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My name is Neeti Gupta and I was born on 15th December 1998. I am pursuing law from O.P. Jindal Global University, Haryana, and am currently in my final year of the degree. I hail from Indore and every scintilla of who I am, I owe to this city and its people. I am a very outgoing person, I enjoy talking to different kinds of people and reading different books. It helps me view situations from different perspectives. I have served as the representative of my batch and class for 2 years now. I also work as a student ambassador for Dublin Law and Politics Review. Recently, I came on board as an Editor for Woke Voice, an online socio-legal blog. My motivation for this step was that I believe everybody should have an opportunity and a suitable platform to express their ideas through writings as Legal Services India has offered to me. When the pandemic struck, I felt it was a blessing in disguise and decided to publish some of my works from college. Despite knowing that publications are of paramount importance, I never really ended up publishing. However, after consulting my college friends, I felt this was an opportune moment to publish the work I felt was worthy of recognition. Thus, I thank Legal Services India for their recognition of my work. I am still undecided on my professional life post-graduation. I am, however, sure that my future lies in a metropolitan and not in my home city of Indore. I am inclined towards the Corporate world. But I am also aware that valuable first-hand legal experience can be gained by working in the Supreme Court and/or other High Courts across metropolitans like Mumbai and Delhi, for example. As of now, I would happily accept any job offered to me as the market post the pandemic is extremely volatile. I will be making a decision soon and I hope to make the right one!

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Circumstantial Evidence: Beyond Reasonab...


Witnesses May Lie, But Circumstances Don't Conferring to a basic principle of common law, crimin...

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