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Skills required for a law student to be a successful Law professional

Many law students dream of entering into a prime business firm and others dream of becoming a good litigator. Several freshers get jobs in business corporations however they're not capable of continuing it as they do not have the skills that the organizations desire from them. It's now not that companies aren't hiring or that companies aren't looking for young, brilliant lawyers, nevertheless, tons of young lawyers conflict for many years, trying to set off opportunities that shape their expertise.

If you are part of a business firm then initial few years you would struggle and you need to cover your weak components and study from the seniors. Not everybody survives, many leave after getting harassed, and many get fired. you don't need to suffer and struggle in the initial years to survive. If you get effective training at an early age then heaps of hassle are often avoided.

The skills which will create a huge difference to wherever you begin your career as a professional or in a legal firm:
  1. Negotiation
    • Negotiating is one of those skills which lawyers should master if they want to be successful in the profession. The most effective professionals are usually known for their effective court craft drafting skills, which are the fundamental requirements.
    • For a decent negotiation, you need to have a good command of English and your communication skills must be sharp and if you are weak then you need to brush them up.
    • You need to attend law events and participate in moot courts to boost your confidence.
    • You need to know about the topic of negotiation very well, legally speaking. Don't always rely on the preparation made beforehand but you need to be clever and know to how change words during a discussion and that will come with experience and practice.
    • Listening and understanding what your opposite negotiation partner wants to tell you is one of the most important factors. Make sure to take notes throughout the process of negotiation and make sure agreements, if any, are documented to avoid confusion.
    • Lastly, practice and only practice is key to being successful in the negotiation skill. The more you negotiate, the more you will gather knowledge and become an experienced negotiator.
    • Arrive at a compromise in subsiding a dispute in a very approach that is most useful to the client, Achieve the most effective potential outcome for the client while not having to resort to the proceeding.
    • Obtain enough information from the opposite party to succeed in a possible resolution.
    • If you are unable of doing this in negotiations and you do not have good negotiating skills, then it could be a drawback.
  2. Drafting
    Drafting is one of the foremost intellectually demanding skills of all lawyering skills. It needs the data of the law, the flexibility to handle abstract ideas and should have structure skills.
    Legal drafting skills require a robust command of the language. A professional should connect his words like pearls in a string.

    As a beginner, you need to learn the talent of drafting at an early age. Once you step into the real world of law after graduation, it will be very useful for growth in your career. The talent to draft well is the talent to suppose and communicate well.

    A professional with legal drafting skills is in a position to spot his client. Your drafting must cover all the aspects that your client wants you to keep. The content of a legal instrument should be understood by the party who is reading it. Legal drafting skills collectively manifest the art of drafting authentic documents. Your documents need to be drafted by yourself and not by repeating from some template and every statement created should be supported by case law, precedent or statute.

    So these are the necessary skills for a young professional. Drafting should be crisp and clear and straightforward to scan and interpret. Drafting should be in simple language, with simple sentences and layman's terms should be used.

    Some tips for drafting:
    • Plan your documents before you begin
    • Define the aim of the documents in a legal issue
    • Organize your documents and resources to confirm that they are existing for all technical details.
    • Write with clear and summary language and keep your phrase structure short and summary in legal writing. Avoid using long, complicated words and use simple words.
    • Write sentences with efficiency, and keep things to the point and which can be understood by a layman.
    • Ensure the correct use of synchronic linguistics.
    • The correct use of synchronic linguistics and orthography is imperative for all skilled documentation. However synchronic linguistics is particularly needed for ambiguity in legal writing.
    • Be as correct as attainable and maintain the accuracy of the facts. Accuracy may be an important part of the task, confirming that each one of the submitted and attached documents is valid. Any invalid document will create trouble.
    • Make data accessible and relevant to the research. Legal documents tend to be lengthy and time-intensive to compile and go through. Keeping it straightforward to the reader by making important parts of the document for simple reference is a good idea.
    • Always use a voice full of life because using the active voice in your writing is important for eliminating confusion. Mainly it specifies who should perform what in an exceeding sentence.
  3. Legal Research
    If you work in a law firm, then you must know the legal research because you will need it during your work for understanding the case and for making a brief of it.
    One might think, legal research is such an indispensable skill but we did not give attention to this which develops a lack of skill in law students. 

    Given below are some tips to develop legal research skills:
    • Develop the habit of reading legal blogs, case laws to stay updated
    • Knowledge is the power of every legal professional and so they need to be constantly updated with recent cases and decisions.
    • Effective reading is an essential part of the research for understanding the case. The vital part is to be selective while reading. The task of research is multi-layered which begins from the base level looking for information, selecting, noting, and interpreting relevant information, and applying it for different purposes. 
Be creative:
Successful lawyers know when they need to be creative now and then. Creativity helps with problem-solving, thinking on the spot, and finding ways to move through court cases. Let yourself be creative as you grow.

It is never late to start. If young lawyers start practising these skills and develop themselves from now on, and offer service better than what the company wants, then they can get jobs easily in big law firms and establish them well. All emerging lawyers must keep in mind all the skills mentioned above, such as communication skills, a good hold on English, negotiation skill, a good legal researcher, and lastly the most important one, drafting skill. As Rome was not built in one day, likewise these skills will only become perfect with practice.

Law is such a field where the skills of lawyers play a vital role. The lawyer may be from a top law university but if he doesn't have the skills, he will not be able to succeed in a law career. On the other hand, a non-NLU normal law college student can achieve success in law with the help of such skills. So it depends on you, how you will make yourself better than others.

Written By: Ashley John - BBALLB 1st year, Noida International University

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