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    Written on all aspects of law written by students, scholars, lawyers, Judges... law Articles related to Family laws, cyber laws, Government, Public servant, corruptions, criminal offences etc.

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    Criminal cartel offences in United Kingdom: A cartel is basically, a union of producers, distributors, sellers, service providers or traders, who by contracts between.....By Neeti Suri - Posted: 2005/9/2

    Global Governance In A Globalizing World: Is It Possible?: Globalization today is not working for many in the world. To some, the answer is, Abandon Globalization. However.....By Joel D'Silva- Posted: 2005/9/2

    X Vs Z on AIDS: The decision of the Supreme Court sent shock waves in the HIV community throughout the world. The decision was most unfortunate and arrived at in haste without fully.....By Anupam Tripathi - Posted: 2005/8/15

    Corruption: Do you really believe in our Justice system? If somebody asks me my answer will be misleading. It rather depends on the situation what the matter is.....By Puneet Shukla - Posted: 2004/12/23

    Crimes and Punishments In Iranian Legal System: The legality principle protects individual security by ensuring basic individual liberties against the arbitrary and unwarranted......By Dr. Habibzadeh & Mojab - Year 2004/12/22

    The Law And Animals: Every day Krupa Animal Help line gets distress calls from people who want to know what to do if they see an animal being maltreated.......By N.G. Jayasimha - Year 2004/12/15

    Bio-Diversity And The Challenges: The most acceptable definition of Bio-diversity is the one held by the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD), which was signed by more than 150 nations.......By Kriti Dwivedi - Year 2004/10/19

    Rationale Of Copyright Protection: Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings......By Sidharth Chopra - 2004/09/29

    Non-joinder of Parties in Civil Suits: The Code of Civil Procedure, the procedural law relating to civil suits can be classified into two parts, "Body of the Code" and "Rules"......By Ashwini Chawla - 2004/03/21

    Analysis Of Section 138 Of The Negotiable Instruments Act: Advent of cheques in the market have given a new dimension to the commercial and corporate world, its time when people......By Sunando Mukherjee - 2004/01/31

    Priviledged Legal Communications: It has been observed that a sound system of the administration of justice should possess three ingredients, namely a well planned body of......By Gauri Kulkarni - 2004/01/2

    Treatment And Protection Of Witnesses In India: Witness protection program and witness protection laws are simply the need of the hour. In fact, it is the absence of these laws that has......By Dhruv Desai - 2003/12/30

    Has The Time Come To Review Press Freedom?: The idea of freedom of press is on of those which has gained acceptance only in the recent past and which is still evolving.......By Hima Lawrence - 2003/12/25

    Probity in Governance: Before 325 BC Socrates said "knowledge is virtue knowledge promotes virtue " knowledge was something which inform not only the mind but also the soul.......By Dr. N.K. Dev (Sr Advocate) - 2003/07/18

    Scientific Defence Of Injuries (Abrasions): It is very common to find abrasions in different types of medicolegal cases say Assaults, Rape, Strangulation etc.......By Prof (Dr) J.P.Saxena - 2003/05/27

    Foreigners: Visa & Registration: All foreigners desirous of visiting India should have a valid passport, all accredited travel documents and valid visa granted by Indian Mission in the country.......By Adv.Moushumi Majumdar - 2003/05/16

    Unnecessary Litigations/Tactics By Borrowers: In early nineties of 20th century it was found that the existing procedure for recovery of debts due to the banks and financial institutions has blocked.....By Kumar Ravish - 2003/05/8

    Sarbanes and Oxleys Act 2002 Of USA: The collapse of Enron and WorldCom, as well as other well-publicized financial debacles, have led to an unprecedented level of.....By Paras Kumar Jain (Company Secretary) - 2003/04/14

    Present Approach of Traffic Police: The word police means the civil force constituted to maintain law & order. Nowhere in the world the purpose of Police is defined.....By Kanwal D.P.Singh, Lecturer - 2003/04/3

    Service Matter Judgments Creating Further Litigations: Before moving towards the contents it is expedient to certify herewith that I have contemplated through.....By Kumar Ravish - 2003/04/3

    Globalization of Law and Practices: In today's world of inter-dependence and international commerce, there is increasing importance of growth of harmonization of international commercial law......By Parikshit Dasgupta - 2003/03/6

    Reformatory Theory & Contemporary Peal Provisions: Punishment as Benthem said is itself and evil; it is a negative concept. Any power of punishment to reform is widely and strongly......By Gopal Singh - 2003/02/21

    Advocates liability for negligence in criminal cases: Professional liability for negligence is a cryptic branch of the law relating to negligence. It exists on a fundamentally different plane......By R. Aditya Narayan - 2003/01/4

    Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) Account: The swiftness with which the Reserve Bank of India [R.B.I.] has been relaxing foreign exchange regulations, it seems that a day......By Rajat Sharma - 2002/12/20

    Analyzing The Consumer Protection (Amend) Bill, 2002: Definitions and phrases under the Act are expanded in their scope and their meanings have been clarified after borrowing......By Avaantika Kakkar - 2002/11/16

    Expanding the Universal Jurisdiction in I.L.: Universal jurisdiction of International Law has been a source of enigma for centuries. The initial object for the Universal jurisdiction principle lay......By Ashish Chugh - 2002/11/16

    Documents which do not require registration: There are several documents which are not compulsorily registerable under Section 17 of the Registration Act.. Some of them require high......By Adv.Vatsala S. Dhananjay - 2002/6/25

    Secular Courts in the State of Israel: The deplorable state of Torah justice in the State of Israel is one of the most painful problems for religious Jews today......By Rav Yaacov Ariel, Rosh - Year 2001/7/17

    How To Submit Your Article:

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    Note* we only accept Original Articles, we will not accept Articles Already Published in other websites.
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