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  • Downloaded forms are valid for making Passport Applications in all Passport offices, District Passport Centers and Speed Post Centers.

    Application Form No. 1
    Form No. 1 is to be used for New/ Reissue/Replacement of Lost/Damaged passports. The same application form is used for passports for minors as well.
    New passport means applying for a passport for the first time or applying for a passport if you have never held any passport earlier. In case an application was ever made at any Passport Office prior to the present application and whether the application was processed or closed, or even if passport was issued and not received by the applicant, details thereof should be given in the relevant column in the present application. Failure to disclose these details, if any, would invite applicable penalty.

    Reissue means an application for another passport in lieu of an existing one which has either expired or is about to expire. An applicant may apply for a new passport in lieu of an expired/ about to expire passport upto 3 years after and 1 year before the expiry of the Passport. Re-issue of passport should not be mistaken for renewal of passport. Renewal of passport means that a passport which was originally issued for a short validity of one to five years - under certain emergency conditions on the part of the applicant - is now required to be extended to its full validity of ten years from the date of issue of the passport. (Renewal is a zero fee service and the application should be made in Form No. 2).

    A Duplicate passport is issued in lieu of a lost/damaged passport.
    Download booklet Guidelines how to fill up passport form
    Download Application Form No. 1

    Application Form No. 2
    Application Form No. 2 is for making application for Police Clearance Certificate, ECNR Stamp, Inclusion of Spouse's name, changes in Name, Appearance and on Exhaustion of pages on the passport and change of address. The same Form is used for renewing a short term validity passport to its full term validity.
    Download Application Form No.2

    Personal Particulars Form (PP Form)
    PP Form is used for Police Verification Report. This is a part of Application Form No. 1 but can be filled separately if required by the Passport Office.
    Download Personal Particulars Form (PP Form)

    Application form - Official / Diplomatic Passports
    Application form for Visa Note

    Fresh or Re-issue of Passport
    Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
    Identity Certificate e-Form (applicable to Tibetan Refugees and Stateless People)
    Surrender Certificate e-Form

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Passport Rules and Regulations

    Question 1: I got my passport from Delhi. Now I have shifted to Bangalore. Should I change my address in the passport? If change is required, what are the documents required and how much time will it take?
    Ans. It is up to you to change the address. It is always better if your passport indicates your current address. For this purpose, you need to fill up form-II and submit it along with valid proof of your residential address at Passport Office of the area of where you reside.

    Question 2. My Passport has been issued by one Passport Office. Can I apply for services in another Passport Office?
    Ans. Yes. You can apply for miscellaneous services at Passport Office where you are presently residing.

    Question 3. I don't have ECNR stamp in my Passport. Can I get it on the basis of my provisional matriculation or above certificate issued by the University/Board concerned?
    Ans. We are no longer affixing ECNR stamp in passports. Currently, ECR stamp is only being put in passports. However, you are entitled to ECNR status if you possess qualification of Matriculation or above. Even you can get ECNR status on the basis of provisional matriculation certificate if the mark sheets of all semesters of your course are available with you.

    Question 4. I have downloaded the application form from your website. Can I fill it up & submit?
    Ans. Yes.

    Question 5. I have downloaded the application form for passport from the website. However in the column where specimen signatures of the applicant are required it says put the signatures also on the stickers option, which is not available on the net. What should I do in this case.
    Ans. In this case, you need to put your signatures only below column 19 of the application form.

    Question 6. Is Identity Certificate mandatory for State/Central Government/PSU employees?
    Ans. Yes. Identity Certificate issued by the competent authority on prescribed Performa is a must for these employees for getting their passports, without police verification.

    Question 7. I am working in ICICI Bank? Am I required to furnish the Identity Certificate?
    Ans. Only those persons working in companies, which are owned by the State/Central Governments, need to submit "Identity Certificates. Employees of Private Banks are not required to submit "Identity Certificates" for getting passports.

    Question 8.
    I got my passport 2 years ago. I got married recently. Should I include my spouse's name in my passport? If so, what is the procedure?
    Ans. It is better to include your spouse's name in your passport. For this, please file up EAP-II form and submit it along with marriage certificate, photocopy of spouse's passport (if she has one) and proof of stay (if the present address is different from the one in the passport). Note : The procedure is the same if one wants to include her husband's name in the passport.

    Question 9. I have a one-month-old baby? Does the baby require a separate passport Or his/her name can be endorsed in one of the parents' passport?
    Ans. Endorsement of child's name in parents' passports is not allowed anymore. As per the amended law, minors should have separate passports.

    Question 10. In case of a minor child passport, whose father is abroad, whether consent is to be obtained to apply for a passport? If so, what is the procedure?
    Ans. Yes. Consent of the father is required for submitting the application. It should be in the form of a Sworn Affidavit duly attested by the Indian Embassy/Consulate abroad.

    Question 11. What is the difference between Re-issue and Renewal of a passport?
    Ans. Passports are Re-issued after the expiry of their 10-year validity period.If you had been issued a Short Validity Passport (i.e. a passport of validity less than 10 years) apply for renewal to extend the normal validity of the existing passport to 10 years.

