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The Non-Observance Of Human Rights During The Covid-19

Human Rights, which appears to be a simple word but has a much broader meaning in reality. It refers to an individual's right to life, liberty, equality, and dignity, regardless of race, creed, or gender. According to Article 21 of the Indian Constitution:
no person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except in accordance with the procedure established by law.

In this context, we can easily assume that everyone has the right to necessities, which are referred to as individual rights. They are, however, in danger. Human rights violations are on the rise, and the aforementioned 'legislation' armaments fail miserably in their formulation. Rights are just� outlined on paper and thus remain unenforceable.

People's basic needs are being denied amid the Pandemic, whether they are human or fundamental rights, are all being violated. As a result, people are facing abject poverty, educational barriers, societal ills, arbitrary arrests and detention, unfair trials, freedom of speech and expression, invasion of privacy, and other issues.

Due to the extreme nationwide lockdown, there is a massive problem of unemployment, which leads to a problem of poverty. So here's a simple question: if poverty is a major issue, how can a family educate their children. During the time of physical education, the family strived for it, but now everything is online, including education; a student requires an online connection, which the poor might not afford.   Now, let's discuss the societal ills that are becoming more prevalent by the day, whether it's discrimination or something else. Domestic violence against women is on the rise, owing to the pressures of earning a living or staying at home all the time. Threats of rape and sexual assault are on the rise as a result of a lack of education and concern.

The notion of arbitrary arrest and detention, which has been around for a long time but remains unaddressed. Recently, a human rights activist, Father Stan Swamy, died in jail. He still has the right to a fair trial, but due to a lack of concern, he was incapable to exercise it, resulting in his death. Now, the things are getting even more simple, if someone is not obeying the rules or any other words of the government or police, just detain them on any such charges which even not grant them bail.

Prashant Bhushan, a prominent lawyer who just criticizes the judiciary for flaws, was urged to issue a widespread condemnation. Even journalists who criticize the work of the government face a slew of charges. Privacy, which is not even a concern in the mind of the people, is frequently violated.

There are numerous issues concerning human rights and violations, but there is no such thing as retribution. Compensation that can only be granted at the discretion of the court is not justified. It may be pitiful as the minimum rupees, discouraging people from seeking compensation for violations. NGO's are constantly working on the issue and making every effort to ensure that people's rights are upheld.

The only way forward is for people to understand their rights. They are the only ones who can fight for their issues and effect change, and this can only be accomplished through widespread awakening and the realization that everyone has a responsibility to overcome adversity.

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