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Are equal rights given to everyone after independence?

Reservation of persons with benchmark disability in India
Rights had been given to everyone like minorities groups or any backward castes when we got independence but everyone forgot about the disabled groups. Everything in the constitution was written for everyone but not for disabled groups, so they had to fight for a long way to get their rights,so in 1995 they got the recognition for themselves and some rights were granted to them.
In India there had been made certain reservations for the people who come under disabled people are given certain advantages in government fields and are given certain kinds of jobs and benefits so that they can stand economically and can take part in governmental works and can live their life peacefully and equally like everyone else. For the disabled people there is a governmental criteria which states that the benefit of these reservations will only be given to the people who are atleast 40% disabled.

But in India it is only in written form and has not been checked and practiced from the years it had been made .So the point is when influential people like leaders do practice nepotism on jobs so how will the people belonging to groups will grow ,In India there are certain exams in which disabled people are not taken like PCS or UPSC etc as the influential people think the disable people cant do any work as they mean disability is equal to incapability and performs functions of nepotism or give illegal jobs.

An RTI was filed in the recent times which stated that rights of the disability groups have been blocked, proper jobs and benefit had not been given to them since it was last checked ,later on the court passed order to grant the rights. Later rights were given, but the thing is when a given percentage of seats are reserved why they are not given the answer for this is nepotism of the influential leaders. They suppress the rights or jobs of the disable groups.

In India equality was the major subject after independence and our thinkers made articles on it that is right to equality(14-18)and no discrimination articles in our constitution but the people belonging to the disabled sections got their rights very late and they had to struggle a lot to get them.But now also when the rules are made still their rights are suppressed in either way or the other.

There were certain laws which were made for the protection of disable people in 1995 to make reservation injobs and benefit them with some representation quotas. For them 3% seats had been reserved and 21 types of disabilities had been recognized by the government for example ´┐Żblindness, low vision, mental illness etc.I above added a picture which also states that no graph representation was made for the disabled groups.

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