyday get linked and with the access of the internet becoming easier and simpler day by day coupled with the malicious intentions of some of the people who use this elevation as a tool to target the vulnerable, has led to the tremendous increase in cyber- crime against women. There are various types of cyber- crime committed against women at large of which have sensitive effects on the image and security of women are as follows.

Cyber Stalking

Cyber Stalking: It is one of the most talked about and committed in modern world. Cyber stalking is on the rise and women and children are the most likely targets. Cyber stalking is the way to use the internet to stalk someone for online harassment and online abuse. Cyber stalking is an online threat and there is no direct contact between. But nowadays cyber stalking crime is more than offline stalking. Because finding of the perpetrator is not easier. Mostly the teenagers are victimized. The anonymity of online interaction reduces the chances of identification and makes cyber stalking more common than physical stalking.

Online Trolling / Bullying/Threat/ Blackmailing/ Meme Making

Online harassment of women in India has become threat, with the growth of toxicity on twitter. The increase in number of trolls on internet. Mr. Jaishankar a teacher of criminology who has been Studying bullying, stalking and defamation of women online, says India's patriarchal mindset has pervaded the internet space. Lawyer Deberti Halder, says that Indian online users are largely male introverts who have found a web a space where they can express them feely and anonymously. Men do not like women to talk back. Online violence often leads to women being shouted down or self-censoring their opinion because of fear of Blacklash.

The pandemic has raised the new and significant concerns around online violence and sexual harassment against women as the dynamics of the workplace are changing with an increase in work from home and online education. As the world moves online post-COVID-19, there is need to engage with feminist perspective. Unfortunately, online spaces are increasingly becoming repulsive towards women, with growing toxicity on social media platforms, the online harassment and trolling of women in India has become a threat, today online trolling and abuse against women has become widespread, the slightest bit we can do is strive to contribute some kindness where we can.

Cyber Defamtion

The remarkable growth of internet has provided people with a platform to express the opinion, thoughts and feelings through various forms of publications. Cyber defamation is new concept but the traditional definition of defamation is injury caused to the reputation of person in the eyes of third person. It refers to publishing of defamatory material against any person with the help of the internet. This this has led to numerous cases against cyber defamation.

It is mostly committed by hacking someone's Id on Facebook, google or any other social networking or mail website. It is also done by creaking fake account of a person containing all personal information which resembles to be genuine. After researching about this Topic, it can be said that present scenario of India regarding laws do not have an adequate approach towards cases of cyber defamation.

Photo Morphing

Morphing is an activity to edit original pictures to misuse, photo morphing is an special effect that allows a person to morph or change one image or shape into another without difficulty. it is easier for a hacker to use your images, morph it and then misuse it. You can't stop anyone from morphing. If your images are public, people can easily access them and make use of them to morph, every popular male and female celebrity are being photoshopped and being used by porn sites to satisfy their sexual fantasies. You never know when someone takes your photograph and use them.

E-Mail Spoofing

It refers to an e-mail that emerges from one source but has been sent from another sources. Emails using this technique often includes messages signature, lines, and logos related to the spoofed entity. Email spoofing is a popular tactic used in phishing and spam campaigns because people are more likely to open an email when they think it has been sent by legitimate or familiar sources.

Indian Constitution And Cyber Crime

Right to privacy is an important natural need of every human being. The right to privacy prohibits interference in other's private life. The apex court of India has clearly stated in its judicial judgements that right to privacy is part of fundamental right guaranteed under article 21 of the Indian Constitution. Hacking into someone's privacy or stealing someone's intellectual work or data complete violation of right to his privacy.

Judicial Approach

Ritu Kohli Case:

Ritu Kohli's was the first case of cyber stalking of India. The case in which issues raised to as what is cyber stalking? why don't we have laws regarding that? In the recent case the Delhi police arrested Manish Kathuria the culprit of the case. Mrs. Kohli further complained that person was chatting using her name giving her address and was speaking foul language. Consequently Mrs. Kohli received 40 calls during an add hours.

The said call created devastation in her personal life. IP address was traced, police investigated the entire matter and the offender got arrested. A case was registered under section 509 of IPC. This was the first case of cyber stalking reported. Cyber staling is not covered in cyber laws in India. It is covered only under the ambit of the section72 of the IT act. Punishment can also be given section 441 of the IPC act again for outraging the modesty of the women.

Ngo's Eradicating The Cyber Issues

IT is very depressing that cybercrime has become a common phenomenon in the present days. There lies an important role of the family, parents, community, public, NGO'S, clubs. Organization, government. The NGO'S plays a very crucial role in escalating awareness related to the cyber- crime. They can inseminate the ways to deal with this social phenomenon to the community.

It is high time for the people to rethink on the social matters. We should make more efforts to make people aware about cybercrime by organizing seminars, debates on illegal activities committed through internet. So that we become aware and use online network more effectively in all aspects.

Role Of Ngo's In Cyber Crime Awareness.

Every minute, on an average nearly 80 people fall prey to some or the other form of cyber crime and the awareness initiatives in place to prevent them are not enough.

With a view to avert such incidents. there are team of young and dynamics ninjas, led by Amitabh Kumar, who formed an NGO called social media matters in Delhi founded in 2018.

This organization not only conducts online and offline workshops to spread awareness, but also builds up capacities for organizations and govt organizations to aware about cyber crim happening.

There are various NGO working for awareness on cyber security, across the globe India tops in the cases of spam attacks and overall cyber threats. In such cases NGO'S like cyber society of India has played a greater role to create awareness among the people.

Cyber Crimes Some Suggestions And Tips To Tackle.

Aside from, depending upon laws against cyber- crimes. Women have to be self -aware about cyber crimes happening. Moreover, cyber laws are not universal, as they vary from country to country, today every person wants to browse privately and safely especially for women. Here are some steps and suggestions how women can save themselves from being victimized in cyber space.

We all love to have simpler passwords which are easy to remember, if one wants to lower the risk of internet crime, changing passwords is a great way to make personnel data and social network safe, avoid words that are in dictionary and must use different passwords for different websites and accounts. Changing passwords is very helpful to keep privacy safe.
It is a need to collaborate both police force and cyber force together for better investigation.

School curriculum must cover over all aspects of cyber- crimes, So education system must enforce contemporary issues pertaining to cyber- crime.

Legal Recourse- This pillar will work like a bridge and put a connection between women and law enforcements, there should be digital e portals or e courts where women can report their issues online and step towards remedy made at ease.

To avoid Cyber-Stalking it is advisable not to disclose any personal information online.

Firewall serves as a great defense when it comes to checking such trespass. Ensure the safe use of security checks, always enable the firewall that comes with your router.
Exercise caution and presence of mind in dealing with such threats. Do not fall prey for fancies.

Be well informed about the advancement of the technology and internet to stay unharmed.

India's present scenario states many instances of female abuses and exploitation in the technology area. There was a case of Union Minister HRD Smriti Irani who spotted the camera in changing room in fab India, in Panjim. This very issue turns on many questions with regard to safety security and dignity of Indian women. One of the harsh Question. in this regard is, 'So where can a Women be safe'? It is very scathing cyber-crimes includes abuse of fundamental rights and gender harassment.

India is considered as one of the very few countries to enact IT Act 2000 to combat cyber-crimes. This act cover the commercial and economic crimes only which can be cleared by preamble of the IT Act 2000, There is lack of special provisions for the security of women, However there are few provisions to cover some of the crimes against women in IT Act. But still IT Act depends on IPC to deal with the crimes happening in the virtual society.[i]

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