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Cyber Crime Among the Youths

First, we need to understand What Is Cyber Crime? By the word we get to know it's a computer-oriented crime, where a computer and a network plays a vital role. These types of crimes are mainly used to threaten a person, a company or national security for financial benefits or just for fun. This type of crime includes: financial fraud, cyber terrorism, cybersex trafficking, pornography and many more.

Advocate Krishna Mohan K Menon says:
The Cyber Laws in India has paved the way for electronic commerce and electronic governance in the country by ensuring maximum connectivity and minimum cybersecurity risks. Also, enhancing the scope and expanding the use of digital mediums.

In India, cyber laws are stated under Information Technology Act 2000, and the aim of this law/act is to provide the electronic commerce a legal platform, and giving them an advantage of having a safeguard for their online businesses or transaction.

Comparing real life criminals and cyber attackers, the common thing which we get to know is that they are attracted by variety of goals and most of the time it is easy for the cyber attackers to commit the crime online as it requires less planning and resources and if they are skilled enough, then they can easily cover-up their records using computer tools. Financial reason for committing cyber crime is on the top for the reasons behind the crime as most of the criminals commit crime for money.

Some of them make their way to the bank accounts or hire someone to do so, with good skills of hacking and some of them are actually paid to steal major confidential information in terms of their business rivalries or competition. Political and religious reasons in the field of cybercrime are also known as hacktivism, where the criminals spread party's propaganda and also to support their own beliefs regarding politics and its connection with religion.

Now, as we know that emotions play a verry important role in our lives and sometimes if these emotions can result in hurting others out of anger then its is called revenge and that person might choose the way of internet or cyber world. They can be anyone like depressed employee, guy who got rejected by a girl, a student who has been bullied by everyone and so on. For teenagers, hacking the database of the biggest company can be a challenge also or they are doing cybercrime just for recognizing their hacking skills and to show others what they can do.

The most affected group from cybercrime are the teenagers. There are some financial losses also that occurs after committing the crime. On this the victim has to go through psychological damages, especially after a relation where after being cheated they get blackmailed and by this they start to have a feeling of shame and guilt inside them.

Society sometimes start victim blaming where the victim is responsible for everything and this goes on with every social and physical environment as the ones who we don't know also judge or harass or blame us and the only option left with them is to take their social media down.

Cybercrime is a serious criminal offence under Computer Misuse Act. Images that are posted online for example, during sexting or threatening or stalking can be widely spread and then it will be more visible to unlimited group of people. Nude images will revolve around social media and unpredictably turn up again.

So then, there is a huge impact on the victim's life as the consequence of the crime is still visible after a long time even if the perpetrator has been successfully convicted. Sometimes these offences are first committed in the physical world, and then on the internet. This gives the victim a fear of not being safe. There are still many cases where the investigation has been closed or there's no clue of the culprit.

A newly developed crime and the patterns of this is constantly increasing in the world. And the problem with the cyber security is to get the priority that is needed to ensure protection at every level of internet user. The study of this crime and its effect on the respondents is the prime focus.

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