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Gender Sensitisation guidelines from Supreme Court

Gender Sensitization is a basic requirement to understand the emotional needs of a particular gender. It helps us in examining our attitude and beliefs associated with a particular gender.

Initiating positive thoughts on gender issues will enable the future generations to empathise with the difficulties of other genders and in turn stop them from practising gender discrimination.

Gender sensitisation of judges in High Courts and trial courts are the need of the day.

Women�s groups and advocates and child rights activists in India generally merge on the point that marrying off a rape survivor to the rapist is a time tested ploy by rapists to escape punishment or a lengthy sentence.

In light of this, the Supreme Court suggested that gender sensitisation training should be imparted to judges and public prosecutors.

It should be ensured that there�s more representation of women at all levels of the judiciary, including the Supreme Court.

Recently, the Supreme Court issued 12 guidelines for the lower courts to keep in mind while writing judgments - judges should not include any word that would shake the confidence of the survivor

In all cases where bail is granted, the complainant should directly be informed that the accused has been granted bail.

The Court further stated that courts should avoid gender inferences such as-
Good women are sexually chaste
Motherhood is the duty of women.

As per the Supreme Court, the judges have an important responsibility to base their decisions on law and fact in evidence, and not engage in gender stereotyping.
This step of the Supreme Court is praise worthy and will hopefully strengthen the fight of gender equality in India.

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