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All about Facebook Jail

In modern times, the use of Facebook is one of the most practical and common factors, a person can use it to market his business. At an equivalent time, it's progressively necessary to understand however the site's rules and regulations work in order that person doesn't find himself getting blocked and wasting a lot of your time and effort. Facebook is known for its simplicity and simple interface, with great regard to its user's privacy values.

To take care of a fair environment among the users, Facebook administration tracks each and every activity of the users. There are some easy straight tips that each and every Facebook user is bound to follow. If anybody fails or deliberately attempts to break the principles (guidelines), there's a penalty system that is technically named Facebook Jail.

Facebook jail is the term used once Facebook bans accounts (profile or company page) for violating Facebook community standards. Facebook will block the ability of an account to publish or use certain functions for some time because of violations, suspicious logins, or spam behavior. A person can wait 24 hours to get out of Facebook jail otherwise write to Facebook to appeal the restrictions.


There are 2 types of blocking; the first one is permanent and the second one is temporary:
  • In the case of a permanent block, the user is blocked permanently and he or she cannot access his or her specific service or account once more in any manner. A permanent block is especially for spammers moreover as hackers who attempt to play with Facebook security.
  • On the other hand, a temporary block would disable one's account or service for a particular period of your time. The account or the service is accessed once more when the restriction removes.
To exemplify, if anyone posts unneeded or offensive things in groups or posts an excessive amount of, the user can be blocked for posting new things in the future and such restriction would last for a few days.

Why there is the need for a Facebook Jail?

Actually, this is Facebook's responsibility to keep their social network safe and clean. For the sake of this responsibility, Facebook penalizes the users for not following their simple straight guidelines, by pushing temporary limitations to any related service or account. Permanent account limitations or deletion is only considered in the case of any serious rule-breaking activity by the user.

Actually, Facebook is the network, for the people and by the people. Here the people can interact with each other, express their feelings and share helpful stuff between them. Besides all these positive values, some dirty minded people have started exploiting negative opportunities from the Facebook system. To control these negative activities, Facebook has developed their own set of rules with Facebook Jail for the offenders. This automatic system regularly follows the culprits and punishes them in its own way.

Although, the Facebook administration is monitoring all user's activities, it's not possible to filter each and every offensive activity. To make the system more powerful, Facebook always requests the users to �Report� any inappropriate content, profile, or activity they found on the network. They manually review all the �Report� requests by the users and take the needed action against the complaints.

How long will FB jail last?

The penalties vary from the impossibility of publishing for some hours, 3 days, 6 days, and a week till the removal of the profile or page. Facebook jail can last simply a number of days and at that time; you will regain control of your postings. Facebook Jail lasts for twenty-one days maximum. Your account will not get blocked from posting for more than twenty-one days. Usually, it's 3-7 days, however, is up to twenty-one days.

Tips to avoid Facebook jail

  1. So you must check that to possess your details are up to the date which you've got added all data to the concerning page and on the profile page.
  2. If your account isn't verified by mobile and email, it'll for sure make it troublesome to post to groups without being blocked for spamming.
  3. Posting at an alarming degree to the Facebook page, your Facebook wall, or groups will bring your active account under scrutiny. The Longer is going to be the time in between the post; the lesser is going to be the probability to throw in the Facebook Jail.
  4. Always try to publish original content over Facebook, copying others' content or pictures may lead to several account penalties.
  5. Keep fair time intervals in between all your's Facebook activity. Posting similar stuff at multiple groups or pages at the same specific time may declare you as a strong applicant for the Facebook Jail.
  6. Don't tag people into the stuff unless the material is related to them. Avoid adding people to the groups without their authorisation. This behavior is a serious spam offense that may lead to permanent account deletion.
  7. Do understand the Facebook system completely. Never feel lazy to read their full terms and conditions. Do you know, using a personal Facebook Account for any business promotion is strictly prohibited on Facebook? Do you operate multiple Facebook profiles with the same identical personal information, oh my GOD that's not allowed too
  8. Never behave like a spammer. A large number of Facebook users gets into the Facebook Jail due to a huge list of unaccepted friend requests. The other big reason for people getting into the Facebook Jail is due to adding people to the groups without their consent. Be careful next time before performing any of the above acts, this may buy you the ticket for the Facebook Jail.
  9. Find the saboteurs and throw them out of your Facebook Profile. Are you aware that reporting anything �SPAM� is a damn easy thing on Facebook. Your rivals or competitors can easily use this tool to damage your social presence.
  10. Always go with real profile pictures with easily accessible bio information. Basically, this will help other people to make a clearer picture of yourself. Once they are fully aware of your identity, they will interact with you more freely.
  11. Use URL Shortener for any link promotion campaign. The Facebook spam detection system is fully automatic, who knows if it detects the posted link under the spam category. To remain on the safer side, always use any third-party URL shortener service.
Written By: Sandeep Rana, BA+LLB (Hons) student at Chandigarh University, Gharuan.

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