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FAQ on Copyright Registration

a) Mr. X applies for registration of a design ' Hexagon' to be applied to Goods.
1. Will Mr. X succeed to get the Design ; Hexagon' registered under the Design Act, 2000.
Ans. No, Mr. X will not succeed because there is prohibition of registration of certain designs, which is not new or original or is not significantly distinguishable from known designs.

2. Explain the provision of law applicable.
Ans. The provision of law applicable here is section 4 of the Design Act, 2000- Prohibition of registration of certain designs.

b) The Author Mr.X relinquishes all his copyright in the poem 'The Moon' to the Registrar of copyrights.
1. Is the relinquishment valid, explain with the provision of law?
Ans. Yes, this relinquishment will be valid under section 21 of the Copyright Act, 1957.

2. What will be the effect of the relinquishment on the rights in the work subsisting in favour of any person?
Ans. The effect of the relinquishment on the rights in the works subsisting in favour of any person, the author right will cease to exist from the date of the notice.

c) Mr. A invents a radioactive substances and applies for a Patent for the same.
1. Will Mr. A succeed to get a Patent?
Ans. Yes, Mr. A will succeed to get a Patent.

2. State and explain the provision of law applicable.
Ans. As Mr. A is a true and first inventor of the invention (sec.6 of the Patent Act,1970)

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