    Question 12. My passport expired 4 years ago. Can I renew it? What is the procedure for it?
    Ans. In such a case, you have to fill up EAP-I form and submit it along with original/photocopy of your expired passport and proof of your residence/address. However, since the passport expired 4 years ago, fresh police verification will be required in your case.

    Question 13. I am a student staying away from my parents. Where do I apply for passport and what proof of residence shall I have to furnish?
    Ans. For instance, if you are a student staying in Rohtak (which falls under the jurisdiction of RPO, Chandigarh) and your parents are staying in Hissar. You can apply at RPO, Chandigarh. For this purpose, along with your form you have to provide four Personal Particulars forms. Please also indicate your hostel address/the place where you are staying in Rohtak as present address and your parent's address as Permanent address.

    In case your college falls under the jurisdiction of some other Passport Office, you can either apply to the Passport Office in whose jurisdiction your hostel/place of stay is located or in the Passport Office in whose jurisdiction your parents' address (permanent address) is located.

    For proof of residence at your hostel/place of stay, either you should provide a letter from the Principal/Warden or proof of residence of the guardian with whom you are staying along with the guardianship affidavit. You should also provide proof of your parents address (i.e. permanent address). For more details, please read instructions in the website.

    Question 14. What is the difference in procedure between applying in person and by Post?
    Ans. While you apply in person, two copies of all the documents duly self attested have to be handed over at the counter along with the originals, which will be returned after verification at the counter immediately. While applying by post, you have to submit two copies of all the documents duly attested by a Gazetted Officer bearing his name seal and address of his office.

    Question 15. I am a salaried person and Income tax is deducted from salary. What are the documents I need to submit for ECNR status?
    Ans. Form 16(a) for the last 3 years along with copies of acknowledgement of your returns.

    Question 16. I shifted to Delhi 7 months back from Bangalore. I have to apply for a passport. As per instructions, one should have stayed for atleast one year at a given address. Can I apply for a passport at Passport Office, Delhi? If so, please let me know the procedure.
    Ans. Yes. You can apply at Passport Office, Delhi. For this purpose, you have to submit proof of seven months' stay in Delhi and also mention the previous address in the application form. You are also required to submit 2 extra Personal Particulars forms along with the application.

    Question 17. I have to travel to the UK next week on a company assignment. I don't have passport. Can I get a new passport under the Tatkal Scheme?
    Ans. Yes. You can apply under Tatkal scheme and pay the Tatkal fee of Rs. 1,500/1000 as the case may be, and a Verification Certificate or three documents as mentioned under Tatkal Category of Passport Information Booklet.

    Question 18. What documents are required when there is a change in name on account of Divorce.
    Ans. (i) Divorce deed duly authenticated by Court Or (ii) Deed Poll or Sworn Affidavit as per specimen in Annexure D given in the Passport Information booklet attached to the application.

    Question. 19. Is it mandatory to submit Birth Certificate in cases of those who are born on or after 26.01.1989.
    Ans. Yes, Birth Certificate issued by Municipal authorities only is acceptable for those born on or after 26.01.1989.

    Question 20. In a case of Muslim passport holder, whether entry of second wife name is allowed on passport.
    Ans. Yes. But the entry of first wife name will remain intact if divorce is not obtained.

    Steps to apply for Passport Services

    1. Steps to Apply for Passport Services
    2. Visit Passport Seva Portal
    3. Register yourself as new user by creating User Id.
    4. Provide User Id details and click Register. E-mail Id is mandatory, registration confirmation mail will be sent to your e-mail Id.
    5. Login to the portal.
    6. Enter User Id, password and displayed Captcha characters and click Login. Captcha Characters
    7. Select required service (e.g. Apply for Fresh Passport / Reissue of Passport).
    8. You can apply for passport/reissue passport through two methods: • Alternate 1: Downloading e-Form and uploading later • Alternate 2: Filling application form online
    9. Alternate 1: Download the e-Form, which can be filled offline and uploaded later.
    10. Alternate 1 (contd.): Download e-Form for required service. 4
    11. Alternate 1 (contd.): Fill the e-Form.
    12. Alternate 1 (contd.): Upload the filled e-Form.
    13. Alternate 2: Click the highlighted link to fill the application form online.
    14. Alternate 2: Fill the application form online and submit.
    15. Schedule Appointment PSKs for which Online Payment is mandatory for booking appointments. Access the URL: for list of these PSKs
    16. View Saved/Submitted Application.
    17. Make payment & schedule an appointment for visiting PSK.
    18. Choose the mode of payment
    19. Select PSK, Enter Captcha characters and click “Next”
    20. Earliest available Appointment Date will be displayed on screen. Click “Pay and Book Appointment” to proceed for appointment booking.
    21. Click Payment Mode of your convenience and pay indicated application fee amount.
    22. Appointment confirmed for visiting the PSK.
    23. Print Application Receipt.
    24. Check the date and time of your appointment on application receipt.
    25. In case of additional information or clarification, Speak to a lawyer from your city - Lawyers in India

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