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Understanding the Complex Terminology of New Jersey Child Support Cases

When you are concerned about the outcome of a child support case in New Jersey, the last thing you need to worry about is understanding complex legal terminology. While this legalese may be second nature to a skilled child support attorney, it is much more difficult for an average person to understand. When you establish a basic comprehension of these terms, it is easier to focus on what really matters � achieving a positive legal outcome.

With all that said, the best way to gain a more concrete understanding of the entire child support process is to enlist the help of a qualified attorney. A legal expert can guide you through this entire process and explain all of the complex terms along the way.

Until then, you can refer to this helpful list of definitions:
  • Arrearage: This term refers to child support payments that are past due. When a non-custodial parent falls behind on their child support payments, they are said to be in arrears.
  • Dependent: A child who is under the care of a parent or caretaker is said to be a dependent. These children cannot live on their own. For a child to receive child support payments, they must be a dependent.
  • Emancipation: The child ceases to be a dependent when they reach the age of majority. This process is called emancipation. In most cases, a child no longer receives child support payments after becoming emancipated.
  • Garnishment: A legal process that allows someone�s wages or assets to be taken away in order to cover child support payments. This is an involuntary process that ensures that child support payments are made on time.
  • Imputed Income: The amount of money an individual is capable of earning. Courts cannot force someone to go to work in order to pay child support, but they can figure out how much money they can earn based on their education and qualifications. This imputed income level is used to determine how much child support someone should pay.
  • In-Kind Support: This refers to child support that is not financial in nature. For example, a non-custodial parent might provide food or clothing instead of money.
  • Presumption of Paternity: In the absence of concrete proof (such as a DNA test), the courts may assume that a man is the father of a child. A number of factors may go into this decision, although the ruling can be challenged with evidence.
  • Subpoena: This is when a witness is forced to appear at a judicial proceeding. A subpoena can also force a witness to bring certain types of evidence to court.
  • Visitation: The right of a non-custodial parent to see his children and spend time with them.

Getting High-Quality Legal Assistance
If you are involved in a child support case or you think you might face one in the future, it is always important to receive high-quality legal assistance. A professional child support attorney has the experience and the qualifications to guide you through this process and help you achieve a positive legal outcome. Reach out to Giro, LLP, Attorneys at Law, and receive help that you can trust.

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