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West Bengal: A State Of Lawlessness And Political Violence

West Bengal, which used to be the most cultured state of India, is slowly turning into a state, where violence is above the laws. This year has been a critical year for West Bengal and other 4 states since State Assembly Elections were about to happen. The Political furnace was hot and all the parties were campaigning against each other with full force. But, only in West Bengal, the campaigning was done with crude bombs and killings.

West Bengal is always being criticized for political violence, be it CPI-M or TMC, both are the same. Before Elections, many incidents took place like the Sitalkuchi Violence or other, there was a drastic misuse of human rights. After 2nd may result, post-poll violence took place which shook the whole nation. Cases like rape, murder, molestation, burning offices and homes and kidnappings were reported.

Still after 6 weeks, incidents are reported from West Bengal. The Police is so politically motivated that they refuse to abide by their duties and work as a party member. Victims, when asked by Media said that they are scared to got to police because when they go inside the police station, they are being abused and humiliated. Crores of public property is being destroyed and every body is silent. Media didn't covered West Bengal like they covered Hathras in UP because Media is also politically divided.

The Chief Minister, being a woman, is silent on this violence and her silent behavior shows that she is supporting this. State-sponsored violence is being done in West Bengal where there is nothing called Law and Order. The Governor is being abused because he speaks for the people. Many times, he asked for a report of law and order from the Chief Secretary but they refuse to give so.

Mass Exodus of people is happening and they are going to Assam to get shelter. They are being kicked from their state just because they voted opposition. They are being raped just because they voted the opposition. Is the State Government not responsible for the exodus of people? Ask Yourself before questioning the Central Government on why they are not applying Article 356 in west Bengal.

Many people asked that why Central Govt. doesn't declare Article 356 or President Rule in West Bengal. The answer is that removing a state govt. who got 2/3rd majority is unethical. With so much media scrutiny, it is not possible for Centre to apply President Rule in West Bengal. Even if, Centre Applies President Rule, The Supreme Court can easily remove the President Rule citing that Centre is misusing their powers.

The Supreme Court also is mute in this case. So many petitions are being filed in SC but Supreme Court didn't heard that. One Judge of the SC recused herself from hearing this case due to some personal issue and asked to transfer this case to other bench. Is this the way, Justice is given to the victims.

But, Still I believe in the Indian Judiciary that they will give Justice to the victims of the unprecedented post-poll violence.

The Steps that should be taken by Supreme Court according to me is:
  1. Start a joint probe by CBI and NIA ( NIA because there has been reports that Bangladeshi Rohingyas are involved in violence)
  2. Set-Up special courts to deal with this matters
  3. Declare AFSPA (Armed Forces-Special Powers Act) in West Bengal
  4. Provide Rehabilitation to the people who had gone to Assam for shelter.

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