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Human Rights And Its Evolution With Time

"Human rights are not privilege conferred by government, They are every human being's entitlement by virtue of his humanity". - Mother Teresa

Human rights are basic rights that we are entitled to have just because we are human being, these rights are given by nature and has no age barrier to it. Human rights are universal and inalienable, if there is no human there will be no right and if there is no right then there will be no humans.

Human rights are provided to people to maintain peace and dignity of humans and to make them realize their true potential as a human being. It includes right to life, right to choose religion, right to speak their mind, prohibition of torture and slavery, freedom form discriminations and many more.1

The rights protected in documents include civil liberties, political liberties and economic and social rights. Civil liberties protect the individual privacy that they have and political rights protects individual freedom of political choices like right to vote, individuals have social, economic rights as well which maintain the balance of whole society. Human rights provide every right that has necessity in one's life, that govern their life and help them to improve their individuality and dignity.

Origin Of Human Rights

Before 539 BC, Human Rights had no meaning and the world only knew slavery but a Persian ruler named Cyrus made people aware of their potentials and rights, after conquering Babylon Cyrus announced to release who had been captives by Babylon and gave freedom to choose any religion that they want, and he documented his words on Cyrus tablet which was known as Cyrus cylinder This was the first charter that laid the foundation of human rights.

Another document that played great role in acknowledging the human rights is the magna carta (the great charter), the charter was created by king John in 1215 as a result of the negotiation of barons and King John.

In 1215 when baron captured London then king john was forced to negotiate and as a result of the negotiation a charter was made in which man were given right to justice and free trial and then that charter became the English law of United Kingdom. The concepts of human rights later strengthened with the emergence of bill of rights (England) following the revolution of 1688 and then after a century American declaration of independence came which believed that all men are equals.

Nearly a decade later French declaration of rights of men and citizens came as a result of French Revolution. They affirm that men are born free and they remain free.

Human Rights Get Global Recognition After World War II

Germany was governed by Nazi's party and Hitler. Nazis made Jews and other groups suffer a lot they tortured them, made them starve , used to do different medical experiments on them ,took their money, property, the conditions of Jews and other party were brutal, and this cruelty broke the spirit of humans, post-world war II the world took oath to restore the faith, dignity of human and then the United Nation decided to make human rights so that there will be no harm to humans and no one will be able to take disadvantage of their potentials so to maintain dignity and freedom .

United Nation made a human rights commission and documented their words in Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. On The December 1948 The General Assembly Of The United Nation Adopted UDHRC And Made It International Magna Carta For All Mankind Later Human Rights Divided Into Three Generations name.
In Universal declaration of human rights there are preamble and 30 articles which defines the fundamentals of human rights.

Human Rights And India

Human rights get its recognition in India after the formation of National human rights commission which was result of Human right protection act 1993 but this act get enforced very late in the year2006, this act provided the state human rights commission and also human rights courts. In India the human rights got the acknowledgment very late after the independence of the India so basically, we can say that Indian were not much aware of their basic rights. This act was the major decision taken by the government to improve the human conditions and reaffirm their faith in the governments. Under this act the national human rights commission was set up which acts as a watchdog.

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