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In Need To Break The Chain Of Corruption - Why Is It Regarded As Important

Corruption is the term which we use to define as an illegal act that is related to the excessive intake of money from the people than required. This is the statement that I define what corruption means. I being a citizen of this country have heard this word many times out there in the society that this illicit act happens in every department it might be private or public. The question that arises in my mind is, Is the value given to the money is high than compared to the value given to oneself? In this article, I'm going to express my opinion regarding this topic.

Is our country completely free from Corruption?
The answer would be no. There are many acts related to this topic. Are these acts strictly imposed?? The implementation of these are so strict and people are completely aware that corruption comes under an illegal thing, But people are not taking it seriously at all. The rank of our country in corruption as per the Corruption Perceptions Index (2018) is 86 out of 179 countries. This is happening in each sector and the judiciary as well.

Even though the people have witnessed these kinds of illegal things, they could not do anything. These matters are not taken as seriously and every individual is being a part of this. I would say that not all the people are involved in this but a few. The fact is people don't accept that they are doing all these. Public servants in India who committed these kinds of illegal things especially corruption can be penalized under the Indian Penal Code,1860 and the Prevention of Corruption Act,1988 and the prevention of money laundering act,2002.

These acts have huge importance but not so strict. If the implacability of these acts is so strict then why would be our country be in the corruption index and that too in 88th position. In many countries, the implication of punishments to the people who committed these acts would face rigorous punishments, unlike India. My intention towards writing this article is not to blame the law which is made in our country but the seriousness and awareness among the people who are aware but not following and obeying strictly.

If people do not obey or respect the law, then:
  • What is the value given to the law and what is the effect which law has, and what is the use of implementation of these kinds of acts?
Corruption affects our economy so badly and it impacts so many indifferent governments of states in our country. Many people fought against this and to provide freedom of corruption. But this is not happening in our society. This society which we have today gives more value to the people who have a lot of money than the person who gives value to himself/herself that not to do these kinds of acts that are immoral as per the law. There are many laws which we can refer such as

The main intention that I have in my mind is people need to be aware and people need to bring out these kinds of issues in society and need to make other people realize this. People should not succumb to this and act as per the orders imposed by the superior authorities. When one individual steps forward then it automatically influences other people too and will for sure brings out a change in this society. Let us all stand together against this as a whole and let us be a part in bringing out a change as responsible citizens of this nation.

I hope this article makes an impact in realizing ourselves in bringing out a change and to question the functioning of the society. We would not step forward or know the importance unless we experience or be in such kind of situations. Let us take an example, Suppose an honest person and a hard-working man, who earns a minimum salary.

If that person got into a situation where he is working, have received demand or threat from someone to pay an extra amount than required for the fulfillment of his need or work from any other person. Where will the person reach out? If that person files a suit in the court of law. He cannot expect immediate justice from the court and it takes an ample amount of time. Instead of all this, that person would be quiet and will do as they say. There are many situations out there where each person faced this in their real lives. To change this, there should be a change in society.

Bringing out change suddenly is an impossible task to do and does not happen all of a sudden but everything takes time. Being sincere to oneself is nothing but sincerity than all these things. This is my opinion regarding this.

Award Winning Article Is Written By: A.Raja Rajeshwari Soujanya - Law Student, 2nd Year, KL University.
Awarded certificate of Excellence
Authentication No: MA108890231304-29-0321

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